tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 24-1

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 24-1


I'm back! sort of. Expect an update in about 2 weeks, Dec 14.

Thanks to everyone who sent me advise and well wishing. I'm sucking down ginger like nobody's business. There's also quite a few things the doctor's like, nothing is perfect though.

Many thanks to Steve for his work proofreading. It makes for a much better read!

Hope you all enjoy this and I'll see you again in a couple weeks!

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The days passed quickly. By unspoken agreement after my punishment and breakdown we just waited for my next fertile period. It could not be many days off.

I went to the Keepers and wrote stories for the children. In the afternoon I split my time between teaching Rose and swimming. Knowing the warm water was soon to be taken from me, I enjoyed it. In fact, I made a point to try and enjoy my life, despite the future.

There were problems and things that bothered me. Despite my resolve in the day the truth would sneak up on me at night. I'd dream of children walking away as I called to them. They never turned and I'd wake up crying. My men understood those dreams.

Other dreams, darker dreams, plagued me and I would wake shivering. I tried not to wake the family when I had those horrible ones. In my memories I saw Damien's cold face as he inflicted pain so privately on me. I screamed for him to stop, but my mouth was bound. The terror in those nightmares often left me sleepless for much of the night.

Still, I had to be positive. I could not focus on the negative or it would break my spirit. In the day I put my mind to things that brought me pleasure.

I loved working on the children's stories almost as much as I liked to knit. The little pad I used was left in the house and at night I was permitted to work. I'd fiddle with ideas and sketched out drafts as the men played their games. During the day Rose would help build the story with me.

The Child Keepers found our ideas fresh and interesting. Apparently the little boys loved our little tales. Our names did not appear on our stories, but our owner's marks did. Bane told me one day the young children waited patiently for each new addition in our line.

"The young men told me as we trained them earlier today," he told me at lunch, "how much they like our stories. They thanked us for giving them such good tales. All of them feel they could do the things you described, because the account was so vivid."

I beamed at Bane's compliment as he tousled my hair. "You bring another honor to the family, little Sister, thank you."

It was wonderful to teach the children. Secretly I knew it would one day be my only link to my young sons. I imagined them reading my stories and learning from them. It would be the closest I would get to mothering them.

Damien had once told me he would not discuss when my breeding days would start. I assumed I would know. I was not wrong about that.

My fertile days started and my family started them with a bang.

Evan woke me with his face buried between my legs. I tried to push him away; it was much too early in the day for me to be interested. He wasn't dissuaded. He swiped his tongue along my cleft and forced my legs farther apart.

"Go AWAY!" I groused as my linen cover was quickly removed. "Find another game. Do something else. For the love of....just STOP!" I begged them waking up.

"Stubborn this morning," Bane chastised leaning over me with a wicked smile. "What will we do with a little Sister that doesn't submit to sex with the family?"

I didn't have a good answer for that. On Earth the phrasing would have stopped me cold and hearing it now had the same effect. They didn't notice and pulled my hands above my head. Kein began nibbling and plucking at my breasts, trying to coax a response from my sleeping body

"We apologize," Damien said softly in my ear. "It is not your choice this time, but neither is it ours. Please understand we do not wish to make you unhappy."

Laying still, I composed myself and held the tears in check. I was a breeding slave and that's what I had to do. Still, I had one request.

"I'm thirsty, may I have a drink before we start?"

Who in their right mind wakes up to have sex as the sun rises? Check that, a quick glance out the window told me the moon was still fading, the sun wasn't even up yet. The light in the room came from several lamps.

"You started without me," Christof complained stepping in from the main room, in his hands was a large cup.

I was pulled to sit at the edge of the bed, but Evan didn't stop. He dropped off the bed on his knees and continued his quest for my center. Despite the early hour, he was still quite talented. As his tongue dipped into me I moaned involuntarily.

"Drink this," Christof ordered placing the cup at my lips. "This will make it better."

It was like drinking warm Jello, but it quelled my thirst. Christof forced me to drink the entire cup. He even scooped the remains out and had me lick it off his fingers. I'd never had anything like it before.

"What was that?" I asked them as they stared at me.

Even Evan had stopped and was looking up at me.

