A Shy Wife


Jessica sat down on a chair across from them and watched as Jasmine playfully grabbed Bob between the legs as he kissed her on the lips.

Bob's hand reached up to circle one of her tits in his big hand as Jasmine broke the kiss and looked over at Jessica and said. "Where is that handsome friend of Bob's that you met at the bar? Why don't you give him a call and tell him come over here to join us?"

Jessica replied. "I couldn't. It's after ten and its kind of late to have Ben drive all the way over here tonight." Bob said. "Nonsense. I know Ben would be floored if you called him tonight. You're all he talks about since he met you at the bar."

Jasmine reached over on the table and picked up her cell phone and gave it to Bob and said. "Give Ben a call for her. She is way to shy to call him on her own."

Bob dialed the number and waited for Ben to pick up the phone. "Ben. I'm over at Jasmine's house and I was wondering if you could come on over here and join us." The women listened to Bob's conversation as they listened to him speak with Ben.

Bob continued. "There is an absolutely gorgeous beautiful blonde woman sitting just a few feet in front of me with a drink in her hand and is too shy to call you herself and tell you to come over." Everyone listened as Bob spoke to Ben on the phone. Jessica wished she could hear what Ben was telling Bob on the phone when she got her wish when Bob handed her the phone and said. "Ben wants to speak to you before he comes over."

Jessica took the phone and put it up to her ear and said. "Hello Ben?" Ben replied. "Hi Jessica, Bob was telling me that you would like me to drive over?" Jessica had butterflies in her stomach as she nervously replied. "Would you like to come over and join us?"

Ben said. "I would love to come over and see you tonight. I was praying that you would call me back and want to get together with me." Jessica's hands began to shake as she replied. "I'll see you in a few minutes than?" Ben replied. "Yes. Bob gave me the address and you're just a few blocks away. I'll see you in a few!"

Jessica hung up the phone and started to hand it back to Bob but Jasmine had her arms around him and they were locked in a very passionate kiss. Jessica sat the phone down on the table and began to get up when Jasmine broke their kiss and said. "Honey. You stay right here and wait for your man. Bob and I will give you a little privacy and go into the bedroom."

Jessica replied. "I better go and change into something before Ben gets I'm wearing this robe."

Jasmine jumped up off Bob and walked over and took Jessica by the hand and said. "Come on with me really quick and I'll fix you up special for Ben."

Jessica looked stunned as Jasmine pulled her toward the bedroom. Jasmine looked back at Bob and said. "Honey. I'll be right back to get you. I want to fix this girl up right." She pulled Jessica into her bedroom and closed the door and started to rummage through some drawers and began to pull some things out.

Jasmine gave Jessica some articles and said. "Put this on for me and we'll see how they look on you." Jessica replied. "Maybe I should just go back and put on a pair of jeans or something."

Jasmine responded and said. "Nonsense. Just try these on and we'll go from there." Jessica began to fumble with the items when Jasmine said. "Let me give you some help putting them on."

Jessica stood while Jasmine placed the black brassier on her as she helped pull the straps up while Jasmine snapped it in place. Jasmine walked around in front of her and helped adjust it in place as Jessica said. "It only makes my boobs stick up and straight out. It's not even covering my nipples."

Jasmine laughed and said. "Honey. That's the whole idea here is to make you look good enough to eat. Now. You let me finish before your man gets here." Jasmine took the garter and put it around Jessica's waist and snapped it on her and walked over to the drawer and took out a pair of nude stockings. She motioned for Jessica to sit on the bed and said. "Slip these on those beautiful long legs of yours and I'll help you snap the hooks."

Jessica sat on the bed and slipped on the stockings and stood up while Jasmine helped her snap them in place. When she finished she walked over to the closet and got out a pair of black heels with open toes and long straps that fit around her ankles.

Jasmine said. "We're lucky we are the same size so sit down and put them on and see how they fit you." Jessica sat on the bed and put each one on while Jasmine worked on the little clasps and once she had them on she stood up as Jasmine said. "You look hot."

Jasmine picked up one of her perfume bottles off the dresser and gave Jessica a couple squirts. One around her cleavage and the other one near her pussy and leaned toward her and sniffed and said. "Now you smell and look good enough to eat."

