tagGroup SexA Slut's Triangle Pt. 21

A Slut's Triangle Pt. 21


Even though I've been over to Brenda's house countless times, I've never actually been inside her bedroom. It's spotlessly clean and neat like the rest of her house with the exception of her and Kimberly's clothes strewn all over the place. The pictures hanging from the walls are replicas of Renaissance paintings showcasing the beautiful, naked female form. Her dark red Venetian blinds are shut; the matching velvet drapes pulled closed, allowing the flickering candlelight to enhance the mood with sexually, suggestive imagery. The pleasant aroma of French Vanilla incense is robust, stimulating my sense of smell. There's even a large mirror hanging on the ceiling above her bed.

Utter silence fills the room as I sweep my eyes through it, studying the intricate, little details that I couldn't see from out in the hallway. As everyone's eyes settle upon me, I become the center of attention. Despite my overly feminine appearance all-dolled-up, I feel horribly out of place, considering everyone is naked except me.

"Hey, you finally made it," Brenda greets, lifting a glass of champagne from Amber's tray.

"You could say that," I jest, masking some of my anxiety as I soak up the mood.

"You look gorgeous," she adds, smiling with a mischievous grin. "I love the corset with your matching tight leather mini skirt."

"Happy birthday, Ashleigh," Kimberly cheers, taking a glass of champagne from Amber's tray and raising it into the air.

"Yeah, happy birthday," Brenda toasts, tapping the rim of her glass up against Kimberly's.

"We should sing 'Happy Birthday'," Amber teases, sitting the last glass of champagne on top of the chest of drawers behind me.

"Uh - let's not do that," I reply, subtly shaking my head as I back up against the chest of drawers.

"Awe, c'mon," Amber insists, putting her hand on her hip and tilting her head to one side.

"Is something wrong?" Brenda asks, resting her hand on top of Kimberly's thigh while she sips her champagne.

"No, not really," I answer, nervously fidgeting my foot, "but I seem to be a magnet awkward situations."

"Well, I'm going back downstairs," Amber announces, tucking the serving tray under her arm as she turns to leave, "unless you need something else."

"Not at the moment," Brenda replies, smiling as she sweeps her eyes over Amber's naked body, "but thanks for asking."

"You don't want to join us?" Kimberly asks, resting her head on Brenda's shoulder.

"I'd love to," Amber sighs, pausing in the doorway, "but Rhonda and Tracy want me to hangout with them and I still have to cater the party."

"Maybe some other time?" Kimberly suggests, turning her eyes back to me.

"Most definitely," Amber replies, smiling as she turns to leave.

As soon as Amber leaves the room, my gift of gab is put to the test, struggling for something - anything to say. I probably should've stayed downstairs to mingle in the party instead of intruding in on Kimberly's fun, but it was so incredibly hot and sexy watching them have fun, playing on the bed together. Anyway, I'm pretty sure they both knew I'd come looking for them once I made it to the party.

"Amber has a sexy ass," Brenda remarks, sitting her glass down on the nightstand.

"She's got nice breasts as well," Kimberly adds, downing her glass of champagne in a single gulp.

"Not as gorgeous as yours," Brenda concurs, fondling Kimberly's nipples with her fingertips.

"Too bad she couldn't stay," Kimberly sighs, raking strands of her hair over her ear.

"Why don't you crawl up on the bed with us, Ashleigh?" Brenda suggests, kissing Kimberly on the lips, then sliding over to make room on the bed.

"That's a great idea," Kimberly adds, handing Brenda her empty glass.

Brenda's warm smile and seductive eyes make resisting her offer nearly impossible. Kimberly isn't helping the situation either, tempting me with most any guy's dream of jumping in bed with two women. Still, I should be bursting with an impulsive desire to join them, but that isn't the case.

"You're kidding, right?" I ask, shifting my eyes back and forth between them to decipher their intentions.

"Not at all," Brenda confirms, patting her hand on the bed. "C'mon, it'll be fun."

"Just relax," Kimberly adds, scooting towards the foot of the bed to make room for me as well.

