tagNovels and NovellasA Strong Relationship Ch. 06

A Strong Relationship Ch. 06


Mason Evans really wasn't in a good mood and now this – latest development. She honestly couldn't see what everyone was making such a fuss about.

BFD – Ashley "Superbabe" Armbruster was coming to the Gym to do an exhibition. It was great free publicity and Mason's employers had been thrilled their Gym had been chosen for the event, everything had been tidied, repaired, washed, waxed and buffed. Michy had expressed regret she couldn't be there and the rest of the staff was told to be on their best behavior, but Mason herself just couldn't get into it. As far as Mason was concerned, Ashley Armbruster was another bodybuilder who'd gone into Professional Wrestling; in no way did Mason consider her an athlete of any kind.

The rest of the staff and the owners however, had gone Gaga over Ashley's visit and were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Mason just went about her business and tried to get her work done and not let all of this get to her. It would've been easier if she wasn't in a bad mood, but both her beloved Neal and her roommate Michelle were out of town and Mason wasn't getting any. Being a highly-charged, sexual animal, that didn't sit well with the curvy, caramel-skinned brunette bodybuilder & fitness trainer. She'd briefly considered calling Sam, but wanted to set things up with Sam and Michy first and not screw that up. Marta had the flu – Mason pouted, she just couldn't catch a break!

It was a slow morning at the Gym and Mason was bored to tears – even her most dedicated students were all agog over Ashley's visit, so when Ashley walked in with her entourage, cameras flashing and everyone making a fuss over here, Mason tried desperately to make herself scarce. Sadly, it didn't work out that way. For some reason, the pseudo-celebrity noticed her and walked right over to her, holding out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Ashley Armbruster and you are ...?"

It wasn't in Mason's nature to be rude; she took Ashley's hand and said "Mason Reynolds. I'm one of the trainers here." She tried to remain friendly, but there was a cool tone to her voice.

"You were going to leave?"

"Yeah. This just isn't my scene and no one's doing much working out right now, so I was just going to call it a day."

"I'm sorry you're not going to stick around. You don't think much of me, do you?" Ashley said, startling Mason a bit with her bluntness.

"I don't think of you as a professional athlete, if that's what you're asking, no," Mason replied with sincerity.

"I worked very hard to get where I am Mason ... I came on the scene with very little and I built myself into a name brand."

Mason sighed. "No offense Miss Armbruster ..."

Ashley smiled. "Please, call me Ashley."

Mason smiled in spite of herself; Ashley wasn't going to make it easy. "No offense ... Ashley ... but I just don't consider wrestling a sport, it's entertainment. You follow a script, you win or lose depending on popularity – it's more like one of those god-awful 'Reality' Shows I can't abide."

Ashley smiled again; she was quite attractive, despite Mason's dislike of her public persona. "I can't stand them either and yes, there is a scripted routine to what I do. But I am a real athlete – I take my fitness very seriously, as you can see and I train hard. I'm dedicated to being the best I can be. I'd like to get to know you and perhaps change your mind – could we have lunch, dinner?"

Mason shook her head, dark curls falling into her brown eyes, Ashley seemed to looking right into them. "I don't think that's a good idea. I don't dislike you Ashley ... I just don't have much use for your profession."

Ashley's green eyes sparkled for a moment as she tilted her head to one side, as if lost in thought. "What can I do to get you to have dinner with me? Oh, I know – I challenge you to a Fitness Competition, right here. You win, I'll donate – let's say, 1 thousand dollars – to your favorite charity? If I win, you spend the evening with me and let me try to convince you that I'm well worth knowing."

Mason was trying to think of a way out of this when her employer came up behind them both. He'd overheard the latter part of the conversation and he insisted Mason go for it, it would be great publicity for the Gym, he insisted. Mason wished she could shrink in a corner and hide, but there was nothing the young beauty could do but nod and accept Ashley's challenge.

Mason did not like to lose and she did not intend to lose.

Yet lose Mason did, in virtually every contest. Ashley beat her in lifting free-weights by over 20 pounds and in an extra ten reps. On the indoor track in a contest of ten laps, Ashley beat her by a full lap. She did beat Ashley on the Stationary Bike and in sit-ups, but Ashley cleaned her clock with leg presses, beating her there by a full 100 pounds. Mason was absolutely shocked – Ashley had proven her point and she knew she had to be gracious in defeat.

"Congratulations," Mason said, posing for a picture with a smiling Ashley.

"Thank You, you're a good sport," Ashley said gently. "As I recall, we have a deal. You're going to be spending the evening with me, so here's the Hotel I'm staying at – be there by 7 PM, won't you?" Mason took the business card and assured Ashley that she would. She figured, what the hell, with Michy and Neal both away, what have I got to lose? I have to eat, anyway.

Mason made her way home an hour later and changed. She had to admit, she was a bit more intrigued by Ashley than she'd been at the start of the day, there was obviously a very facile mind under that spectacular body. Mason was startled to realize she'd actually noticed, she chalked it up to both Neal and Michelle being away and her libido was feeling a little neglected.

