tagNovels and NovellasA Sissy Saga Ch. 23

A Sissy Saga Ch. 23


Mrs Pardoe's heart pounded like steam-hammer as she made her way to her room. It had been such a long time since she'd had a young girl to herself, to take command of, to admire and to love, and she knew Mrs Amos's niece Lizzie was a real doll.

On the way she passed the Joanna television-person ensconced with Gloria in the stair well of the third floor, both of them too preoccupied to notice her. The younger woman was teetering unsteadily against the sill of a window and moaning pathetically.

She continued to watch for a moment as the woman's battered face wobbled beneath a hairstyle that was becoming increasingly askew and she noticed that Joanna was gasping at the antics of the housekeeper, who's hand she had allowed to push up under her skirt.

"Oh, nanny, nanny. Oh how I love you. Oh how I've missed your finger in my tiny hole," she was mewling. "Only you know how to please a little girl properly."

"Behave yourself," cautioned Gloria, who'd never met her before in her life. "Yer twat's all hot an' drippy, but if you's a naughty girl an' does a cum too soon I'll have to take you to my room and spank yer botty."

"I can't help it," groaned Joanna fitfully, "Oh yes, yes that's it. Use two fingers and push them all the way up. Fuck me nanny."

The woman was out of her bloody mind with booze and dope and an easy mark for Gloria, decided Margaret. But she was far too excited by the pleasure awaiting herself to dally longer.

She almost ran along the corridor, pausing just a moment to check her face in a mirror, making sure her face and nose had not gone shiny. Then just as Mrs Amos had promised she found Lizzie Braithwaite seated on the couch in her sitting room.

From her vantage point by the door she watched, intrigued and slightly apprehensive. Despite the warm weather the girl sported a heavy black cardigan, longer at the front where she had made it sag with her habit of thrusting her hands deep into the pockets. She was beautiful. Auburn hair with golden lights that gave it a shimmering iridescence, languorous brown eyes, lips that were soft, pouty and pink, and with rosy cheeks that gave the appearance of a permanent blush.

Margaret's fingers tingled and her crotch seemed to melt. She generated the warmest greeting she could, "Hello Lizzie," and the girl smiled sweetly in return.

"Hi - are you Mrs Pardoe?"

"Yes, your Aunt Florence is busy and she said you'd keep me company for a while."

"I will, but Aunt Flo said I'd get a reward if I do."

The demand sounded mercenary but it helped Margaret to relax. "That's right, darling. I can be very generous with rewards if you agree to be a good girl for me."

"Oh, I can be a very good girl." Lizzie replied. The girl's enormous angel-eyes blazed with mischief. Little more than eighteen she looked so fragile at first glance, with a Dresden china-like delicacy in her features that contributed so much to her exquisiteness. Margaret felt an urge to rush across the room and touch her, but managed to hold back.

"Did your aunt tell you anything about me, Lizzie?" she asked.

"She said you like girls." her visitor responded somewhat blandly.

They were like two castaways, marooned on the moors. But although they had only just met, they were not entirely strangers. Margaret knew there was nothing to hide. The girl knew why she was there, so there was no need for timid, furtive glances; no requirement for anything other than frank appraisal. Everything had been efficiently arranged.

"Yes I do. I especially like pretty girls, and you're very pretty. Should I call you Liz or Elizabeth?"

"Elizabeth sounds too posh. Call me Lizzie."

It had been such a long time since Margaret had been given the opportunity to seduce such a luscious thing and she felt awkward and inarticulate for a moment, but her eyes soon became drawn to the girls legs - smooth and shapely glowing with a sunshine tan. With the girls appearance all the negative feelings she had carried for so long at Fairyfield were transformed. Here was the kind of thing she had yearned for throughout all the painful prior months, and it was unencumbered, unrestricted; not hedged in by petty rules.

They exchanged a warm smile, and Margaret locked the door behind her as she unpinned her chignon and let her long dark hair fall around her shoulders.

The girl stood up to shake off the cardigan. As it dropped she exposed her slender shoulders, and exposed also a pair of magnificent breasts, skimpily covered by an half-bra, in which pertness combined perfectly with generosity of proportions. Lower down she was wearing the tiniest of panties, miniscule white satin garnished with tiny silk bows.

