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Emily and I have been married for a little over ten years; even after all this time, I still wonder how a plain guy like myself (though I have a decent body) managed to land such a sexy woman, when she could've have gotten any hot guy she wanted--and men still looked her over to this day. I'm sure she left many a guy with a hard-on, needing cold showers as a result.

Nevertheless, she was not only still a beauty, she's intelligent and talented in many areas

Emily is also a sexual talent; even after ten years, there still hasn't been a day or night gone by that she hadn't given my eight-inch cock a workout, draining it either with her mouth or pussy--or both.

Anyway, let me tell you about how this all began.

She'd been 21 and I 26 when we met; she'd come into the store I had just opened with the modest inheritance I had gotten from my father when he passed away. She'd been wearing a pink bikini that did little to hide those beautiful tits.

She'd come in with two surfer-type guys, but by the time Emily had gone back to the cooler, the guys were gone.

"Sorry, miss," I told her when she had brought the beer up to the counter. "I can't sell that to you without ID."

She gave me that big eyed look and leaned against the counter, giving me a better look at those beautiful melons.

"Oh come on, cutie," she purred. "Surely you know that I'm 21."

"I've got to see your ID to confirm that."

She seemed a little annoyed and handed me her ID. "Perhaps I should suck your dick while I'm at it."

"Never mind," I gave her a reassuring smile, thinking I certainly wouldn't pass up the chance of this babe sucking me off if the opportunity presented itself. "Your ID is fine."

Not that a girl like her would give me the time of day anyway, much less a blow job. I thought nothing more about the comment.

"Thank you," she said to me, eyes glowing. "You're really kind of cute in a different way. And you're a nice guy too."

"No problem. Have a good day."

She then smiled wider and gave me her number, telling me to call her. "My name's Emily."

I was totally floored at that point. This chick was HOT and she wanted ME to call her!

"It's nice to meet you, Emily. I'm Dennis."

From there on, we would date--and fuck--for over a year; she told me that even though she'd slept with other guys, I was the only one that really satisfied her, how I'd made her cum so much and so hard like no other men did.

One night, I took the risk of asking her to marry me, not expecting much.

I'd figured she had probably seen me as nothing more than easy sex, but to my delight, she squealed out a yes, telling me how much she loved me because I treated her like a woman--not just a sex toy.

We got married six months later and spent a week in Florida on our honeymoon, the sex hotter than ever.

I remember thinking at the time as much as Emily and I had had unprotected sex before and after our wedding, she'd never gotten pregnant.

But I had attributed that to sheer luck at the time. Nevertheless, since we hadn't wanted kids right away, Emily went on the pill.


It had just been the last year that Emily and I decided to start a family; my store was doing more than brisk business that she could finally quit her own job and stay home.

It was not long after our discussion that Emily had gone off her pills and we began experimenting with various sexual positions that was supposed to be vital in getting her pregnant.

We thought she had finally conceived after her period was late about a month after we'd gone at it hard and heavy on the pool table in the basement.

That was one great thing about her, she didn't just want sex in bed; she was turned on getting fucked anytime and anywhere.

But it had been a false alarm. She wasn't pregnant.

"I don't know what I'm doing wrong, Dennis," she whined. "Maybe I should get checked. Maybe I just can't have kids."

"Oh, baby," I soothed her. "Of course you can. Maybe our timing is just off."

"I don't think our timing has been off for a year," she pouted.

All the reassuring in the world didn't seem to help; Emily insisted on getting an exam. As it turned out, there was nothing wrong with her; she was perfectly fertile and there was no reason why she shouldn't get pregnant.

Meanwhile, I decided to hold up my end of the bargain and get my own swimmers checked. The day the results came in would be one of the worst days of my life.

I was sterile.

"Baby, I'm sorry," I added when I told Emily the results. "I'll give you a divorce right now so you can be with someone who can give you kids."

She looked at me as if I left my senses behind.

"Dennis, I love you. Do you honestly think I would leave you because you can't get me pregnant? Honey, there's other ways for us to have a baby."

She then rattled off things from adoption to in vitro. Adoption would be too much red tape, but the in vitro had initially interested me. I was thinking at that time, at the baby would be half our own with that procedure.