"It is a concoction the Healers make," Damien said settling on the bed beside me. "It is intended to raise your appetite for us. You have never required such a stimulant, but it was requested we give it to you."

"Nu-reeh?" I whispered touching my lips.

How odd to think of her considering our sexual life. It was strange and creepy. At least she wasn't watching the way she watched the men.


"Do you feel anything?" Kein asked leaning in to watch me intently.

I felt his breath on my cheek and my skin tingled at the stimulation. Evan's hand on my knee was warm, so sensual. It sent shivers down my spine.

"Touch me," I begged breathlessly.

Evan slid his other hand around my foot and over the cuff on my ankle. When his fingers touched the skin of my calf I felt goosepimples rise up the leg.

"More, please, don't stop touching me," I whispered.

Damien's hand stroked my shoulder and up into my hair. It was the most erotic caress I'd ever received. He stroked down the length of my spine and my legs splayed open as my back arched.

Kein's mouth enveloped a nipple and my lips opened in a wordless scream. It was like a thousand flashbulbs behind my eyes. The sensation doubled when Bane grabbed the opposite ring and twisted. It was like an orgasm in my breasts.

I seized Evan's head and ground my pelvis against his face. The sensation of his hair on my hand made me insane, but the his mouth on my cunt sent me into orbit. He didn't waste a moment and lapped greedily, now that I was willing.

It didn't take long for the moisture to start flowing. Every inch of skin that was being touched was on fire. Evan's relentless attention to my clit drove me wild. My cunt was contracting on open air long before it was filled.

Evan drove his gorgeous cock into my depths and slowly moved us up the bed. The covers on my back were like tiny tickling fingers and his relentless motion between my legs made me insane. I clawed viciously at his hips until my hands were restrained. The feeling of flesh on flesh was too much, so they tied a leather lash around my cuffs.

"More," I begged Evan licking my lips and getting lost in the sensation, "more, please!"

I opened my eyes and he looked confused. Evan was moving as fast as he'd ever done with me, but I wanted to be fuller.

"Fuck my ass," I pleaded with Bane, "roll me over and take my ass, too. I need it, please!"

Bane looked longingly down my body to my hips, "I can't, little Sister," he said forlornly.

I screamed and cried. My body could be fuller than this; it had been before.

"Damien," I called, "let me suck you, please."

I met his confused grey eyes, but the answer was no.

Every downstroke I met with energy, slamming my hips into Evan's. The orgasm didn't end or begin; it just was. The power of it took my breath away.

From the tips of my fingers to the deepest parts of my body I was spasming. There was no satiety, though. Each clenching spasm drove me to want something to end it. It felt like with just a little more I could find completion and stop this madness.

Evan writhed and called out over my supine form. He pulled his drained instrument from me and tears formed in my eyes. It couldn't be over, I still needed...something.

Bane was next. He cut the bonds, much to his Brothers' dismay and pulled me to lay on top of him. I was lost for several minutes rubbing my nipples in his coarse hair. I ran my lips over his beard and couldn't think of anything else.

Someone aimed Bane's shaft into my waiting tunnel and my libido took off. I rocked and ground my hips over his, still I wanted to be fuller. I begged them again. Kein left the room and retrieved the plug.

I hated the plug. Bane and Evan loved it, but it made me feel like a slut. Now, I needed it.

I heard Kein and Damien arguing about if this was a good idea or not. For some reason Damien was against it. Nu-reeh had said I only got to find satisfaction the one way. Damien didn't want to make her angry.

"It's not a cock in her ass," Evan said caressing the rounded globes and teasing my flesh with his fingers.

I was arching like a mad woman begging for more attention as Bane agreed with Evan.

My grunting cries must have gotten to Kein. He rubbed the plug all over my sopping wet labia. The sensation of a second cock made me wild and I screamed for them to do it.

"She has not been cleaned. We shouldn't use the plug if she isn't clean," Damien stated from the side and I cursed him.

It wouldn't matter if the damned plug got nasty. I needed it now.

Bane must have found my use of the words funny, but distracting. He pulled my lips down and kissed me fiercely. His beard scratched and tickled my lips making me just that much crazier for him.

