tagErotic CouplingsA Summer Interlude

A Summer Interlude


I hadn't intended a follow up on my last story, "The School Fete", but the way it ended seemed to suggest a further adventure. In that story, Julie and her friend Marina, had been ambushed by senior students in their son's school. You may want to read that story first.


Julie's life had returned to normality after the unfortunate episode at the School Fete. There seemed to have been no repercussions at home or at school. Her husband had not noticed anything and despite real worry, she had delivered her son to school on Monday morning and nothing had been said, nor had she noticed any odd looks from other mothers, or staff. The only problem remaining, was some soreness in, shall we say, the pelvic area, not surprising after what she had been put through. She was back to the routine of housework, shopping, gardening and the school run. Julie had spoken to Marina and thankfully, there seemed to be no awkwardness or blame from her friend. That was very important, she valued Marina's friendship very highly. The two women were so similar in their outlook, sense of humour and fun, it seemed natural to be best of friends and she didn't want to lose that.

There remained one problem, or should that be decision, to make. That was the brief note given to her by James, one of her "partners" that evening. It shouldn't even be a problem, the only sane decision, was to throw it away, anything else put all she valued at risk. But and how often is there a but, he fascinated her. A thirty two year old women, fascinated by an eighteen year old schoolboy, how pitiful. He was confident and self possessed like few adults she had met, plus he had superb sexual technique. Julie couldn't get the memory of their encounter out of her mind. How could an eighteen year old be so skilled and aware of a woman's needs?

Several times she took the piece of paper out of her purse, several times put it away again. Once she screwed it up and threw it in the rubbish, only to retrieve it later. Finally, she rationalised her decision to call, by telling herself she needed to check whether her secret was still safe. The next problem was when to call, she decided just after school, when she had collected Josh, her son.

Finally, Julie called the number, her hands actually shaking with fear. There was an answer after a few rings,

"Hello, is that James Wilkes...good, this is Julie Franklin, you know, from the weekend."

"Hi Mrs Franklin.."

"Please call me Julie, under the circumstances, Mrs Franklin is a bit formal."

"You're quite right, Julie it is. I have to ask first, how are you? We put you both through a terrible experience and you must believe that we all regret it terribly. I would like to apologise on everyone's behalf. Seriously, I hope you are feeling a bit better."

He replied, sounding genuinely concerned, she had to admit, but so, so in control.

"This is very delicate, but whilst we all do regret it, the whole afternoon was unbelievably, well, just unbelievable. I'll remember it all my life. Before you ask, we all had a discussion after you left and everyone was very down about how badly they had behaved, really. Since then, nothing has been said between us and not a word with anyone who wasn't there, not a word and we all agreed it would never be mentioned again. I hope you're reassured by that?" James finished.

"Yes you're right, that was mainly why I called and thanks for that. Marina and I share the blame, we shouldn't have accepted you're offer to have a warm bath and dry our clothes after the storm, it was totally inappropriate." Julie finished, leaving the conversation open. James picked up on the opening.

"You said that was mainly why you called, was there something else I can help you with?"

It was now or never and Julie started shaking again, a slight tremor in her voice as she replied.

"Well, I just wonder if it might be a good idea to meet and talk through what happened, maybe have a picnic, whatever?" It sounded pretty lame and she wasn't sure what response she wanted, his ringing off would be the simplest.

Yet again, he was so sharp and confident in his response.

"Yes, that's an excellent idea, a talk may help us both, the picnic would be a break from school food and "Whatever", sounds fascinating."

Watch it buster, she thought, you can be a tad to confident and smooth, for your own good. She let it pass though and they set next Wednesday afternoon at 12 midday, as long as she could arrange care for josh's Sister.

"How should I collect you, coming to school is to risky? You won't wear uniform will you, that would be to weird?" Julie finished, hoping to end the conversation quickly and think about what she had just done.

They settled on a small country road a half a mile behind the School and she asked one last question,

"Can you have a beer, I am not sure what the rules are? Oh and I'm sure you won't mention to anyone what you're doing?"

"Of course I won't and compared with what else I've been up to, a beer is well, small beer."

