tagErotic CouplingsA Summer of Discovery

A Summer of Discovery


Growing up in a small southern town turned out to be both a blessing and a curse for me. There wasn't much steady work around my hometown so doing odd jobs quickly became a way for me to make a few bucks after graduation. Thanks to some, let's say very appreciative ladies, I encountered at my job and in my parent's neighborhood; I was able to get a little more than just pocket change during the summer of my senior year.

High School graduation was only a couple weeks behind me when I took a short-term job at a six pump Texaco station hidden in the shadow of the interstate. I only took the job to get some spending money before my classes at a local college began in the fall. I was barely eighteen at the time and my hormones were kicking into overdrive.

I had broken up with my girlfriend Rhonda back around Easter. Since then the only sex I'd had involved my good friend lefty and a hand full of carefully selected nudie magazines hidden beneath my mattress.

I lost my virginity to Rhonda a few months earlier down by the old train trestles in the back seat of her daddy's car. Ronnie, as we called her; wet more than just my appetite for sex. She was tall, firm and tan, with blonde hair, blue eyes and an athletic build. She had very fine blonde pubic hair. At the time a cut off T-shirt and tight faded jeans seemed to be the preferred wardrobe of teenage girls and Ronnie filled hers out quite nicely.

That April night we made love down by the tracks was my first time, but it obviously wasn't hers. She knew just what she was doing, knew when to do it, where to do it, and above all, how to do it very well. As a horny teenage boy, I just reveled in the fact that she was doing it with me.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. I guess you never forget your first time. The way she felt in my arms, the taste of her silky skin against my lips, even the heavenly scent of her warm moist crotch, is all still very vivid in my mind. While working down at the gas station I encountered more horny women during one summer than most boys will meet during a lifetime. For most of them, getting gas was all a little game. Many of these very flirtatious bitches however, were more interested in teasing than pleasing and I got to know many of them quite well.

For some of them the game would begin as soon as they pulled up to the full-serve island. They might reveal a little breast cleavage or casually flash their sexy little panties if they were wearing any, while I cleaned their windshield. Most of them just wanted to tease me, but I was OK with that.

Other women were much more open about their naughty intentions. Unfortunately most of those were usually much older and unattractive. I learned quickly how to spot cars with drivers that might indulge my newfound voyeuristic desires. I was horny and all the women knew it.

Most of the women were married but a few were single. Some of the women used credit cards so I was able to learn their names. By the summer's end there must have been ten or twelve different women who had either accidentally or intentionally exposed to me; their bare breasts or crotches, some in panties and some naked.

I'm no Greek God but I consider myself to be reasonably attractive. I'm 6' 3" tall 215 lbs., young with a muscular build, dark hair and eyes. My cock is only a little above average in length at just over seven inches long, but it swells to over 2 ¼" in diameter, with a soft spongy head that grows even larger when I get really excited.

Ronnie seemed very fond of my "average" equipment despite the tiresome adolescent clumsiness she often bitched about. I was to say the least, eager to explore new sexual venues after she and I parted ways.

I had my first real sexual encounter at the station during my third week of employment and my first week working alone. It was a Thursday night just before dusk and almost closing time.

The driveway bell signaled the arrival of a customer. A black Chrysler convertible with the top down, was sitting at the full service island. I put down my broom and went out to wait on them. As I walked around to the driver's side I saw a pretty young red headed woman checking her makeup in the visor mirror.

"Fill it up?" I asked.

"Sure why not." she replied still staring into the mirror.

I started the pump then went around and began cleaning the passenger side of her windshield. I had just begun to scrub the glass when the young looked directly over at me.

"I hope I have that damn credit card." She said raising up and leaning over towards the glove box. She was wearing a canary yellow halter dress with purple flowers. The colorful dress showcased her huge tits very nicely. She pressed her breasts firmly against the center console armrest as she fumbled through the glove box. I took her revealing posture as a less than subtle signal to let the games begin!

I was eager for a better look, so I quickly finished up and walked around to the driver's side. She was still fumbling through the debris inside the glove box. She slid even further toward the passenger side of the car then reached down and picked up some lipstick that had fallen onto the floor.

