tagLoving WivesA Special Occasion Ch. 02

A Special Occasion Ch. 02


I instructed Sam to roll over on her stomach, and reached for the KY jelly. She did as she was told, and spread her legs wide open. By now Gee had gone back to the camera and zoomed in tight on her ass as I began to rub the lubricant into the crack of her ass.

Right away I pushed my index finger into her ass hole and began to slowly move it in circles to stretch her out. She was offering no resistance at all so I inserted another finger and started to pump her a little more vigorously. She began to squirm a little bit now, but still offered no resistance and said nothing as I began to insert a third finger into her ass hole.

This was really stretching her out, and it was easy to tell that she was in some discomfort with three fingers in her ass. When I was able to get all three fingers inserted up to the the second knuckle I figured that was good enough and motioned for Gee to put the camera back on the tripod.

With the three fingers in her ass I slowly lifted Sam to her knees. Since Gee was our guest for the night I figured that he should have first chance at her ass tonight so I slipped to the side as he came up behind her. I watched for a few moments as he rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass and then began to slowly push it into her ass hole.

Sam gave a shudder as the head of his cock entered her. She had never had another man's cock in her ass before and all of a sudden seemed to realize what was happening to her.

She looked like she was going to pull away from him, but by that time I had already positioned myself in front of her. When Gee pushed his cock still farther into her ass she let out a squeal, and as she did I took the opportunity to firmly plant my cock in her mouth. She was now stuck on both ends. If I pushed, she backed farther onto Gee's cock, and if she tried to move forward she was forced to swallow more of my cock. About that time she realized that she had no where to go and just resigned herself to let whatever was going to happen to her happen.

After a bit of discussion Gee began to slowly pump his cock in her ass. He still hadn't been able to get all the way in so while I held her shoulders he grabbed her hips and with each push moved in a little farther. Sam wasn't moving at all, just simply letting us have her body. Gee gave out a yelp as his balls finally came to rest against Sam's ass. The three of us slowly began to work out a rhythm where we we're not working against each other, but instead as Sam moved back and forth she was pumping each of our cocks at the same time.

The only trouble with this was that both Gee and I had already been turned on for quite some time, so we knew that neither of us would last long. It was probably a good thing too since Sam looked like she was taking a bit of a beating from getting fucked in both ends at once. Gee said that he was about ready to come, and I encouraged him to shoot his load as deep as he could into Sam's ass.

Almost as soon as I told him to cum in Sam's ass I grabbed her head and began to cum in her mouth. Gee was holding tight to her hips as he tried to reach as far as possible into her body with his cum, at the same time I was holding tight to her head trying to do the same thing. It made me wonder just how much of Sam was left between the two cocks that were ejaculating into her body.

Sam was doing her best to fulfill her duties as she both pushed back into Gee, and tried to capture and swallow every bit that I was depositing in her mouth at the same time. We were all caught up in the moment, and when I pulled out of her mouth we all stopped for a deep breath at once.

Slowly Gee backed out of Sam's ass, and with a soft plop he pulled out and sat back on the bed. Gee and I each sat on the bed, on either side of Sam, and looked at each other with the biggest grins possible. There was nothing more to say than wow, that was great, and leave it at that.We just stayed that way for a few more minutes, resting, relaxing, and grinning at each other as we looked at Sam's used body between us.

Finally Gee moved into the bathroom to clean up. When he was done Sam asked me to run her a bath while I took my turn. She moved off the bed and into the bathroom rather slowly listening to the plans that we were already starting to discuss for the rest of the evening.

Since it was still early we decided that we should have a couple more drinks so Gee called room service for delivery. Both he and I knew that when the delivery was made we would take full opportunity to expose Sam's naked body to he waiter so we told her to hurry up in the bath as we needed her for a little show.

Sam soon came out of the bathroom and quietly sat down on the bed between us to watch TV and wait for the delivery.

Sam was sitting on the bed, leaning back against the headboard. She had asked about being covered up at least a little bit, but since she looked so good with her freshly shaved pussy Gee and I both wanted to show off all of her. With a just a little sigh she realized that she would be exposing herself totally to another stranger. We made some quick plans for the show, and when the knock came on the door, we were ready.

Sam remained sitting on the bed totally nude with her legs slightly spread watching the TV. We wanted her to sit with her knees up, but couldn't quite get her to go along with that. When Gee went to open the door I moved into the bathroom to hide. The waiter was startled when a naked man opened up the door and invited him in with the drinks. He probably wouldn't have entered the room but when he saw Sam sitting on the bed he quickly came in.

