tagGroup SexA Summer's Breeze Ch. 05

A Summer's Breeze Ch. 05


This chapter contains big dicks, mature women, fake tits and incest. If you're not into that sort of thing, please move on. If you are, then feel free to continue.


Remember: All characters are over 18.


Sweat beaded on Donnie's brow as he moved boxes from his Aunt Jill's car into their garage. He grunted with effort as he carefully set them down on the concrete floor. The effort wasn't from how heavy they were but from how much Donnie was trying not to just throw them across the room. He was frustrated and confused, and his racing thoughts were starting to drive him crazy.

He had just fucked his aunt and had enjoyed it. The frustrating part was that he knew she had enjoyed it too but then pushed him away afterwards.

"Women," he muttered, picking up an antique lamp. He wanted to fling the thing against the wall but seeing the hundred-dollar price tag stopped him. "Goddammit."

Upstairs, Jill Reynolds was still naked lying in her nephew's bed. She could hear her nephew downstairs moving about. She curled herself into the fetal position. She was scared to move, to feel the emptiness that was left over from their coupling.

She still wasn't sure what came over her. She had enjoyed every second she was with Donnie, from the time she entered his room and closed the door to the time he pulled out of her and came in her mouth.

Jill licked her lips at the memory of his cock spewing his cum onto her tongue. Donnie's cream had been deliciously salty sweet.

It was the wine, she told herself. Just the wine and listening to him and Nancy fuck all night. How could you stop yourself after all that? There's nothing wrong with you, but it can never happen again. This itch is scratched.

"Yes," she whispered, sitting up. "I couldn't stop myself. That was all. I mean what's a girl to do after all that?" She stood up, careful not to make too much noise, and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was a mess. "I look like a whore." A satisfied whore, her inner voice told her again.

She smiled at her reflection.

Then she saw something background move, making her jump. The mirror was on the same wall as the door into Donnie's bedroom and reflected back into Nancy Darsch's own bedroom.

Jill shivered. She had watched Donnie jerking off in Nancy's bedroom this morning. See his naked body and the size of his cock was what had sent her sex drive into high gear.

Mirrors work both ways, she thought.

When she looked into the other bedroom now, she could see anything. Just the wind moving the curtains, she told herself.

Convinced she was still alone, Jill turned from the window and exited. After her fuck, she needed to wash the sweat and shame away.

Across the gap between houses, Nancy Darsch peeked her head out from behind the wall, to see if Jill was still there. Seeing Donnie's bedroom door close, she let herself step out from her hiding place.

That little slut, she thought. "Glad I got back faster than I expected." She hadn't seen the aunt and nephew fuck but had gotten back just in time to see Donnie pull on his shorts and exit the room. She could put two and two together.

Nancy had watched Jill lay in bed a bit longer, knowing from personal experience how exhausting yet fulfilling a fuck from Donnie was.

She also could guess from the position her friend had curled herself into that she felt some shame from what she had done.

There's nothing to be ashamed of girl, Nancy silently sent over to Jill. Sometimes a woman just needs a good fucking from whomever she can get a hold of. In a small act of encouragement, Nancy blew a kiss to the empty room.

Downstairs, Donnie finished up moving the antiques from his aunt's car. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he heard the shower upstairs start. His Aunt Jill was cleaning off.

Maybe I should go up there and surprise, he mused. She does owe me a tit fuck. His cock started to tent against his shorts.

Even after a night of fucking his neighbor and then fucking his aunt, his youth allowed him to keep going.

He gave his swelling cock a squeeze.

"Good morning, Donald," said a snippy voice, breaking him out of his revelry.

It was his neighbor Briana Jones.

"Uh, good morning, Mrs. Jones," he said, adjusting himself. "Out for a run?"

Mrs. Jones was a prude. The African-American woman lived next door and was married to a local preacher who was always on some mission to South American countries. Her husband's good work seemed to give her the right to judge everyone. There was never a day that she didn't have a sour look on her face.

"Getting warmed up," Mrs. Jones said. "The good Lord gave us another beautiful day. We would be remiss to waste it. I hope you're not planning on wasting your day again."

"Well, uh..."

Mrs. Jones waved him away. Teenagers never understood the beauty of the morning until they were too old to enjoy it.

Briana turned away from him, and satisfied that her muscles were ready, she began to jog down the street.

Donnie watched her go. He especially watched the way her ass jiggled with each step. What a stick in the mud, he thought as watched her ass. I should give her a stick in the mud.

He had always had a fancy for Mrs. Jones.

Her son was one his best friends and nowhere near the level of asshole that she was.

Every time Donnie went over to her house she made some sort of comment about how he should get his soul saved or how his relatives were living in sin or something like that. It fueled his fantasies that one day he would just take her and fuck the bitch out of her.

With a shake of his head, Donnie turned to go back inside.

Briana could feel her neighbor's eyes on her as she jogged away. She knew he was watching her ass. Part of her was disgusted; part of her was complemented.

