tagTransgender & CrossdressersA Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 01

A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 01

byNikki H©

AQToday I am a fully-fledged she-male, living with my girl friend Kim, who, to me, is the most beautiful girl in the world. We live as sisters to the outside world, but we are in fact passionate lovers. This whole true story started some 5 years ago, let us tell it to you.

At that time I was a single guy, twenty-four years old with a very bachelor life style. Having no family ties (orphaned at an early age) I had no recall to call any place home and worked all around the globe, taking contract jobs in the computing world where and when I liked. I considered my lifestyle almost idyllic and thought I was happy, but all of the time felt that something was missing from my life.

At a petite 120 Lbs. and five foot five inches I had to work hard to trap the ladies, but with my boyish looks large green eyes and blonde hair, which I always wore on the long side for a guy, the girls always see me as 'cute'. Because of this I did not have too much trouble attracting female companions, a lot of them wanting to mother me, but I soon learned how to play that to my advantage.

Although I am quite small it does not reflect in the size of my manhood, having being blessed with a generous eight-inch monster. To make up for my petite build I had worked very hard at my sexual prowess and could keep my cock hard for hours, delaying my orgasm until ready.

One of my favourite sports is skiing, and during that winter I took a contract in a major North American city close to some major ski resorts. As well as being my favourite sport, it was also fun due to the 'ski bunnies' and my efforts to 'trap' them! Ski bunnies are the young attractive girls who squeeze themselves into tight slinky ski suits and wiggle their little butts all of the way down the slopes, driving all of us young guys crazy!

My busy schedule meant that I could only take the occasional day skiing, but towards the end of the project things had quietened down and I managed to get a whole two days off. I decided to venture to one of the main mountain ski resorts to have some fun. Luckily the resort was only a 90-minute drive away so I decided to travel each day rather than getting accommodation, and in any case, if I did 'trap' a ski bunny I reasoned that I could always spend the night with her!

On the first morning I loaded my car with ski equipment, not bothering with a change of clothes, but remembering to pack my toothbrush and shaving kit, 'just in case'. I figured that the clothes I was travelling in (jeans and a white cotton shirt) would be fine for a couple of days but the toothbrush and shaving kit would be essential if I trapped a ski bunny and stayed over the night.

Upon arriving at the main ski lodge I changed out of my travelling clothes and into my skiwear, and set out for a full day skiing. The skiing was superb, but not nearly as wonderful as the abundant amount of 'ski bunnies' on the hill. "Got to get me one of those" was my main thought of the day. In the early morning I had thrown myself recklessly down all of the difficult slopes and was feeling a little weary so spent an hour or so navigating my way down one of the easier runs looking for ski bunnies.

There was so many to chose from, but then I came across one in trouble. This poor girl was evidently a novice skier as she was having a really difficult time just standing on her skis. As I got closer I could tell she had a luscious body. The sight of her slim body and lumps wiggling around inside the golden ski suit was purely sensual. Not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth I made my play.

"Hi, can I help?" I asked. "Oh yes please" came the reply, "I am just learning and cannot get the hang of this at all". "No problem" I said, " My names Nick, what's yours?' "Hi Nick, I'm Kimberly " she replied "but I like to be called Kim", "OK Kim, lets see what we can do to help you ski down this hill" I said. "Oh thank you" she gushed, "I thought I would never be able to get down, I've been stuck for ages"

I spent the next two hours coaching Kim in the basic skills of skiing. This involved as much 'close' work as I could get away with. Up close she looked and smelt sensational. She was my age, with long dark auburn hair and the deepest darkest soulful eyes you could imagine. What with this and her sensual body writhing around in her beautiful golden ski suit my hormones were racing away with themselves and I'm sure my hard cock must have been showing through my skiwear. Although I certainly had my work cut out for me, and after lots of tumbles and falls on both our parts, we were ready for a rest. I suggested going for lunch and Kim quickly agreed, so we skied slowly down into the village.

As we went into one of the small bistros I could tell that I had not been wrong. Kim was really beautiful. We chatted about everything and time really flew by. We seemed to be on the same wavelength and had lots of common interests and ideas about life, before we knew it we had been sat there for over 90 minutes. "Oops, I suppose we had better get back on those slopes again" I said. Kim reluctantly agreed and so we ventured back up the ski lift to resume the 'one-on-one' coaching.