Confident in her allure Lizzie writhed her body like a serpent and pushed out her chest, while her eyes narrowed in a way that was both thoughtful and seductive. Without invitation she sidled forward, arching back to cleave to Margaret's bosom and encourage the woman to pull her close. Sunshine tresses spilled around the back of her head and her porcelain fragile shoulders. Oh yes, she was warm and smooth to touch and just as lovely as Margaret remembered real girls to be.

Smiling, the visitors mouth opened slightly to show a set of pearly teeth, and she paused as if awaiting a burst of praise to which she thought herself entitled. It was almost as if she were conscious of how her beauty had power over people. "Take off my bra." she whispered heatedly.

It was not what Mrs Pardoe had expected. Yes, she had bargained for a girl, and yes she wanted the clothes off that girl and wanted access to all her naked charms, but she'd expected such things would happen gradually following on from shy giggles and sweet persuasion.

Lizzie was a cornucopia of intoxicating volumes and curves, and for a reverent minute she ran her fingers over the shapes of her body, revelling in finding the soft places and the firm places, the succulent , throbbing bounty she had not yet had time to examine. Her hands shook slightly, but the girl made no objection to being vulgarly explored, nor did she flinch when the catch of her bra became unfastened and the garment dropped away.

Margaret's face glowed with indescribable satisfaction on viewing the rich ripe, supple mounds of the girls breasts. The nipples were so deep with colour they could have been rouged. The texture of them was like an aphrodisiac, and as she stroked the bare flesh she felt moisture welling between her own legs, and had to restrain herself from licking her lips. She could smell the scent of the girl's skin and anticipated the taste of it slicking on her tongue. Lizzie would be sweet, with the kind of flavour only females could generate.

She was feeling confident now. Using one hand to hold the back of Lizzie's head she planted a motherly kiss on her brow, while her other hand slid behind the girl to hold her close.

The girl parted her lips - a blatant invitation to be kissed on the mouth - and Margaret finally descended beyond salvation. Taking hold of her face in both hands she kissed the shiny pink mouth for a long moment.

Lizzie displayed a great knowledge of kissing and used all the subtle gyrations of mouth and tongue that transferred sensuality. Each kiss sensitised the older woman to the next and was followed by a studious exploration of the girls face with her tongue. Returning to her mouth she renewed the kissing in a more piercing way before laving her earlobes and her eyelids.

When the girls tongue entered her mouth, she held it there, matching it thrust for thrust while her hands moved up and down her neck. Eventually she pulled away, bent her head and kissed Lizzie's throat, from the pulse at its base all the way to her jaw line. Finally she manoeuvred the girl across to the couch and sat her down.

Excitement soared in the tutor. With her free hand she began a slow, tentative exploration, seeking erogenous zones and all the secretive places where women like to be stroked and caressed. She trailed her finger along the silky skin of her neck and shoulders and felt her shiver in response. Her hand skimmed lower, until she finally cupped a firm breast in her palm. She then kneaded each in turn.

Checking herself, she loosened her ravening mouth sufficiently enough to be able to lave the firm berry of Lizzie's teat with her tongue.

"Ooooh! Mrs Pardoe -" simpered Lizzie, "That's nice."


The girl smiled and nodded, then grasped Margaret's head and forced her small breast roughly against her mouth. "Suck it a bit." she urged.

The woman nearly swooned at the invitation. Still massaging the girl's ample chest and crotch she eagerly filled her mouth with hot, young flesh, drawing on the little bud that tipped it until it peaked.

Lizzie swivelled her chest. "Do the other one now. Suck my other tit while you're touching me up."

She took both breasts in her hands and slowly clasped and unclasped them until Lizzie was entirely focussed on her fingers, arching her ribcage and jiving with her hips. Eventually she took one rampant nipple in her mouth, listening with delight to the sigh that escaped her as she sucked and pulled, making it extend and stretch.

Events were proving quite exciting enough for Margaret Pardoe. She moved her own mouth into the hollow of the girls neck, kissing her shoulders while caressing her smooth body. Eventually she reached down between the girls legs to find the gusset of her pants. Committed at last she then began to hump the shape of youthful pussy flesh with her fingers.

"My! You're so naughty," Margaret mumbled as her mouth rolled onto a second tiny nipple. "Only bad girls ask ladies to suck their titties so I may have to spank you over my knee in a minute."

Lizzie's mouth formed into a pout as the woman guzzled. "You don't have to -" she lifted Margaret's head up and her eyes narrowed. " - if you don't spank me I won't make a fuss if you pull down my knickers and have a little play with my cunny."

