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A Spanking New Christmas Carol


Welcome to the first part of a four part story. This is my first attempt at erotic writing so I'd appreciate any comments or feedback, both positive and negative, you may have about my work. Please contact me if you would like to copy, reproduce or translate any part of this story. If you are looking for a story that goes straight into the sex then this story may not be for you because the prologue leads slowly into several quite different sexual scenes. In this part there are elements of corporal punishment, lesbianism and blackmail/non consent/reluctance. My apologies of course go to good old Charlie Dickens for my take on his classic story. Enjoy!


It had been five long years since Jack Marley had died in a car accident on that fateful Christmas Day and there hadn't been a day she hadn't wished her mentor was still around. They both had a similar outlook on life and she missed someone who was on her wavelength. He would have been pleased at all the cuts and forced sacrifices she had implemented on her staff. Their financial position was now the strongest in London because of this and her miserly attitude towards outgoings. Redundancies made, no Christmas bonus or party this year and the staff still in the office at 7pm on Christmas Eve. He would have been so pleased with his protégé.

The gleaming, flashing lights from the Christmas decorations in the street shone through the window of Marley & Scrooge lawyers. Ellie Scrooge flounced to the window cursing.

"Bloody Christmas lights. Don't they realize what a waste of time, space and energy they are? God I thought we were trying to be greener here not wasting electricity on rubbish that, I hope the council doesn't think I'll be paying extra taxes for this nonsense." She grumbled.

Her PA, Rob Cratchit, sat open mouthed but didn't dare say anything. He'd learnt it wasn't worth the effort to argue with his boss because whatever he said was wrong and Ellie was naturally right about everything. The only thing keeping him here was the credit crunch; he just couldn't do without a job with a wife and two children to think about.

"Would it be alright if I go now Ms Scrooge? I need to get to the shops before they shut?"

"Wasting your money, or should I say my money, on presents for the children are we? Things they'll look at for a couple of days and then forget all about? One day you might learn some sense." She taunted.

"I do need to get some presents yes, but not as much as I'd like too." He said wistfully thinking about the lack of Christmas bonus again.

"And I suppose you want the whole of tomorrow off as well do you?"

"If it's convenient then yes please."

"It's not convenient, as you know we have a big case on our hands at the moment but no doubt you'd skulk around if I insist on you coming in. It's a fine excuse to pick an employer's purse all this Christmas nonsense. Take the day but be sure to be in here all the earlier on Monday."

"Thank you Ms. Scrooge and a happy Christmas to you."

"Bah, happy Christmas indeed, now get out before I change my mind."

Ellie moved to the window, the fluorescent light from her office causing her to look at her own reflection in the window. 42 years old with the body of someone ten years her junior, Ellie was a very attractive lady. She dressed very conservatively and always with her luscious dark hair tied up but it was plain for everyone to see she had 'the look' and a body to die for. Her finely cut business suit showed her curves off to perfection although that was not her aim, she had no time for relationships or even friendships. She kept herself to herself.

Suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck sprang to life as she thought she saw an apparition appearing in the window...it was Jack Marley's face! Startled, she quickly looked behind her to see if someone was playing a cruel joke on her and then back at the window but whatever it was had gone. Her heart raced, had she really seen that? My God, what is happening to me, she thought to herself.

She worked on for another hour without incident and then decided to call it a night. She picked up her coat and walked out into the cold, snowy street. Voices of children playing, throwing snowballs at each other filtered through the air as she made her way through the icy streets towards her old Victorian house, left to her by her late grandfather. Standing on her doorstep, she reached into her bag to find her keys, mumbling obscenities to herself when she couldn't find them. A cold chill went seemingly straight through her. She thought she could hear a faint voice and looked all around but there was nobody around.

"Ellie Scrooooooge."

There is was again! She could clearly hear her name this time and again checked all her. Nothing. Fumbling in her bag she finally came across the cold metal of her keys and lifted the slowly towards the lock. Just as the keys touched the lock another apparition of Marley's face appeared to take over the big brass doorknob in the middle of the door.

"Scrooooooge." It wailed.

