A Sister's Revenge Ch. 03


"I don't know," Michael said. "I guess. Five, maybe six inches soft. Seven or eight when I'm hard."

"Hmmm", she said. "Well, that gives us food for thought. But for now, we should move on. We have more pressing matters at hand. For example, what to do about your family issues.

"Until we get that matter straightened out, I want you to come home with me, okay dear? I'll look after you and give you a place to stay and some food to eat, as I imagine you haven't eaten in awhile, either, have you?"

"No ma'am, I haven't," Michael answered anxiously. "Not since we were here earlier today."

"My my then," she said in a motherly fashion. "You must be starving. I'll tell you what. There's only another hour till closing time.

"I'll get my assistant to close up shop for me so that you and I can leave now. I'll let her know there's been a small family emergency that I have to tend to. She'll understand.

"And until then," Cindy said. "Because it's going to take awhile to clear things up, I'm going to have to ask you to keep wearing girl's clothing.

"And I want you let yourself luxuriate in the sensations you get wearing them since you'll have to be wearing them anyway.

"It will take sometime for the bosom your sister forced you to grow to finally stop growing and even more time to finally shrink and waste away.

"So in the mean time, you really need to walk around and look like what it seems you most look like right now. But at least with me, I will always love and protect you from any harm, until that time comes."

"If you think that's best," Michael said. "I will do as you say, because I trust you and I feel you really are looking out for my best interests. It is as if for the first time in a long time I actually feel truly loved, and it feels really nice."

"I'm glad you feel that way, Michael," Cindy replied. "And I do love you, more than you can tell. I think also, we should change your name to Michelle. Yes, I think that would be good. We can't call you Michael all the time when you're all dressed up like a girl now, can we?"

"No, I guess not," Michael answered with a shiver, suddenly realizing how far this might actually be going. "I guess a girl's name would help keep me from being identified as a boy dressed up in girl's clothing."

"Good," Cindy said. "Well, that's enough for now. We can discuss more later once we get home. Why don't we head out there now?"

"Sure, Cindy," Michael said.

"Okay," Cindy said. "I'll just let my assistant know what's up and then come back and we'll head out. You stay here. I'll be back in a few."

"Okay," Michael replied.

Before Cindy talked to her assistant, she left the store to go to the dress shop and picked out the evening gown that had so enthralled our Michael some time earlier, along with a matching thong and wonder bra.

She then stopped at a pharmacy and, thanking her lucky stars that her prescription was needing a refill, renewed a prescription of birth control pills, thinking, 'I'll be darned if I'm going to stop what Michelle's sister has so prominently endowed on my little sissy so soon.

But unlike his Mother or that bitch sister of his, I'll be sure to treat him with more loving kindness, that's for sure.'

Once finished, she returned to her store, told her assistant she had to leave early, led Michael out the rear exit of the store to where she was parked. They then got in the car and drove off to her home.

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