Jessica replied. "Jasmine. Maybe this is too much right now. I'm still a married woman and I shouldn't be doing this right now." Jasmine cut her off and took hold of her shoulders and said. "You might still be married but you are separated from him right now and remember that he cheated on you first."

Jessica still felt this was wrong as she said. "If I cheat on Don like this than I'm no better than he is." Jasmine said. "You're not cheating on him now. Your not even living with him right now and you have a perfectly good excuse to date other men."

Jessica started to say more when Jasmine cut her off again and said. "Jessica. You are a real live living and breathing woman and you have needs just like everyone else and Ben is a really nice man and stop thinking about your rotten marriage right now"

Jessica replied. "I can't greet Ben at the door like this. I look like a whore waiting for a customer the way I look in this." Jasmine walked into her closet and brought out another article and said. "Let me put this on you and it won't make you feel so naked."

Jasmine helped put the garment on Jessica which was black but also very sheer and you could also see right through it. It was a very sexy see-through robe with a fluffy collar and little fluffy sleeves. The garment was short and only came down level with her blonde bush. It tied in front and Jasmine tied it into a little bow and said. "Now you're finished."

Jasmine said. "Walk over to the mirror and take a look at how hot you look."

Jasmine walked up behind Jessica as she looked at herself in the mirror and whispered. "Your going to get yourself screwed by that black stallion tonight."

Jessica turned her head in shock and looked at Jasmine with her mouth hanging open as Jasmine laughed and said. "You herd me right. Ben's coming over here to get himself some white pussy so you might as well face up to it and have some fun."

Jasmine laughed again and said. "There is something exciting about having sex with a big virile man of the opposite color. I was seeing stars when Bob fucked me with that big white cock of his the very first time."

Jessica could hardly speak as she looked at Jasmine and quietly said. "I'm not on the pill."

Jasmine walked over to the dresser and opened a drawer and handed her a couple condoms and said. "Now you're good to go."

Jasmine put her arm around Jessica and said. "Wait until you feel a black cock inside you for the very first time. I want you to remember to let yourself go and enjoy the evening with Ben and stop being such a prude and just enjoy yourself for a change."

Jessica looked at herself in the mirror and turned to Jasmine and said. "Are you sure Ben isn't going to think of me as just a cheap whore in these things?"

Jasmine replied. "I wouldn't be helping you do this if I didn't think Ben wasn't a nice guy. Bob told me everything about that man that he knew and he told Bob that he adores you and I don't think you have to worry about him losing interest in you once you fuck him."

Jessica finally smiled at Jasmine as Jasmine said. "That's my girl. Now come on out here and let Bob have a look at you before your man arrives." Jessica followed her out into the living room as she thought about everything Jasmine had said to her and got more butterflies in her stomach as she thought about doing this to fuck Ben tonight. Her legs even seem to get weak as she walked out in front of Bob and stood in front of him.

Jasmine said. "Check out our little princes here and tell me what you think." Bob just starred at her as Jasmine motioned for Jessica to turn around so he could see the whole package.

Bob said. "You look absolutely stunning in that outfit your wearing. Ben will be shocked when he takes a look at you when he arrives here tonight." Jessica nervously smiled as she gave Bob a little show and put her hands on her hips and arched her back making her ass stick out at him like one of those old pinup posters.

Jasmine laughed as she saw what Jessica did and said. "You're finally getting with the program tonight." She ran over to Jessica and said. "We have to put some makeup on you before Ben arrives here." Jasmine looked over at Bob and said. "Turn the lights down and put on some lover's music and bring out a bottle of wine and some wine glasses while I finish getting her ready."

Jasmine just finished putting on Jessica's lipstick when Bob walked into the bedroom and said. "Ben is already here waiting for Jessica." Jessica's heart dropped as she listened to what Bob had just said to them that Ben was already here and waiting. Her hands were shaking as she looked over at Jasmine for comfort. Jasmine gave her a big hug and said "Have confidence and go out and act like a woman in complete control of herself."

Jessica nervously looked at Jasmine as she slowly tuned and walked out the door. Jessica was just about ready to turn and tell Jasmine she didn't think she could go through with this when the bedroom door shut behind her.

