tagNovels and NovellasA Sissy Saga Ch. 16

A Sissy Saga Ch. 16


It was after supper, but the evening sun still shone through the lofty windows of the gymnasium to catch dust particles floated weightlessly in its slanting streams of light. A naked young man who promoted the delicate aura of a fragile girl stood fumbling over his words before the seated figure of Miss Twist, groping helplessly for an excuse to explain the persistent stiffness of his penis. Eventually he subsided into silence, eyes apprehensive, knuckles white as he wrung his hands behind his back.

The teacher raise an ironic eyebrow. "In other words you don't know why you're in such a state, is that right Bambi?"

The student was almost too fragile, with his hair pinned back from his elfin face everything about him seemed small and frail at that moment. Everything except his penis that is, which was standing erect, swollen and as solid as he had ever known it. Earlier he'd secluded himself away and pumped it frantically, but even an ejaculation had failed to diminish its tenacious uplift. "I-I didn't have any trouble until matron gave me some tonic, an - and..."

"So, you blame matron for your ghastly show of male arrogance?"

"N-no miss - only I can't make it go down. I've tried..."

"Stop your miserable sissy faffing. You're not going to be punished for having an erection tonight. The reason you're here as already been defined, and you voted for extra detention instead of time in the dungeon. But if you thought you'd escaped with a soft option by agreeing to come here you may change your mind in a little while."

Bambi had already had some misgivings when he's seen the row of bare bottoms already lined up in front of the wall-bars. Four pairs of naked sissy buttocks pushed out into plumpness, four pairs of knees resting side by side on the wooden bench, and four helpless classmates bent forward, heads down awaiting 'whacks'.

Hands behind his back, he flattened his palms around his own pert rounded bottom in an unconscious way, symbolically protecting them from what he knew was to come.

Miss Twist narrowed her eyes in a way that made her look like a mean cat planning to shred up a canary, then she dipped into the sports bag that never seemed to be far from her side. "Since you have no control of your body we shall give the portion that offends a little playsuit of its own."

Seeming oblivious to the sexual content of the situation she drew him forward and fastened an Arab-strap onto his genitals. A metal ring slotted down over his penis to settle at its base, and a leather strap connected to the ring was buckled around the root of his testicles. That done she drew a second strap from somewhere beneath to divide his scrotum and make his balls bulge out each side of it like a pair of fat grapes. Her knuckles of necessity buffeted Nicola's straining penis as she pulled everything snug and secure and fastened the last buckle. "There, that would appear to make things tidier, don't you think Bambi?"

"Y-yes miss." His voice was a whisper.

"Fine. Go and take your place with the others."

The schoolteacher then produced a plimsoll from her bag and stood up looking somewhat ominous and threatening in a sleek, black body hugging leotard. Threatening was exactly how she wished to be seen. Her movement, and by implication the imminence of discomfort for imprudently presented backsides, caused consternation among the four other unfortunates who had chosen extra detention as a chastisement for their 'crimes'. Bare thighs squeezed anxiously together and nervous bum-cheeks huddled tight as if seeking security in numbers.

The fortunate side-effect of their posing made their dear bottoms develop into firm, round apple-shaped morsels that stuck out and waggled provocatively, and Emma wasn't slow to appreciate such a thing. As she approached the line of subjection Zoë, who's flawless derriere was about to become the target for her first stinger, moaned in despair. That was rashness indeed, but he stuttered - "S-sorry miss." - even when he knew it was pointless. An eloquent swish of the plimsoll, a THWACK, and he was a bungle of wriggling agitation.

"Silence," snapped the woman, " I don't want to hear anything but 'Ouch' and Ow'. You can save 'Sorry miss' until the end!"

She moved along to the next compliant figure and with a flourish of her arm brought the rubber-soled shoe swooshing down across Fifi's delectable round bottom. Fifi squealed, squirmed and earned himself a second smack before he subsided into obedient silence, sobs gurgling against a hand he clutched against his mouth. The teacher paced along the row again and then back, grinning, her expression puckish and mischievous, clearly relishing the helplessness of the sissies under her command. When slapped the gym-shoes playfully onto Trudy's upthrust bottom again her smiled broadened. It made the she-boy bleat and squirm his defenceless little bum beautifully.