But even with my income, the cost was way out of my league, not to mention it could be painful for Emily, and I didn't want anything that would hurt my beautiful girl.

Nevertheless, I was despondent; I wanted to make my wife happy by giving her a child, but it looked as if it would never come to pass.

Until an idea hit me one night that woke me up. Why not find my wife a guy that COULD get her pregnant?

All he would have to do was give Emily a good fuck and shoot those baby makers in her; we'd be raising the kid. No responsibility on his part outside of getting naked and laid.

She was still the sexy babe she'd been at 21; we'd certainly have little or no problem finding a guy (or two....or three, or however many it took) to perform the deed.

"Are you crazy?" she asked when I suggested it to her. "You want me to fuck other men?"

"Think about it, baby. With the in vitro, you'd have another guy's cum in you anyway. Why not go about the way that feels good? And I'll be nearby."

"You mean....you'd watch me have sex with another guy?"

"As long as the guy knocks you up, hell yeah."

"I can't believe you're even thinking about this, Dennis. You know you are the only man I need."

"I know, baby. But I can't give you the child we want. And the in vitro is out of our reach. This is the only logical way."

Of course, it wasn't knowledge outside the two of us; no one even knew about me being sterile and we preferred to keep it that way. But she finally agreed to do it.

As it turned out, it didn't take me long to find the first stud for my wife.

The road outside our house had several giant potholes in it, as well as a guard rail that needed to be fixed.

Despite complaints to the city from me and our neighbors, nothing up to that point had been done.

Then a new city councilman had been elected; to my pleasure, it had been an old friend I hadn't seen in years, Kris Roth.

The guy was a welcome change from the old grunts we'd had on the council; he reassured us that the problem would be brought up at their next meeting.

At the same time, I noticed that he certainly liked what he saw when he met Emily. 5'11, about 185 on a good day and also blond, Kris wasn't a bad looking dude himself.

But being recently divorced from his wife, I would have had to presume at the time he had to be pretty horny.

Being in office, he hadn't had much time to meet women, much less get laid.

With that in mind, I had two agendas--to both get the pothole problem on the council agenda, and for Emily to get pregnant.

With a little manipulation, I figured my good old college buddy would be able to provide both.

And everyone would win; the potholes would--hopefully--finally get fixed, Emily and I would have our baby, and Kris would get a piece of ass for the first time in months.

What could be better?

After a couple of drinks one night during a catch-up session, I blurted out the question if he'd ever thought about screwing Emily.

"Come on, dude, be honest," I added laughingly. "I see how you look at her when you come over to the house."

"Um....yeah...a few times, I guess," he finally stammered, figuring I was going to kick his ass.

Far from it; I was ready to pop the next question.

"So you want to come back to the house and do her?" I pressed. "She's pretty hot in the sack. You'll love it. And even you said you haven't had any pussy since you got divorced."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" he asked, both amazed and interested at the same time.

"I'm offering you a chance to get fucked in who knows how long and you're questioning it?" I asked back.

"Jesus, you are serious."

"Yep. But there is one stipulation. I get to watch."

"You want to watch me fuck your wife? You're not going to..."

"No. You fuck her, I'm just watching."

"You're nuts. But what the hell."

We'd then gotten back to the house after I made a call to Emily that I had found a guy for her. When I told her who it was, she was hesitant at first, but when I told her my agenda for it, she changed her mind.

Plus she confessed she'd eyed his bulge a few times and it had piqued her interest. Now she was upstairs, naked and waiting for the fun to begin.

I'd pulled off my T shirt, but kept my shorts on, sitting in a corner while Emily helped Kris strip off his clothes.

Now totally naked, Kris lay back on the bed while Emily moved down between his legs and wrapped her lips tightly around his cock, taking it down in one gulp, and began to suck him as if her life depended on it.

Her tongue danced over his throbbing erection as she lavished attention on Kris' manhood.

Emily had sucked his cock for a few minutes before she changed position, lowering her cunt over his mouth, grinding it down onto his face.

She then resumed working sexily up and down Kris' rock-hard shaft, flicking her tongue over the head. Kris spread her pussy lips with his fingers and buried his tongue into her as far as it would go.

