tagNovels and NovellasA Strong Relationship Ch. 07

A Strong Relationship Ch. 07


Mason was becoming happier and more comfortable in her relationship with Neal as time went on. He let her live her life and he lived his, yet Mason knew if she needed him ... for anything ... he'd have been there in a second.

Nor did her obsess over his masculinity. Most men would have been very unhappy about having a girlfriend who could, quite literally, kick their ass. Neal Gordon didn't even give it a second thought. He knew who he was and even believed that destiny had drawn him and Mason together. Neal thanked his lucky stars, counted his blessings and gave thanks to the powers that be EVERY day that he was fortunate enough to have someone like Mason in his life. She was strong, tall, curvy and powerful, but she was sexy, adventurous and fun to be with. Mason took every day as a new adventure and had brought Neal along for the ride.

Neal had always been in nice shape, but Mason was a fitness buff and wanted him to be able to keep up ... in the bedroom and out. He began to ride his bicycle a lot more and swim and eat healthier. It paid off in the bedroom, his stamina increased and one recent night, he fucked Mason until she begged him to stop. He teased Mason she was lucky her roommate Michelle wasn't home or he would have fucked her next.

Mason was still trying to figure out a time to introduce that very possibility into their relationship. She wanted everything out in the open with Neal; Michy was someone she loved dearly. The thrill of having Michy and Neal in bed together was one that made her wet with desire. Women were a big part of her sexuality ... Michelle, Sam, Tamara and Ashley had all brought wonderful pleasures to her life and she wanted those to continue, but openly. She was fairly sure Neal was enjoying Marta, but at the moment, their relationship was almost "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and Mason wanted that to change. She wanted to share her adventures with Neal, full disclosure and she wanted to know how adorable little Marta was progressing.

Mason hoped that she would be able to see Michy and Neal screw each other very soon. Michy was one of her oldest friends and, next to Neal, her favorite lover. Sooner or later, she was going to have to bring them together, because she wanted them both to remain in her bed ... forever? Yes, Mason was fairly certain her feelings for Neal now ran that deep.

Mason had decided to dip a toe into Neal's world this time, which is what had brought them here. The Chicago Comic Con was a huge event and Neal had finally been able to sell his character, Warrior Woman, to an independent publisher. The first 3 issues had already sold out and were going to 2nd printings. Neal insisted it was because he had based the visuals on Mason, she told him it was because his writing was daring and sexy. He had insisted his artist friend base the character on Mason and Neal had enjoyed taking a series of photos of Mason for artistic reference. Of course, there were some photos that Neal had kept for himself.

There was a strong undercurrent of sexuality in the book and Neal had received many E-Mails from female fans telling them how hot they thought the book was. Neal read a few of them to Mason and she was very impressed with his recent success.

Neal was in an over-the-moon state of mind. He'd attended Comic Cons before, but this time, he was one of the guests. Still, he was star-struck, meeting celebrities like Bill Mumy and Mark Hammill and Johnny Galecki, comic legends like Joe Kubert and Murphy Anderson and people he admired, like Adam Hughes, Brian Bolland and Warren Ellis.

Mason was happy that Neal was happy. He was very supportive of her bodybuilding / physical training work, why shouldn't she be equally supportive of his? She manned his table a few times while he was schmoozing and far from being the "geeks" comic fans had been stereotyped to be, she found most of them articulate and interesting. Quite a few of them were girls and several of them were in costumes that were quite naughty, some almost scandalous. More than one "Catwoman" attracted her attention and the "Emma Frost" costumes were highly pleasing to the eye.

Just as Neal was returning to the table, a very curvy, tall blonde approached the table. Wearing a snug white sweater and tight white jeans, she caught a glimpse of Mason and walked towards the table. "Wow, are you entering the CosPlay contest later on? If not, you should. You're the spitting image of Warrior Woman." The blonde said.

"Actually, Warrior Woman is the spitting image of her," Neal said, moving closer to the front of his table. "I'm Neal Gordon, Warrior Woman's co-creator." Neal's artist friend was having a conversation with DC Comics about doing some work when he had free time in his schedule. He told Neal he was firmly committed to their book, Warrior Woman came first.

"Oh wow, it's so nice to meet you," The pretty blonde said. "My name is Karen, I'm a big fan of the book and what you're trying to do with her sexuality – keep the readers guessing without saying things outright." Karen winked.