How nice. They were all so easy to intimidate.

For a moment she dwelt on the cause of them being there. In the outside world their antics would be of little note, but at Fairyfield small deviations came in for big whacks. Bambi and Zoë had been caught playing with their pricks while perusing a magazine entitled 'Man-Sized' and masturbation without permission was of course always a good enough reason for punishment. Fifi and Trudy had been scooped up by Gloria as they exited from the door marked 'prohibited' that led into the unused east-wing. They were only clad in bathrobes, and in the pocket of one she'd found a part-used tube of KY jelly, while in another had been a plastic vibrator with the proportions of a cucumber.

The fifth individual was Poppy - he never seemed to be far from trouble. He'd pestered Miss Hancock to be allowed to water the flower-beds in the garden each evening, but had been caught out when Miriam had inspected the tool shed and found a blanket on the floor on which lay Poppy's bellybutton ring. On interrogation he'd admitted that one of the elderly gardeners - an Outsider - had been giving him tail.

Of course Miriam Hancock's regime at the school catered for all such misdemeanours and there was no real justification for 'special correction', but like Jennifer, Emma Twist relished humiliating and smacking pretty young men, and from time to time leeway was allowed for some imaginative amusement.

Rising above her reverie she paraded behind the miscreants, stopping at each in turn, stroking and tapping their buttocks. "Okay - now then, what do you lot deserve as 'warmers', eh? How many to make a start? One each, or half a dozen - what do you say?

It was play-acting of course, intended to amuse herself and humiliate the unfortunate pantywaists. When no one ventured a suggestion even of the most timid kind she made an arbitrary decision of her own. "Right - four each to begin with."

Trudy, who's pretty rump was first in line for the first batch of stingers, and who had already received some, moaned as she laid on a hearty smack that made him squeal and shake and lift onto his toes. But the shoe descended again before he'd even caught his breath.


Leaving him in an undignified posture with a glowing bottom she moved on to Poppy, the next in line, and bottom number two began its frantic dance, the shoe not being fooled by either jive or rumba.

Bambi at the end of the line stole anguished glances at his blubbering friends. His was the most unenviable position of all, since he had to wait in agonising suspense while the ghastly shoe moved slowly but irrevocably along the row of others towards him. When the unfortunate figure next to him jerked tearfully forward under the impetus of a sharp blow his own eyes suddenly brimmed and covering his face with his hands he began to weep sissy tears.

It was unbelievable, but he escaped the first round of introductory spanks. Suddenly Miss Twist ceased swinging her arm and stood back. Jennifer had appeared. She stood in the doorway looking extremely vampish in a loose tank-top and very short buttock-hugging hot-pants, but if the clothes were suitable for a precocious little girl, her temper appeared to be a match. She looked for all the world like a child who had just had a bag of sweets snatched from its hand. "Really Emma, you go too far. Mummy promised I could take the correction period today."

"Of course, I know that's what she said, but time was getting on and I didn't think you were coming."

"Well, I HAVE come." the girl spluttered, at that moment looking the essence of sulks.

Emma Twist knew she had no choice but to give way gracefully. She'd never been overawed by the teenager like so many others. She knew she was equal to her in callous efficiency and her wider experience of life gave her the edge, but the girl was the daughter of the headmistress and that ensured she would always hold the advantage when it came to doling out domestic correction. Jennifer would always get her way.

"And so Jennifer dear, you can take the detention. I'll get out of the way and leave you to it - unless you want some help."

Jennifer laughed sarcastically. "Help? Christ, there's only five of them, and they all know I'll tie a rope around their pretty bollocks and hoist them to the ceiling if they give me any trouble." She gave the row of subservient girl-things a fierce glance. "Isn't that right, my sweet poppet's?"

Five pale faces swivelled about to nod rapidly in unison. "Y-yes, Jennifer." came the stuttering reply.

Suddenly the girl's mood seemed to mellow. Having triumphed in her right to take charge she glanced over her shoulder and smiled amiably at Emma. "You can stay and look after the forfeits if you like. I'd really like some help with that." Without waiting for a reply she turned back to the sissies. "Stand up and get away from the wall. Get in line."

