tagTransgender & CrossdressersA Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 02

A Ski Bunny is Born Ch. 02

byNikki H©

My first real man.

Hugs and kisses to everyone who contacted Kim and I expressing how much you enjoyed our first episode.

This is the second part of our life story so far, and is the first follow up to 'A New Ski Bunny is born'.

It recalls the first time that Kim and I included guys in our sexual exploits.

After I made the big decision to change my life and live with Kim as a shemale, I spent the majority of our first year together going in and out of surgery and other treatments. Kim first of all wanted me to have breast implants to give me a natural looking pair of boobs. I now have a lovely pair of C cup breasts that look and feel fabulous. I love the feeling of them hanging on my chest and often go out without wearing a bra, just to feel the sensation of silky material rubbing against my nipples and skin. My nipples often stand hard and Kim just loves to play with them whenever she gets the chance. I still wear the same size clothes as Kim, somewhere between an eight and a ten, but with my new breasts, slimmer waistline and larger hips I manage to fill them out in all of the right places. My cheekbones were raised to make them more prominent, my nose reworked and my eyes were opened up to make them even bigger. All in all the first nine months were difficult. I spent a lot of time encased in bandages and in a little pain, but it was what I wanted and the results were truly breathtaking and worthwhile.

When I wasn't undergoing surgery Kim and I always loved to go out and went everywhere dressed to perfection. It didn't matter if we were staying in, hanging round in the Mall, or going out for a meal, we always wear clothes that are on the sexy side of elegant, never ceasing to attract a lot of male attention.

Kim quickly trained me in the arts of makeup, hairstyling and fashion, and in no time at all I became an expert in doing my own makeup and hair, having now grown it long and styled in a very feminine manner. The visual image of us two girls dressed to go out always excites me, and for the first year I constantly lived with a hard cock. Kim became very adept at bringing me off quickly, and would always have to give me a blowjob, handjob or quick screw before we went out.

Soon my difficult year was drawing to an end. All of the swelling and bruising was starting to go away, and I was finally becoming the pretty girl I wanted to be. Even when I was without makeup I now looked like a really pretty girl, but with makeup, hair and clothes I was a dazzling glamorous blonde. The only give-away was the large lump I had to conceal between my legs! Kim was so pleased with the look that she took us out on a spending spree and bought lots of new clothes, some of which were really raunchy, not the sort you would normally see ladies wearing to go out in! There were leather and PVC suits and dresses that were on the kinky side of erotic. Kim said that someday as a treat we should go to a fetish club where everybody wears such clothes. That sounded really good and I was looking forward to it, as I had never tried anything like that before. We eventually did go but that's another story!

At the end of the year we were living in our Ski Cabin for the winter season, spending most of out time together skiing and even trying snowboarding. Kim and I both had stockbroker accounts and received the customary invitations to the annual New Years party thrown by our broker for their big clients. This party was always held in the south where it is a lot warmer through winter, and since it is a formal occasion all guests must dress accordingly, the men wearing a Tux and the ladies in cocktail dresses or full elegant ball gowns. Kim was excited about attending and said we should go.

"It sounds great" I said excitedly, looking forward to getting my first formal ball gown "but can we go as a couple?"

"Not really," replied Kim "I don't think that would go down very well. I've gone for the past few years, with my father at first, then with one of his old business partners. All of the other single ladies who attend have male chaperones, it's a sort of tradition."

"What shall we do then?" I asked her "we don't have any male friends we could take"

"Well" replied Kim "we could get male chaperones for the evening, just like the other single ladies do, what do you think Nikki?"

"I'm not sure Kim?" I replied "I'd be happier if it was just us two."

"Oh, so would I," she replied "but I think we should go and just risk it"

We talked about this for a while and eventually both agreed that we should go, mainly as a celebration of reaching the end of a difficult year. The subject of male chaperones still worried me, but Kim suggested that we should hire a couple of male escorts for the evening. She said I should not worry as I was now living as a female, and after all, it was just for the evening and we could ditch them at the end of the night. I reluctantly agreed so we started to make plans.