"Let me guess, you ARE in the CosPlay contest, right?" Neal smiled, extending his hand. "I'd guess – Powergirl?"

"Right on the mark. Last year, I did Dumb Bunny from the Inferior 5. The year before, I did Angel from Angel & the Ape. Got my boyfriend to dress up as Sam. We won." Karen giggled. "When you're built like I am, you might as well take advantage of it."

Mason watched her boyfriend interact with the pretty blonde and at last, she figured it was time. Mason had enjoyed several sexual escapades since they'd been together and Neal had never tried to impose any type of limit on her. He accepted Mason at face value and cherished her for that. Mason thought it was time he got a little payback.

"Karen, you and Neal seem to be having a nice conversation, but I'm famished. When's the contest?" Mason asked.

"Oh, not until tomorrow," Karen responded.

"Oh, that's good then. Why don't you join us for dinner, I don't think Neal would mind, would you sweetie?" Mason smiled. "Oh, I'm sorry ... perhaps you have plans with your boyfriend."

"EX-boyfriend ... he couldn't handle my being ... who I am. I'm sorry, I didn't get your name, I just keep thinking of you as Warrior Woman," Karen chuckled.

"That's okay. My name is Mason," Mason said, holding out her hand. Karen took it and instantly, she knew her instincts were spot-on. Karen was totally into her and Karen was also very much into girls.

Mason let her boyfriend take over the decision making; Neal had been to Chicago several times before and knew the best places to eat. She made sure to stay close to Karen and flirt a bit, but not so outrageously that Neal would get wise just yet. She hoped that Karen would pick up on her subtle clues. She found herself liking Karen more with every passing minute; the blonde was a CPA and a member of Mensa. She was also in terrific shape, with 34D tits that she proudly admitted were the real deal.

"I know girls who've paid a lot of money to get a set like that," Mason whispered naughtily into Karen's ear, putting her hand over Karen's. The blonde squeezed her hand.

"So do I," Karen said in a soft, dulcet tone. Things were moving along very nicely and their food was spectacular, Neal had chosen a nice steakhouse and the music was at the perfect level, not too loud that they couldn't talk, but loud enough that no one else could listen to them.

"You're really luck to have a guy like Neal ... I wish I could find a boyfriend like that," Karen sighed, a little tipsy from her 3rd glass of red wine.

"I might be willing to loan him to you sometime," Mason said, making her move. "Or I might even be willing to share him with you; if that's something you might be interested in." Mason emphasized her point by planting a little peck on Karen's cheek and squeezing her hand. Neal hadn't noticed, he was busy finishing off his last bites of steak.

"Wow, you're really up-front," Karen grinned. "What about Neal, shouldn't you ask him?"

"Karen, just look at the two of us. What sane man is going to pass up the chance to go to be with us? Believe me; Neal would love to fuck you ... but so would I. You're into women, aren't you?" Mason asked.

Karen's head looked down, then back up. "Yes. It's one of the reasons my boyfriend and I broke up, he caught me making out with a contestant last year and he freaked."

"What a moron," Mason said derisively. "Neal might freak too, but in a good way. Let's flirt with him a bit; he and I have never done a threesome together. I want to mess with his mind a little," Mason giggled.

The girls had been sitting on either side of Neal and now moved closer. Neal had no idea what Mason was up to, but they were practically on top of him now.

"Okay you, something's going on in that devious mind of yours," Neal said, looking at his lady-love. "What gives?"

"Oh sweetie, Karen and I were just discussing ... inter-company crossovers ... weren't we Karen?" Mason said in a sugary tone.

"Mmm-hmm, yes we were," Karen smiled.

"You've lost me," Neal said, blinking.

"Powergirl and Warrior Woman," Mason said, her voice barely above a whisper. At first it didn't register, then Neal's eyes went wide.

"Do you mean ...?"

"Yes, I do. I'm sure you've been wondering about me ... about me and Michy and the answer is yes. Tonight, lover-man, this gorgeous babe and I are going to make your fantasies come true. I can't wait to see you fucking this gorgeous, big-titted blonde, but I'M going to have her first."

"Karen? You're sure you're okay with this?" Neal asked, still not believing this was really about to happen.