When she did her short dress hiked up and revealed to my hungry eyes, her bulging crotch and most of her soft meaty but well shaped ass which was clad in a pair of bright white cotton panties. I stopped scrubbing her windshield for a brief moment and admired the view.

Her eyes must have caught my stare, while she didn't openly object; she did reach back in a half-hearted effort to tug the dress back down over her fully exposed buttocks.

"I know it's in here somewhere." she whined. Her complexion was extremely fair but almost flawless. "There it is!" she exclaimed as she plopped roughly back into the driver's seat. Her tits bounced abruptly before coming to a stop. Her nipples were now faintly visible and pressing against the soft fabric of her dress.

She adjusted her top to reveal a little more cleavage before handing me the card.

"Here you go Honey", she said with a teasing smile. The card had a man's name stamped into it.

"Is that your husband's name?" I asked as I read the card.

"No silly, that's my daddy." she replied mentioning the fact that she didn't have anyone tying her down.

"Excuse me" she said opening the driver's door.

She stepped out, shut the door, and walked over towards the pop machines as I wrote out her bill. Her plump round ass swayed softly from side to side as she methodically navigated her way across the open lot towards the vending machines.

Her legs and ass were a little thicker than I am normally drawn to, but they were extremely well shaped and very sexy. She dropped several coins into the slot then bent over to retrieve a 20-oz bottle of soda from the slot revealing the full cheeks of her sexy ass one more time for my viewing pleasure.

She turned slowly and walked back towards the car. Her earrings were jingling, her high heels were clicking and her tits jiggled softly up and down as she approached me.

"How much do I owe you", she asked placing her lips very seductively around the mouth of the bottle.

I handed her the clipboard and told her $26.50. She signed the receipt and we started to chat while she got back in the car. We talked long enough for me to learn that her name was Crissy and that she was from Illinois. She was a sophomore at the college and she had just left a party on campus.

"It's awful early to be leaving a party isn't it?" I asked.

"I guess." she replied, adding that college guys can be such assholes sometimes. She hiked her dress slightly and sat the cold wet bottle down between her creamy white thighs.

It was already more than ten minutes past closing time and I really needed to lock up before someone told old man Dawson that I was still open at almost a quarter past nine. So I took a chance and asked her if she'd like to grab a bite to eat after I locked up. She hesitated for a moment.

"Sure what the hell." She replied. I was in luck.

"Great give me a few minutes to lock up the place and then we'll go." I told her. She pulled her car over in front of the service bay doors and got out. Her shoulder length hair floated softly on the warm summer wind.

Crissy followed me around the station while I locked doors, and turned off all the equipment. She asked me how old I was, where I lived, if I had a girlfriend, and that sort of thing, just small talk mostly.

Soon everything was locked up except for the tire storage shed out back. With wood walls and a tin roof, the shed felt like a sauna most of the time. I walked in and went over to turn off the light. I have to admit that I felt more than just a little uneasy when I heard the door close then lock behind me. Luckily it was being locked from the inside.

I felt much better when I turned around to see Crissy slowly walking towards me dragging her index finger across the stacks of new tires as she approached.

"It's so hot and musty in here isn't it", she said playfully. I nervously agreed as she reached for my hand. She led me over to an empty corner and began to unbutton my shirt.

"I think musty is sexy, don't you?" she asked, undoing the final button on my shirt. Her soft hands ran up my chest to my neck then gently pushed the sweaty shirt down off my shoulders. It fell quickly to the floor.

Her soft hands began to caress my smooth chest. Scared but excited, I pulled her closer. Her breath was warm on my chest and her bright red lips were ready for the taking. I cradled the back of her neck and kissed her firmly on her hot wet lips. Her hair was soft and smelled sticky sweet.

In an instant her wet tongue eagerly met mine and she began to squeeze the cheeks of my ass. My roaming hands worked feverishly at the knot beneath her hair as she kissed my chest. Finally the knot came free. She gasped playfully in teasing anticipation. Her neck and the front of her shoulders were now completely bare.