Firstly we had to organise our male escorts for the evening, so we flew down to speak with the most reputable agency we could find. We both wore business suits for the occasion, Kim had picked a navy blue coloured suit with a tight short skirt and cream silk blouse and I was wearing a powder blue jacket with a matching thigh length fitted dress. We both wore sensible three-inch heels and I tied my hair back. We looked like elegant but sexy business ladies as we travelled.

When we got there the escort agency manager handed us a couple of large books which were full of photographs of guys dressed in Tux's and other such smart clothes. Kim was flicking from page to page, giving each guy the once over. I started to do the same, but to me they were just guys, and I couldn't pick one.

"What do you think Nikki?" asked Kim

"I don't really know," I said "what do you think?"

"I'm not sure," she said with a twinkle in her eye "you know what I prefer"

"Yes I do Kim, but we've got to pick someone" I said.

"Ok, how about him" said Kim, showing me the picture of a young guy with dark Latin looks.

"Ok if you like that sort of thing," I commented.

"Look girls" interrupted the lady "what type of evening is this, maybe I can recommend someone?"

"Well," said Kim "it's a formal event, so we will need guys who are very smart, who have good etiquette and can dance well"

"No problem" said the lady, and turned the book to a page containing the photographs of two attractive young guys.

"These two gentlemen are true professionals. I have used them for many such functions before with excellent results. I can tell you that past clients have never been disappointed with their performance!" she said.

'What does she mean by that?' I thought to myself.

The guys in question were both in their late 20's, tanned and looked very dashing in their black tux's. One guy was blonde and the other had dark hair and features. Kim looked at me in a questioning way so I nodded my agreement.

"Ok," said Kim "they look fine, can we book them for that evening?"

"Good choice, I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed," said the agency manager.

We finalised the deal and left the office.

"Well, what do you think?" asked Kim as we walked out of the building and climbed into the back of our waiting cab.

"OK I suppose, but they just look like guys to me" I replied.

"Yeah, me too, but we had to pick someone" said Kim.

"I suppose so" I replied, "but I would be happier if I was going with you as my partner for the evening"

"Oh, me too, without a doubt" she gushed "but we're partners for life, and at the end of the evening we'll be the ones in bed together!"

That made me feel a lot happier and I cuddled in to Kim and kissed her passionately, my hand rubbing her breasts through the soft fabric of her top. She slid her hand onto my breasts and returned the compliment as we kissed and fondled each other. We both quickly realised that it was a big mistake as the cab driver suddenly swerved to miss a truck he hadn't seen until it was nearly too late, whilst watching us through his rear view mirror!

The cab dropped us of at a large department store where we were going to pick our dresses for the evening.

The store had a lovely eveningwear department, with so much to chose from that even Kim was struggling for choice. They had everything from short sexy dresses that didn't leave much to the imagination, long slinky dresses made from the most exotic of materials, through to the traditional style of ball gowns with lots of frilly petticoats underneath. We spent a wonderful afternoon just trying on dress after dress in all of the different styles available, doing a little fashion parade for each other. Eventually Kim made her choice, which was an ankle length cocktail dress made from the softest and shiniest of gold satin material. It had slits up each side that showed off her long sexy legs as she walked. It also had a snug-fitting bodice with halter neck straps and plunging neckline that highlighted her flat stomach and cleavage. The dress material was cut so it fell away from her boobs as it wrapped around her sides and pulled tightly around her lower back, hips and flat stomach. She looked sensational.

I eventually chose a three quarter length dress made from soft pink and white chiffon and taffeta silks. The bodice was made from white embroidered satin that was cut low across my boobs, showing off my now ample cleavage and fitted tightly around my slender waist. The dress didn't have any shoulder straps, but did have small sleeves attached at the top of the bodice that just hung loosely around my upper arms. The dress zipped up at the rear and held me tight at the top showing exposed skin all the way up from my breast line, but the lower skirt material hung loose so as it swished around as I walked and danced. I felt like a princess when I wore it, and Kim thought I looked so good that she hadn't wanted me to take it off! At the end of that day we returned to our ski cabin and started to plan excitedly for the event.

