tagLoving WivesA Step Too Far

A Step Too Far


"Honey, why don't you wear your pink bikini?" Mark watching Julie pick out her clothes for their trip to the beach.

"Oh, it's far too revealing. I'd be very embarrassed in front of Dan!"

The two of them were a week into their honeymoon. Dan was a friend of Mark's from high school who happened to be flying through the tropical islands on business, and the three of them had arranged to spend the afternoon before he flew back to the mainland in the evening.

"I want to show you off, babe. Let him get an eyeful. After seeing you in that small bikini, I know Dan will be green with envy."

"Oh, all right." Julie was flattered her husband was proud of her body but she blushed at the thought of wearing something a little slutty in front of a person she had only met once or twice before.

Mark smiled. He was very much in love with his beautiful new bride. He knew that Julie was naturally very submissive - she always did whatever he asked after a little bit of insistence. She had a very traditional upbringing, growing up in rural South Korea, and perhaps because of the mores of her family, Julie always took the attitude that it was her responsibility to make sure Mark was happy. .

Mark did want to be envied by Dan. While the two had been good friends, they were also competitors, always trying out for the same positions in sports teams and often courting the same girls. Dan usually had the upper hand in the past, but now Mark had landed a girl Dan would be very jealous of. If only there was some way to arrange for Dan to see Julie topless, he wondered. Julie's breasts were perfect, large and pert, and Dan would die of jealousy after seeing them. Mark found himself having a sudden hard on.


The bikini was indeed skimpy. Walking to the beach, Dan found that he had to use all his willpower to avoid staring at Julie's cleavage. He wondered if Mark and Julie noticed his repeated sidelong glances.

Julie looked stunning. For an Asian girl she had improbably large breasts, Dan reflected. He knew from conversations with Mark that she was a bit of gym junkie, and her toned legs and shapely ass reflected that.

The beach itself seemed deserted. They spread out some towels and chatted aimlessly, mostly Mark and Dan talking about common acquaintances. Julie felt herself zoning off. She pulled out some sunscreen and starting rubbing it on her.

"Let me help you with that, honey," Mark said and squatted behind her. to Dan's great surprise, as she held her hand outstretched handing him the bottle, Mark untied her bikini in one swift motion.

"There's no one around here, and you don't mind Dan, do you dear?" he asked as he pulled it off.

Julie looked stunned. Her hands immediately went to cover her breasts and she looked at Mark with alarm. He looked back. They stared at each other for a few moments before Julie said "Guess not" in a resigned tone of voice. She gave Dan an embarrassed smile.

Mark gently pushed her hands off her breasts, took the sunscreen bottle, and began to rub the lotion all over her chest.

Dan could hardly believe his luck. He recalled seeing Julie and Mark together at their wedding only a few weeks before. Julie was looking graceful and in her elegant white gown. The happy couple seemed genuinely elated to be with each other. He went home and wanked off that night thinking of having his way with the lovely Asian bride. Now she was on display, topless before him.

"You're a very lucky man, Mark. You've got yourself a very sexy wife."

Mark smiled as Julie blushed. "You're damn right, I do," he said, ceasing to rub his wife's body and sitting down nearby. He took his wife's top with him so that Julie had no choice but to keep sitting bare breasted..

"I hope you don't mind me saying so Julie," Dan turned now to the wife, "but you've got an amazing body."

"Thank you Dan," Julie replied, lowering her eyes shyly.

"Do you mind if I touch them?"

Julie looked up at him in shock. She was speechless for a few moments and was just about to reply indignantly when she heard her husband say "Go for it, buddy."

Dan didn't ask again. He swiftly moved to sit close to Julie, who was looking at her husband with a shocked look on her face, and took her left nipple into his mouth.

All of a sudden, Mark began feeling uncomfortable with the way things were going. He had engineered all this, but he thought Dan would grope Julie a little bit and they'd call it a day. He wanted his wife to tease his friend, nothing more. But Dan's mouth on Julie's nipples was taking it a step too far.

Should he put a stop to it? He hesitated. He had a raging erection.

Meanwhile, Julie groaned visibly as Dan moved his mouth to her other nipple. She was very humiliated to be stripped topless by her husband and shown to off to a man she barely knew. Now Dan was diligently nibbling at her breasts, and even though she didn't want this to happen - she wasn't quite sure what the hell was happening even - Dan's work was having an effect. She loved having her nipples licked and played with, and Dan's tongue was swirling over one as his hand was playfully twisting the other. God, she was so wet.

Mark's erection was becoming painful now. Did he want this to happen? Should he tell Dan to stop? He couldn't seem to think straight. I guess its okay if Dan plays with her tits, he decided, but no more. He pulled out his cock and started masturbating.

Julie's moans seemed to have an edge of frustration to them, Dan thought. She was clearly very turned on, but she needed more. He needed to make his next move.

He stopped licking her nipples and looked her in the eyes. She looked back at him with barely contained lust. He leaned forward and put his lips against hers, his tongue swirling in her mouth. His hand found her bikini bottoms and pulled them to the side and he slid a couple of fingers into her. She was very wet indeed.

Julie felt a strange mixture of passion and guilt. Dan's fingers gave her so much pleasure and she felt powerless to stop him. Why didn't her husband say something? He must have wanted this happen, she decided. He won't mind, then, if I kiss Dan just the way I want to, she told herself.

Watching his wife make out with another man was still more uncomfortable for Mark, but he was too close to an orgasm to do anything about it. He needed to come first. He would stop them in a second. Meanwhile, he just stroked his cock faster as he watched his wife squirm.

This is the critical moment, Dan decided. If he asked Mark for permission to take things further, he might not get it. So he wasn't going to ask. He drew away from Julie, gently turned her to her side and, with his hand quickly pulling down her pink bikini bottom to her knees, slid his cock into her.

Julie gasped as Dan's dick penetrated her. She was looking Mark in the eyes as it happened, and Mark saw the mix of pain and pleasure on her face.

Mark himself couldn't believe this was happening. His wife was being fucked right in front of him. He found that he had never been more turned on in his life. He had to stop the whole thing, he knew that, but he said nothing; he needed some relief; instead he went over to his lovely Asian wife, squatted in front of her face, and gently guided her mouth to his cock.

Both men fucked her together now, Dan thrusting from behind and Mark face-fucking her. Julie felt like a whore. She had never thought of herself as the girl to do this sort of thing, but here she was. But wasn't she pleasing her husband? Doing what he wanted her to do? That couldn't be bad, could it?

Neither Mark nor Dan could last long. After a few minutes, Dan started pumping into her really fast and she felt a stream of his come splashing into her. Moments later, her husband groaned, pulled out his cock, and shot his load all over her face and breasts.

Dan looked around. Fortunately, the beach was still deserted.

"I hope you guys use birth control," Dan said as he pulled his trunks on.

Mark and Julie looked at each other.

"Actually," Julie said, wiping her husbands semen off her body - some of it had leaked down to her breasts - "I didn't bring my pills with me, so I haven't been taking them. We'll have to take a chance on this one."

This wasn't true, but she wanted to punish her husband for his role in making this happen.

Dan nodded. "Well buddy," he turned to Mark, "Thanks a bunch for letting me fuck your wife."

Mark still couldn't believe this happened. "You're welcome?" was all he could think to reply.

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