"Hush," he ordered pulling my head up, "and ride me."

Undulating my hips like I was dancing seemed to be the type of ride he intended. His strong hands gripped my hips and urged them in their motion. I felt the passion rising as I crushed my sensitive clit against his body.

I slowed when fingers started prodding me from behind. Two sets of hands on my ass was suddenly an unbelievable sensation. As they started to press the plug into me, it felt like heaven.

The orgasm that had been pulsing in the fringes spilled out until my fingers were twitching. Leaning over, I bit Bane on the shoulder and he groaned, pushing his staff into me hard. As he often liked to say, I was trying to cut off his cock. He loved it.

Strong hands forced me to move over Bane's erection, although the never ending orgasm had made me unbelievably swollen. Finally, he cursed loudly and sprayed into me.

Bane was gentle as he rolled me onto the bed on my back.

The soft sheets of the bed were stimulating. They used their hands and mouths to spur on the pleasure. It was relentless and all too soon it became painful.

Kein took me next and I couldn't stand it anymore. Fuller wasn't better. Now I wanted to be empty and feel nothing. Every bump of his long tool against the back of my tunnel made me scream. His lips dropped to suck on a nipple as he rode and I nearly lost consciousness. Another powerful orgasm tore through my body.

The feelings were so strong and I felt completely out of control. There was no sweet buildup and release of tension. It was just tension. I started to cry and begged Kein to stop.

The tears on my cheek seemed to give Kein pause, but only for a moment. He shut his eyes and continued to pump above me with fervor. There was a goal he had to reach and he would not be dissuaded.

Christof shushed me from the side and stroked my hair. My sensitive scalp sent the message straight to my cunt to convulse anew on Kein's rod. I tried to shake his hand out of my hair and screamed at him.

"We can't stop, Ciara," Christof said gently. "Relax and find pleasure again. That will make you feel better."

No, it wouldn't. As soon as I orgasmed another was already on top of me. There was no cessation or pause in the intensity. I was on a relentless quest for completion, but nothing made the torment stop.

Kein finished and Damien started. I was furious with them. Screaming and crying I begged him to stop and leave me alone. Lashing out with flailing fists, I tried to make him get off of me. He finally listened, in a way.

Damien did something I'd seen him do rarely. He backed off of me and sat on his knees. His large hand wrapped around his wet shaft and he stoked himself. I was mesmerized watching this powerful man bring himself off.

Suddenly Damien's face screwed up. He leaned forward and thrust into me grinding us together. I was so stunned I didn't react as he released inside of me.

Looking up at him I saw the determination in his features. We weren't going to fail at this mission just because I couldn't take anymore. The family would do what the family had to do.

Steel grey eyes looked at as me he pulled himself out. "Take my Brother's seed before we let you rest," he said simply as he pulled away.

His warm flesh ignited me again and I lay looking up at them with anxious eyes. How badly I wanted this to be over!

Christof crawled between my thighs and I tried to dry the tears on my face. The family had to be strong. I had to be strong. It didn't matter what I wanted; we had to do this. Nu-reeh would separate us if we stopped.

I steeled myself for the onslaught of sensation as Christof began. He didn't lay on me, though. He did what Damien had done and stared at me as he pleasured himself with his hand.

On the bed waiting beneath Christof, I didn't move. As long as I stayed still the crazy sensations seemed unable to affect me. I just watched mesmerized as Christof pulled and jerked on himself.

The thick head of his cock disappeared and reappeared quickly as he sought to find his pleasure with his own hand. Just as his eyes got wide he thrust into me and I felt the pulse of him wash over me. My own body reacted to the invasion with another unsatisfying orgasm.

As Christof removed himself, I lay limply on the bed. I was beyond exhausted. Moving was unthinkable, but that was apparently a good thing.

"Lift your hips," Bane said as he slid several pillows beneath my hindquarters.

His fingers sought out their plug, which I had begged so obscenely for. Now I begged them to leave it be. My wishes were ignored. The damned thing's removal caused an orgasm that had my eyes rolling back in my head.

