A Slave to the Servants Ch. 34


"I don't want to be calm!" I said turning angry eyes on Kein. "It is absolutely absurd to me how nosy everyone is. I feel like we are living under a microscope and I DO NOT LIKE IT!"

Christof grunted a laugh under his breath and I turned to find him trying to hide his amusement. "It isn't funny. This is so RIDICULOUS!" I railed.

Temper tantrums were funny to watch here, just like on Earth. On my home planet I would not have been subjected to feeling how outrageous my actions were to everyone around me. Their humor infuriated me and I slammed our bond closed, so I didn't have to hear them thinking.

"FINE," I shouted throwing up my arms, "have a big fight! See what that solves! I am going to eat."

Feeling a little foolish, but still quite upset, I marched toward the dining hall. Damien and his Brothers could battle it out in the hall. My patience for this game had worn thin.

The men that had stopped to watch the disagreement stepped quietly to the side so I could pass. No one got in my way as I walked toward the plates on the buffet table. There was not a line yet, because most of the men were in the hall watching the excitement.

I refused to take part in the communal conversation Damien and his Brothers were having as I picked out my dinner. I settled myself at a table in the mostly empty hall and stared down at my food, suddenly feeling lonely. Rose and I always ate together. Tonight I'd been looking forward to sitting with my family. Dammit.

What a jerk I was to leave them out there. Especially after the indignity of yelling at them. Family should not do that to one another. Perhaps they wouldn't want me for family after all, maybe we'd made a mistake.

I looked up to see Damien and his Brothers getting food. The men they'd been ready to fight with were picking out dinner behind them. All of them seemed to be having a pleasant conversation.

Kein turned when he noticed I'd looked up and gave me a friendly wave. I was confused but waved back. When I peeked into their thoughts, I didn't get the sense they were even irritated with me.

My men's musings were all about what was on the table for the evening meal. They were really hungry and the food looked great tonight. They were glad that Abram's family was back to leading the cooking. Bane noted the rich smells from the roasted meat and Evan was happy the sporta was seasoned spicy how he liked. Kein had noted green stalks at one end of the table and he was absolutely getting a couple on his plate. They were all ravenously hungry.

The men were still happily buzzing about the meal as Kein settled on one side of me and Bane on the other. Damien was talking with the head of the family from the hall, discussing a way of preparing this type of meat that the other man didn't know about. It was something my men had discovered during the many moons they'd had to fix their own food.

"Kein," I whispered softly putting a hand on his arm, "I'm sorry for acting badly. I apologize if I embarrassed you."

He quirked a smile at me and patted my hand. The family was not even perturbed.

"We understand," Damien answered for him, turning away from his conversation with the other man. "You do not enjoy having others invade into our family affairs. It is your Earth heritage. Privacy is much more important to you than it is to us."

I felt flustered at the family's seeming acceptance of my actions. They certainly had not been pleased in the hall.

"Kennedy educated us," Christof explained. "There is a great deal we do not understand about you, because we did not try to in the past. We are trying to be less ignorant of your motivations. We apologize for our humor in the hall. It was not appropriate."

I couldn't fight the sincerity in their faces and stuttered out a thank you for the apology.

The other men at our table weren't interested in the family drama. They were curious about Earth and asked how things worked there when it came to creating children. They were surprised that two humans could choose to mate without getting approval first. It seemed to them that would be a very messy situation.

Here mating was monitored by the Administrators, as was everything else. What I considered a personal choice, everyone here considered a societal choice. It was very odd to me, as were Earth's ways to them.

All this conversation still didn't explain how men ready to fight Damien a few moments ago were now engaging him in friendly exchange of information about culture and friends in common. I prodded Christof's memories and found my answer quite fast. My scene in the hall had changed their minds.

Men from Pateria had never seen a human yell at a Paterian family and then walk away. Everyone understood how a slave should act and that wasn't it. Damien and his Brothers hadn't even been put off by my display. My family had merely watched me leave and then continued where they'd left off with the other men. It had amazed the onlookers and stopped the fight cold.