She put her left hand across her heart to keep her top from falling towards her toes, but before long her right breast then her nipple became partially exposed. Her grip began to loosen as her excitement level started to rise. Her right hand skillfully tugged my zipper down then undid the button on my trousers.

My work pants slid quickly downward and stopped as they bunched up around my ankles. I kicked off my shoes and then my pants. When I stepped back to undress, Crissy let the top of her dress fall. Her tits were large, soft, and creamy, and her nipples were swollen, dark and hard, and in my opinion, needed to be sucked.

I leaned down and slowly teased her, swirling my hot wet tongue around each of her fully erect nipples. My hard cock pressed firmly against the tightly buttoned crotch of my cotton boxers begging for release. I ran my tongue down across her belly and slid my hands down along her spine and over her ample ass cheeks until they reached the backside of her sexy thighs.

Crissy kissed me deeply as I slowly slid them up under her dress and roughly grabbed her soft fleshy panty clad buttocks. She moaned with approval, and lifted her dress up in the front exposing her visibly damp crotch and lower abdomen for attention.

Eager to get a gain access to the mysteries hidden beneath them, I hooked her damp cotton panties at the waist with my fingers and slid them slowly down over her quivering legs. She pulled one foot from the leg opening and hoisted her shapely leg up onto a stack of tires beside me. It was bent at the knee.

Her soaked, nicely scented panties were still draped around her other ankle. I kissed the top of her soft hairy mound then stood up and fondled her melon-sized breasts. We kissed deeply as I slid my hand from her chest down across her tummy and into the direct heat of her steamy crotch.

My fingers slithered through her tangled red pubic hair like a snake through jungle grass desperately seeking out her wetness. Her body stiffened in my arms when my trembling fingers brushed her wet bulging clit. She bit my lip as my middle finger entered her for the first time. She was warm and wet, very wet.

Crissy grew even more excited when she managed to pull my boxers down far enough to free my rigid cock and aching balls. The elastic band at the top was stretched tightly against the backside of my sweaty sack pushing my twitching cock even further outward.

Her hand eagerly stroked the underside of my throbbing penis as I worked one, two and finally three of my fingers into her fiery hole. Soon her clit was as taught as a banjo string and slippery wet. I knelt down in front of her and placed my hot wet tongue between the dripping folds of her hungry snatch.

The horny young co-ed began humping my face. Humping slowly at first then faster and faster as her orgasm began to build. She steadied herself against a stack of tires when she came. Her entire body tensed as she went off, shaking and trembling with a short muffled scream.

She was still sucking for air when I stood up and spread a cloth fender cover on the floor and peeled off my bothersome shorts. I stood in front of her fully erect, wearing only my socks. She teasingly collapsed on the fender cover and spread her legs. Her dress was bunched up around her waist.

Her juices coated my chin and insides of her upper thighs. Perspiration was beginning to appear over the rest of her voluptuous body. She rose up from her prone position and grabbed my cock. Pulling me towards her, she licked her lips.

Before I could even imagine what her warm inviting mouth was going to feel like, her lips were devouring me. First she swallowed just the head, then a little more of the shaft with each enthusiastic bob of her head.

She slurped and sucked as she took more than half of my throbbing manhood inside her mouth. She even gagged once or twice but she never stopped sucking. It was the first real head job I ever had. Ronnie would never do anything more than kiss the tip or lick my balls if she was trying and get me hard for our second or third romp. This girl was fucking fantastic!

I knew from the tightening feeling in my groin that I couldn't take much more and being more than a little self-conscious about coming in her mouth I pushed her away. Breathing heavily she leaned back onto her elbows across the fender cover while I positioned myself on my knees between her wide spread legs.

Crissy quickly reached down and gently grabbed my wet twitching cock with her right hand aligning its saliva covered purple head with the slippery pink lips of her gaping snatch. She slid her fingers a little further down the vein bulging shaft then guided me in.

The fingernails on her left hand dug deep into my shoulders and she gasped for air as I poured my throbbing member deep into her tasty honey coated hole. She was extremely wet and by the third or fourth stroke my balls were pressed firmly against the fleshy white cheeks of her soft supple ass.

