tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 30

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 30


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We'd been home in the compound for almost two full turns of the large moon. I didn't menstruate because Nu-reeh saw to it that I was given the bitter drink daily to prevent conception. I was so very grateful I would not have to go through pregnancy again so soon. I used the time we were given wisely.

It was a fight and a battle not to fall into the depression. I remembered how it had taken my will. Coming back from that had been painful and I wasn't sure I could do it again. Using my friends and family I sought to center myself on the future. I would never give up. The only way to get my precious boy back was to be strong and escape.

Every day I swam in the inlet with my friends and exercised with Damien and his Brothers at night. My men and I read the pad every day finding out about the planet and it's other inhabitants. Our one goal, our only goal was to be ready for escape.

Every day I thought of Jonathan. I dreamed of him at night. In my mind I saw him growing up and changing. Quiet moments always found my thoughts drifting to his expectant face the last time I saw him.

"Stop it," Kein demanded firmly during the evening meal one night.

I looked up from my food confused. "Are you talking to me?" I asked stupidly.

"When you think of him, talk to us," Kein demanded. "Stop pretending you are eating and mashing your food up. When you think of Jonathan you do that. We are all hurting, you can talk to us and you know that. We miss him, too."

Fierce golden eyes met mine across the table and I realized what I'd done. Before, little Jonathan had teeth I'd crush up part of my meal for him. In unconscious rebellion after he left, I was still doing it.

Evan wrapped a hand over mine and squeezed. "I miss him, too, Sister. He is far from us, I know, but I still feel him. He is alive, you must know that. I am...sure he is well."

The father without his child looked tortured. In quiet moments I saw the looks on his face and knew who he was thinking of. We all knew. Evan missed his wonderful son.

"I wonder what he is doing now?" I said trying to keep the tremors out of my voice

Bane had paid the most attention to how they trained the young boys. He explained what a boy Jonathan's age would be doing. It was mostly play, still.

There were fundamental things he'd be taught now. He'd be learning to do things like use the lacquered pot to relieve his waste. The Keepers would be teaching him to bathe himself. He'd be learning to dress himself. His Brothers would all be learning with him, so the lessons took quickly.

The tears did fall as I heard those things.

"I should teach this to him," I cried openly. "He should be with me and I would show him all of this."

My family hated to see me cry like this and I tried to stop. It was upsetting for all of us. Tears reminded us all of how fragile I was. I didn't want to be that weak.

"We will see him again," Damien promised. "I swear to you both, when Hannah saves us, we will save him next. It is my promise."

Wiping away unshed tears I thanked him and so did Evan. In the back of my mind, I still wondered how many more I would have to give away. I feared it would break me, despite all I did to prevent it, if there were too many more.

"Do something happy," Bane insisted rising from the table.

Evidently, we'd all lost our appetites.

Evan brought out Kennedy's pad and encouraged me to check it. I lay my palm across the screen and saw a message from Hannah. I wiped my face clean of tears and pulled it up. It was in English, so I would have to read it to them.

Dear Family,

You will be rescued soon.

It is important you go quickly with the men we send for you. They will tell you my name.

Nu-reeh no longer is allowing Mama out to the cabins, so we will have to take her from the compound. This is good, because we wish to rescue her friends also: Rose and Fuji. We will arrange to have them taken from the Keepers.

Damien, your family, Basin's family, and Stayne's family will be taken from your patrols. Send me a schedule of all the patrols for the next moon. That will make it easier to find you. Be cautious and let the bandits talk before you attack them, they may be from me. Do what the men tell you and they will bring you to me.

It is important you are not difficult. The men from the camps will not risk being caught near the compound.

We will see you soon.

Love, Hannah and Ra

I was ecstatic and jumped gleefully in the air to do a happy dance. It was over, finally over. My celebration was cut short when I realized only I was happy.

Damien and his Brothers did not like it. This is not how they wanted to escape. The last time Kennedy's friends had approached me, I'd been injured. They weren't willing to risk it again.

"NO!" I screamed to Damien as he tried to take the pad.