We finished dinner and it was very relaxed. The men were happy we were together and so was I. For the first time in a long time, I felt I was where I belonged.

After the meal, I walked with Damien and his Brothers out of the dining hall. Since we were done hiding, I threaded my arm through Christof's and we sauntered casually toward the area Damien and his Brothers had their rooms.

"You will stay with us now, won't you?" Kein asked earnestly. "Some women stay with men, but I know some women prefer to keep their own dwelling space."

I smiled at Kein's bright eyes. He always appeared so much younger than the other men. There was a genuine quality about him that bled into the rest of the family, but it started with him.

"I love you, Kein, and I want to stay with you," I said reaching a hand out to him.

A man on either side felt good and I held onto both of them as we walked and talked. In the back of mind I knew that we needed to talk about our son. The small blonde boy was still dangerously alone in the undefended compound. His tender skin would be in trouble if the warships reached him.

I imagined Jonathan would be terrified when the alien ships attacked. There would be no one in the compound that could explain to him what he was seeing. The men there didn't cherish the young like we did here. I wasn't sure they would not even try to protect him. He'd be alone with his family of boys, and with no one to defend them. They would be slaughtered like sheep.

"WIFE!" Bane scolded, "you will worry until you are sick! Stop this nonsense."

I had come to a standstill in the hallway and was gripping Christof and Kein fiercely. The emotion threatened to overwhelm me.

"YOU MUST STOP THIS!" Bane said loudly.

He felt my terror and it had to stop, losing control solved nothing.

The other men in the hall watched closely when Bane's voice rose when he addressed me. I couldn't pay attention to them as I started to breath faster. My attention was refocused on my little boy and my concern for him.

Damien was in front of me suddenly. He looked seriously down at me and I felt the calm radiate from him.

"Let us find out what is going on," he said softly. "If we need to, we will take a loaded transport and live in the caverns by the Barnas compound. Rue's family has made strong weapons, we will defend our family."

I took a deep breath and relaxed myself. Panicking only distracted from the necessary conversation. If I hadn't flipped out this morning I could have gotten more information from Tosu. This was a time for a level head.

I could not control whether or not Jonathan lived or died if I was curled up on a bed. Doing what I'd done today had endangered the other baby in my belly. The only way to assist my children was to stay sharp. For the first time, I had a modicum of control over their welfare. I had to help as best I could.

"Better than calming cream," Evan muttered as my steady gaze met Damien's.

"Kennedy always seems to know what's going on," I said in a strong voice. "It's a shame Hannah is so angry with us. We really need to talk to both of them."

There was no more instability in my mind. I had a goal and I just needed more information to work toward it. Tugging at Christof and Kein I pushed past Damien toward their quarters.

"Come on," I ordered, "we can't keep Kennedy waiting!"

My youngest daughter arrived with her Sisters and information. While I'd been passed out on the bed, Dara had talked to Tosu. The women were watching the aliens very closely and they were certainly preparing an attack, but were not quite ready.

The alien ships focused their studies on the mountains with ore. Places the rebel women and men lived tended to be without ore and the aliens didn't seem to notice us. In addition, the protections the rebels had put in place seemed to be hiding us from the aliens, as well as, the women.

"Gunth will make announcements tomorrow to the entire camp," Kennedy explained. "Other camps have pledged 'warriors' and supplies to defend the compounds. We believe this camp will do the same thing."

We talked about the weapons we had at our disposal. Eve and Dara thought they might work. Neither girl had had the time to really study the designs of the alien crafts, though. They only had the information Tosu had hastily imparted before having to leave, but that was it.

The girls left after I yawned the first time. They knew that the day had been stressful and tiring. If I didn't sleep some tonight, I'd be a mess tomorrow. From what they'd heard from Tosu there would be a lot of meetings and decision making. We all had to be sharp.

I fought the worry as I stripped down and moved into the bedroom. I didn't feel particularly relaxed or tired, just exhausted. Damien and his Brothers followed me and slowly undressed themselves.

It didn't matter where I put my clothing, everyone was willing to share their space. I folded it neatly and sat it on Kein's shelf. My things would be moved here tomorrow and we'd make a formal space for me then.