The Lord made our bodies to be temples, she thought as she jogged. They aren't to be used for depravity and wanton lust. At least that's what she consciously told herself.

Deep down, she liked it when Donnie was watching her. She knew from the looks he gave her whenever he came to her house to hangout with her son Marcus, he was lusting for her.

It turned her on but she fought tooth and nail to try and ignore the feelings.

Her husband was a good man. He always away with missions and saving souls was good work. But it left her neglected.

As she ran away, the need in her grew.

Back at home, Donnie was again tempted to head upstairs and brazenly walk into the shower but thought better of it. It's probably not a good idea to push my luck.

He went out back to the pool instead. Despite everything that happened, chores still needed to get done.

He grabbed the long pool brush and started scrubbing the sidewalls.

"Yeah, work that long shaft," Nancy said, from behind him. "Work it nice and slow."

Donnie jumped at her voice. He turned around and saw her standing in the open fence gate. She wore a red bikini, a pair of sunglasses and her body language screamed of lust.

"I thought you were working today?" Donnie said. He placed the pole onto the deck and faced her. Seeing her in the little red swimsuit made his cock throb.

"Just some bullshit emergency with a client," she said, stepping into the yard. She carried a plastic bag with her. "People that can afford the houses I sell, always get miffed at the stupidest of things." She handed him the bag.

"What's this?"

"Well, seeing as how you're old suit is ruined, I went and got you a new one."

Donnie pulled out the fabric. "I can't fit into this," he said, holding it up. It was a pair of small striped shorts. "I couldn't fit into this even if I didn't have a dick."

"Just try it on. I want to see you in it at least once," Nancy said with devilish grin. "Put it on so I can see how it fits."

"Fine," Donnie muttered.

She watched as he pulled down his shorts. His cock, at half-mast from seeing her in the bikini, swung out, bobbing up and down from being freed.

To get a better look, Nancy lifted her sunglasses above her eyes. She stared at the meat as he kicked off his gym shorts and pulled on the swimsuit.

It was small. It fit him snugly but his cock strained against the material. It bulged out, with the head and a few inches sticking above the waistband. "Happy?"

"Very," Nancy breathed. "But you're right it doesn't fit. Let's get it off of you so you can be comfortable." She stepped into him, her fingers curling over the suit's waistband.

They kissed, deep and long, their tongues dancing.

Donnie broke away. "Isn't this how everything got started last time?"

With a laugh, Ms. Darsch got onto her knees and pulled his suit down. "Yeah, but if the end result is the same, who cares?" His strained cock popped back out as it was freed.

The column of flesh hit her in the face, making her laugh.

Without a word, she started sucking on the head.

"Fuck, yeah," Donnie muttered. He ran his fingers through her hair and grabbed the back of her head. Guiding her up and down, Donnie marveled at her skills as she swallowed his cock.

Nancy swirled her tongue across the spongy head and along the shaft. She loved the feeling of the steely column of flesh in her mouth. It excited her to know she could still do this to a young man. But something else excited her too; there was strong taste of something on his cock that drove her into frenzy.

Popping Donnie's cock out of her mouth, Ms. Darsch looked up at the young man. She gave him a lewd smile and slowly began stroking and squeezing the head.

"Did you take a shower after you left my house?"

"Huh? Yeah," he said. "After all that sweating I needed a rinse."

Gotcha. "Then why do I taste pussy on you cock?" Nancy stared into his eyes and, while still squeezing his head, began licking the underside of cock from balls to tip. "Did you fuck someone else after I left?"

"Well, uh..." Of course he had but how do you just tell someone you had fucked your aunt less than an hour ago.

"Well whoever she is, I'm sure she enjoyed this monster you have here." She released his dick and gave it a small peck on the glans. "But now it's time for your next lesson."

"Oh, please Ms. Darsch..."


"Nancy. I'm so close. Let me cum first," Donnie begged. "I'm so close."

"Begging? I like it. It's almost pathetically sexy," she said, standing up. She grabbed hold of his erection and pulled him towards one of the poolside loungers. "And I do want you on your knees for this one."

Nancy released her grip and slowly bent over. Keeping her legs straight so her ass stuck straight at the boy, she pulled down her bikini bottoms. Kicking the pair to the side, she lay back on the furniture and pulled her shades over her eyes. She then spread her legs, inviting him in.

Donnie looked at her with lust. The animal was on the hunt and had just seen its prey. His cock was ready to burst and thickened harder when her saw her waiting pussy. Its clean-shaven lips were wet and ready for his intrusion.

He stepped forward, cock leading the way, bouncing with each stride.

She held up her hand, stopping him. Nancy wagged a finger of her upwards hand, stopping him. With her other hand she used her fore and middle fingers to trace the outer lips of her pussy. "I want you to eat my pussy."

He got the idea. "I've never done that before."

"I know. It's time you learned," she smiled.

Donnie dropped to his knees and leaned his face between her legs. He could smell her excitement. Her lips were puffy with need. The skin was as smooth as the day she was born.