"If you have to cancel, I'll understand, you have my mobile number now to phone me, bye." She finished.

"I'll be there, I wouldn't miss it, bye," James finished and they both rang off.

Julie sat in her sitting room, clutching her phone, shaking more than ever. You stupid, stupid bitch, she thought to herself. Nevertheless she started making the arrangements, before cold feet set in. First she thought of where to go. She remembered a lovely quiet wood about fifteen miles from the School, with a cool stream running through it. That would be perfect, they wouldn't be disturbed. Why did it matter if they were disturbed having a picnic? Julie didn't want to admit what she really hoped might happen. Next she phoned a friend about looking after little Sophie.

She put next week out of her mind and returned to the daily chores. The days went by and next Wednesday started perfectly, a warm, early Summer English day seemed to be on the cards. When Josh and her husband Jim, were off at School and work, Julie set her young daughter in front of her favourite blank paper and crayons and started on the picnic. That included a couple of cold beers for James and a small bottle of white wine for her. She was driving, but needed something to calm her nerves.

Next, she picked up her daughter and took her up to the bathroom, whilst she soaked in the bath. When Julie got out, she examined herself in the mirror, not bad she had to admit. Shoulder length dark blond hair, an even, pretty face, then large firm breasts, needing no support. Her gaze moved down to a nearly flat stomach with neatly trimmed pubic hair. Below that her hips swelled out and down into long well shaped legs. Next she turned round to check her full but firm buttocks, no hint of sagging there either. Yes, definitely a body that any man or boy might desire. She knew that anyway, all her life she had accepted men's eyes following her, at school, university and then at work. There had been so many offers and she was ashamed to admit she had accepted to many. Julie had always loved sex and she had experienced a lot, before she met Jim, not since though, that is, until last week. That time a few days ago at school, had not been the only time in her life, that she had taken multiple partners.

She broke her train of thought and went to dress. Pretty, but not sexy, on the outside at least, was her plan. She put on a simple, but very small, white half cup bra and pants. Her large nipples showed clearly through the bra. Julie had considered suspenders and stockings, but that was to obvious and stockings weren't right for a picnic. She had already decided not to invite any flirting by James. He would have to take the lead, she had some pride. Finally she put on a respectable Summer Cotton dress, similar to the one she had worn at the Fete, flat white shoes and she was ready.

Julie loaded up the car with the picnic, a rug to sit on, a towel and sun tan lotion. Finally she put her daughter in the car seat and drove her to the friend looking after her for the afternoon. When that was done, there was nothing else to do, but drive to the rendezvous. She thought for a moment, then drove off, committed at last.

Julie found the road and then James standing by it, dressed in jeans and a white tee shirt. She got out, checking the surroundings carefully, whilst he moved to kiss her on the cheek. She pushed him away.

"Don't worry, I checked carefully, there is no one around," James said.

She ignored him and got in, driving off as soon as he was in the car. They both felt shy and lost for words, out of their depth. They chatted inconsequentially as Julie drove, to cover their embarrassment. When they arrived at the wood, they were both relieved that no other cars were parked, they seemed to be alone.

The wood really was beautiful, with new leaves on the trees and the remains of Bluebells and Crocuses on the ground. Gathering up the picnic, they moved off in silence, walking between sun and shade through the trees. A light breeze rustled the leaves above them. The only other noise was occasional birdsong. James carried the Picnic and rug, walking slightly behind Julie, entranced by what he saw. Her dress was chaste, but also thin, it didn't hide the shape of her ass or long legs at all. When she turned and smiled, checking his progress, her breasts were in silhouette, with the sun shining through the dress, almost as if she was naked. He hadn't planned what he wanted to happen this afternoon, but at that moment he knew he needed to have her again, at any cost.

They finally arrived at the stream and found a small clearing by it, where they set down the picnic.

"Are you hungry yet?" Julie asked.

"No, lets cool our feet in the water for a while. Is it OK to take my Jeans off, I'm quite decent?" James asked and after a brief pause Julie nodded.

So they sat and paddled a while, talking about nothing in particular. It was all quite delightful, particularly the view. James thought of nothing, but how to get Julie out of her dress.