He was going to tell Hannah to wait. There had to be a way we could be taken as a group. Splitting up was too dangerous, he believed.

I held the pad to my chest and backed away from them. "I cannot do it again. Please, I beg you. If you love me, allow her to take us. This is too much for me to bear."

Evan disagreed and tried to take the pad, "It is not good to have other men near you. Let us do this a different way."

There was nowhere to run in this little apartment and going outside was not an option. I took the one action I knew might get their attention. My fingers refused to give up the device and I dropped to my knees.

"Please, Masters, please help me, I cannot survive this way. You must let me escape. I will do anything to get away."

"You are not a slave," Bane said pulling at my arm to make me stand. "Get off your knees and do not address us this way."

Tears ran down my face as I shook my head and refused to rise.

"I am your slave if you keep me here, Masters. I am bound by your will. As long as you make my choices for me, I am only a slave."

My statement offended them greatly. Damien bent and scooped me up as I cradled the pad to my chest.

"Please protect me," I begged him. "Please allow me to escape this."

"It is not safe," he said quietly, setting down on a chair with me on his lap. "They may hurt you without us there to protect you."

"Hannah is sending them," I pleaded. "She would not send men that would hurt me. Please, my love, please save me."

I ended my entreaty curling my head under his chin. It further protected the pad against my chest. There was no way I was giving it to him only to have him rip my chance at freedom away.

Damien's heart beat slow and steady in his chest. I listened to it as the men had their silent conversation. Glancing around I saw the consternation on the faces around me.

Christof's eyes met mine and he explained the difficulty they had with this. Leaving me at the mercy of "others" was something they had always been told was wrong. Besides that, every time I'd been left with "others", I'd been hurt.

Damien's heart sped up and I knew the decision had been made. Clutching the pad to my chest tighter, I waited for the proclamation.

"You are our Sister," Damien told me slowly, "and we wish to respect your choices. We will do this Hannah's way because you wish to."

I'd never felt so elated. I looked up at him and saw the concern on his features. This was not the decision they would have chosen, but they were respecting the wishes of the most opinionated family member.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," I gushed kissing his chin, his jaw, and finally his mouth.

"Evan, go get Stayne and his Brothers. Kein, find Basin's family and bring them here. We must talk," Damien ordered.

I was bouncing I was so excited. As we waited for our guests I helped clean up the eating area. I straightened the whole apartment as we waited. Everything was put away when the men returned.

Basin and Stayne's families weren't surprised we were planning an escape. Stayne had guessed it right away and Basin had wondered for a while. Damien's family had been much too intent on learning about the world beyond the mountains.

"We have no interest in going," Stayne told Damien quite bluntly as we stood around the sitting area. "My brothers and I are happy in this compound. We have a good life here and we are quite satisfied."

I was shocked and looked at Fuji, but she didn't seem at all perturbed. She knelt on her cushion at Stayne's feet and looked adoringly up at him. If he didn't want to go, I was sure she did not either.

Damien was shocked at their decision, but respected it.

"We will leave with you," Basin said after their silent conversation. "My Brothers and I seek to escape this pen. We are sorry to leave such good friends, though."

Stayne and his Brothers didn't care if their friends left. They would be sad to see them go, but they just had no desire to leave this compound. The idea of abandoning this comfortable life did not appeal to them. They had learned there would be new dangers to a free life. They were content here.

"Not that we wish to stop you, cousins," Stayne told us politely. "You are friends and always will be. We wish you well."

Basin and his Brothers wanted out. They had no urge to stay here and have things continue. Rose walked over and gripped my hand as she smiled. I felt glad that I got to leave with at least one friend.

Plans were made through Hannah and we would be taken away soon. Hannah asked for the full patrol schedule, so her men would know when it was safest to approach. All in all, it would be a harrowing, dangerous escape. She told us to be strong and warned us to listen to the men she sent.

Stayne and his brothers bid us good night and left casually. It shocked me, but I guess it shouldn't have. They had what they wanted. In the past they'd lived in a place they did not like. None of Fuji's owners wanted to risk that again.

Basin and his Brothers left a while later.