Ellie panicked, dropping her keys on the snowy doorstep. She started shaking all over but not from the cold frosty air, the apparition looked directly into her eyes. She managed to break eye contact and bent down to pick up the keys which was easier said than done as her hands were now shaking so much she kept missing them. Finally, at the third attempt she had them; she slowly lifted her eyes towards the keyhole trying desperately not to look at the doorknob. It had gone. Just the plain old brass doorknob looked out at her.

"What is going on here? Maybe that sandwich I had in the office was bad and I'm bloody hallucinating!" She said out loud to herself trying desperately to find some explanation for what she was seeing and hearing. With that she stepped inside the sparsely furnished house she called home.

After a bowl of soup with some stale bread she grabbed more paperwork from her bag and settled down to continue work until 11pm. She yawned, rubbed her eyes and decided it was time for bed. On her way up the stairs she thought she could hear a clanking noise but dismissed it straight away as the old pipes moving around after she'd turned the heating off. She reached her bedroom and opened the door to be greeted by a blinding light. She shielded her eyes but still couldn't see anything in the room. She certainly didn't own a light this bright. Suddenly the temperature in the room dropped and she could just about see her breath in front of her.

"Scroooooooge." A voice came from the light. A voice she instantly recognized as Jack Marley! It can't be she thought to herself.

The light suddenly dimmed and she was no longer alone. The ghost of Jack Marley was standing right in front of her! A bead of sweat ran down her neck and followed a track down her heaving cleavage. She was having trouble taking a breath, her lungs seemingly not doing what they were told by her brain. She was petrified.

"Scrooge.....I see you recognize your old partner." He wheezed. "I'm here to give you a warning to change your ways, I spent my life as you are now, pissing people off, never taking the time to enjoy life to the full and now look at me." He was clad in chains which he rattled theatrically. "I have to carry around these chains for eternity; do you want to suffer the same fate because that is where you are heading?"

Ellie Scrooge was frozen to the spot but managed to shake her head no. She didn't feel as if she was in control of her body she was shaking so much and she was having trouble staying upright. She thought she might collapse any moment.

"You will be visited by three spirits tonight and they will take you on a journey. They will visit you at 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock. Be sure to heed their message and change your ways because woe betide you if you don't. Your chain is already bigger and much heavier than mine...." His voice trailed away as slowly the apparition drifted away into nothingness.

She was left standing alone in darkness in the middle of her room staring at her wardrobe, blinking fast as that was the only movement she could manage. Her mind racing as she tried to take in the strange occurrences. The Jack Marley's face in the office window, the door knob and now this did that really happen she asked herself. Looking at her clock, she noticed the time, 11.01pm. Am I going mad, hallucinating or did someone in the office spike her tea she wondered.

She undressed, put on her nightdress and climbed into bed.


Ellie had been lying in bed with all sorts going through her mind when there was a creaking noise coming from the next room. She looked at the clock, 11.59, surely this dream, drug fueled hallucination or whatever it was wasn't going to continue? A scraping noise seemed to be coming from the direction of the door and, as the clock ticked over to 00.00 the door crashed open and there in the doorway stood a short, rotund man with a broad grin on his face. His grey beard and rosy red cheeks gave him the appearance of her impression of what she'd always imagined Santa Claus would look like.

"You must be Ellie Scrooge, I've heard so much about you." He said in an annoyingly cheerful way.

"Go away, I'll change, please let me be."

"No can do I'm afraid, It's my job to take you back to a happier time, a time when you knew how to enjoy yourself and enjoy all the pleasures life can give you. Now come here and take my hand."

Reluctantly Ellie pulled herself out of her bed and walked over to the spirit. She held out her hand and as soon as she touched his hand she was immediately transported back to St. Catherine's School for Girls. They were in her old classroom and she could see herself at the front of the class. God, what was she then? Just about 18 she thought. And there at the front of her class was Miss Drake. She loved being in Miss Drake's class and a blush came to her cheeks when she thought of her relationship with her teacher.

"Can they see or hear us?" She whispered to the spirit.

"No, these are only echoes in time, no-one here can see or hear anything we say or do." He replied.