She arrived at Ashley's hotel suite decked out nicely; she wasn't going to let Ashley outdo her tonight. She'd chosen a very light, gauzy white top that fit her nicely and put a black lace bra over her 38-inch tits. She'd always maintained her figure and her 5'8" body was clad in black leather pants that hugged every curve, and black stilettos. Mason hoped that wherever they went this evening, she might be noticed in Ashley's company, as Mason truly loved being the center of attention. The concierge of the Hotel showed her where Ashley's suite was located, his eyes never leaving her rounded ass. Mason put a little extra wiggle in her walk, why give the poor guy a cheap thrill?

Mason reached the room, knocked and the door was opened by a near-naked Ashley. The only thing the tall blonde was wearing was a bath towel; her hair was still slightly damp. Ashley smiled and asked Mason to come inside.

"I'm sorry, the day got away from me, but there's a nice bottle of champagne over there if you'd like a drink, the Hotel sent it up. I wouldn't mind a glass, if you'd care to pour one."

Mason found it hard to take her eyes off Ashley's body – up close; her chiseled body was absolutely devastating.

"So, where would you like to go to dinner?" Mason asked, trying to distract herself.

"Oh, we can go to dinner lately – as you recall, our deal was that I have you for the evening!" Ashley smiled. "You may also recall that I was going to convince you that I'm worth knowing."

Mason nodded. "Yes, I recall. How do you plan on doing that?"

Ashley's answer was to drop the towel and reveal her body to Mason; she was now standing in front of Mason, totally naked. Mason was stunned, but recovered quickly. She went over to Ashley, who wrapped her arms around the luscious brunette and kissed her, feeling Mason's big tits pressed into her own. Had Mason not been wearing 4-inch heels, she would have stood taller than the pretty brunette, as it was, they were just right.

"I promise to be very persuasive," Ashley said, breaking their embrace. From the moment she'd set eyes on Mason, she knew the pretty brunette was bi-sexual and sensed she was suppressing a latent desire to bed Ashley. Ashley intended to show Mason she didn't have to suppress anything, because Ashley hadn't been to bed with a man in over a year, she was heavily into women at the moment and she sensed Mason could give her a run for her money in the sack. Their little contest had been a way for her to size Mason up.

Mason's head was reeling, but she didn't really mind. She felt her heart thumping, with her boyfriend and roommate-lover away, she knew she could use a little sexing up and Ashley would be more than happy to provide it. She acted on Ashley's earlier instructions, poured them both a glass of champagne and lifted her glass.

"Here's to a lovely evening."

"Here's to a night of hot lezzie sex!" Ashley teased back, clinking her glass with Mason's, who sputtered a bit at the first mouthful, then regained her composure.

"Wow – you really lay your cards on the table, don't you Ashley?" Mason said as she sat down in a chair, Ashley sitting opposite from her, totally unconcerned with her nudity.

Ashley sipped her drink, then took a large mouthful, got up, poured another half-glass and sat back down. "Yes, I do Mason. With my lifestyle and career, I don't have time with my schedule to play games or waste time. I'm turned on by you – I am very into girls and you're smoking hot. I want to take you to bed and show you that I'm a sexual athlete as well, if you're not too hungry and can wait on dinner, I'd love for us to go into that bedroom, be naked together and blow each other's minds."

Mason found herself liking Ashley more each minute, the sexual heat between them was palpable and Mason also got a mental image of blonde, Amazonian Ashley and her own caramel, curvy body tangled up together and she began feeling very wet and horny. She stood up, took one last mouthful of drink and walked over to Ashley and sat in her lap. She sucked one pink nipple of Ashley's massive – 34DD? – tits and Ashley sighed and ran her fingers through Mason's dark, curly hair.

"I knew you were into me, you naughty bitch!" Ashley sighed. "Are you gay or ...?"

"Bi," Mason replied. "I have a boyfriend and a roommate I sleep with from time to time, but they're both out of town at the moment. Don't worry though, it's all cool. So, you said something about a bedroom and us blowing each other's minds?" Mason got up and held out her hand to Ashley, who giggled – it almost seemed out of place with her image – and escorted Mason to the bedroom.

The bedroom was plush, inviting and very comfortable. Ashley stretched out on the bed, her blonde hair spilled about, she resembled a very sensual lioness. Mason felt her body responding to Ashley's raw sensuality and there was also the thrill of having a new lover, something she always got a kick out of. Mason moved in close to Ashley, slid her tongue into Ashley's mouth in a warm greeting, then moved away and decided she'd put on a little show for the statuesque blonde.