Our friends had left and I was alone with my men, my family. I was excited and jittery. It was late, but I was full of energy. I wanted to do something special for them that they would appreciate.

"Wait here," I ordered.

I bolted into the closet they stored our clothing in and tore through it. In the back I found my favorite outfit, the belly dancing costume.

Yanking the decorative strips of fabric off by myself, I pulled the belly dancing ensemble over my body. Just like normal it felt constricting. I tied the jingling hip scarf and adjusted myself one last time before stepping out of the closet.

My family was all sitting in chairs looking slightly pensive when I reappeared. The outfit made Damien's eyebrows rise and Bane sat a little straighter in his chair. I walked with the sultry confidence my old instructor had never thought I'd master. It seemed to have the right effect on my audience.

The room had not been cleared for dancing, so I moved around the fire pit, letting the tight space play into the dance. I imagined myself to be one of the flames writhing and turning behind me, caught and burning in that confined pit. There was a beat in my head and I used that as I twisted and swayed, shaking the coins at my hips.

When Kein started to play his instrument for me, he patterned the music to what I was already doing. The rhythm was slow and sensual, just like I wanted. As I danced I hoped they'd realize every undulation from my fingers to my hips to my toes was designed to thank them.

Damien loved to watch my stomach as I rolled it. He sat mesmerized as I stood in front of him and the flesh rippled like a wave. Just as he reached out to touch me I moved away. Grey eyes turned feral and I saw the hint of his fangs dropping, I was teasing the beast in him now.

It was fun, watching them lose their closely guarded control. I shook my clothed ass in front of Bane and knew the skirt dipped low in the back to give it just the right effect. My breast were entirely confined in the top of the outfit, but touching them as I danced made Kein miss several notes. I got to Evan by licking my own fingers like a lollypop as I swayed in front of him. Christof looked ready to pounce by the time I got to him, it didn't matter what I did.

I loved the reaction I was getting. Their cocks were hard and straining against the fabric of their pants. Evan readjusted himself several times and I saw Bane stroke himself. Their excitement fed mine and I felt wet and ready.

Slowly, I made my way back to Damien. He looked intently at me as though ready to pull me close, but I didn't give him the chance. Grabbing the slit in my skirt I pulled it open and straddled his legs as he sat, fully clothed. I adored the look of confusion I had so easily put on his face.

Leaning forward I licked his lips before placing tiny kisses across his mouth. He smiled at my game as his hands came to rest on my hips and over the swell of my ass. The pull was subtle, but undeniable, even clothed Damien didn't like the distance between our bodies.

My hand drifted down and began to unlace his pants. The thick cock sprang into my hand as soon as there was enough room. I pumped him several times until he pushed my hand away. Damien slid forward in his chair and I scooted toward him. A raise of my hips and I sank down on his length. The tight stretch felt wonderful. I fucked him slowly in the chair as my hands gripped his strong shoulders.

A low growl issued from his throat and I knew that my pace was maddening him. When he suddenly rose and took me with him, I wasn't surprised. What did give me pause was when he walked to nearest wall and pressed my back against it. Now Damien was able to truly fuck me. I dug my heels into his ass and hung on as he thrust brutally against my center.

"You are full of surprises," he whispered in my ear as he ground his pubic bone against my straining clit, "but so am I."

Damien had never taken me fully clothed, or in this room. He and his Brothers always liked the warm safety of their bed chamber. We were all ready and amped for change, though.

Being suspended in the air as I was every time Damien pushed up, gravity pulled me down. He felt enormous inside of me and I scratched at his back seeking to pull myself up. Nothing had ever prepared me for the intense stimulation of being dropped on his thick shaft repeatedly.

The kiss Damien pushed onto me left me breathless. His mouth slanted down and he pressed himself into my mouth just as he forced himself into my pussy. His chest crushed my breasts in their casing, forcing them against the fabric. The pace quickened and I ground down against him seeking release. It came like a thunderbolt.

I clenched around him and yelled into his mouth, but Damien wasn't done with me. He continued to fuck the spasming tunnel and only found his release many heart beats later. The experience had been intense and had he set me on my feet I would have slumped to the floor.