Once again her large inviting nipples were screaming to be sucked. I sucked one and then the other as she wrapped her thick sexy legs around my ass and locked her ankles. She groaned and played wildly with my hair as I kissed and sucked at her neck and shoulders.

Her cunt was hot and hungry. It also felt and tasted very different than Rhonda's, it was much softer and much sweeter. Eager to make her come again, I raised my head from her luscious breasts and locked my arms straight out to her sides. I began gently pumping her harder and deeper like I was trying to push her across the cold dirty floor.

I made sure to lift my ass so the shaft of my cock came in solid contact with her swollen throbbing clit every time I thrust into her. A trick I learned from Ronnie. I pulled almost completely out of her on every stroke, leaving just the soft spongy head inside.

I was almost hypnotized by the way her tits drifted up and back across her chest in constant harmony with my lengthy thrusts. She closed her eyes and arched her back, lifting her ass hungrily off the floor to meet my deep penetrating thrusts.

She wrapped her legs even tighter around my ass pulling me deeper into her wet steamy hole. Her legs and ass jiggled as I began to pound her harder. She wasn't there yet, but she was getting closer. The sounds of our sweaty naked bodies smacking together echoed through the tiny metal storage building.

Breathing heavily and sweating profusely I stopped stroking and eased my body down against hers. Crissy quickly seized the opportunity and rolled me over onto my back. My throbbing cock never left the soggy confines of her wet hairy pussy as we made the turn.

"Let me do the fucking for a while." she said sitting upright on my cock tall and straight.

She ran her fingers through her hair and began to grind her hips back and forth slowly. In no time at all she was violently bouncing up and down, feverishly impaling herself on my vein bulging cock.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to come!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, before biting her lower lip and tilting her head forward. Her huge tits swayed uncontrollably above me. My hands gripped her ass cheeks pulling them as far apart as I could get them beneath her dress, which had fallen down across her gyrating hips.

Her sweaty buttocks continued to slam hard against my upper thighs until she came again this time with a long broken whine. She collapsed on top of me confused and gasping for air. That's when I realized that I couldn't hold back any longer either.

I pumped relentlessly upward at her tender wet snatch until she uttered yet another broken moan. I was ready to explode! I quickly lifted her quivering ass up off my pulsing cock. The room went dark and my head began to spin as spurt after spurt of my hot slippery cum began shooting into the air.

My cock twitched wildly until the warm gooey contents of my balls had been strewn across her sweaty naked ass. I was somewhat embarrassed by what I errantly perceived to be an obvious lack of control. I laid there gasping but otherwise motionless trying to regroup.

Completely exhausted, I released the death grip I had on Crissy's slippery cum soaked buttocks allowing her to slowly ease her cum drenched ass back down against the extremely sensitive head of my still oozing penis.

Thanks to the intensity of my spirited orgasm she had hot cum trickling down between the cheeks of her ass, smeared over the insides of her sweaty thighs, and matted in her thick red pubic hair. She even had it clinging to her crumpled dress almost half way up her back.

"I want more!" she exclaimed. She moaned again and sighed heavily before she teasingly bit my left nipple. She placed her head on my chest and we quietly embraced remaining in a naked pile on the floor for several minutes kissing and fondling.

After five or ten minutes passed, we began the arduous but necessary task of cleaning ourselves up. We finally got dressed and Crissy wrote her number down on the back of a blank gas receipt and squeezed my crotch. We promised to meet me again the very next night and pick up right where we had left off.

Crissy and I made it together several more times that summer, including that next day. The locations of our wild and often lengthy sexual escapades included her apartment, in the dugout at the local baseball diamond after midnight, and the back row of the drive-in theatre.

The sex was hot every time we had it, but none of our sessions equaled that lust filled first hour we spent together in that hot musty smelling old tire shed out behind the station. I couldn't go in there again without being vividly reminded of our first erotic encounter.

I found some of the older women who came into the station to be the most interesting. I think many of them were just lonely and enjoyed the "personalized" attention I gave them. Some were much more blatant about their intentions while others were very discreet.

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