Miss Drake turned to face the class pushing a loose strand of her long blonde hair behind her ear. She looked down over her glasses at the class. Annie Drake was 27 years old and although she had only been a teacher for 2 years she had managed to get the respect of all the girls in the school. All except one that is. She walked around the classroom, her high heeled boots making the only sound in the silent room. Miss Drake looked stunning, her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, the bulky jumper she was wearing failed to hide her large breasts and her tight fitting black skirt perfectly accentuated her perfect bottom and hips kept in position by a thick leather belt. Her long legs were encased in knee length high heeled boots which made her ass wiggle suggestively as she walked.

"Eleanor, can you stay behind after class? We have to discuss your assignments, attitude and discipline." The teacher barked. The other girls in the class all looked at Ellie, all thinking the same thing, poor Ellie, that sentence usually meant the girl was in real trouble.

"Yes Miss Drake."

The bell rang and the other girls filed out of the classroom leaving Ellie alone with her teacher. Ellie stood up, hands clasped together and eyes lowered as her teacher moved gracefully back to the front of the class.

"Go and lock the door so we won't be disturbed and then stand by my desk." Miss Drake ordered. Ellie locked the door and then stood in front of her teacher. This was the first time she'd been asked to stay behind after class and didn't have a clue what to expect.

"Now Ellie, your standard of work is falling, you seem to have trouble focusing in my lessons and your attitude has been commented on by all of your teachers. What have you got to say for yourself?"

"I'm really sorry, I don't mean to upset anyone with my attitude, I'll try to improve both that and my school work really I will." Ellie replied still not daring to look her teacher in the eye.

"Unfortunately it's a little late for that, you need some discipline to help you focus and I'm going to start by giving you a good old fashioned spanking. Hopefully you will remember the feeling of shame and humiliation you are about to endure and that will keep you focused in the future. Now bend over my desk, elbows and forearms on the desk, head down."

Ellie did as she was told and moved into position as Miss Drake got up from her chair and walked around her, taking in the view of her students' delectable backside as she did so. Without warning she reached down and pulled Ellie's skirt up to reveal her large white school issue knickers. Miss Drake tutted, Ellie could feel cold fingers on the elastic waistband of her panties and just as quickly felt them descending and coming to rest by her knees. Ellie gasped as the cold air hit her bare bottom.

"There, that's better, a spanking should always be on the bare bottom, now get your legs further apart, no wider......that's it, now we can begin."

Miss Drake's hand gently caressed the bare bottom before her, tracing all its contours and drinking in the vision of beauty before her. Ellie's virginal pussy with strands of dark brown pubic hair clearly visible as was the puckered hole of her anus. She continued to knead and caress until she heard a contented sigh from her charge. With that she brought her hand down hard on first one cheek and then the other in rapid succession.

Slap, slap, slap, slap. A sharp intake of breath followed each spank. Slap, slap, slap, slap. Ellie's ass was starting to turn pink and she could feel it getting warmer. She was also experiencing a strange feeling of warmth from between her legs. Slap, slap, slap, slap. The blows rained down on her exposed bottom causing her to wince in pain.

Miss Drake moved to the other side of her and started again with her other hand. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap. Ellie's bottom was now red hot and every blow made her flinch. Ellie could feel butterflies in her stomach as she was getting more excited by the strange feelings she was experiencing. Her pussy was pulsing and she could feel a moistness between her legs that she had never felt before.

Miss Drake stopped spanking and resumed caressing and stroking Ellie's bottom. Her hand strayed between Ellie's legs and just grazed her pussy lips causing Ellie to shiver. Her fingers slowly stroked the length of Ellie's slit, probing, rubbing the engorged lips of her labia and then slipped first on then two fingers inside Ellie's sopping wet pussy.

"So, you're body is telling me you're enjoying this you naughty girl?" She mocked. "You're soaking, would you like a taste?" Miss Drake said withdrawing her juice covered fingers offering them to Ellie's mouth. Ellie's tongue flicked out tentatively to taste the stickiness on her teachers fingers before taking both deep into her mouth.

"My oh my. You are a dirty girl; you'll certainly need more punishment."