After a spell, Julie turned to the picnic, getting out the salad quiche and sandwiches. All Jamie could concentrate on was her ass bending over the basket. He put his hand on the back of her calf as he reached for his plate and a beer. Both of them felt the touch like an electric shock.

"This really is very good Julie, did you make the quiche yourself, it's delicious?"

They both settled down to eat, but were to tense to eat much.

"Would you mind if I take my tee shirt off to catch some sun?"

Julie raised an eyebrow, but said nothing, so he took it off and lay down. After a short while, he asked innocently,

"You could sunbathe yourself you know."

"Someone may see," She whispered.

James got up and looked around carefully. He didn't see the lone man with a camera fifteen yards away. He had hidden himself carefully and made sure the camera lens didn't catch the sun.

"No one," James said.

Julie said nothing, but moved around putting the picnic away. Then was silence apart from a slight rustling, he didn't look around immediately. When he did, she was lying down on her stomach in the minimal underwear. Now wearing dark glasses, he couldn't see her eyes.

"Would you like me to put sun lotion on your back, or you'll burn?" She asked quietly and he nodded,


She sat up and as much as he tried, he had to look at her. Her cleavage was deeply shadowed and one nipple had escaped the bra. Sitting on her feet, he couldn't see her pants. She sat astride him and started oiling his back, massaging it into his skin, he couldn't help a groan. Then she moved down to oil the back of his legs. Still astride him, she slapped his buttocks and he turned over. Still silent, leaning over him, her breasts were accentuated rather than covered and the gusset of her pants were already wet and drawn between her labia. She couldn't fail to notice his large erection now, but she ignored it as she worked on his chest and arms. Then she moved lower and removed his boxers, her tits just touching his erection as she did so; he shivered slightly. She put the lotion on his cock, but didn't masturbate him. It was as impressive as she remembered, thick, hard and nearly nine inches.

Finally she gave him the bottle and lay down on her stomach. The silent watcher, got up carefully to get a better view and camera shot. Jamie straddled her and undid her bra strap, before applying the lotion to her back. When he finished her back and arms, he slowly drew down her pants and oiled her ass carefully, but not straying between her legs. he gently lay his erection in the crease of her buttocks, before moving down to her legs. It was Julie's turn to groan at the touch.

When Jamie had finished her back, she turned over, unbidden and lay back naked, her legs slightly apart, not trying to cover herself. He wanted to be subtle, but had to go straight for those tits. He gently massaged and squeezed them with the lotion, pushing them together and gentle rubbing her nipples with his thumbs. She started to flush slightly and whimper, when he left her tits to move down her abdomen, then to her legs. She sat up slightly and put her hands on his buttocks, pulling him forward and down, to her tits. His cock came to rest in her cleavage and she pushed her tits together hard, so it was enveloped.

Jamie started to slowly tit fuck her, staring at her hidden eyes behind the dark glasses. They could have heard the camera shutter, but were to engrossed in each other. As his cock appeared with each thrust, she licked the tip, sometimes it entered her mouth briefly. He didn't want to finish this way, so reluctantly withdrew. He moved down astride her legs, then gently between them pushing her thighs apart. Putting both hands under buttocks, he lifted her ass up, she helped him, hooking her legs over his shoulder. Bending down, he licked up her vagina to her clitoris several times, applying pressure. then he forced his tongue in as deep as it would go, shaking his head from side to side. Julie's legs gave a little as she whimpered again, trying to reach up and hold his head tight against her, this was heavenly. Next his tongue moved up to find her clit. Almost as soon as he touched it, she groaned and started to spasm. His face was bathed in a gentle gush of fluid. He carefully let her legs down and stroked her damp hair to soothe her.

"Please just do it," she whispered, ashamed at what she was asking.

Jamie pushed gently between her thighs and lowered himself, so his cock lay between her labia against her clitoris, applying pressure.

"No please, no more, please," she said as she pushed her hands between them, to help him enter her. He relented and slowly pushed in and set up a slow rhythm, forcing maximum penetration with each thrust.