Kris was alternating sliding his tongue over her clit and fucking her with his tongue while she took down most of his cock, before she suddenly popped his dick out of her mouth and got off of him.

"Fuck me," she said. "Fuck me, Kris. I want that big cock inside me now."

I love a woman who takes charge, and my own cock was rising to the occasion as Emily ordered him to fuck her, just as she had several times to me during sex.

Within seconds, she was now straddling him, guiding Kris' cock into her hot cunt.

As I stroked my own cock inside my shorts while watching the action unfold before my eyes of my wife with another guy, Kris started fucking her, with slow hard strokes, moving out so the head of his pole was just inside her opening.

Then with one swift movement, he rammed it into her so the entire length was buried in her.

She rode his dick hard for several minutes, his upward thrusts meeting hers, before she stopped. He then rolled her over, all the while not letting her pussy slide off his cock.

Then he began fucking her again, both panting and grunting as the bed bounced in time with their thrusts and Emily's head just barely missing the headboard as Kris pounded her pussy hard and deep.

"God, Kris, that's it...fuck me," Emily said. "I love having your big cock in me. You like getting this pussy, don't you? Yessss, fuck me harder, give it all to me...fuck me like a dirty slut...."

Meanwhile, my own cock was quivering while I had stroked it in time with their fucking.

I didn't realize until now that watching another guy fuck my hot wife was such a turn on, even if it was only to try to get her pregnant--and those damn potholes fixed.

"Fuck yesssss," she hissed, "Ram that cock into me, Kris! Give me all you got!"

I then saw the look on his face; it was easily recognizable that he was ready to cum at any moment.

"Fuck, baby," Kris panted, confirming my thought. "I'm going to cum...."

"Shoot it in her," I said. "I want to watch you cum in her."

"Yes," Emily breathed. "Fill my pussy. Cum in me, Kris. I want to feel you cum in me."

They both came simultaneously, her cunt milking Kris' cock for all it was worth while he shot endless loads of his seed into her.

He pulled her up to him, sucking her breasts eagerly, prolonging her final orgasm.

Once he'd finished with her and pulled out, I went over to the bed, jerking down my shorts.

I could feel my own orgasm fast approaching as I continued to stroke, aiming my cock toward Emily's mouth.

"Suck me off, baby," I told her. "You turned me on so much fucking him."

While Kris watched, wide eyed, Emily gulped down my cock and wasted no time orally servicing me, instantly triggering my climax within minutes.

Streams of my cum then shot into her mouth, Emily not missing a drop while she happily drank it down as she had several times before.

Once the last drop left my cock, I pulled out of her mouth.

"So what did you think?" I asked Kris. "is she a hot fuck or what?"

"Let's just say it was the best sex I ever had," Kris grinned, then addressed Emily. "And you sucking Denny here off was pretty hot too."

He then got up and began to put on his clothes. "I hate to fuck and leave, but I got a meeting in an hour. I'll see about that pothole problem."

Once we'd all gotten dressed, Emily and I showed him to the door, thanking him for everything. Now it was hoping she had conceived.


The potholes and the guardrail were finally getting fixed. Good old Kris had indeed kept his word. Emily had laughed and commented on how it was amazing what could be accomplished by screwing the right people.

I laughed and agreed with her, teasing her and saying that we should have thought of having our new councilman over for a bit of adult fun ages ago.

Anyway, two weeks after Kris and Emily had fucked each other's brains out in front of me, a construction crew had arrived to begin fixing the things.

It had been one afternoon that really stood out.

Emily had inadvertently found her second stud in the form of a twenty two year old construction worker on the pothole fixing crew.

He was a guy who was six feet tall, dark and in pretty good shape. I could see now why Emily found him fuckable.

I caught her eyeing him up and often teased her about it.

The afternoon in question had been hot; Emily had on a cut off T shirt without a bra underneath, and short shorts without panties or even a thong.

I'd gone out for a bit to run some errands, and when I had come back, I came in through the back door and heard Emily talking to someone.

Though neither of them saw me, I could see she was talking to the young construction guy.

Slipping into the large pantry before either could spy me, I wanted to see where this would all go.

