tagErotic HorrorA Stake for the Slayer

A Stake for the Slayer


19 year old Chandra walked through the dark graveyard. Even though it was a warm summer night, she shivered. She had always hated graveyards. In the past 2 years that she had been a vampire slayer, she had gotten used to spending her nights in them, but she still didn't like them.

Chandra had lost count of the number of vampires she had sent to the hereafter over the past two years. Tonight though, she was after a bigger prize. She had gotten a tip that Drake, the lord and master of the vampires was in the graveyard looking for her. She knew this was her one chance to stop his reign of terror.

Chandra suddenly stopped walking as she turned her head listening to the stillness of the night. Her slender body was tensed; her dishwater blonde hair resting in waves around her shoulders as her ice blue eyes scanned the darkness. She heard a twig break and turned in that direction but couldn't see anything even thought it was a clear night.

"I know you're here Drake." She called into the darkness as she moved slowly forward again while raising the stake she held in her hand. "I was told you were looking for me. Well here I am. Show yourself."

"Gladly..." A deep voice hissed from behind her.

Chandra started to turn when suddenly she was knocked onto her stomach on the ground. The stake was knocked out of her hand as Drake pinned her body to the ground with his.

"Ah slayers, my favorite meal." He growled as he pulled her hair off her neck to expose her flesh to his gaze.

"Get off of me." She screamed clawing at the grass as she tried to move out from under him.

Drake held her easily beneath him. He let her struggle to get away but knew that this slayer wasn't going to escape him. He had waited to long to taste her blood.

"Oh I don't think so my sweet." he growled as he lowered his upper body down over her struggling one and licked at her bare neck. His fangs brushed against her flesh.

Chandra shivered in fear. She knew she was about to die. There was no way she could overpower him with his weight pressing her down into the grass. "Please." She said softly struggling under him once more as she clawed at the soft ground trying to free herself.

Drake ran his tongue over her flesh once more then was about to sink his fangs into her flesh when he felt her ass wiggle against his cock. While she was struggling, he felt her ass press tightly against him. He felt his 13 inch cock start to rise in his cape.

"Oh second thought," He growled, "maybe I won't kill you yet."

Chandra froze at his words. "What are you going to do?" She asked hating herself for the tremor in her voice.

Drake sat up over her as he lowered his groin against her legs, trapping them effectively beneath him. He held Chandra's upper body against the ground with one hand as he ran one razor sharp nail over the back of her jeans.

Chandra gasped and started struggling harder when she felt the back of her jeans rip. "What are you doing?" She cried clawing at the soft ground even as she felt Drake rip the back of her pants completely open.

"Noooo..." She screamed when she felt his nail rake through her panties until her ass was bare to his gaze.

Drake wrapped his hand around the bottom of the hole he had made in her clothes then lifted his body just enough to let her slide forward a bit while he ripped her clothes more until her pussy was open to his gaze. When she felt him lift off her body, she slid forward a bit and heard the material rip. "Nooooooooo..." She screamed again when he had once more immobilized her with his body. "If you want to kill me, then kill me, but not that." She cried.

Drake chuckled as he held her against the ground. "Hm...But I haven't had a slayer to fuck in a long time." He let one of his long slender fingers move down between her legs.

Chandra tried to force her legs closed but Drake held them open with his weight. She was whimpering with fear as he held her.

"Please, anything but that." She begged as she felt him slide a long finger inside her.

Drake pushed his finger deep inside her body. When he didn't feel a blockage, he smiled, his fangs sparkling in the moonlight. "What's the matter Chandra?" He asked slowly moving his finger in and out of her as he lowered his body down over her struggling one.

Chandra whimpered as pleasure coursed through her. "Please, not that." She begged again as she felt a second finger slide into her depths. She tried to fight the sensations that were coursing through her as he slowly fingered her pussy.

"Please..." She begged lowering her head against the soft ground as her body pressed back against him of its own accord.

"Please what my sweet?" he asked against her ear, as he let a fang brush against her flesh. "Make you cum? I would love to."

"Nooooooooo...Please don't make me cum." She screamed clawing at the ground again even as his fingers drove faster inside her.

Chandra cried against the ground although whether it was in pleasure or fear, Drake wasn't sure. She was moaning and crying out as she slammed her body back against his flying hand. "Oh, agh, no, don't make me cum." She cried against the ground even as her body betrayed her mind.