"You are very worried," Evan said quietly placing his things on his shelf.

I needed to be distracted. The thought came clearly into my head and I whipped around with my palms out.

"NO," I said forcefully, "I am very pregnant and very worried, but I do not need to be distracted right now. It would not be fun for me."

I knew what distractions meant to them. They'd done it before by bringing me pleasure until I passed out from it. I found the idea disconcerting and I was not in the mood.

"We are a family and I can say no to you all," I said covering my bare breasts and backing away.

"There is more than one way to distract you from your worry," Damien sighed calmly, approaching from the side. "Sit with us and let us help."

Damien settled himself on the bed and I watched him warily.

"Come," he instructed, pointing at the bed along his flank, "rest here on your side."

They didn't want to fuck me, I realized suddenly. My family just wanted to relax me. The anxiety was distressing to all of us.

Without thinking further I crawled beside Damien and lay on my side with my back to him. Big, warm hands slowly kneaded shoulder and upper back. A second set of hands went to work on my legs and feet. Evan's hands ran lovingly along my scalp and I melted into the bed.

The gentle massage was just what I needed. Their hands found all the tight places the day had left and slowly worked them out. None of the family pushed too hard, but they made short work of the tension in my body. When they were done it felt like I was floating.

Damien and his Brothers were Warriors. They had been trained to fight since they were very young. The coming battle did not scare them; it intrigued them.

"You aren't afraid," I said opening one eye and watching Christof as he watched me.

"No," he answered simply and he spoke for all of them.

My family would fight to the death to protect Jonathan and that didn't scare them at all. For family, they were always willing to give whatever it took. Nothing less would do, ever.

"You will be safe here," Kein said touching my stomach. "The men and women in this camp believe you have inherent rights to be free and survive. Even without us, you will do well."

"I will fight, too," I said laying my hand over Kein's, but he shook his head.

"You will stay safe in this mountain. You will give birth to our daughter and nurse her so she is strong. My Brothers and I watch you. Your gait is slow and awkward. Battle is not a good place for you," he answered simply.

They were right and I knew it. I could not go to fight like I was; it would endanger our youngest child.

"I'll do what I can," I murmured watching Kein's hand rub over my distended belly.

"We all will," Damien responded pulling a blanket over my body and settling himself behind me.

Damien's warm skin brushed my own as he breathed and I felt the last of my tension slip away. Snuggling against him felt good and safe. My family would defend our young. There was nothing to be afraid of.

The relaxed mind of the family created a sense of peace within my mind. Fear was a wasted emotion right now. Tonight we would rest and tomorrow we would listen. When it came time, we would fight for the planet and nothing would stand in our way. We were strong and we were together. All of us found solace in that.

Evan roused us the next day before the moons started to set. He wanted to bathe in the warm water. My men had gotten quite accustomed to starting their day that way.

It was just us, as we cleaned ourselves in the communal bathing pool. No one else really preferred to be here this time of day. Basin and Stayne had long ago started taking their families' baths in the evening. The whole place was ours to use.

I sensed the growing excitement in all my men. They were gearing up for a fight. I hoped they could contain themselves until the battle actually began. My men were ready to grab their weapons and chase the aliens down, but there was no one here but us.

"Eh, if we can't we'll just fight with each other," Bane laughed, bumping playfully into Evan, who was pushed down into the water.

The two started to tussle and I smiled watching them. Evan was fast in the water. He swam and knocked Bane's legs out from under him and the real battle began. Bane wasn't suited to fighting underwater. It just was not his talent. He couldn't get a grip on his Brother and was dragged under as soon as he broke the surface several more times.

Kein joined the battle as did Christof and Damien. My men reminded me of children before a big event. They were all amped up and ready for this. Shaking my head at the exuberance I used the soap to scrub myself clean. I felt their playfulness, but knew this rough game was not for me.

I dunked myself after I was clean and opened my eyes beneath the water. My family was a swirling, swimming ball of flesh. They were really going at it and having a great time doing it. Jealous from not being able to take part I surfaced and wrung my wet hair out. Too bad I couldn't play with them...