Jessica never felt so nervous in her life as she swallowed hard and began walking slowly into the living room where Ben was waiting for her. As Jessica entered the room, she could see the back of Ben's head as he sat waiting for her.

The lights were turned down and candles were lit on the tables and music suited for lovers was playing on the CD player as Jessica put a big smile on her face and walked around the sofa until she stood in front of Ben.

Jessica watched as Ben's eyes got very wide as he looked her up and down starring mostly at her blonde pussy and her tits peeking through the thin material. Ben was the first to speak as he said. "You look absolutely gorgeous tonight."

Jessica was so nervous standing out in front of Ben that she thought for a moment that she was going to run and hide but she gathered up some courage and turned herself around and gave the same pose she did for Bob just a few minutes ago with her hands on her hips.

Ben starred at her nice round ass sticking out at him as she moved her hips making her ass sway seductively. Then. As if she were a model, placed her legs apart while holding her hands on her hips and twisted herself around as she leaned forward and looked back at Ben and smiled. Jessica kept that pose for a few seconds and straightened herself up and walked over to the bottle of wine and poured some into the glasses and gave one to Ben with a big smile on her face and sat down next to him on the sofa. Ben was speechless as he looked into Jessica's eyes and finally said. "You're such a beautiful woman and I never would have thought to see you looking so ravishing when I drove over here tonight."

Jessica couldn't believe she was going through with Jasmine's idea and if it wasn't for the fact this was as spontaneous as it was and had time to think about it, she wouldn't be sitting here half naked in front of Ben.

Maybe Jasmine had prepared the drinks for her tonight too strongly that made her feel more daring than she would normally be. Her mind kept debating why she was sitting next to a black man dressed so seductively and coming out of the bedroom and acting like an exotic dancer.

Perhaps this was something she desperately needed at the moment to be able to go forward with her life. Jessica was still hurting inside from the things that Don had said to her that night. The night Don confessed having sex with another woman.

Jessica kept thinking what Don had said about the other woman being better in bed than she was and perhaps tonight would prove that she could perform sexually than this other woman she didn't even know.

No matter what she thought, this was reality and she was sitting here on this sofa next to a black man she found attractive.

Jessica held up her wine glass and waited for Ben to raise his glass as she said. "Here's to us and whatever the future may hold." Jessica sipped her wine as she looked into Ben's eyes. He hadn't taken his eyes off her since she entered the room a few minutes ago.

Ben was a gentleman and Jessica knew that she would have to force herself to make the first move tonight. The liquor she drank before Ben arrived was really taking its effect on her system and making her feel very different. She couldn't remember the last time she felt this way but her mind was telling her to do things she wouldn't normally do.

Jessica took another sip of her wine when sounds from Jasmine's bedroom filled the room. They could hear Jasmine and Bob having sex and the sounds were defiantly having an effect on Jessica's mind.

Jessica finally broke the ice and said. "Do you like my outfit?" Ben replied. "If I was dressing you, I couldn't have picked anything more sexily for such a lovely woman like you to wear." Jessica leaned over and gently kissed Ben on the lips. "Thank you so much. Jasmine helped me pick this out for you tonight."

Ben slipped his arm around her as she said. "Do you see how the bra fits on me?"

She laughed and said. "It pushes my boobs up and doesn't cover my nipples. Want to see?" Jessica parted the jacket and exposed her bare tits for Ben to see.

Ben leaned over and gave her another kiss only holding his lips to hers for a moment. They were starring at each other now as been pulled her tightly against his body and kissed her again only this time he pushed his tongue inside her mouth which she gently sucked.

Jessica took her free hand and began to unbutton Ben's shirt as he broke the kiss long enough to help her get them done. Ben placed his drink on the table and reached for her glass placing it next to his and put his arm around her as he reached out to play with her nipples.

Jessica closed her eyes and tilted her head back as Ben massaged her tits. Her whole body was trembling as Ben continued to play with her tits while kissing his way down her neck. With a bold move, Jessica stood up and motioned for Ben to stand up with her and pulled his shirt off his shoulders as she worked on his belt and the buckle of his pants and slid them down his legs.