Drake chuckled as he slid his hand under her upper body and ripped her tank top from her, so her bare breasts rested against the soft ground.

"Nooooooooo..." She screamed feeling the material rip from her body. She lifted up enough to wrap her arms across her chest as she continued to feel him plow his fingers inside her.

Drake laid down completely over her while he continued to bring her body to life. "You are mine slayer; you may as well enjoy it." He growled against her ear as he pulled her hand away and grabbed her bare breast squeezing it roughly.

"Please, don't do this to me." Chandra cried trying to pull his hand away.

Her only response was for him to slide yet another finger inside her and move them furiously in and out. "OH fuck, agh, no, I'm going to cum." She screamed trying to pull her body away from him.

Drake chuckled as he let one long finger brush down over her clit. "Cum for me little slayer. I want you to cum for me." He ran his nail lightly over her clit and heard her scream out.

"No. Oh god, I can't hold it, I'm cummmmiiiiinnnnngggg..." She shoved her body tight against his thrusting fingers as she coated his hand.

"Mmmmmmm...Yummy." He growled lifting up as he kept his hand moving inside her. He kept her on the edge for a while then slowly let her cum back to earth.

Chandra laid there panting as he pulled his fingers from her body. "Mmmmm, slayer juices, yum." he smirked bringing his fingers to his mouth and sucking on them.

She turned her head to look at him. Her eyes were still glazed from the orgasm she had, but her voice was bitter. "Why don't you just kill me and be done with it? Why torture me?"

Drake smiled down at her then moved off of her body. When she tried to scramble away, he pushed her over until she was flat on her back and once again covered her body with his own. "Would you rather I just kill you my sweet?" He asked licking at her lips as he ripped her shirt completely from her body.

Chandra felt the material pull away but instead of fighting, she just closed her eyes. When she felt his hand reach for her pants though, she looked at him. "Please, no more." She cried as he ripped her pants open then threw the material away until she was laying on what was left of her clothes.

Drake smiled at her, he didn't usually play with his food, but there was something about humiliating a slayer before he finally drank her. "Hm...I think I might have some more fun with you."

Chandra looked up at him shaking with fear and humiliation. "Please, just kill me now."

Her eyes widened as she watched him move over her and closed her eyes as she expected to feel his hard shaft tear into her body.

She held herself completely still, feeling him move over her. Her eyes widened when she felt his fingers spread open her lower lips and his tongue touch her. "NOOOOOOOO...God, no don't eat me." She screamed clawing at the ground beneath her as she tried to pull away from his roaming tongue.

Drake wrapped his arms around her legs, holding her firmly as he brushed his tongue lightly over her clit. "Mmmmm... tasty." he dug his fang into her and drank up a bit of her blood then licked at the wound with his tongue.

Chandra was trying to pull away from him, when she felt his fang pierce her skin, she whimpered. "No, just kill me, don't humiliate me like this." She clawed repeatedly at the ground but all her hands did was just sinking deeper.

Drake was enjoying himself, the little slayer was begging him to kill her and all he wanted to do was make her scream in pleasure again. His cock was rock hard in his cape and he knew he would screw her eventually but for now, he was having more fun making her body betray her.

He wrapped his tongue around her clit and heard her whimper in pleasure as she pressed up against him. He loved her clit with his tongue while he once again slid two fingers into her sopping well.

"No please, not that again." Chandra begged weakly as she felt his fingers slide into her. She had always loved being finger fucked and this vampire was driving her body to heights she had never been to before. She whimpered as he slowly pushed her once again towards orgasm.

She begged him over and over to just kill her and get it over with as she was pushed further and further into pleasureville against her will.

When she felt his tongue slide into her, she couldn't stop the cry of pleasure that escaped her lips as she humped her body tightly against him. "Oh god, please don't stop. It feels so good."

Drake thought about moving onto the next phase when she gave in, but he loved the taste of her on his tongue so he figured he would let her cum again. He drove his tongue far inside her and started slicing it forcefully in and out as his fingers went to her clit.

He pulled and twisted at her clit while she shrieked in pleasure. "Fuck, yes, oh god, make me cum." She screamed pulling at her nipples as she humped hard against him. "Yessssssssss, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg..." She cried suddenly as she coated his tongue with her juices.