His eyes roamed up and down Sam's body, and finally settled on her bare pussy, while Gee reached for his wallet. I walked out of the bathroom just as he was paying the waiter. It was a thrill to see the shock in his eyes turn into a big grin on his face as he realized what was going on after again taking a look at Sam sitting on the bed nude, in a room with two naked men.

Almost reluctantly the waiter handed over the drinks and began to turn to leave the room. I suggested that he 'bring the lady her drink' as I took mine off the tray. He seemed quite eager to comply and quickly moved over to stand by her side. His eyes were continually glued to her body as he handed her the drink.

She mumbled a thank you, and remained still as he stared at her. He seemed to not know what to do next, as it was obvious that he was enjoying the view. Gee was starting to chuckle as he was enjoying the obvious discomfort Sam was feeling as the waiter stared at her body. To calm herself down she quickly drank most of her drink in one gulp while he watched.

I suggested that she wouldn't break if he wanted to touch her a little so he tentatively reached out and stroked her breasts with his free hand. Since we were both enjoying watching, and Sam made no effort to resist his touch he continued to caress her breasts, and then began to slide his hand down her belly. When he reached the area where her pussy hair would have been he gave a low whistle and stopped as Sam tensed up.

She looked at me, and then at Gee for a moment, before she spread her legs apart to allow the waiter access to her pussy. As soon as she made room the waiter quickly inserted a finger into her pussy and began to pump it in and out. We watched silently as he shoved a second, and then a third finger into her pussy. Each time she quietly shifted her position a little to allow him easier access to her pussy. Once again she was ready to let whatever might happen to her happen.

Since I didn't know the guy, and he didn't need any more feels for a tip, I finally called it to a halt by telling him that what he was getting was worth a lot more than what he had brought us so his time was up. He scowled at that, and looked like he was going to make some trouble, but after a couple more strokes he got up and left.

Having watched my wife be exposed to, and played with by a complete stranger, had once again turned me on and I was ready for a second round of sex. I moved over to the bed, and as soon as I laid down on my back Sam moved over to straddle me. She quickly settled herself down on my cock and began the familiar up and down pumping rhythm that she knows so well.

Gee was also ready to go again so I suggested that perhaps he'd like to sample her mouth, and perhaps cum on her face. It must have sounded like a good idea as he quickly moved into position so Sam could take him into her mouth. It took awhile to get the positions right for everyone, and Gee ended up standing on the bed, beside us, as Sam sucked his cock, whilepumping up and down on my cock. She soon got into a rhythm and began to use her body to stimulate each of us at the same time.

Sam was pumping my cock with her pussy as she lifted herself up and down with her legs. At the same time, on her down stroke she would suck hard and pull Gee's cock with her lips. It was amazing to see your wife suck someone else's cock from just a few feet away, while she's riding your cock. Gee was pulling one of her nipples while I pulled on the other one. Gee reached down and placed one of Sam's hands around his cock and she quickly began to pump and suck at the same time. I took her other hand and guided it to her clit and she began to massage herself at the same time. She was using almost every part of her body to perform the different sexual functions we had her doing.

I could tell that this time Sam was the one who would come first as she began to pump up and down and rub her clit a little quicker. She pulled her mouth off Gee's cock so she could take a deep breath as her orgasm began. When she started to shudder and take a second deep breath Gee's timing was perfect as he began to ejaculate. His first spurt hit her right across the open mouth and the bridge of her nose. Sam quickly closed her lips as he continued to spray her face with his cum.

The sight of my wife having her face covered in cum triggered my orgasm and before Gee had finished I began to fill her cunt with my cum. For a moment time seemed to stand still as we were all frozen in our positions enjoying the feelings. I don't know how long we stayed that way, but it was long enough that Sam had once again taken Gee's soft cock into her mouth and almost all the cum had run off of Sam's face. I watched it slowly move down her face and chin as some of it dripped unto her titties and ran down her neck.

I enjoyed the sight of my wife's face and naked body covered in someone else's cum. As we once again began to move, and untangle ourselves from each other, I asked her to wait for awhile and not wash her face. She just frowned at me, but sat back down on the bed between us.

Both Gee and I were carefully watching as the remaining globs of cum slide down her body and stopped. Sam had already wiped the biggest blob off her face with her hand, but since I asked she left the rest alone. She really looked like a slut now as her face and body were covered in cum, and cum was beginning to leak out of her pussy.

To be continued...

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