Other than the misguided assumptions I still have about being gay, the thought of jealousy lingers in my mind. I don't want to jeopardize my friendship with Brenda no more than I want to risk the blossoming relationship I have with Kimberly. Those fears are fueling my obvious anxieties. Despite my best efforts to conceal them, Brenda reads my body language like an open book

"This isn't the time or place for jealousy," Brenda mentions, gazing up into my eyes as she sips on her champagne.

"There's nothing wrong with us having fun together as friends," Kimberly adds, hooking her fingers underneath my corset.

"My dick will only get in the way of y'all's fun," I mumble, tugging against her grasp.

"Phtt... Don't be so down on yourself," Brenda counters, sitting her glass on the nightstand.

"We both want you to join us," Kimberly confirms, corralling me between her legs.

"Why me and why now?" I ask, sending out mixed signals as I take my hair down from its ponytail.

"I have to have a connection with someone before I sleep with them," Brenda explains, caressing my pantyhose with her fingertips.

"I'm the same way," Kimberly adds, clenching the bottom of my corset in her hand, "but my relationship with you means so much more."

"Besides, you've never once tried to get in my panties," Brenda adds, taking my hair tie away from me.

"I respect you too much as a friend," I explain, cutting my eyes over at her.

"Well, what if I wanted to get in your panties instead?" Brenda jests, using my hair tie to put her hair up in a ponytail.

"There shouldn't be anything to stop you from joining us," Kimberly adds, collapsing on her back, pulling me onto the bed with her.

Kimberly's playful stunt catches me off guard. After tumbling onto the bed, I land in between her legs with my hands resting on either side of her to brace my fall. Then, she spreads her legs apart, inviting me to go down on her while she wiggles across the bed on her back.

"Hahaha... Looks like we have our pecking order," Brenda jests, twisting, turning, and rolling backwards onto the bed.

"What pecking order?" I ask, watching her roll and flip around on the bed with her bedroom acrobatics.

"You'll see," Brenda remarks, slinging her leg over Kimberly's chest with her back to me.

"Hahaha... That went over somebody's head," Kimberly jests, teasing Brenda's clit with her thumb.

The lighthearted humor takes the edge off some of my anxieties; however, it doesn't completely erase them. Our initial position is one that I'm reasonably comfortable with without any objections. For now, the situation isn't as bad as I think it is. Still, I'm surprised Kimberly would even want me to participate while she's exploring her bi-curious nature with Brenda.

"Look at it this way," Brenda explains, leaning her crotch into Kimberly's face, "now both of y'all can eat pussy at the same time."

"That's not such a bad thing," Kimberly adds, spreading open Brenda's pussy with her thumbs.

I can only assume what Kimberly is doing with Brenda; however, from her vantage point, I'm sure she can see everything that I'm doing in the mirror on the ceiling. When I rest my hands on Brenda's back, I inadvertently nudge her body towards Kimberly's tongue while I'm busy going down on Kimberly. Besides, it's doubtful either of them will complain about where my hands are at the moment.

"Ahhh... Eat my pussy," Brenda moans, arching her back as she presses her clit against Kimberly's tongue. "That's it, eat my pussy, baby."

Listening to Brenda talking dirty to Kimberly ignites the wildest of my lesbian fantasies in my mind, making me even more horny than I already am. The more that I listen to her, the more my cock twitches in my panties. Unable to ignore the urge to touch myself, I slip my hand underneath my panties. Just as soon as I start fondling and playing with my cock, I draw Brenda immediate attention.

"What are you doing?" Brenda asks, glancing over her shoulder, studying me with curious eyes.

"Uh - nothing," I mumble, raising my head up to see her staring at me, "I was just - uh -"

"Don't do that - not now," she interupts, cupping her hand up underneath my chin and kissing me on the forehead. "It's selfish."

After getting a crash course in sexual conduct, I slide my hand from beneath my satin panties. Apparently, there's a lot more intimacy and interaction with women at least more than what I initially thought. Anyway, I should've known that it'd be different than sleeping with guys and getting selfishly used by them.

Suddenly and without warning both Brenda and Kimberly switch places with one another, surprising me. Their simple, change of position sheds light on just how ill-prepared I am to join them for a threesome. While they roll and flip around on the bed in front of me, I sit idle on my knees with chaotic thoughts swirling in my head.