"I thought about sleeping with both of you 5 minutes after I met you," Karen said candidly. "You aren't the typical comic creator Neal, you're buff and Mason's absolutely gorgeous. Let's stop screwing around and go to your hotel and ... screw around." Karen laughed.

Neal paid the cheque, sure that any minute he'd wake up and find himself in some parallel dimension. That was what was happening, right? It was the only thing that made any sense – guys like him didn't get opportunities like this. Then he remembered what Mason had been telling him for the last number of months – she was with him because he was comfortable in his own skin and not threatened by her physicality. Okay – so let's go and prove her right, Neal thought.

They were barely into the hotel room when the girls were all over each other. Neal had been suspicious during the time they had been a couple, but to see Mason in the arms of another woman ... and what a woman at that ... was a mind-blowing sight. The two of them were toned, buff and fit, imposing figures, but they were also grabbing at each other, mouths practically fused together and for a brief moment, it almost seemed like they were unaware of Neal's presence. Mason was helping Karen get her white sweater off and over her head; Karen's body was almost as sculpted as Mason's and her lingerie was almost as pretty. Mason tugged Karen's jeans down next and Karen kicked them away, leaving her in only bra and panties. "Your turn," Karen said and Neal could easily hear the want and desire in her voice.

Watching Mason appreciate another woman was very erotic and sensual. Her eyes were taking Karen in with undisguised lust, Mason was getting out of her dress and Neal could see that Karen obviously liked the sexy black lingerie Mason had on underneath. They moved back together and kissed, tongues meeting hungrily and edging towards the bed in the middle of the room.

Mason almost pushed Karen down on to the bed and then, she was swarming all over the beautiful blonde. Like his Mason, Karen's body was a work of art, her skin was a bit paler than Mason's own naturally-dark complexion, but she was still tanned and you could easily make out the sleek ripples of the muscles she obviously worked hard at to achieve. Mason's hands were all over Karen's 34D tits, squeezing and fondling and then he saw her lips move down Karen's body, enjoying the Amazonian blonde. Neal didn't think he'd ever seen Mason look so turned on and when she spread Karen's long legs, the 5'10" blond wrapped them around Mason's back as Mason began eating her cunt.

It was gorgeous to watch, the dark brunette Mason and blonde, sexy Karen, locked together, groaning and moaning as Mason worked her magic on Karen's body. She was holding Mason in place with her long, powerful legs, not that Mason had the desire to go anywhere. Karen's hands also had fistfuls of Mason's wavy dark hair and her eyes were closed, all she was doing was hissing "Oh yeah, ohhh fuck, yeah!"

Neal himself just stood there watching, after about 10 minutes; Karen became impatient and flipped her new playmate over. Now the two of them were side by side and for the first time, Neal experienced the thrill of watching his lover '69' with another woman. He'd thought about it, fantasized about it, but the reality was far, far sexier.

"Are we being selfish?" Karen whispered to Mason. "He hasn't made a move on either of us; he's been a perfect gentleman."

"Tsk – he should know better," Mason giggled. "Neal darling, I think we've heated things up enough, get your ass over here, get naked and join us. I think Karen could use a little cock, I know I could." Then Mason made a bad pun. "Although I guess I should warn Karen, you don't HAVE a little cock."

Neal's eyes rolled back in his head, he adored Mason, but she could sometimes be a bit goofy. Still, he moved between the two women, looking into Mason's dark eyes and then into Karen's aqua eyes, which were quite dazzling. The busty women on either side of him would be a formidable challenge, but he was more than up for it.

Karen began unbuttoning Neal's shirt, looking into Mason's eyes for approval. She found it and had her lips on his bared chest while Mason had his pants down, then off. Mason went for her lover's cock as fast as she could, licking and sucking his cock while she gave Karen the chance to make out a bit with Neal. Neal, Mason knew, was one of the few men who could kiss as well as a woman could and she could see from the heaving of Karen's massive chest that Neal was his usual talented self.

Karen was panting hard and after her little make-out session with Mason, on the verge of cumming. She moved down Neal's body and joined Mason in licking and sucking Neal's cock. Mason hadn't used the slightest bit of hyperbole, Neal was nicely built and Karen knew that once she had his cock inside of her, she'd have no problem cumming on it. While they were playing with him, Neal was far from idle, his hands were running all over their sleek torsos and he was using his fingers to play with their hair. Neal did his best to make sure he didn't favor one girl over the other, Karen was gorgeous, but Mason was his true love and he always intended to make sure she knew that.