Mason hummed a little and moved about the room, she knew how to dance in stilettos, she and Michelle often went dancing and always played up how sexy they were, played it to the hilt, she and Michy vamped it up. Her ass in the tight, black leather pants looked great, she knew, and she could feel Ashley watching her every move. She brought her hands down, cupped her tits in the filmy top, then slowly, with a tease, removed the top and tossed it on the bed. The bra followed, gorgeous round orbs spilled free, she moved close to Ashley, then pulled away. There was then a zzzzippppp as Mason unzipped the tight leather pants, a barely-audible noise as she slid them off her legs and now wore only thong and heels. She crawled on to the bed beside Ashley and said "Okay, my horny blonde slut, would you like to take my thong off and see how wet my pussy is now?"

"Oh God, yes!" Ashley smiled as Mason stretched out and lifted her hips. Ashley took off the tiny thong and saw Mason's beautiful pussy, the time for tease was done. She moved close, paused and then went for the kill, attaching her sucking lips to Mason's horny cunt. Mason yowled with pleasure, she'd gone too long without some hot sex and this felt fucking amazing. Ashley's tongue was hitting all the right spots, she licked, she whorled it about, she used it like a miniature cock, stabbing deep inside Mason's pussy, rarely had Mason's cunt had a tongue this knowledgeable doing such fantastic things to it.

"Oh God, you're a fucking sweet little bitch!" Ashley groaned as her glistening face emerged from between the darker woman's smooth thighs. "I love how you taste and you're very responsive, baby. So Mason – want to find out how I react to a tongue licking my cunt?"

Sensing that Ashley enjoyed strong, in-control women, Mason said "You probably love having your cunt eaten by another woman, you lezzie slut-queer. You've got an incredible body, I bet you've got lots of hot women lining up to eat your pussy, but you're mine tonight bitch and I'm going to tear you apart!"

Ashley groaned as Mason's tongue went right into her pussy after that, the younger woman had found her out. "Yeah, a lot of my other female fans would kill to be where you are right now slut, eating my juices. Keep it up baby, you're a good little tongue-fucker Mason!"

"I am, aren't I slut?" Mason retorted, her face coated with Ashley's spend. "I love sex, in all forms, so I work on that as much as I work on my body!" She resumed eating Ashley's pussy, enjoying some of the most heated lesbian sex she'd known in recent months.

"That's a ... oh God ... fucking good ... shit, that's it ... philosophy, oh fuck, yeah!" Ashley groaned between spasms of outright pleasure. She'd been with many women in her career, Mason had eclipsed them all with ease.

"I want us to make each other cum, let's do that baby, sound good?" Mason purred. Ashley was almost out of breath, a rarity for her, she and Mason tumbled together into a sixty-nine. It was almost like their earlier competition, a challenge to see who the superior being was, but in this case, there would be no losers and the payoff would be one huge, honkin' CUM!

The horny duo clutched at each other for dear life, neither one of them was planning to slow down any time soon. Mason couldn't believe it – Ashley had somehow sensed she liked her sex slow, unhurried and sensual, tongue and fingers applying languid strokes to the body to keep her just on the precipice of pleasure. She, in turn, had deduced that Ashley liked her sex on the wild side, fingers plunging in deep, tongue lapping and sucking the clit, keeping it as wild as she could, but teasing, also not letting the other one have just what they wanted ... yet.

Their bodies were heaving, bucking and writhing, sexual heat that could have set fire to the room. Mason's initial dislike of Ashley was now replaced by growing desire, she had only met a few partners who were her sexual equal and kept her on her toes. Her body was almost reaching a new state of arousal, new heights that Mason would not previously have believed existed.

"God damn, God damn, GOD DAMN!" Ashley groaned as her body twisted in the throes of Mason's embrace. For the first time in her life, she regretted the nomadic existence she led with her wrestling career – she could have quite easily gotten hooked on Mason and this kind of savage loving the pretty bodybuilder seemed to be capable of providing.

For a time, the sensual, physically-fit beauties just languished in bed, kissing and licking, but it seemed at precisely the same time, that was no longer enough for either of them. They spurred each other on with words and actions and caresses until Mason arched forward, her body in full climax, Ashley following a minute or two later.

They both lay there, panting and exhausted, fingers just trailing over each other's bodies and big tits and coming down from their sexual high. Ashley finally sat up, indicating Mason should do likewise. She went to the closet, got out a pretty black dress that came to just above the knees, a clingy silver top and some sexy lingerie, heels and stockings.

Mason pouted. "Poop. You got to see me undress, I only to see you put clothes on. No fair." She mock-sulked.

"After dinner babe – if you think you can handle another round like that, we'll come back here and you can rip them off me, if you like. I'm pretty sure you can handle it, right?" Mason nodded. "Well Mason, have I convinced you that I'm a real athlete?"

"Sexual athlete, damned right. Over dinner, you can make your case for the other." Mason teased.

Ashley sighed. "I can see I'm going to have to do my best to win you over. I guess there's some benefits to that – I might have to pay you a return visit so that I can continue to – press my case."

Mason smiled warmly. "I see, Ashley. I just might have to increase my workouts then – you put on a very convincing – and exhausting – argument," Mason said as the two new friends linked arms and left the Hotel room for their dinner date.

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