The afternoon went much like the morning, lots more falling over and other accidents for both of us, but now with a lot more laughter and teasing, since we had broken the ice over lunch. All good things come to an end and it was soon time for me to call it a day and head for home. "Well, I've got to be going Kim" I said, "It's a long drive back to town for me." "Oh, do you have to go?" she asked pleadingly "I was hoping we could eat somewhere together this evening" "Well, eating out is not a problem" I replied, "but I don't have any accommodation here, so will have to leave for home later on" "You could always stay over night at my place" she said coyly. 'Yes!' I thought, strike one for the good guy. "Kim, that's really kind of you," I said, not wanting to sound too keen "but I don't want to put you out or anything, are you sure it's Ok?" "Of course it is" she said, "It's the least I can do after all of the help you've given me today. I have a cabin close by and I have a spare room you can use, although the cabin only has one bathroom, is that OK?" "That sounds wonderful, let's go then!" I said enthusiastically.

We returned to the main ski lodge so I could change out of my soaking wet skiwear and into my dry clothes. I offered Kim a lift back to her cabin, which she accepted, so we loaded the skis onto the roof rack, all of the skiwear into the trunk and set off for her cabin.

"I love these new Beetles' she said, referring to my car. "Yeah, me too" I said, " I've just got it. I tried all sorts of different stuff from SUVs to sports cars, but I preferred the Bug, it's just more fun". "Yeah" she sighed, "I have a sports car but I'm thinking of changing it"

We pulled into the driveway of her cabin and I then saw the sports car she referred to. It was a new Ferrari. "Wow", I said "what a machine, is that yours?" "Yes" said Kim, "but I don't like it, Its too noisy, there's hardly any room for my luggage, and no where to put any shopping" 'That figures' I thought to myself.

I was now kind of wondering whom this girl was. She was staying in a beautiful little log cabin with sensational views over the village, lake and mountains; she also drove a Ferrari, neither of which your average person could afford.

We left our ski equipment in the car and headed inside. The cabin was really special. It had a generous but cosy central room with a large fireplace, surrounded by a couple of comfortable sofas and scatter cushions. It also had a large picture window with access to a decking area that had views right across the frozen lake and village, to the ski resort. It had a small kitchen/breakfast room, two bedrooms and only one bathroom as she had mentioned earlier.

"Nick, yours is the second bedroom down," she said "but we'll have to take turns at the shower" "Ladies first" I said, "Thanks, there's lots of CDs in the rack and help yourself to a beer, there's some cold in the cooler" she said, as she wriggled off towards the bedroom in her tight ski suit.

I lit the gas log fire then picked out a CD, helped myself to an ice- cold bottle of Bud and settled down in one of the comfy sofas, looking at the view through the picture window. 'This is living' I thought to myself as the beer and music started to relax me. "OK, I'm done," I heard her shout "its all ready for you now, there's a towel on the rail for you to use". "Great, but I've got to warn you that I don't have a change of clothing" I replied. "No problem," said Kim "you look good as you are". 'That sounds promising, strike two' I thought!

I took my shower, 'Typical, she's only got fragranced musk shower gel, still better than smelling like an old sweaty sock' I thought to myself. After drying off I used some more of her musk body deodorant, got dressed, and joined her in the room. She looked stunning, dressed in a short silk ruby red wrap, tied at the waist with a red satin belt. She was laid on one of the sofas in front of the fire, with her dark wet hair slickly combed back, but also finishing off my beer! "Hey!" I laughed "that's mine!" "It's mine now, you'll have to fight me for it" she said, giggling. "You've got it" I said, and ran over to the sofa and started to tickle her.

As she wriggled around under me her wrap slipped a little to reveal a beautiful breast and just a glimpse of dark nipple. "Enough, Enough!" she giggled, quickly giving in and handing me back my beer. I sat on the floor next to the sofa. "You smell nice, what is that?" she asked, "You should know" I said, "It's your stuff" "I think it smells better on you than it does on me," she said "you should wear it more often" Before I could answer Kim asked me if I would dry her hair. "I'll have a go" I said, "but I've never done anything like that before so can't promise good results!" "I'll help you" she said, "come and sit over here on the floor and I'll sit in front of you so its easier"

I moved over, waiting for her to return from the bedroom with her dryer. "Open your legs up so I sit between them" she said 'Should be the other way round' I thought to myself but did as requested anyway. Kim slid down onto the floor with her back to me and shuffled backwards until she was a snug fit between my legs. The feeling of her silky wrap under my fingers and her heady scent caused the expected stirring in my loins, resulting in one large boner.