"There are other games..." Kein said popping up behind me.

Flicking his tongue out, Kein lapped at the water dotting the skin of my neck. His hands traveled over my hips under the water and came to rest beneath the belly one of them had given me.

"And you would teach me these games?" I asked coyly turning my face to look at him over my shoulder.

One hand drifted up over my belly to hold a round, supple breast. Gentle fingers found the nipple as Kein played with the sensitive flesh. The simple touch was my undoing as my head tilted back and my eyes shut.

Kein's mouth was over mine as he teased my lips with his own. Behind me I felt his cock rubbing tantalizingly over my ass. Reaching back I stroked the sinewy muscle of his hip and pulled him closer. I wanted to bend forward and invite him to take me fully when Damien interrupted.

"You like privacy, do you not?" he whispered in my ear.

Awareness settled on me and I realized how wantonly I was behaving. We were in the main part of the bathing pool, standing in waist deep water. Anyone entering could watch us. Just as I started to pull away and apologize, Kein spoke quickly.

"Hold my shoulders," he said turning away, "the pool is large and there are places we can go."

It was like holding onto a moving torpedo in the water. The light slipped away a moment after we took off and we were flying through the inky blackness. In Kein's mind I saw the layout of this natural pool. We were headed to the far left side.

Men didn't usually swim this far out to bathe. Being outcasts, my men had found this private spot and enjoyed it. Smooth rock jutted out and created a secluded pool, pocketed away from the main area. Thanks to a small waterfall along the back wall fresh water flushed it out well.

It wasn't a deep area, you had to sit in the water to bathe, but that was fine for us. We needed the dry rocks that sat above the water line.

There was little light here, but the men saw just fine. I could see the well lit area we had come from, but my eyes adjusted slowly to the low ambient light here. It didn't really matter, I didn't need my eyes for this anyway.

Kein pulled me into the shallow water and turned in my arms. I felt his lips on mine as his hands traced idle designs on my hip and ass above the water line. My own fingers explored the lithe muscles in his upper arms. For being smaller than his Brothers, he was certainly no less fierce.

"I am as large as I need to be," he whispered in my ear. "How about a sample?"

My stomach made me ungainly and I couldn't lay on my back or my front. Kein's wicked mind had found a compromise. Hands lifted me out of the water to lay on my side on a large warm stone that rested well above the water line. The height was perfect for what Kein had planned.

On my side with my knees bent, my center was quite accessible. Long fingers slid against my flesh and the men murmured approval as I shuddered. It was certainly more than the water that had left a slickness there.

The playfulness had not left them and I felt the naughty thoughts bled into my own a moment too late. Kein's fingers closed on my sensitive clit and squeezed. I yelped and then moaned as he started to stroke firmly.

Evan attacked my mouth leaning over the slab and kissing with vehemence. I sucked his tongue into my mouth and mauled it into submission until he pulled away from me. In the low light I couldn't tell what he was doing until the smooth head of his cock was at my lips. If I wanted to suck something that badly, he was willing to help me.

The sensation of a second cock sliding between my lower lips was electrifying. I pulled on Evan and sucked what I could into my mouth, rapidly pushing him toward orgasm. Kein made good use of the position we were in and fucked me easily as I lay on the warm slab.

We were in a strangely hidden place in this public venue. While I would have seen virtually nothing from the entrance, a Paterian would see just fine. Bane sat behind me, between me and the entrance, and stroked my back and hips. He dipped his fingers against the slick moisture that seeped from my pussy as Kein fucked me.

Bane's strong fingers stroked the moisture up over my anus and I knew what he wanted. His fingers became more insistent and I felt him slowly rimming my ass, dipping in and out and stretching the flesh. I was willing and this was what he desperately wanted.

Bane longed to bend me over this rock and wet himself in my sopping cunt. He knew the tight flesh of my ass would welcome his cock if he was slick. The erotic image he had in his mind included me orgasming madly around his shaft after he came. He wanted to pull out and watch my ass and my sex continue to spasm as he and his Brother's seed seeped from my stretched openings.

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