"Now what?" I ask, watching Kimberly sling her leg over and across Brenda's upper torso with her back to me.

"We're mixing things up a little," she explains as Brenda spreads her legs apart, waiting for me to go down on her, "to keep it interesting."

Brenda and Kimberly have no problem pushing the limits of their friendship to the max, but they're taking me along for the ride. Their new position puts me between a rock and a hard place, taking me out of my comfort zone - way out of it. Despite whatever suppressed feelings I may have for Brenda, I'm hesitant to touch her in any kind of sexual way around Kimberly.

"Hahaha... Someone's got cold feet," Brenda snickers, putting her thumb in her mouth.

"Are you scared to touch her?" Kimberly asks, glancing over her shoulder while she caresses her breasts.

"I - I don't have cold feet," I stutter, glancing up into the mirror on the ceiling at Brenda. "It's just that -uh- uh-"

"Hahaha... Sure you do," Brenda teases, rubbing Kimberly's clit with her thumb. "Don't lie."

"It's okay to touch her," Kimberly assures, cupping her hand under my chin and kissing me on the lips.

Even though Kimberly's comment is reassuring to me, it lacks any kind of clarification. It has me pondering what my next move with Brenda should be. Instead of going down on her, I opt to do something that Kryss boasted would never happen.

When I lift Brenda's legs into the air, it sets off a chain reaction with Kimberly. She collapses over onto all fours and curls her head up under her breasts to watch Brenda as she eats her pussy. Then, she begins to rock her hips back and forth, stroking her clit up against the tip of Brenda's tongue. With Kimberly satisfied with the her new position, I slowly ease my cock into Brenda's warm, wet pussy.

"Ahhh...," Brenda moans, tightening her pelvic muscles to squeeze my cock with her pussy, "Oh, my fucking God."

"My thoughts exactly," Kimberly concurs, waving her ass in my face as she strokes her clit against the tip of Brenda's tongue.

"Are you okay back there, Ashleigh?" Brenda asks, pausing her tongue as she coils her arms around Kimberly's torso, caressing her skin.

"Yeah, but this is -," I hesitate, struggling with some of my chaotic, confusing thoughts.

"What is it?" Brenda asks, raking her fingers across Kimberly's thighs.

"Nothing - this just feels different than being on the receiving end," I confess, slowing my thrusts.

"Just remember to save yourself for me," Kimberly reminds, waving her beautiful ass in my face.

"That's going to be priceless," Brenda hints, moving here busy hands across Kimberly's body to play with her breasts.

"Should I be worried?" I ask, pondering her comment.

"That depends," Brenda quips, raising and lowering her hips as she squeezes my cock with her pussy.

Brenda's pussy is tight - really tight. When the urge to orgasm hits me, I slow my thrusts even more to suppress it; however, with Kimberly's ass waving in my face, it's nearly impossible. It's almost as if she's trying to subliminally tempt me with weird out-of-place thoughts of having anal sex with her - thoughts I quickly dismiss for whatever reason.

Truthfully, my sexual possibilities would be endless if I'd strip off some of the clothes I'm wearing. As ridiculous as it may sound, I have my reasons for leaving them on while having sex. Thankfully, Brenda and Kimberly don't seem to mind; I'm guessing they understand the psychological need associated with me keeping my clothes on for sex. Still, none of that matters because they flip the script and change positions just as soon as I slide my cock out of Brenda.

"Now what?" I ask, following Kimberly across the bed with my eyes as she crawls around behind me on all fours, grinning.

"Relax," she replies, pushing me over onto all fours in between Brenda's legs, "you'll love this trick."

"Hahaha... We're going to have to hold your hand for everything," Brenda quips, spreading open her legs, inviting me to go down on her.

The new position is an eye-opening surprise that has me backpedaling. It kind of makes me think they both had the night planned out all along. Nevertheless, they're both enjoying the fun of keeping me sexually engaged without letting me orgasm too early.

"Are you scared to go down on her with me watching you?" Kimberly asks, lifting my cock back up in between my legs, putting tension on it.

"Uh-" I hesitate, staring up into Brenda's eyes while Kimberly gently strokes my cock, pulling it back towards her.