A soft blanket was draped over my damp form and I just lay with my eyes shut tight. I lay quietly on the bed as I'd been told to do. When I wasn't moving the sensations in my body were bearable. I concentrated on stillness and waited.

I must have drifted off to sleep, but woke with the sun streaming in. Hesitantly I moved under the covers. To my great relief the super sensations were gone; I felt normal. As I woke up and stretched, Christof came into the room to watch me.

My friend was solemn as he brought a bucket of water and a rag into the bedroom. Silently Christof removed the blanket and wiped the damp cloth over my skin. He didn't clean the mess at the juncture of my thighs that area was to be left alone, he said quietly. With soft strokes he washed the rest of me gently. The sponge bath took away much of the stickiness. Still, I felt well used.

The tears came and Christof wiped them away. He looked concerned, so I spoke quietly to him.

"I am her breeding slave. I will not fight it," I said but it still saddened me.

With great effort I pushed the emotions back. They had no place in this world and would only get me hurt.

The rest of the family watched from the doorway. None of them looked happy, but they did look determined. I couldn't think of anything to say to them that wouldn't make my voice crack. This just had to be done.

Once I was clean and patted dry a blanket was pulled over my body. I watched my men through the doorway talking quietly together. They had hated what we'd done this morning as much as I had.

When the Healers showed up I blushed scarlet as they discussed our morning. They came into the sleeping chamber and spoke with Damien.

"Ciara," Damien said tactfully, "is very responsive to us. The concoction you all created for us made her uncomfortable."

The Healers wanted details. Damien was forced to explain I had cried during sex and we all found that distracting. The potion was too strong; it made me wild and unpredictable. Damien and his Brothers had always managed to excite me before. The drink was not necessary.

The Healers seemed to be discussing amongst themselves as they stepped into the main room. They huddled around each other and seemed to be talking to someone else, which did not make any sense to me. I saw them pushing at a small pad like I used to write my stories. Suddenly they all straightened and stepped back into the bedroom.

"We will provide potion to take with you," the lead Healer told Damien. "As long as the slave is receptive, you do not need to use it. You cannot use the oil to ready the slave. It is detrimental to the seed. If the slave cannot be made ready, you must still follow Nu-reeh's commands. The slave will learn."

I saw Damien's face darken at the Healer's words. Sex without lubrication would harm me. I knew that would not sit well with any of them. They had no intention of letting that happen; it was evident on their faces.

Instructions were given about how long I had to stay like this and when I could move. They expected another performance this evening before bed. Evidently, my breeding cycle had been planned in detail.

"Once you reach the cabin," the lead Healer said, "the middle time may be used as you wish. Just make sure you use the slave twice a day."

Damien agreed and reminded the man Nu-reeh had given him instructions. He would not deviate from her commands. I would be cared for exactly as she wanted.

I lay still and heard the Healers leave. Bane stretched out beside me and looked at the ceiling.

"How long do I lay here?" I asked him quietly.

Bane pointed to a device in the bedroom that resembled an hourglass. He told me once that had finished they would get me up and clean me off completely.

"You're taking us to the cabin?" I asked curiously.

"Yes," Bane answered propping up on an elbow and watching my eyes, "we are happy at the cabin. No one will distract us and we have things we can enjoy doing. You were happy during your last conception there, it will be so again. That is how Nu-reeh wishes it."


Nu-reeh's interest in my reproductive health was disconcerting to say the least.

Christof interrupted my musings as he started to pack a bag with blankets. "We told her what we did the first time and she wanted us to do it again," he said. "We all enjoyed the last time we made a child with you, although it was not intentional. We wished that you would find pleasure this time also."

"Last time I did not know," I said softly looking out the open window. "This will not be the same."

A tear started to form in my eye and I brushed it away. I could not think like that. It was unhealthy for me.

"We will make it good," Christof promised and Bane seconded the statement. "You will not be upset."

Kein bustled in about that time with an armload of shirts he laid on the bed and started to fold. "We told Nu-reeh you would not need the drink," he said forcefully. "You will respond to us twice a day like you did then, but she did not believe us."

Kein looked upset. I wanted to soothe him, but I had a feeling changing position would not be acceptable. Bane sat up and started to help Kein fold. He took care of the soothing.

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