"Yes that's right, that's perfect," Julie gave a quiet running commentary, then bit her lip and groaned. With each thrust, her body shook with the force of it, her tits shaking. He bent his head down and licked and suckled at each nipple, then rubbed his face over and around her oiled breasts, as she held him against her.

The hidden watcher became bolder stepping out from cover and moving round for new camera angles. The two lovers were in their own bubble, insensible to anything or anyone else.

"I'm sorry, I can't hold, I can't stop," Jamie said between gritted teeth.

Julie pulled his face away, staring intently at him,

"Don't worry, just come, I want to see it, I want to see your face."

The boy shuddered and she distinctly felt each jet. Julie didn't come herself, so she was able to enjoy his pleasure. He let go with his arms and she cradled him hard against her tits, enjoying the weight of his body on hers.

"I tried to hold it, you didn't come, I'm sorry," He said.

"Don't be silly, it was lovely, a woman doesn't have to come every time. It meant I could enjoy your pleasure more," she said, holding his face in her hands, then kissing him, forcing her tongue deep in his mouth.

After a few minutes he withdrew from her and lay diagonally, on his back, his head on her abdomen, rising and falling with her breathing. He put on his sunglasses too and they lay in silence. The sun and shade shifted over them as the tree above swayed in the breeze. It only needed cigarettes and they could have been characters in a 1960's, black and white, Italian Art House film.

Julie looked at her watch, "We have to keep an eye on the time, I can't miss collecting Josh from School. I can drop you off at the same time.

This is really bizarre, collecting my son, whilst dropping off my School Boy lover at the same school."

"I expect there is a law against it, but who cares," Jamie said, as he twisted round to face her.

"Perhaps there's time for a some further exercise, I should be doing sport this afternoon."

"I thought you'd never ask, would you like Julie to help a little," She said, pushing herself up on her hands, thrusting out her tits.

Jamie got up and balanced astride of her, pushing his semi erect cock in her cleavage then pushing her tits together. After a short tit fuck, she bent her head down, taking his now fully erect cock, into her throat, sucking and licking. He had never had this treatment from an expert before, only inexperienced girls and he realised what all the fuss was about, it was delicious. He stayed quite still, his head back, smiling, the feeling of his cock entering her throat, the suction, her teeth gently nibbling. He was just lost in moment, looking down at her, working her head up and down, her cheeks drawn in as she sucked.

He gently withdrew from her mouth and she asked,

"How do you want me?"

The surrender of a mature, beautiful women, to what he wanted, was a new pleasure. He indicated that she should turn on her front and pulled her to her knees, leaving her chest on the rug. Julie spread her legs for him and arched her back, what a wonderful view, with shadows playing over her perfect ass. Jamie penetrated her easily and set up an easy rhythm, able to bury himself with each thrust, as she pushed back to meet him.

"That's right, that's perfect, I've never felt so full, never," She said as she looked back over her shoulder, staring intently at him through the dark lenses. Julie really did love watching how a lover enjoyed her, looking for that ecstatic intense concentration, she saw on Jamie's face now.

He really was the best she had ever experienced and she'd experienced a lot. It was just ridiculous and sad, that it was from an eighteen year old schoolboy, shortly to leave her life forever. The growing intensity of her response made her lose this train of thought as she concentrated on the sensations from her pelvis, then her breasts as he reached under her. It really mattered to Julie, that they finished together, so she tried to match herself to the growing force of his thrusts and his moans. They did come within a few seconds of each other, both forcing themselves together with all their strength. Hidden in the wood, they didn't have to hide the sound of their orgasms either, as they shook and Julie jerked as he filled her again. He collapsed down on top of her and Julie again enjoyed the weight of his spent body against her ass and back.

With difficulty, she looked at her watch,

"Jamie love, time is getting on, we need to get ready to leave, much as I hate to."

He stood up and Julie reached for his cock, to lick it clean. When she finished that, she moved into the stream and squatted down to clean herself, gasping at the cold. They both dressed quickly and cleared the picnic. She turned to him and asked the question that had been on her mind all afternoon, though she dreaded the answer.

"Jamie you must be going soon, leaving the school for the last time, when is that?"

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