"Hahaha... You should see the look that's on Ashleigh's face," Brenda remarks, wrapping her cold fingers around my cheeks.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Kimberly remarks, wrapping her warm, wet lips around the head of my cock.

"Oh, my fucking God," I gasp, collapsing my arms as I bury my face in Brenda's pussy with my ass up in the air.

"You can say that again," Brenda concurs, combing her fingers through my hair while she thrusts her pussy up into my face.

Kimberly is all over my cock with her warm lips while I'm going down on Brenda, sucking and teasing it with her tongue. It's almost like she's savoring the taste of Brenda on my cock, but I don't want to mention it because it feels so damn good. Whatever she's doing back there, she's obviously enjoying herself.

When Brenda decides to change positions on me, she throws me for a loop, leaving my face buried in her bed like an ostrich and my ass in the air. After joining Kimberly behind me, they alternate with each other taking turns teasing, fondling, and sucking my cock. Then, they spoil me rotten with their loving affection when the start doing it at the same time. I want to crawl out of my skin, it feels so fucking good.

My balls feel like they're going to explode with all the attention I'm getting. Sadly, none of the guys I've ever slept with have come remotely close to treating me this good or making me feel this special in bed even when they eat my ass like a pussy. Then again, I have no interest in letting another guy suck on my cock; it's a huge turn off for me. Oddly, when I close my eyes to fight off my urge to cum, something weird and unexpected happens.

Instead of losing myself in my usual Lesbian fantasies, I find myself fantasizing about being in bed with a guy, having sex. It seems rather strange having homosexual fantasies with Brenda and Kimberly sucking my cock, but just thinking about being in a woman's sexual role is enough to fight off the urge. Thankfully, they both ease up and change positions again before I do cum.

"My dick hasn't seen this much attention in like forever," I joke, poking fun at myself as I sit up on my knees.

"Hahaha... I didn't think you were going to use it at all," Brenda quips as Kimberly sits up on her knees, facing me on the bed.

The gleam in Kimberly's eyes, the smile on her face reflects everything I'm feeling on the inside. No words need to be spoken - not now. After embracing me in her loving arms, she kisses me and it quickly morphs into a long, passionate, French kiss that seals my eyes shut.

As our tongues explore each other's mouth, I glide my hand across her soft, warm flesh blindly searching for her clit. Her reactions to my intimate touch as my fingertips connect with their destination is worth its weight in gold. She collapses over onto her back in front of me, inviting me to go down on her again.

Burying my face in her pussy, I hardly notice Brenda slipping off the bed. Out of my line of sight, she slips into the bathroom and closes the door behind her. Then, minutes later, she slowly cracks open the door, watching us while I'm going down on Kimberly on her bed.

"Where did Brenda go?" I ask, pausing my tongue to glance around the room.

"She probably went downstairs to check on the party," Kimberly fibs, caressing her breasts and nipples to keep my eyes entertained.

"I thought Amber was catering the party," I remark, turning my attention back to her.

"She'll be back," she promises, running her fingers through my long hair to keep me distracted.

"Damn, this is too easy," Brenda blurts, flinging open the bathroom door.

"What the -," I exclaim, snatching my head around, noticing the huge, realistic-looking strap on she's wearing.

"Hahaha... The look on your face - it's fucking priceless," Brenda jests, bursting with laughter as she crawls on the bed with us.

Brenda's laughter infects Kimberly and even I can't help laughing along with them. The night just keeps getting better and better for me in so many ways. Between both of them, they've managed to surprise me with something that I definitely wasn't expecting - not in a million years..


Outside, heavy storm clouds blanket the night skies, obscuring both the moon and starlight. After turning off the headlights of his Mustang, Kryss creeps down the desolate street towards Brenda's house. Under the cover of darkness and unseen, he parks up next to the curb just far enough from her house to scope out the all-girls party.

Mumbling and grumbling to himself, he stares out of the windows of his car at Kimberly's car parked in Brenda's driveway. Vile, intoxicated thoughts churn in his mind as he opens a beer. After studying silhouettes passing in front of the windows, he chugs the beer down in one huge gulp, wipes his mouth on his shirt sleeve, and flings the empty bottle out the passenger window. A jagged, contemptuous smile widens across his rugged face as he pops open another beer.

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