Drake drank her up greedily then knew he couldn't wait any longer to have her. He pulled his tongue from her spasming body and moved up over her.

Chandra was once again trying to catch her breath when she felt his weight press her deeper into the ground. "No more, please." She begged lifting her eyes to his.

Drake smiled at her, "ah, but little slayer, the fun has just begun." He held her tightly beneath him while one hand opened his cape, exposing his 13 inch cock while his other hand reached beneath her, pulling her legs further apart as he settled between them.

When she felt the tip of his cock pressing against the entrance to her pussy, she screamed. "NNNNNNOOOOOOOO..." She screamed as her eyes widened in shock. She hadn't believed that he actually would fuck her. "No don't fuck me, please."

"Oh...So tight," Drake groaned as he let his hard cock slither into her body.

Chandra continued to struggle beneath him as she whimpered in surprise, fear and humiliation, but he ignored her for the moment.

He was more interested in the way her body was tightening around him. When he had pushed as much of his cock into her as he could, he slowly pulled back out. He pulled out until just the head of his cock was buried inside her, and then slowly thrust back into her.

"Stop...No..." She cried as his cock drove into her body. He was longer and thicker then any cock she had ever had. It felt like he was stretching her body further then it was meant to be stretched.

She whimpered in pain and fear, as he slowly thrust into her. When she felt her upper body lifted in one of his powerful hands, she struggled harder against him. "Let me go..." She screamed even as her breasts were pressed roughly against his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around her. His cock was still moving slowly in and out of her body.

Drake held her tightly against him, as he thrust slowly into her. "Such a nice pussy," He growled against her ear. He took one hand from behind her and pulled her back just a bit so he could grab her breast, squeezing it hard while she cried in his arms.

Chandra sobbed silently against his chest as he pulled her up and down over him. His hand moved to her nipple and squeezed it gently making her cry in pleasure.

"So nice, maybe I won't kill you. Maybe I will make you my sex slave." He started thrusting harder into her pussy while his hand pulled at her nipple.

"Agh...No...Please...Oh God...No...I don't want to enjoy this. Please don't make me cum again." Chandra cried as she felt him fucking her faster.

Her pussy was enjoying his hard thrusts. The hand holding her waist tightly against him, moved down between her spread legs until he was running his nail lightly over her clit. "Oh...Ugh...No...God...No..." She cried as her orgasm started rising.

Drake held her tightly against him as he fucked her hard and fast. His cock slicing into her pussy, making her whimper in pleasure against her will. "Oh yes little slayer." He growled as he pummeled her pussy with his hard cock.

His hands were busy playing with her tit and clit. He was driving her body into overdrive. "I am going to make you cum on my hard cock." He growled.

Chandra whimpered in pleasure as he slammed into her, forcing her hard down onto his thrusting shaft. "No...Please..." She begged weakly even as her body pushed against his, pulling him deeper inside her.

"So good..." Drake growled as he felt her pussy tighten around him. "I want you to cum slayer, cum all over my cock, feel your body betraying you." He growled lowering her back to the ground and pounding her pussy hard and fast with his strokes.

Chandra lowered her head back against the grass, whimpering in desire as he pulled her hard against him. "Oh god...I'm gonna cum..." She screamed squeezing her eyes shut tight as her pussy convulsed around his pounding cock.

"Yesssssssssssss..." Drake cried lowering his upper body down over hers. He slammed harder and faster into her making her shriek as he pushed her once again towards release.

"Come on little slayer, you know what I want." he growled as he rode her hard.

Chandra couldn't fight it anymore. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her arms wrapped up around his neck. "Fuck me, make me cum again. Make me cum with your hard cock baby."

Drake closed his eyes as he heard her finally give in 100%. He slammed hard into her and howled as he felt her take him completely into her sopping depths. "Take me baby, take it all."

He lowered his face towards her neck and dug his fangs into her tender skin even as he began to shoot his seed deep into her body.

Chandra screamed in pleasure and pain. Drake coming inside her sent her into another orgasm even as she felt his fangs dig deep into her neck. She felt him slamming hard into her body even as he drank her life's blood.

The last thought that crossed her mind as she slipped into Eternal sleep was that Drake may have been a vampire, but he was also one hell of a great fuck.

The End

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