The week of the ball soon came around and we returned back to the city again, booking into a luxurious hotel and planning on a few shopping trips whilst we were there. We had a beautiful penthouse suite with a small-secluded sun terrace overlooking the sea. We spent the first day relaxing on our terrace, just drinking wine and catching some sun after the cold winter air at the ski cabin.

The next morning we dressed for shopping. I chose a jacket and mini skirt suit made from shiny red PVC.

The skirt was quite short and just covered the lacy tops of my sheer nylon stockings when I walked, but I had to be careful when I sat as it slid up my legs a little, revealing a tantalising glimpse of stocking top and bare leg. I chose a shimmery vest made from soft white crepe-de-chine. I had a pair of matching red sandals with sexy 6-inch heels. I was wearing my long blonde hair down that day, and I had brushed it into a simple natural look so it cascaded down over my shoulders and back. I have my long blonde hair highlighted at least once a month to give it the sun kissed look that Kim likes. Kim always has her hair done at the same time to top up the luscious deep red mahogany colour. I always love doing Kim's hair for her as it has such a soft and silky feel to it.

Kim thought I looked gorgeous, but she was every bit as striking, dressed in a yellow figure-hugging translucent blouse that glistened in the light and showed her black bra underneath. She had picked a short thigh length flared skirt made from matching soft yellow chiffon. It fit snugly around her waist and stomach, but flared out over her butt and hips, floating around her legs as she walked. She had chosen a pair of glossy natural colour stockings and white sandals with a 6-inch heel, which were similar to my red ones. Her hair was brushed into the shoulder length feathered bob style that we both preferred, the deep mahogany colour gleaming in the sunlight. We stood side by side, hand in hand in front of the large full-length mirror to gaze at each other.

"We look so fine!" remarked Kim truthfully.

"We certainly do" I agreed "Its difficult to believe that only a year ago I was a guy".

"Yes, but what a difference now" said Kim "I could just stand and stare at you all day dressed like that, you look so beautiful!"

"Why thank you" I said blushing slightly and kissing her gently on the cheek, "shall we go then?"

We left our room to take the elevator down to the lobby. A young teenage guy joined us whilst we were waiting. He was about 17 and his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw us both standing there.

While we were in the elevator Kim had a devilish twinkle in her eye and I guessed she was going to tease him a little.

"Nikki darling, can you see my stocking tops when I'm wearing this skirt?" asked Kim quietly to me, but loud enough so he could hear. She moved into the centre of the elevator gave a little twirl, then bent down slowly to adjust her shoe strap. Her skirt swirled round then rode up at the back revealing her long legs encased in sheer nylon, her broad stocking tops and a glimpse of her tight butt encased in smooth black satin panties.

"Oh Kim, you can," I said in a voice of mock disappointment. "But what about mine" I said as I joined in and also bent forward to also adjust my shoe strap. I could feel my tight skirt ride up to reveal even more of my long nylon-clad legs and lacy stocking tops.

We were now both bending forward showing this young guy our long sexy legs and tight butts at the same time.

"Why Nikki, you tease, yes you can!" she said as she stood up and looked over at me.

The young guy was trying not to look, but we could see that he had beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead as he was trying desperately to hide the bulge in the front of his pants.

"What do you think," she asked him directly "Do we look OK, or do you think we should change?"

"No, don't change, you look fine" was all he could mumble, trying to hide his embarrassment. We giggled as the elevator finally reached the ground floor and we all walked out. He scampered off straight to the men's Washroom.

"What do you think he's going to do?" asked Kim wickedly.

"Wank himself sore probably" I chuckled.

"One of these days we'll get ourselves into trouble" laughed Kim as we walked from the hotel giggling like schoolgirls at our wickedness, although we had probably just made his day!

We had a perfect day shopping, just ambling around town, spending a little money, and generally flaunting our bodies in front of the young guys around town. The breeze kept catching Kim's skirt and blowing it up around her waist. It certainly attracted a lot of attention and we had both young and old guys following us around most of the morning just to catch another glimpse. I had gotten used to the attention now and Kim and I played up to them, teasing them whenever we could. We stopped for lunch at a beachside bar and sat outside to have a glass of wine and a cigarette. It was pure heaven sat there in the sun with Kim, who looked stunning as she relaxed, erotically smoking her cigarette. I felt so comfortable with who I had become and felt really sexy dressed as I was. 'Life doesn't get better than this' I thought to myself.