Miss Drake removed the thick leather belt from her midriff and bent it double swishing it through the air. Slowly she lifted the belt in the air and brought it down on Ellie's shapely bottom with a loud crack! She cried out in agony as the cruel leather cracked down on her burning behind ten more excruciating times. Miss Drake kicked Ellie's legs further apart before laying a final blow directly onto the pink puffy vulva. Ellie screamed in pain but after the initial bite of the lash this subsided and she felt a tingling flush over her whole body, her breathing becoming deeper and more laboured.

Miss Drake put down the belt and took off her jumper revealing her perfect breasts encased in a pink lacy bra, her erect nipples as hard as rocks. She unhooked, shrugged off the bra and bent down letting her soft mammaries softly caress Ellie's burning globes. She cupped her breasts together, the soft skin and hard nipples grazing the warm flesh below. She let out an involuntary moan as she moved her nipple down the crease of the younger girls behind, the hard nipple grazing the folds of Ellie's sex.

Miss Drake stood up and slowly lay down on the back of the prone schoolgirl. Her large breasts pushing into Ellie's back, hard nipples digging into Ellie's back, hands and fingers exploring, massaging every inch of the succulent body beneath her. Her hands moved slowly back towards Ellie's hot tunnel, her fingers delving backwards and forwards, Ellie's pussy lips opening up like a flower. Ellie moaned deeply as Miss Drake's fingers slowly circled her clit, rubbing and tickling her most sensitive area. Ellie's hips bucked as she tried desperately to grind her pussy down onto Miss Drake's hand.

Faster and faster the teachers' finger rubbed and teased her clit bringing Ellie to the verge of her first orgasm. Miss Drake dipped the index finger of her other hand deep into Ellie's pussy until it was sopping wet, the finger left a wet trail as it trailed from her pussy up to her puckered entrance before teasing her anus open and gently easing the finger in and out of the tight hole.

The fingers of one hand rubbed her clit gradually getting faster and faster while fingers of her other hand pistoned in and out of her puckered ring. It all became too much for Ellie as the orgasm built, every nerve ending in her body felt as if it were about to explode inside her body. Ellie screamed loudly as the orgasm washed over her in waves of ecstasy. She slumped down onto the desk absolutely spent.

Miss Drake lifted the prone girl off the desk, turned her around to face her, put her arms around the girl and held her tight.

"That's the pain and pleasure principle Miss Scrooge, you did very well today but I think we're going to have to spend a lot of time working together on all your problems don't you?" She whispered into her ear. Ellie nodded before Miss Drake kissed her gently on the lips, wrapping her arms around her once more and holding her close.

"Boy I wish I had a teacher like that." Said the spirit with a grin jerking Ellie back to the present. "You certainly knew all about pleasure there didn't you? You were definitely enjoying life to the full there.....how long is it since you had any....fun?" Ellie thought about that for a minute but couldn't come up with an answer. Her legs were all trembly once again, her insides seemed to have melted and she was sure they were trying to escape through her hot vagina.

"I bet you're all hot and bothered down below now aren't you? You're face and chest are bright red and your nipples are trying to poke my eyes out!" He exclaimed. Ellie blushed a deeper shade of crimson, she desperately wanted to touch her molten pussy and bring herself to a shuddering climax but before she could the spirit spoke.

"We have another visit to make before my time with you is up." And with that he reached out, tweaked her nipples through her nightdress and before she knew what was happening, Ellie suddenly found herself in an office building she remembered all too well....

"Bring back memories Scrooge? Just another show of the pleasure you can experience if you let yourself go once in a while." Boomed the spirit as they stood at the back of a large office. Ellie flushed again as the spirit stood behind her, his arms slipped between her arms and sides, massaging her breasts through the nightdress, occasionally tweaking her nipples. She could feel him as his cock grew harder and pressed down the crease of her ass crack. The fire in her pussy raged on unabated.

It was Christmas Eve in 1990 and Ellie found herself back in the office of Martin Fezziwig, owner of Fezziwig Legal Company, her first employer. Mr. Fezziwig was behind his desk going through paperwork. A tall, skinny man in his fifties with long greasy silver hair combed into a harsh side parting, Martin nevertheless had a reputation for having a voracious sexual appetite and there were rumours of him taking advantage of the girls that worked for him.

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