tagBDSMA Sub of All Kinks Ch. 06

A Sub of All Kinks Ch. 06


Taking his hand, Kisha walks over to a chair, sits down on the edge of it and pulls Jason down across her lap. She tugs his boxers down and studies the red imprint of her first smack.

Grinning, she began spanking him lightly at first but then harder. She watched in satisfaction as his butt turned red. Jason moaned with each slap from his Mistress once she bent him over her knee. "Mmmm thank you Mistress."

As Kisha spanked harder and harder, making Jason's ass cheeks glow, his cock began to grow hard, pleasure shocking through his body. Kisha could feel his cock against her leg and she gave her sub a knowing look. He was very easy to tease, please and fuck.

She stopped spanking and rubbed her hand all over his butt, feeling the heat from the licks and the start of bruising. A long low moan emitted from Jason's lips as Kisha began stroking his fiery coloured and slightly bruised ass. "Ahhh Mistress, you are so amazing at this."

"You think so? What would you like to do today, my little boy toy?" Jason looked over his shoulder to his Mistress and blushed, feeling a little uneasy about reminding her of their date. "Aren't we supposed to be going to the amusement park Mistress?"

A Sparkle of hope was in Jason's eyes, one that had not been in it since long ago, one of almost an innocent youth. Kisha ran her fingers through his hair. "Hmm, that is right. We do have a date. Go get changed and we'll go."

Jason purred gently as Kisha ran her fingers through his long dark locks. "Mm what would you like me to wear Mistress?"

"We don't want to scare people but you can still wear clothing that allows me access to your cock and your ass hole." Jason smiled eagerly and nodded, an idea forming in his head, "The shorts with a zip for each Mistress?"

Kisha caressed his ass again and gave it a playful slap. "That will do nicely. Right now I want you to get up and go get your clothes and bring them back here to the living room. There are a few more accessories you will be wearing." Jason slowly stood up and nodded before obediently doing as his Mistress instructed, collecting the shorts and a think T-shirt, matching colour for the shorts.

While Jason was gone, Kisha went and picked up some nipple clamps, a wireless vibrating cock ring with anal beads and her own outfit of a skin tight tube top and a black leather skirt with crotch less panties beneath. She put on her low heeled stiletto heels and let her hair flow free.

Jason had brought dark trainers to match the deep colour of the shorts and t-shirt, ankle socks to go with them. Jason gently placed the items down on the edge of the sofa and waited for his Mistress' instructions.

She motioned him over to her even as she lubed up the anal beads. "Bend over, touch your toes. Time to get your toys in." Jason nodded and smiled excitedly as he eyed the toys and asked as he bent over. "The extra large Mistress?" Jason's ass cheeks parted as he bent over, exposing his puckered rear hole.

"Always," Kisha told him as she began inserting the beads. His well loved asshole could handle up to seven beads. Once those were in, she stretched the elastic band which fastened around the cock ring, trough his legs and then held it there. They wouldn't put the ring on until he got hard. She was carrying lube for that moment.

"Leave your boxers and put the shorts on." A long loud moan escaped Jason's lips as he felt his ass filled full of the beads, stretching him nicely. Jason felt Kisha slip the elastic band through his legs and nodded at her instructions, beginning to slide the short up his muscular legs, the daily exercise routines having a very good effect on him.

As his legs moved, so did the beads in his ass, eliciting another moan from him. Slowly his cock began to harden, the feel of the silky leather shorts heightening his pleasure. Kisha caressed his cock and then slid the ring down it.

Jason took a long, slow, deep breath as he felt the tight ring slide down the length of his thick cock. Jason stood still and did not move, allowing his Mistress to do as she pleased. Kisha smiled once the cock ring was on him. "Put your shorts on and let's go." Jason nodded and slowly pulled his shorts all the way up, his hard cock bulging down the side of the long short leg, almost reaching his knee.

When Jason was fully dressed he stood ready and followed his mistress when she began walking towards the door. "We'll leave the leash but you will not leave my side unless told to do so. Understood?"

"Yes Mistress, I will not stray a foot from you." Jason stood at ease with his hands behind his back, still smiling from his revenge session with Byron. The ride to the amusement park took forty-five minutes. Kisha used that time to turn the vibrating cock ring on low and then off and then low and then off again just to tease her sub.