A lump suddenly seemed to germinate in the woman's throat and she swallowed hard. The clever young madam certainly knew how to make a tempting offer.

"Ere, well - we - we may be able to come to an arrangement, I suppose." she replied weakly. Her whole body throbbed now as her hands dropped onto the girls pants, dipped under the elastic and skimmed them down her thighs. She held firmly onto Lizzie as she pulled her feet from the leg-holes.

The girl sat down with her hands folded over her bulging vulva mound, neatly trimmed with a defining slit separating the two halves. To Mrs Pardoe she was the embodiment of perfection - of beauty - of sensuality. "Lay back, darling," she urged, "Spread your legs open - as wide as you can. Let me have a proper look at what you've got."

Lizzie was certainly co-operative. She almost did the splits whilst laying back on the couch, her crack opening to display her swelling pudenda and labia.

"Ooh, Mrs Pardoe!" Her nostrils flared as the woman used two fingers to stretch open the outer lips of her vagina. For all intents it was as if she were examining the insides of a purse that had a lining of pale pink. Tiny inner lips gaped, moist and slightly ajar. With her forefingers Mrs Pardoe gently opened those too, and there it was - the subject of so many of her daydreams - tight and pristine, the diminutive aperture of a youthsome cunt.

Such a shame to know such unspoiled beauty would not last, the woman mused. Within a comparatively short time that same tender, snug tunnel would no doubt acquire the habit of hugging the dimensions of the hateful male cock and milking out its ghastly seed.

She licked the middle finger of one hand and deposited spittle on its tip before rolling it against the delicate exposed portal. She pushed, and the first digit of her long, thin hand started moving into the small hole. The teenage snatch was moist and there was no resistance as she then wormed it into the narrow orifice. As she exalted at the tight fit of hot youthful flesh around her finger and began moving it in and out, and she felt the warm, slick insides of the girl pulsing and alive.

Lizzie opened her mouth, but no sound came out. She remained silent and motionless as the woman slowly finger-fucked her.

At that moment Margaret Pardoe almost envied men. At such times she wished she could have a man's dick so she could plough the juicy hole properly. But, not to worry. Giving a young pussy a good length of finger always got her own juices flowing well enough.

Hot with excitement she extracted the finger and climbed down on her knees to cover the girls genitals with her mouth, sucking the tight slit and tickling the sensitive places with the tip of her tongue. Lizzie quivered as she felt the lively flesh squeeze beyond the lips of her sex and enter her, and with a cry of surprise she clamped her hand to the back of the woman's head. "Wow! It wriggles like a worm in there, Mrs Pardoe."

The schoolteacher drew back after a moment. In her oral invasion she'd encountered little taste, but all the same her imagination had registered the flavour of violets and rose petals. Wild with passion now, she held everything wide open and once again began to wiggle her finger in the squishy pussy-hole.

"Put two fingers in," urged the girl shamelessly, "I can manage two, and it'll feel like when Parson Roper sticks his thing in me."

Margaret was startled - horrified. "The parson! He sticks his 'thing' in you?"

Lizzie nodded. "He sits me on his lap when I go to practise confirmation, and he slides his thingy in under my pants. When he's got it pushed up inside me he lifts me up and down on it. My friend Pauline says he does it with her too. I think he does it with lots of girls. Pauline says he does it with young fella's too, but I can't see that, can you? Not unless he shoves it up their bottoms."

Margaret became almost immobile with petulance. It was infuriating to be told a mans grotesque male muscle had squeezed its way into such a delicate, female body - jerking around and squirting its disgusting stuff into her unsullied womb. Was nothing sacred to that vile priest?

Nevertheless her passion bubbled at the girls urging, and she inserted two digits into the silky sheath of her youthful charm. Lizzie's pussy spasmed, hot and moist, and internal muscles began milking her fingers. "Oh, Mrs Pardoe, you're making me hot. I want you to show me your jellies now."

"Jellies? I don't know what you mean."

The girl rolled sideways out of reach. "It's what Pauline and I call women's tits. Young women have jellies and old ones have floppies. You're not very young Mrs Pardoe, but you're not wearing a bra and I can tell by the way the front of your blouse moves you've got nice jellies."

Margaret didn't wear underwear when she had sex in mind and the young girl was alert enough to notice. "Come on Mrs Pardoe. You're not scared of showing your boobies to me, are you?"

"Of course I'm not scared," huffed Margaret, "It's just that - well, it's not what I expected."

