tagLesbian SexA Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 01

A Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 01


It wasn't the best of days for Kim. Her kids were driving her nuts. It was "Black Thursday" and the mall was jammed, WalMart's "Santa" was one of the poorest she'd ever seen. MacKenzie wanted Baskin-Robbins but Jillian wanted popcorn. She was worn out and glad when her mother-in-law offered to take the kids home and let Kim have the rest of her shopping time to herself.

She wandered around the mall, watching the post-Thanksgiving throngs of idiots, looking for non-existent "bargains" at the various stores. Methodical to the point of insanity, the tiny blonde usually had her Christmas shopping done in October, to avoid all the morons out there and snotty clerks in overpriced stores.

So she wandered over to the new Lingerie store, La Vie En Rose, and was immediately swept away by thoughts of decadent lust.

Keith was going to be surprised at his hot little wifey. Kim was swept away by urges to ravish him tonight, to fuck his brains out.

Kim had been very sexual since hitting 30. She'd had wild fantasies and indulged a few of them.

Her women's card club had tried "strip poker" one afternoon a few months back. Since that night, she and Marcie had been licking each other's pussies almost weekly - Marcie's adorable golden body and long black hair ignited her previously-unknown lesbian urges - and the girls at the club were now bringing sex toys to use on each other, the orgies lasting until near-dinnertime.

Pussies were being licked, bodies were being rubbed and massaged, quiet women knowing hitherto-unknown delights. Dee Harrison was now the lesbian sex-slave of Ann Taylor. At least 2 of the women were having threesomes with their husband's and other women, although Kim thought her hubby might freak if he saw her with another woman's tongue between her pussy lips.

She bought some hot lingerie at the store and made a point of getting the phone number of the cute co-ed clerk. She hinted that someday she might be up for a 3-way with the girl and her boyfriend. God, she was turning into such a slut.

Not that she had any regrets about that. She still gave Keith all the sex he wanted, in fact, becoming a slut had increased her sex drive dramatically. Kim could fuck and fuck and fuck and still want more. God, yes, yes, being a slut was fun!

And that slut was going to treat her husband to a night he'd never forget. She was going to give him all of her, she was going to unleash herself with wild abandon. No matter what happened in the future, Keith would be able to look back at this night and remember it with glee.

Where to begin?

Kim wandered around the mall and found what she was looking for in minutes, a nice little sex shop with all the toys a horny woman could want. Wall to wall vibes, gels, dildos, butterflies, one of those chairs a girl could sit in and ride her man's cock (or her girlfriend's strap-on, Kim thought lewdly). Keith would have palpitations if he saw his sweet little wifey in a store like this.

As she looked around the shop, the pretty co-ed from the lingerie store came in, on her lunch break, Kim surmised. She and the pretty redheaded owner of the store seemed to be chatting rather animatedly, so Kim walked over to the counter. The co-ed was surprised and pleased to see Kim so soon and welcomed her to the conversation.

The redhead was named Skarlett and the co-ed was Julie. It seemed the Skarlett was married to Julie's brother. The big dickhead ( Julie's words ) was more interested in watching football and hockey than satisfying his beautiful young wife. Julie had always found Skarlett warm and friendly, so the sisters-in-law began having girl's nights. Shortly thereafter, the nights turned passionate.

Skarlett had been bi since High School and it had been her who'd introduced the brunette co-ed to the delights of eating pussy. At least once a week, the two girls got together for some shared cuntlapping. It got easier when Julie got a job at the same mall, Skarlett and she often had "lunch breaks" together, long steamy afternoons that never seemed to last long enough for either of them.

Kim could see why Julie had submitted to her sister-in-law's erotic whims. Skarlett exuded sexuality from every pore, her flaming red hair was askew, but wildly so. Her green eyes practically glowed with heat. Her lips were full, red and inviting. She wore a pink top that was virtually see-through, showing off full, rounded breasts, enclosed in a black silk bra. The redheaded darling was of average height, but everything was in the right place. She wore heels and stockings and a black mini that made her look every inch the vamp.

Julie was, in contrast, the perfect sultry bitch. Although barely over 18, she was dressed in a simple white blouse and tight black slacks. So tight that Kim could tell the girl was wearing a thong and her prominent pussy lips stood out. The blouse was cut low in front, revealing generous cleavage and a peach colored bra. Her hair was a raven mane reaching halfway down her back. Julie moved with cat-like grace, although Kim supposed it was perfectly natural to her.