The day of the ball soon came around. We had arranged for a limo to take us to the event and were due to meet our escorts in the hotel lounge that evening, so had all day to get ready. The hotel manicurist came to fix out nails in the morning. She showed us a book of what she could do. Kim must have been feeling a little raunchy that morning as she decided to have her nails painted in a striking black and gold tiger skin effect, to compliment her gold dress. The manicurist spent over an hour on Kim's nails, filing and polishing until they were shiny smooth, and then applying the colours to get the desired effect. The result was spectacular. Kim's nailed looked so long and sexy so I started to look through the book to pick a style that I liked.

"Nikki, have yours bright red pleaseee!" she pleaded, "you know that is my favourite"

"Yes, but look at these wild styles" I said "don't you think they would look good?"

"Yes but!!....," she pleaded coyly, giving me a sexy wink.

"Oh, Ok then." I agreed, knowing how much Kim liked my nails finished in bright red polish.

The manicurist spent a similar time on my nails, filing, polishing and applying three coats of bright red nail polish to get the depth of colour. She then applied a topcoat of clear gloss. Once they were dry my nails were so shiny and smooth that you could see your face in them. After she left Kim and I just spent the rest of the morning fooling around in the hotel suite and out on the terrace.

We started to get ready late in the afternoon, and as a treat we each agreed to do the others makeup and hair. I always enjoy it when we do that, and tonight was going to be extra special. We had showered together and Kim went to sit in the bedroom to wait for me, I joined her shortly after and first turned my attention to her wet hair. I spent thirty minutes with a dryer, brushes and tongs, styling it until I thought it was just right. When I was finished Kim checked it out and said that it was perfect. I was so pleased that she liked it.

Next I took her lingerie from the dressing table. Her silk and lace lingerie had been chosen to match her long gold satin cocktail dress. I asked Kim to stand and then slid of her robe. She trembled slightly as the satin material slithered quickly down her body. Kim then stood there naked in front of me and I couldn't resist leaning down slightly and licking her nipples. She sighed as they instantly became hard in my mouth.

Kim reached out to me, pulling my robe apart and cupped her hands around my breasts. Since I have had the breast implants they had become so sensitive and the feeling of her soft hands gently massaging them caused my cock to grow hard. Kim took hold of it straight away and started to rub it slowly with both hands using long gently strokes.

Before we went too far I backed off and picked up Kim's stockings, which were the sheerest of white nylon with reinforced heels and seams up the back. I slid each stocking up her leg, taking care to make sure that the seams were straight. I rubbed my hands up her legs and the smooth feel of her sheer nylon clad legs was thrilling as my hands slid slowly further up towards her love box. Her legs parted and she started to groan slightly as my hands got higher up. I then stood up and took her lacy gold corset, wrapping it around her slim body. Kim did not normally need to wear such a thing but with the tight fitting dress she had chosen it was perfect. The corset cupped her beautiful breasts, and as I fastened the hooks at the back it pulled tightly in around her waist, making her already slim figure even thinner. This corset was designed to reduce her waist to around 22 inches. In doing so her boobs were pushed up and out as the soft material forced her flesh up. When it was fastened she had a very petite hourglass figure, with a large cleavage and the narrowest of waists.

I knelt behind her and fastened her stockings to the suspender clips hanging down from the corset. Her small creamy butt was right in front of my face and I couldn't resist leaning forward and planting a kiss on each cheek. Kim felt this and started to groan a little louder, pushing her butt back into my face. I pulled her butt cheeks gently apart until I could see her tight puckered bum hole, and then pushed my face into the gap letting my tongue slowly slide its way in. She pushed back even harder to get my tongue to make contact. I have found that this is one of her weak spots and I knew it drove her crazy when I did that. My tongue flicked around her hole and I started to push gently at it, allowing my tongue to penetrate slightly. Her legs started to shake as she groaned and pushed back even harder, enjoying the experience.

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