She felt it only right to make a show of reluctance, but having her breasts bared didn't really worry her. In fact she was rather eager for a chance to drag her nipples up and down the teenagers luscious body.

It took only a moment for Lizzie to unbutton her blouse and as the girls hands skimmed it back she thrust her breasts forward. Lizzie smiled her admiration and carefully caressed the jutting mounds, trailing her fingers around the fleshy contours until she was rubbing lightly on the exposed nipples. The school teacher had good breasts with soft, sensuous skin, and her teats were erect and meaty.

After a moment she placed a hand below each breast and cupped them in her palms, then began to squeeze them rhythmically, sliding the flesh between her fingers and teasing the hot, tense nipples with her thumbs and forefingers, and Margaret Pardoe allowed her to do as she wished.

"They're nice ones," Lizzie husked, "I can tell by your nipples you've never had a baby. Shall I suck them like a baby for you?"

The woman glowed with pleasure as the girl's pink tongue at once lapped across her flesh, and she gasped softly as her delicate mouth fastened onto her breasts, engulfing each nipple in turn so neatly, moulding to it, suckling ardently and dragging wetly on the teats.

"Mmmm! You taste just like Miss Merrydew, that school teacher who lodgers with Mrs Titchborne," remarked Lizzie after a while. "She's only a student teacher really, but Pauline and I like her a lot."

She stroked Margaret's bare inner thigh until the woman shuddered. "Pauline and I both wear our old school outfits when we visit her because that turns her on, and she sits on the couch and lets us stroke her legs - well, she keeps saying we shouldn't do it, but she never stops us. We stroke her knees, then go up and down her thighs, like this - then she allows us to put our hands up her skirt. It makes her hot and flustered, but she lets us do it."

"Hang out your jellies, we tell her. And Miss Merrydew does that too, she does whatever we say. She gets out her bare tits and lets us roll them about and play with them. And she lets us suck her nipples, just like I'm sucking yours."

"Pauline's starting to grow tits already," Lizzie continued, "She says that means she's allowed to do things with blokes now, although she's only done stuff with her uncle and her brother so far - and with the parson of course. But everyone does it with old Roper."

"Do you like what I'm doing? Does it make you feel sexy? Miss Merrydew gets all wet and sticky in her pants when we play with her tits."

Margaret uttered a quivering chuckle that betrayed her repressed excitement. "I - I'm - erm, not wearing panties. But surely you wouldn't wish to touch between my legs."

Lizzie's cute mouth returned a crooked smile. "Why not? I let you have a go between mine."

The woman's stomach did a flip-flop as the girl reached for the zipper and clasp on her skirt, unclipped everything and hauled the garment down her legs. Good god, she thought, she was being stripped. It was inconceivable, unbelievable - but very erotic.

In fact it was exactly as she would have desired things. She'd been vague in her mind about how to contrive it, but had trimmed her pubic hair in hopes of the girl going between her legs. She only had a little hair, neatly trimmed into a 'V' shape and pointing downwards, and now, while Lizzie watched, she leaned back and spread her thighs to display her gash of oozing femininity in all its glory.

The girl was not in the least bit troubled. "Wow! You've got a lovely one. It's all wet like Miss Merrydew's, just like I knew it would be."

She slid her hands along the woman's thighs and gently rubbed her fingers in light circles around the lips of her pussy, then she spread the labia with her thumbs and stared intently at what was revealed. The mature pussy looked all pink and wet, like a generously layered oyster that had opened.

"Ooh, mmm, Lizzie -" Margaret threw back her head and exhaled a noisy breath as the girl's face suddenly went down between her legs. She writhed and moaned as the girl began sucking purposefully on her clitoris while allowing her tongue to make occasional excursions and slip in and out of her dripping pussy.

Working her hips around on the girl's sweet face quickly brought Margaret to the verge of an orgasm, but her youthful lover seemed to know just how to keep her on the edge without letting her go over.

Lizzie gazed up and smiled, her wet face glistening. "Nice huh? You like that, don't you?"

By then she already had two fingers tucked inside Mrs Pardoe's slick, warm pussy and was gently fucking her with them while stroking the tip of her thumb around the tense little bean that nosed out from the fleshy vagina lips.

Casually she introduced a third finger, then a fourth. Mrs Pardoe groaned and shuddered, but seemed mesmerised by what was happening. Emboldened, Lizzie tucked her thumb in too, then pushed forward until cloying flesh embraced her hand like a mitten.

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