Jason bit his lip each time the cock ring buzzed quietly into life, causing his entire cock to vibrate. Jason gripped the arm rest tightly as they neared the amusement park, his breathing beginning to get harder.

"Sounds like someone's have fun," Kisha purred as she pulled into a parking space and turned off the car. "You will not cum. If even one drop escapes you, you will be punished." Jason gave a brief look of pleading before looking down and speaking softly. "Of course mistress, I will not allow a drop to spill."

"Good boy, time to have some fun." Kisha slid from the car and blew a kiss at two guys who were gawking at her and Jason.

Jason took a breath to calm his arousal before sliding out of the car. As his eyes met the two men's, he glared and a quiet growl emitted from his lips.

His firm toned muscles glinted in the bright sunlight as sweat rolled down his beefy biceps. As Jason closed the car door he tensed his back muscles a little, the leather shirt creaking ominously, as if his muscles were about to burst out.

Kisha hid her smirk. She loved it when Jason got territorial. She made sure to slow rub her hands up his biceps and give the other men an "oh well" look before taking Jason's hand and walking to the gate entrance. Jason's eyes slid to half slits a moment and he let out a low breath like a Rottweiler being petted by it's master. Or in this case, it's mistress.

Jason gently took Kisha's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze before following her towards the gate. He hesitated however as a fleeting thought crossed his mind. He shook the thought off, keeping I a secret and locking it away in the back of his mind. Kisha would never say yes to it. He was only one sub of many. She wouldn't want to be bonded to him in the way he was thinking.

Kisha paid the admission fee and walked inside. The crowds were not as large and that was fine by her. She would take him to the other end of the park first were there would be even less people and more room to play.

They got on to the trolley train that would take them to the far end of the park. Kisha watched the people walking by. "What was the hesitation for?" Jason tensed a little and looked away to the other side of the train, speaking softly. "It was nothing Mistress, merely a foolish fleeting thought that you would disapprove of had I let it come to fruition."

"You presume to know what I would approve and disapprove of? Have you still learned nothing from me, Jason?" Jason was quiet a moment and knew he had to improvise and so played on something his Mistress had previously scalded him for. "It was a thought of beating those men down for simply looking at you. Something you have scalded me for, when it first happened and I almost did what my thoughts tempted me to do."

Kisha frowned. "You need to have self-control Jason. Flying off the handle solves nothing," she reminded him. Kisha had a feeling he wasn't being truthful but this once she decided not to pry. The train stopped and they disembarked. She pointed to the backward riding roller coaster. "Shall we?"

Jason smiled in relief as he eyed the backward riding roller coaster and nodded. "That would be fun mistress, a very good choice, thank you." Kisha and Jason were two of ten people who were waiting in line for the ride. They were loaded on five minutes later and strapped in. Kisha grinned and turned the anal beads on low.

Jason gasped softly as he felt the beads suddenly jump into life and moaned softly. His hands gripped the bar tightly and glanced at his mistress with a playful smile, sliding his hand down to grip Kisha's.

Kisha held his hand and then the ride was moving. She grinned and then screamed happily along with the rest as it twisted and turned and did loops before bringing them back to the loading platform. She turned off the beads as they waited for their section of the car to be released.

Jason was breathing hard once more, his pulse racing like an Arabian stallion on the desert plains. Closing his eyes as the train can to the platform Jason realised he was gripping Kisha's hand tightly and it felt...good?

To someone watching Jason closely they would have seen the briefest glimmer of puzzlement cross his face as he processed this thought. Kisha turned at that moment, caught the look and wondered. It was almost the same as the one in the parking lot. "If you're not having fun, say so."

Jason immediately snapped out of whatever day dream he had drifted into, a smile of joy forming on his face. "Oh no Mistress. I am having lots of fun." Softly Jason smiled at his Mistress. "I'm grateful you have granted me this trip today."

Kisha was getting concerned. He was being even more mushy than usual. They rode three more rides before she called a mini break and took him toward a park bench that was fairly secluded.

Jason's arousal had grown significantly with each ride that they had used, his mind fogging with lust. But also with another feeling at the back of his mind, something that refused to go away and always popped up when he least expected it.