Ben kicked off his shoes followed by the pants as he stepped clear of them and kicked them to the side. He than untied the little transparent jacket she was wearing and pulled it off her shoulders and bent down to suck on one of her tits.

Jessica moved her hand over his head pulling him in closer to her tits as his tongue devoured the nipple he was sucking. Ben lifted his head and kissed her passionately on the lips as he whispered into her mouth and said. "You want some black meat inside your pussy don't you?"

Ben was rubbing her ass with his hands as she moaned and replied back. "Yes. I want you to fuck me so bad." Ben kissed her again as she reached down and gave his boxers a tug slipping them down his legs and onto the floor. He stood totally naked in from of her now as their lips remained locked for several moments.

Jessica's tongue was mingling around with Ben's as she felt his cock pushing into her tummy near her navel and broke their kiss so she could look down and see it herself. Ben kept kissing her neck and held her ass tight against himself as she tried to get a glimpse of his cock

Ben was making her giggle as he licked under her chin until she finally broke free long enough to see what had been pushed into her tummy these past few moments. Jessica almost went limp when she saw the massive size cock poking into her tummy below. Bravely she placed her had around its thickness as Ben continued to kiss around her face.

Ben kissed her on the lips again and whispered. "Put both of your hands around it and hold it tight. Feel the veins and rub your hand around the head and imagine how its going to feel deep inside your pussy."

Jessica did just that as she slowly moved her hands around its giant mushroom head and played along the bottom with her finger tips feeling the large veins Ben mentioned that seemed to encircle its entire length. Jessica remembered how Bob had said this man was built like a horse. Nothing better could describe this massively large cock Jessica was holding in her dainty white hands.

Jessica was trembling so much that Ben could feel her fingers shaking on his cock as he kissed her open mouth and said. "Don't be afraid of me, my darling angle. Think of me of a man that is going to give you more pleasure than you have ever experienced in your life. A man that will bring you to more sexual heights than you ever experienced before."

Jessica's eyes were closed as Ben continued to whisper gently into her mouth. "Reach down and cup my balls in your hands and feel how large they are for you. Feel how much they swell when you hold them in your hands. I want you to take hold of the balls that hold the hot African seed that you will soon feel inside your belly."

Jessica was so caught up in Ben's words that she followed every step he told her and had her fingers wrapped around his balls while the other hand continued to massage the head of his cock Ben had at sometime reached behind her back and unclasped the half bra she was wearing and her tits were now fully exposed.

Ben kissed her open mouth again letting her lick the saliva off his tongue. Jessica's eyes were still closed and she looked as if she were in a trance as Ben sat back on the sofa pulling Jessica on top of him on his lap.

Jessica was straddling his legs with his cock pointing straight up between them. Ben had placed his hands around her tits and held them up and licked each nipple into his mouth as Jessica placed her hand on the back of his head and held him tight. "Oh God . . . Baby . . . Suck my tits. Suck them for me . . . That's it . . . Baby."

Ben stopped long enough to kiss her lips again as she passionately and ferociously worked her tongue inside his mouth. She was breathing heavy as she placed her hand back on his cock as their kiss continued.

Jessica moved her ass around on his lap as she continued to passionately kiss him. She was breathing so hard that her belly was gyrating like a belly dancer. She felt herself moving again as Ben slipped himself down onto the floor taking Jessica with him until he lay flat on his back with his head next to the sofa.

Jessica was still straddling Ben's legs as he pulled her down to kiss her again and whispered. "Angel. I want to eat that white pussy and prepare it and season it for an African meal it will never forget. Climb on top of my face and hold onto the sofa."

Jessica kissed him one more time before she slid herself forward until her ass was above his face and felt his warm tongue gently probing around the opening of her pussy. His tongue was teasing her clitoris as he flicked it gently along its tiny head making her tense up with pleasure. Her whole body was moving around above him as Ben skillfully worked his tongue on her clit. Jessica was leaning forward onto the cushion of the sofa which gave her some leverage to move her body around above Ben's face.

Jessica was grinding her hips in rhythm with Ben's tongue when her body began to violently shake as she moaned. "Oh . . . Yeah . . . Ben . . . I'm . . . going to cum . . . " Ben had to hold onto Jessica's ass to keep her from falling off his face as she came.

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