"Somebody's pleased to see me," she said teasingly, "can't you keep that thing under control!" "Are you joking" I replied "Its taking all of my self control not to jump you right now!" "Calm down cowboy, " said Kim "all good things come to those who wait, let's get on with the job in hand first" 'That's it' I thought, 'strike three, your out, or in hopefully!'

I started to dry her hair. She had the softest and shiniest hair I'd ever seen or felt. As I dried it she kept giving me little instructions on what to do and after a couple of minutes I was really starting to enjoy myself and got quite lost in the task. I was disappointed when she said it was finished. Between us we had actually made a very good job of it. She had a smooth long feathered bob style cut that reached easily past her shoulders.

"I'm hungry, lets eat" she said. "Yeah, good idea" I replied feeling hungry myself, "what do you fancy?" "Italian, it's my favourite" she said jumping up, "I know a little restaurant in the village which is fairly quiet through the week, lets go there" "OK by me" I said, "I'll drive, but you'd better put some clothes on first, we'll get lots of attention if you go dressed like that!" "Cheeky!" was all she said as she skipped off to get dressed. When she returned she looked a vision. She had on a creamy silk translucent blouse that showed off her lacy black bra, a short black leather skirt, shimmering tan stockings and black High Heeled pumps.

"You look stunning," I said, "if I new we were dressing for dinner I'd have come more prepared" "What, this outfit?" She said dismissing it "I don't ever wear pants or frumpy clothes if I can help it" "Well" I said, "to coin a phrase you certainly look a million dollars dressed like that" "Why thank you" she said coyly "come on, let's go"

The restaurant was in fact a small bistro, but served excellent food and wine. We both ordered the house special of spaghetti and Italian meatballs, and to wash it down a bottle of red wine. Eating spaghetti has never been my forte, especially when it's dripping in tomato sauce. After a couple of half-hearted attempts I managed to slap myself around the face slurping on a rather long strand of the stuff, and splashing tomato sauce over my face and white shirt in the process. Kim thought that was hilarious and started giggling. She giggled so much that the table wobbled, knocking over my glass of red wine which spilt all over my side of the table, dribbling down onto my shirt and jeans. She didn't seem at all sorry and started howling even more at my predicament. 'It's just a good job that the bistro isn't busy' I thought to myself. By this time I was in a bit of a mess so I thought 'what the hell' and tucked into my meal.

By the end of our meal my white shirt was speckled all over with tomato sauce and my jeans had a huge damp red wine stain right in the groin area. Kim had faired a little better than me, and only had a couple of small splashes on her blouse, which she said I did anyway. The time in the restaurant flew by with no awkward pauses in our conversation and it was soon time to go.

I paid the bill and we left, getting some strange looks from the other customers, mainly due to the state of my shirt and jeans. When we arrived back at the cabin she put on a CD and opened another bottle of wine. "Do you mind if I smoke?" She asked "I don't smoke, but don't let me stop you " I said. "I only smoke a little," she said, "usually after supper, but I always go outside on the deck as I don't like the smell in the cabin. Are you going to come out and keep me company?" "Wild horses couldn't drag me away," I said. I followed Kim out onto the decking and we both leaned on the railing looking out at the lovely view and talking while Kim smoked her cigarette. "Its quite cold outside now," said Kim "do you have a coat with you?" "I'm afraid not" I said, "only my ski jacket, which is out in the car" "You can wear one of mine for now" she said "Its very private out here"

She wriggled off to her bedroom and returned with two coats. She put on a long A Line style black leather coat which buttoned tightly around her body, showing off her sensual figure to perfection, then flaring out over her sexy long legs. She handed me a three-quarter-length ladies Fir coat, made from a creamy coloured fur, which was silky soft to touch. "This looks expensive" I said, "I can't wear this!" "Of course you can Nick" she said "just slip it on otherwise you'll get cold" "OK, if you insist" I said, not wanting to argue with her.

I slipped my arms into the sleeves and pulled the coat up around my shoulders. It was lined with smooth nylon and slid easily and gracefully around me. I was surprised at how well it fit. The warmth and soft touch of the fir around my neck and face was really erotic but all I could picture was Kim wearing it, with nothing underneath, Wow that would be good!