Kisha pushed him back on to the bench and sat down on him so that her back was to him. "Unzip your pants and let your cock tease my pussy," she ordered. Jason took a sharp breath as Kisha sat on his lap and ordered him to unzip. Glancing around a moment Jason slid his hands down to the zipper and opened up his shorts, carefully fishing out his long thick erection, letting it rest upon his mistress' moist, glistening pussy lips.

"Mm, you are doing well, no cum. For being good so far, you can take a quick dip, only four strokes and then put your cock back in your pants." Jason whispered as he lined his cock up with his mistress' lips. "Ohhh yes Mistress, thank you." Jason slowly lifted his hips a little, letting the head of his cock slide into Kisha's wet depths. Gently and slowly Jason took his time with his four, long deep strokes, having to use most of his will power to resist doing more.

"Mm, oh yeah," Kisha moaned. He was the best sub she had ever worked with. "Good boy," she told him when she heard him put his cock up and zip his shorts. She got off his lap and stood, "Let's go ride some more rides."

Jason bit his bottom lip softly and closed his eyes a moment as his Mistress acknowledged his good behaviour, the puzzled looked fleeting over his face once more briefly.

Quietly Jason spoke. "Yes Mistress, thank you. Which one shall we ride?" Jason's face was bright and calm, although his thundering excitement was evident beneath the surface.

Kisha decided she was going to force the issue when they got back to the house but today was to be a day of fun, not depression. She pointed to the ride. "I heard they take you to the top, dangle you, and then drop you. Sounds like a good rush to me."

Jason's face lit up as his eyes scoured the ride. "Oh yes Mistress. It sounds great." Jason grinned and subconsciously let his hand slide into Kisha's as they began walking towards the ride.

Kisha liked the feel of his hand in hers. She had been domme to many subs and some slaves but never had she felt for one that she felt for Jason. Wild Jason who had been so hard to tame but who had turned out to be the most responsive of them all.

As Jason neared the ride it occurred to him that he had not asked permission to take Kisha's hand. How could he possibly have forgotten such a basic rule. Quickly he released his hand from her and lowered his eyes. "Forgive me Mistress."

"It is alright, Jason. I do allow spontaneity." She slid her hand back into his. "Besides, don't you think I would have said something when you first did it?"

Jason visibly blushed in the bright sunlight, a gentle smile forming on his face as yet again, the strange feeling entered is mind. Jason shook it off and gently squeezed Kisha's hand. "Thank you mistress. We should move quickly before the line builds up again."

Grinning she half ran, half dragged him as they got in line and managed to snag the last two seats. Jason almost giggled as Kisha half dragged him into the last two places as they barely made it. "Just made it." Jason's face was filled with joy, taking long deep breathes as he was pressed close to Kisha, his erection sending chills through his body.

"Remember, no cumming," she reminded him as they were strapped in and the seats slowly rose to the top. Jason nodded and took a calming breath. "I will try my best Mistress but, our...activities a few minutes ago brought me dangerously close."

"I know and your control was admirable my sexy boy toy," Kisha purred as the seats clicked into place and she looked out across the skyline. They had an absolutely awesome view of the city. "Sweet," she whispered.

Jason gently brought Kisha's fingers to his lips, a slight trace of his juices still able to be tasted there. "As sugar," A playful smiled crossed across his lips as he gently licked around his mistress' finger tip like he did her clit.

Kisha sucked in a breath. "Naughty," she whispered and then the seats dropped and they hurtled toward the ground. Kisha screamed happily with the rest and then suddenly the seat stopped and was lowered the last few feet to the ground. "Whew! What a rush!"

Jason screamed along with his mistress, a long low scream of gut wrenching pleasure, causing his toes to curl tightly and his fists to clench so tight they began to turn white. They were released from their seats last and Kisha wobbled and then fell against Jason. Her legs felt like rubber.

Jason slowly climbed out and caught Kisha as she fell against him, putting pressure on his already throbbing and pulsing erection. Jason tensed all over speaking softly. "oh gooooddss..." Jason was breathing hard, trying his best to keep from cumming, however his efforts could not stop a stray drop from spilling from his tip.

Kisha stroked his face but then gave him a look. "I find that I'm thirsty and hungry, let's get some food and sit down. She was going to check to see if he had cum yet. Jason, panting now, nodded slowly as he gradually began to calm. "That sounds like a good idea mistress, I think we both need to sit down and check our selves..."