Kim found herself thinking about the two of them in an erotic embrace, and when both girls giggled, she realized that she had been staring. Flustered, she apologized.

"Oh, don't be silly!" Skarlett said, with a soft, husky voice. "What person doesn't like to be admired? We've been checking you out too!"

Kim felt herself blushing. She was nothing special, she protested. Both girls stopped her - but Skarlett's method of silencing the stunning older blonde was to kiss her, full on the lips. Kim did nothing to stop her.

From behind, she felt Julie's arms around her, and the three women shared joint, passionate kisses. Kim felt her pussy get wet, moreso with each passing minute, and was glad she'd worn only the briefest of thongs today.

As Julie lead Kim to the back of the store, she saw Skarlett place a sign saying "Be Back Soon" on the door. One of the advantages to owning your own business, Kim supposed. Julie's hands were teasing her soft breasts as she led her newest playmate to a pillow-covered futon in the back room.

Skarlett was swift to join the two women, already lost in a sapphic embrace. Kim was glad she was no novice at this, for Julie's skills were evident. Skarlett joined the pair on the futon and the two girls undressed Kim with tenderness, planting gentle kisses on her nipples, her bare belly and down to her thighs as they removed her sensible skirt, revealing the soaked, black thong.

Kim was panting, impatient to taste one of the sweet pussies sharing the futon with her. The problem was solved swiftly as the now-naked Julie positioned herself between Kim's thighs, and the equally-nude Skarlett lowered her wet cunt onto Kim's awaiting face.

Kim went to work eagerly, sucking and lapping the beautiful redhead, adoring Skarlett with passion. The beautiful woman's juices flowed onto Kim's tongue, her taste exquisite. None of Kim's previous girl-on-girl experiences came close to this one.

Julie was adeptly licking Kim's own heated snatch, stabbing her tongue in and out of her and kissing and nibbling Kim's soft thighs. It took all of Kim's control to concentrate on the beautiful Skarlett as her teenage sister-in-law worshiped between her legs.

The squeals and screams of the three lusty women filled the room. Bodies arching and moving with mini-orgasms, the beautiful trio enjoyed each moment of the tryst.

When Kim made Skarlett cum, Julie did the same to Kim. It was then Skarlett's turn to fingerfuck and lick Julie to an orgasm, which was not long in cumming.

It wasn't over yet, not by any means. Naked, Skarlett scampered out of the room, both her beautiful love-mates watching her cute ass bounce. She was back in a second, with a vibe and a wonderful double-dildo from the store.

They unwrapped it and Skarlett inserted one end of the dildo into her own pussy and the other entered Kim's steaming cunt. Julie had the honor of having the vibe inserted in her own aroused pussy, then for a while, although somewhat tricky, both girls would lick her while fucking themselves.

Julie stood over her sister-in-law as the redhead ate her out, while she and Kim fucked each other with the hot toy. Kim's body was almost acting mechanically as she and Skarlett fucked, so awash in each sensation was she.

Julie then stood over Kim, her body glistening with a sheen of sweat. Kim got a new idea. She slid the vibrator out of Julie's cunt and inserted it in her ass, also fingering the teen's pussy as she did so.

"Ohh, fuccckkkkk, yesss!!" Julie screamed out, which just fired up the other two. They moved as one unit and within seconds, both were yelling along with Julie.

"Fuck, you two are great!" Kim yelled, as her orgasms overtook her.

"Godddammmmm, yesss, you toooo!" Skarlett yelled along with the other two.

"KEEP FUCKING ME!" all three girls cried out in unison.

The three lesbian lovers moved around, another orgasm imminent. From her purse, Julie extracted a big strap-on, which she put on and used to fuck Kim into another orgasm, while her sister-in-law fingerfucked and ate Julie to another cum.

Exhausted, the three girls lay together for a few minutes, then cleaned up and got dressed again. Skarlett made a present of the vibe to Kim and both women kissed her passionately. Kim invited both of them to her next "Get together" and she knew she'd see them both, privately and together, for many fun times in the future.

She left the store after noticing that Skarlett had been closed for nearly 2 hours. "Ohh, honey, all those lost sales!" she said to Skarlett plaintively. "And Julie, your job!"

"Darling, I'd take a loss to have a day like that!" Skarlett cooed as she kissed her lovers goodbye. "As for Julie's boss - well, I guess I'll have her over tonight for - a `lunch break' too!"

Kim and Julie laughed as they left. Kim wondered if she had enough energy for her husband now, but figured she'd recharge soon enough.

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