Being we weren't sure if Kris had gotten Emily pregnant or not, I secretly hoped to find another suitable "sperm donor" for her.

And this day, Emily did not disappoint.

He looked right up at the bottom of Emily's boobs that peeked out of the bottom of her T shirt as she reached up to get a glass to offer him a drink .

She caught him eyeing her tits and she smiled, letting them show a little more, deliberately, so he would have a good view of those magnificent, natural, 38C melons.

I think he took the hint, because after he finished the drink Emily had given him, he asked where he should put the glass.

"Just set it on the counter," she told him. "Do you need anything else?"

"No, thanks..." he said, not in any hurry to go back to work.

"Are you sure?" she asked, then pulling off her T shirt, her bare breasts on display for both of us.

My dick immediately rose to attention, and from what I could see, Mr. Young Stud was also getting a tent in his own pants.

At first he just stared at her, amazed that a total stranger would get topless for him, then came closer and cupped a breast and leaned into her body.

He then kissed her hard, raping her mouth with his tongue while pulling off her shorts and then shoving her back on the table.

The guy then climbed right up, grinding into her as he kissed Emily's neck and rubbed her tits.

While he sucked on her tits and rubbed against her, I saw her reach down and unzip his pants and pushed them down as far as she could, freeing his cock, before he pulled them the rest of the way down to his ankles.

When it sprang out, he was rock hard and ready to go. The guy had to be a good nine inches stiff, and Emily eyed it in appreciation.

He then had a look at Emily's bare pussy before he started rubbing it as she humped against his hand, then he leaned in and pushed the head of his cock into her opening.

"Fuck me. Put your cock in me right here, right now."

"Oh, baby, I'll give you a good fuck right on this table," he said.

I was so turned on by the fact that my wife was totally naked and these two were about to put on another show in front of me.

Only this stud had no idea I was watching him fuck my wife.

I began stroking my own cock as I saw Mr. Big Cock push his length inside of Emily in one hard, fast motion.

He was really into fucking her right there on the kitchen table as he slammed in and out of her.

"Shit, baby," he panted. "You've got the hottest cunt."

Emily spread her legs into the air and he repeatedly shoved his cock in and out of her until she screamed in orgasm.

"God, fuck me!" she cried. He wasn't missing a stroke.

He then thrust his hips into Emily's, continuing to pound her pussy. His grunts and sighs grew louder he plunged in and out of her.

Emily moaned as he kept relentlessly ramming into her, going into her second orgasm. There was no question she was enjoying his generously endowed tool fucking her as much as she had loved Kris' dick. Maybe more.

Finally, I heard him cry out, "I'm cumming inside you, you beautiful bitch."

As the younger stud filled my wife's pussy with his seed, I realized I too had shot off, my own jizz over the place.

After he had given a few more thrusts, his cock finally drained of cum, he pulled out of Emily's pussy and jerked up his pants, zipping them as she got off the table and threw her own clothes back on.

"Thanks, baby," he said with a satisfied smile. "I guess that's all I'll be needing."

Once he'd gone, I came out of the pantry, still naked and covered in my own cum.

"My God, Dennis, you actually saw all that?!" she asked incredulously, eyeing my cum-soaked groin.

I grabbed the rag to clean up the mess I'd made when I shot off.

"Of course, baby; I told you I'd be nearby. And you certainly enjoyed yourself."

"Well, you could have at least held it longer and let me suck you off again," she scolded.

"Maybe you can do that tonight, baby," I said. "Now it's just waiting to see if we got a kid out of you having that good time."

I then went back into the pantry, cleaning up the mess and then heading into the shower.


Eight weeks later, Emily had just given my cock another good ride before I exploded inside of her.

She hadn't fucked any other men since doing both Kris and the construction kid within two weeks of each other.

I remember thinking about what other guy would be good to be yet another stud for her when Emily had then climbed off of my cock and gave me the news that she was pregnant.

Question was, which of the two guys managed to do it?

Seven months later, we got our answer when Ashley was born; she was as dark haired as the guy that Emily had had sex with on our kitchen table.

Though the construction stud may have been her birth father, she could have easily passed for being my own kid, and Emily and I would raise her as such.

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