It was Bane's strong arms that gripped me as Damien stepped away. He lifted me under my knees and looped an arm around my back. I looked up at him feeling dazed and was surprised at the fire in his eyes. It made my nipples tingle beneath the tight cloth and my breath catch in my throat.

Kein lit the lamps in the sleeping chamber as Bane lowered my feet to the ground. His strong fingers deftly undid the outfit I wore that was now wet with sweat. When I stood naked before him he grinned down at me with pure lust on his face.

"I was cleaned today," I told him boldly while placing a hand on his chest, "and I took the plug. Evan put it in my ass for you."

My hand drifted down to grasp his cock through the material of his pants. It throbbed under my palm and Bane groaned as my fingers gripped the thick width.

"Fuck me hard and make me scream your name," I whispered rising on tiptoes to caress his short beard with my lips.

Bane stepped away only long enough to strip himself. While I knew he liked to have me undress him, he was in too much of a hurry. I took the time to tease him by taking a position I knew he loved.

I knelt, facing away, with a wide stance on the bed and let my top half drop until my ass was prominently raised. One hand drifted to play with my soaked clit, so my hindquarters swayed and twitched seductively before him. I moaned low in my throat as the passion that Damien had so excellently quelled started to rise again.

Powerful hands stroked up the backs of my legs until his thumbs came to rest over the plug. I didn't notice it much anymore, unless they played with it, and Bane was in a mood to play.

It was slowly withdrawn and then reinserted several times. My fingers were replaced by Christof's long ones stroking my clit. I found myself gripping the sheets and getting wetter every stroke the two of them made.

"We enjoyed your dancing," Christof said in a low voice tinged with desire. "We wish to make you feel what we are feeling."

The plug was gone, but I didn't get what I expected. Bane's thick tongue was laving my buttocks and then dipped where the plug had been. My automatic reaction was to move away.

"You can't do that," I said dropping my hips and dragging myself forward. "You'll get sick. It's nasty..."

My arguments were cut off as Bane grabbed my hips and pulled them back where he wanted them.

"And you like it," he said, "now stay and let me finish."

My face flushed hot as he licked from my clit over to my readied ass. It was erotic to feel his wet tongue and prickly beard stroking such delicate flesh. He didn't stop until I'd given up my embarrassment and was thrusting back lustily against his tongue.

The feel of his cock resting at the crease of my ass was a welcome surprise. Nothing filled the aching emptiness like Bane. The big man stood behind me and slowly thrust his oiled shaft between my cheeks.

The head of his mighty tool pressed into me and I cried out as he pushed it forward.

"More," I whispered, when I felt him stop.

My cries had been of want, not of pain. I wanted all of him.

The massive shaft filled me and I begged him to touch me as he fucked me. I couldn't quite rub myself against him in this position. Christof solved my problem for me.

My friend scooted so he lay beneath me and latched his mouth to my waiting cunt. He clamped his lips around my hard clit and flicked it repeatedly with his tongue. My eyes rolled back in my head as Bane started to slide in and out of me rapidly.

Christof rock hard cock brushed my cheek and I opened my glazed eyes to see the engorged, but ignored organ. A long lick from head to base was rewarded with a rumbled moan from between my legs. Intent on feeling the sound again, I devoured Christof's shaft.

The rhythm Bane set was steady. I made sure Christof got the same pleasure as I sucked him with increasing urgency. The pace became more frenzied and I knew both men were close, I was too. Christof nearly bit me as his seed exploded in my mouth and I came as Bane's shaft swelled impossibly in my tight channel.

Christof's orgasm seemed to last forever. He pulsed my mouth full of his potent seed repeatedly and I had a wicked idea. I didn't swallow his last squirt and held onto it. After Bane pulled his spent organ from my ass I found Evan staring hotly at us from the side.

Crawling across the bed like a jungle cat, I rested directly in front of Evan. Very slowly, I opened my mouth. I showed him Christof's spending still on my tongue. The image may have been offensive to a man on Earth, but to Evan it was tantalizing. He watched, thoroughly captivated as I made a show of swallowing and licking my lips clean.

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