Kisha grinned and went to one of the hot dog vendor booths and ordered hot dogs, fries and drinks. Jason stepped from his Mistress' side a moment and sat down gently onto a bench and for a brief moment, put his face in his hands to hide his expression till he could compose himself.

Kisha returned with the food and handed him his. "Did you cum?" she asked bluntly and took a bite of her hot dog. Jason sat up, the expression that had fleeted across his face many times today once more visible for the briefest of moments. Jason looked down at the ground as he took the hot dog. "I must regretfully admit that when you fell onto me mistress, I was unable to prevent a drop from seeping out." Jason took a well appreciated bite out of his hot dog.

"Ah but it was not intentional. You were doing fine until I bumped into you? Yes?" Jason nodded to his Mistress and swallowed. "Yes Mistress Kisha, till that point I was in control."

"Hmm, I suppose I shall not punish you." She stroked his face and then ate a hot dog. Jason gently nuzzled against Kisha's hand a moment before blinking and realised he'd never done that before. Slowly Jason drew his head back and finished his hot dog.

Kisha was baffled by Jason's sudden affectionate nature. She was used to his rougher ways and the fact he suddenly was acting, well gentle, was intriguing. Jason looked away for a moment, trying to force the thoughts down that had clouded his mind this day. Pink, fuzzy thoughts that he had never felt before.

Clearing his throat Jason put on what he hoped was a dark expression but turned out to be an odd mixture of happiness and his attempt at darkness. "Mistress, may I have some cash to purchase a soda?"

Kisha took some money out of her bra and handed it to him, making sure to run her manicured nails down his arm to his hand and laying the money in his palm. Jason's eyes watched Kisha's hand slide into her bra and bring out the money.

Jason shivered as Kisha's nails slide across his skin, once more the puzzled expression coming across his face, but this time there was an underlying tone of annoyance. These fuzzy thoughts were starting to get on his nerves, popping up every time his Mistress touched him. He wasn't supposed to have fuzzy thoughts. He was supposed to be a wild tiger, a ball of burning hot rage and raw fury. But somehow, his rage could never last very long when it came to his Mistress. Beautiful Kisha, looking like a goddess every day and taking him under her way, closer each time.

Kisha watched him get the soda and puzzled over the day's events. Something was bothering her sub. She looked at her watch. Maybe one more hour of rides then it was going to be time to go home and find out what was bothering him.

Jason walked over to the soda stand and looked over the list of drinks before picking out something both he and his mistress would like. Jason clutched his change tight into his fists as he carefully carried the drink over to his mistress.

Slowly Jason sat down and took a long pull of the soda to quench his thirst before offering it to his Mistress.

"No thank you. I think one more hour then we shall go home," Kisha said, waving off the drink. Jason nodded and smiled softly as his finished off the drink, unable to find the will to look at anything other than his Mistress. "Yes Mistress, Thank you..." Jason's tone was almost one of a dreamy state, however he quickly noticed and cleared his throat in an attempt to be rid of it.

Kisha was beginning to wonder if he was getting sick. "Let's go," she said as she threw her garbage in the trash can, stretch so that her skirt rose a little ways up. Jason bit his bottom lips softly again as he stared at the flesh the skirt exposed when it rose up. Shaking his head a little Jason nodded and finished his soda before tossing it in the trash. "Of course Mistress." Jason stood up and stuck close to his Mistress, much closer than his usual distance when out in public. The reasons being, that on occasion his Mistress would tease other men and liked to have enough time to stop Jason should he become actively territorial.

They rode six more rides before Kisha finally called a halt to the day's fun. As they were heading out the exit gate, the two men from the parking lot started making catcalls at Kisha and offering some suggestions on what she should be riding.

Jason obediently followed his mistress towards the gate. When the cat calls entered his mind he froze. His muscles tensing with the days pent up frustrations and the new agitation that was presenting itself. Jason's eyes narrowed as the leather of his clothes creaked under the strain and slowly turned. Time seemed to slow down for Jason as his temperament snapped and broke into a run towards the two men, determined to do some damage today.

Kisha felt rather than saw him move. "Jason!" she snapped but even as she called his name, she knew it was a lost cause for she had seen his face and knew his temper had just hit.

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