"That fits you perfectly" she said, "you must be the same size as me" "Just about" I said, "this coat feels lovely to wear, no wonder ladies like them so much" She just smiled and took one of the seats out on the decking. Once we had coats on we quickly warmed through and spent the next hour or so sat outside idly chatting and drinking whilst Kim had the occasional cigarette. We talked about everything and nothing; generally putting the world to rights, but managing to get through another two bottles of wine in the process.

Towards the end of the evening I remembered my messy clothes and asked her if she had a washing machine. She said that she didn't and had all her clothes cleaned at the local laundry, but told that she would sort something out in the morning, and not to worry. By this stage I couldn't have really cared as the effects of the wine and long day were taking their toll.

Kim walked over and sat on my knee, straddling me with her long legs. Her shiny leather skirt rode up revealing a glimpse of stocking top. 'This is getting too much for me' I thought 'If we don't end up in the sack tonight I'll have to wank myself to sleep!'

She brought me back to my senses when she said, "I've had such a lovely day, Thank you" then kissed me. We sat kissing for ages, probing each other's mouths with our tongues. I could taste the evening in her mouth, the sweet lipstick, the red wine and also the acrid taste of the smoke. I was enveloped by her sweet perfume and could not get enough of her mouth. It was a truly erotic moment. My hands slid up inside her coat and moulded themselves around her breasts. With that she pulled away from me. I was worried that I had blown it so said "Me too, nearly perfect". She got up and said "Its getting late, time for bed. Come on Nick, I'll walk you to your room". I was getting really mixed messages from this girl, what was the score?

She showed my to my room and left me at the door saying that she would see me bright and early in the morning. I dragged my weary butt over to the bed, stripped of my dirty clothes and crawled in. I started to rub my hard cock but the next thing I knew Kim was waking me with a lovely hot cup of coffee, she was wearing her ruby red wrap from last night and sitting casually on the edge of my bed. "It's turned nine o'clock sleepy head," she said handing me the coffee "Thanks" I said, "I need this". "I've had your clothes collected by the laundry service, they should be ready in a couple of days, although they did say they probably wouldn't come clean with all of those stains on them". I looked down on the floor and could see all of my clothes had gone including my underwear and socks. "What am I going to wear now?" I asked, remembering that I was naked under the duvet. "Wear these for now" she said, handing me a satin wrap and panty set similar to the one she had on, although this one was coral pink with a matching pair of satin and lace panties. With that Kim left me in the room saying "hurry up, we've got a lot of skiing to do today!" "You're joking!" I shouted after her "I can't wear these!" "Unless you want to walk around naked, you'd better wear them" she said, "it's all I've got for you". "Ok, I'll take a shower first, I hope nobody can see me in these though" I laughed, "they'll get the wrong idea".

I had a nice shower, using the musk oil shower gel and deodorant again. I dried off and then slid the panties up my legs. The feeling of the cool silky materiel as they slid up my legs was very erotic. The lace scratched a little in comparison to the satin but still felt very erotic. The panties fit surprisingly well so I slipped on the satin wrap. The wrap glided effortlessly over my skin and felt very sensuous. The softness of the material felt wonderful, it was so silky and smooth to touch but cool on the skin. I was surprised at how sexy I felt just wearing these clothes in comparison to my normal male wear, which consisted of mainly cottons. That surprised me a little.

I walked down into the kitchen and sidled up next to Kim. "Oh, that smell again" she said, "and look at you, don't you look sexy!" "Whoa," Is all could say in surprise as I saw myself across the room in the long mirror. I must admit that whilst wearing this wrap, and with my longish blonde hair, from a distance I could almost pass for girl.

We had breakfast and then Kim skipped off to get changed ready for skiing. When she came out she looked stunning. She was wearing a shiny black suit that looked almost like she had been poured into it. Her face was perfect. She had accentuated her dark eyes with contrasting gold and brown colours, and had applied the most luscious red lipstick that gave her the sexiest of pouts. "That look will kill me today" I said, "you look good enough to eat". "Save that thought for later" she said, winking at me. 'What a tease' I thought. "Ok" I said, "my turn, "where'd I leave my ski gear?" "Oh No" gasped Kim, "I think you left it out in the car last night. It'll be cold and damp now" Kim offered to go and get it. When she came back she was holding it at arms length. She was right, it was in the same state as when I took it of yesterday, cold, soaking wet and now a little smelly!

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