"Do you like to ride?" Mason asked Karen, who nodded enthusiastically. "Good, because he really loves it when I ride him. Get on top of him Karen, Neal; I'm going to ride your face. You're getting double-teamed baby, what do you think of that?"

Neal really didn't get much of a chance to answer, because Karen had climbed on to his cock and was corkscrewing her firm, taut body down on top of him, her muscles already squeezing him and her face changing into a blissful expression. As for his Mason, she was moving on top of his face and now his tongue was digging into her cunt. He could barely make out Karen leaning forward to kiss Mason; their big tits mashed together, Karen's big tits rubbing sensually against Mason's. Neal could hear them kissing and making out, the two of them seemed to be really into each other and Neal was turned on by that. Both women were grinding against him, Karen's pussy was taking his cock as deep as it could go, while Mason's pussy was pressed hard against his face and he was licking for all he was worth.

Karen was really fucking; she was obviously an active partner, the kind Neal had always enjoyed. Mason was a very active, eager fucker, Karen wasn't far behind. The blonde was putting herself out there, energetically giving Neal a wild fuck. He was lucky to be in good shape, because only someone in top physical form would have the stamina to keep up with these two beautiful hellions.

Mason moved from on top of his face and then he felt Karen lifted from his cock. He saw them kiss again and now Karen was on all fours, her face buried in Mason's wine-red cunt-lips, while she wiggled her ass in his direction. Neal got the hint immediately; he grabbed Karen's hips and shoved his cock deep into her cunt. Karen howled and then her screams were hushed as Mason held her face deep against her pussy. Karen knew what she was doing; Neal could see her tongue moving all over Mason's pussy, slurping up Mason's spend. He'd never seen her so wet and the expression on her face was unlike anything he'd ever witnessed before as well, Mason seemed to be lost in sexual pleasures, almost out of it with happiness. Neal kept shagging Karen, he wasn't even sure of Mason was 100% sure of her surroundings, but he sure as hell was. Karen kept slamming back against him, letting him know she was appreciative of the hard fuck she was getting. She was a bit feistier than Mason, but the differences were enjoyable. Mason couldn't have picked a better partner for their first threesome, the fact that the girls were voluptuous, yet still somewhat difference in appearance made for a very sexy, exciting contrast.

Mason's mind came back to reality – Karen was an amazing, lusty bitch, one of the hottest she'd been with, and she could see from the way Neal was fucking her, that he agreed with her assessment. Mason always had a pretty girl or two on the side to share her bed and now was sure that Neal would be totally cool with that; she hoped that she'd be able to add Karen to that list, because this bouncy-titted slut was a smoking-hot piece of ass!

"Give it to her darling, fuck this big-titted blonde whore, she loves it, she's eating me up!" Mason cried out, encouraging Neal. He winked at her and slammed hard into Karen's pussy again, she groaned and her body arched, Mason could tell that the blonde had just cum.

Karen considerately hopped off Neal's cock; she could tell he didn't need to cum just yet. Mason moved alongside of him and he fucked her from behind, his cock moving in and out of her pussy while Karen spurred them both along by licking at the juncture of Mason's cunt and Neal's cock at the same time. With his arms wrapped around her waist as they fucked side-by-side, Neal was able to wink at Karen to let her know what a good time they were having. He could tell from experience that Mason's climax was nearing, she was making those noises and "that" face that always signaled an orgasm was imminent.

Neal had come to know his lady-love well. Mason's pussy clenched tight as it always did when she came, her body rocked a bit and then she released, her body unclenched, she screamed and her head went back. Karen didn't stop, she stroked at Neal's cock until he finished deep inside of Mason's cunt. Once he had finished cumming, Karen tapped him on the shoulder and moved into place, cleaning Mason up with an eager, seeking tongue.

"Wow," was all that Mason or Karen was able to utter for the time being. The girls were done for a little while and just lazed together in bed, snuggling close. Neal went to shower and order some Room Service. As he went into the bathroom, Mason heard him say quietly to himself "Best ... Convention ... EVER!"

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