She was at her most imperious, chin jutting, arm outstretched, finger jabbing the air. The small band of sissies immediately scrambled back to form an extended line with their bare toes nudging a chalk mark on the floor. It was only then that Bambi was able to see that his girlish companions were all suited as he was. Each had a raging erection, and each had their scrotums secured in an Arab-strap.

"No slouching," snapped Jennifer, "Tummy's in, chests out. Let me have a proper look at you all."

Completely unimpressed by the row of swollen, eminently thrusting male appendages she stood like a general reviewing troops, glowering at the line of impertinent, uprisen sissy-cocks that were all thrusting above the horizontal. Even Poppy's generous proportions were making an exceptional thrust.

After a moment a flicker of amusement danced about the corners of her mouth. Wow, matron's aphrodisiac concoction had produced amazing results. When first mooted the idea had been for something to cause extreme embarrassment, but it had ended up something more than that. They all had remarkable stands - thick and strong and really manlike. What a volley they would give if they all went off together. Their pink ball-bags too looked stimulated, plumped out as they were from the straps that harnessed them in a way that made them look like diminutive rosy apples. Why, a girl could almost want to...

She silently rebuked herself. Enough of that kind of thought. The weak androgynous sods weren't worthy.

"Disgusting!" she scolded. "This is not what's expected of good girl's. What on earth have you been up to? Have you all been playing with yourselves or have you been doing it for each other?"

Five flushed faces fearfully shook from side to side, even though they'd all ejaculated at least three times in failed attempts to dissipate the priapism brought on by matron's tonic. Hands on hips she surveyed them critically, looking directly at the sheaths of skin that still hooded the tip of one or two erections.

"Hmph. Clearly there's still some maleness to beat out of you all. Slide your foreskins back. Knob-ends should always be on display when sissies show a hard-on to a girl."

She watched sternly and silently while those at fault drew their prepuce back to expose their swollen red helmets, then she suddenly became animated. "Right. All of you - get over to the wall-bars for warmers."

Four of them scampered quickly, but Fifi hung back to display the pink marks already evident from the spanks he'd received earlier. "We've already had warmers, Jennifer."

His remark only earned him a smack on the back of the head from her hand. "Don't question what I say, you sissy-queer. You haven't had warmers from me yet."

Bambi didn't escape warmers the second time, but Jennifer only gave them all two each - one on every upturned buttock along the row of submissive bottoms, and if she noticed his pert backside was still pale and creamy while all the others were rosy pink she didn't make it obvious.

While the daughter of the headmistress was entertaining herself in walloping the hapless young men with a gym-shoe Emma settled onto a low bench nearby. It didn't go easy for her to serve in a secondary role, but she'd become aroused, and staying at least guaranteed some action.

Her eyes drifted around the gymnasium. Hardwick had been told to provide a simple gym-circuit, starting with a run and leap over a vaulting-box to be followed by up and down ropes. A run to the far wall would extend things, then a gate-vault over a low beam and a monkey-swing along a high one would extract some energy. Each lap would come to an end with press-ups on a rubber mat.

When Jennifer had finished Emma rose up and helped hustle the class into single file ten paces away from the vaulting-box. A slap on his tender backside was the signal for Poppy, the first in line, to dash forward, leap onto a small springboard and sail over the box with legs astride. The moment he reached the climbing ropes a sharp whack set Trudy off on the same route.

One by one the others were dispatched, a brisk tap on the rear sending them on their way like little comets with red-hot tails, and Jennifer was soon circulating among them, dealing out acid abuse and random smacks at her whim while urging the owner of each shuddering bare bottom to greater effort. Zoë received a smack on his smooth thigh, then Fifi got one across the top of both legs. Next Poppy took a wallop square on his bottom, not too hard, but not too soft either. No one escaped her relentless pursuit.

They went around the circuit like steeple chaser's, and noticing how easily they managed it all infuriated Jennifer. She stomped from the floor grinding her teeth in exasperation. "The effeminate sods are supposed to suffer, but Hardwick's too clever at keeping them fit and he's made the circuit too easy. There's hardly a flush to their cheeks and they aren't even breathless."

Emma smiled thinly. She may have been pushed into second place but she at least had the presence of mind to think the matter through before making a start. "It'll ginger things up if we gag them. I've got some ball-gags with me."

She pulled a number of items from her sports bag, then took hold of Poppy. "If you approve Jennifer dear, I'll demonstrate with this one, then the others can gag each other."

Jennifer thunderous expression eased and she nodded, and Emma glared at the group of sissies. "Pay attention, you'll be told to pair-off and do this for each other in a moment."

"Open." she demanded, lifting a small, glossy black ball to Poppy's lips. It was his instinct to recoil, but the action was forestalled by a hand on his neck. "Aaawthpth!" He gurgled as the powerful woman pushed her fingers between his soft lips to hold down his tongue and lever his jaw down. "You must open wide for this," she told everyone as she forced the ball-gag into his gaping mouth with her thumbs.

The object was a solid rubber sphere the size of a tangerine, and it made Poppy's neck strain and his eyes close into a squint as its fattest portion was installed between his teeth. Pushing up against the roof of his mouth and flattening his tongue there was no way to complain even if he felt brave enough to try. He imagined his mouth to be stretched to its utter limit, and was amazed when his jaw had to stretch a tiny bit more as the redoubtable Miss Twist buckled the retaining strap behind his head.

"There. It's done." declared the watching Jennifer. "The rest of these creampuffs shouldn't have a problem fitting them, since your all used to having balls in your mouths."

Zoë and Bambi, and Trudy and Fifi were told to pair off and gag each other while the two females stood back and observed. The sissies looked wide-eyed and ridiculous with there mouths wedged open and thoroughly stuffed, but decidedly cute and charming when viewed in their only other garment - the Arab-strap harness that bound their genitals further down.

If the first circuit of the gym had been a piece of cake for them the second was a stone. Since their mouths were efficiently bunged they were unable to pant, and every whiff of air and each exhalation had to pass through their small flaring nostrils. When Jennifer, shouting like a fairground barker, began to harry them again they were soon snorting in desperation.

Around they went, and around again, and Bambi was soon aware of another worry. His penis was stiffer and more swollen than he had ever known it to be, and it felt unnervingly sensitive too. As he made his way from box to rope and horizontal bars to mat, it bobbed about before his thighs in the manner of an unwieldy truncheon. Scrapping it on the ropes made it twitch, tapping it on the bars made it throb and nubbing its tip on the rubber mat whilst doing press-ups almost made him ejaculate.

Hot with physical effort and chilled by anxiety he thought it terribly unfair that hitched to all the other humiliations he was enduring was the ghastly possibility of doing a cum in front of the women. He neither knew nor cared that the same affliction he suffered was shared by all the others in his group.

To an Outsider it would have been an extraordinary scene - five of them, naked but for a few tethers and straps, all running around the gymnasium in various stages of exhaustion, all the time having to cope with the unpredictable swing of an outward thrusting penile erection. There seemed no end to it. Each time one of them returned to the start-point Emma Twist gave him a smack and set him off again. Being unable to breath properly soon had an effect, and they began to falter, which gave Jennifer even more opportunity to slipper them on the way round.

Another lap and they began to stagger, breathing fricative, chests heaving, nostrils dilating, every movement needing extra effort to compensate for the restriction of oxygen required by their limbs.

The fifth lap became a fiasco. Zoë leapt bravely at the vaulting-box, but his best effort was laboured and he lacked the momentum to clear it. He crashed, legs straggling the end of it, and he became a barrier that Fifi who was following didn't identify in time. They collided, and in a sprawling mess of bare flesh and flailing limbs their juvenescent, epicene bodies tumbled down onto the safety mat.

Jennifer stopped everything to make sure there was no serious injury, but found the only thing shattered to be Fifi's dignity. The sissy bowed his head, shamefaced. His slender not so itsy-bitsy cock was twitching over the great big unbidden cummy he'd hosed over Zoë's belly during their tangle.

"Forfeit!" cried Jennifer, "This limp-wristed gay-girly as made a mess." And Fifi was sent off for a session with Miss Twist while the others were hounded into continuing their exercise.

Forfeits were an unapologetic extension to the bottom stinging warmers each sissy had received earlier. A half dozen smacks delivered onto an already painful well-reddened bottom, the only difference this time being they would be provided whilst draped over Miss Twist's infamous Mexican-hurdle. While Emma enjoyed watching Jennifer beat the androgynous figures around the room she had been waiting patiently to apply her own skill in more proportion, and she was now thoroughly ready.

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