He slowly inserted a forefinger in. She moaned in encouragement.

"Don't be shy. You know it's not going to bite you," Nancy said. She ran her fingers through his hair, slowly pulling him in. "Use your fingers to spread my lips. Find my clit."

Donnie did just that. With one hand inside of her, he used his other hand to spread her outer lips. Her pink folds looked inviting. He had read enough books, seen enough porn and heard enough stories from his friend Marcus to at least have a general idea of where the clit was.

"Right there, above my entrance," she whispered to him.

He gave her a smile. There it was, just above the entrance to her pussy lay the little nub. With his forefinger inside of her, he flicked Nancy's clit with his middle finger. She gasped and twitched at the sudden feeling. He knew he was in the right place.

Donnie leaned in further, burying his head into her and ran his tongue around her clit. The taste was salty but it was far from unpleasant.

She gasped again at the pleasure. "Oh, fuck," she breathed. "Right there, Donnie. Right there."

Encouraged he slowly sped up his licking. He inserted his middle finger into her vagina, spreading her further.

"God damn, not too bad for a beginner." Nancy grabbed his hair and pulled him in closer, smashing his face against her groin. With her other hand she pulled on her nipples. The pain always enhanced her pleasure.

Donnie licked and sucked on the nub. He could feel it thicken and swell. He knew he was doing something right when she pulled his face closer into her. Her bucking hips made it hard for him to hold on.

He grabbed her around the waist, holding her still. Knowing he could do this to her, to a woman, excited him. A swell of pride surged knowing he was the one doing this.

"Eat me, Donnie. Suck my pussy. Please don't stop," Nancy moaned. She switched breasts, pulling on the other nipple.

Pulling didn't quite give her the satisfaction she needed so she released her nipple and pulled the breast to her mouth. The older woman sucked her enhanced tit into her mouth as best she could. She flicked her tongue back and forth around her areola.

"Oh, fuck," she screamed, releasing her tit from her mouth. "You're a quick learner aren't you?"

Donnie didn't answer in words but gave her an affirmative grunt. He withdrew his fingers from her pussy and wrapped the arm around her waist too. He leaned back to try and get into a more comfortable position and pulled her hips up, lifting her legs and ass off of the lounger.

She wrapped her legs around his head to support herself.

"FUUUUUUUUCCKKKK," she cried. The orgasm was so close.

But there, just out of the corner of her eye, Nancy saw someone moving in the house. Just in the kitchen, near the glass doors that led to the pool was Donnie's aunt.

The woman he had fucked just a short time ago was standing in the kitchen in her own bikini, fingering herself. Jill had taken off her bottoms, leaving her only in the bikini top. Her fingers were furiously working her pussy as she watched.

As her orgasm approached, she threw her sunglasses away and stared at her friend. In acknowledgement, Jill stared back. Their lust filled eyes met and didn't break contact.

"I'm CUMMING!" Nancy screamed. "GOD DAMN!"

Nancy shoved Donnie's face away as her orgasm hit her. It was the last thing she was able to do before her spasms took control, knowing her out of coherent thought.

Donnie sat on his haunches and watched his handiwork.

Nancy spasmed and moaned; her pussy quivered. Finally she came back, settling down and breathing. With a deep smile she stretched her arms above her head.

"How'd I do?" Donnie asked innocently."

She reached for him, pulling him up. "You did okay for your first time."


"Yeah, okay," she said giving him a kiss. "But you could use some practice."

They laughed and kissed each other deeply.

Donnie moved from her lips, kissing his way down her neck, towards her breasts.

With her face freed, Nancy looked back toward her friend and gave her a wink.

Jill stepped out from the house. She walked towards them, with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

She came to the couple and set the glasses and bottle down onto a small table.

"You here to join us?" Nancy asked, as her neighbor got closer.

"How could I resist?" Jill said, reaching for Donnie's back.

He was so lost in sucking on Nancy's breasts that he hadn't heard her speak. Now, feeling an extra pair of hands on his back, he snapped out of his pleasure. Looking back his saw his aunt standing there in nothing but a bikini top.

"Aunt Jill? I thought..."

"Shush," she said, silencing with a finger to his lips. "This'll be our little secret."

Donnie smiled at his aunt and kissed the finger on his lips.

She pulled her hand away and removed her top, leaving her naked with her nephew and neighbor. "You two looked like you were having fun. It seemed a shame to waste the chance. Besides I owe you a tit fuck, don't I?"

Donnie moved away from Nancy and sat up facing his aunt. She kneeled between his legs. Nancy grabbed the bottle of champagne and poured some between her friend's breasts.

Jill laughed at the tickling feeling and then wrapped the pair around her nephew's cock. "Don't cum too fast. We still need to get fucked."

Donnie just nodded. His excitement at being with two women clouded his own thoughts. The animal in him purred in contentment.

Nancy watched as the two enjoyed each other's company and poured two glasses champagne. With one glass in hand, she leaned back against the lounge and fingered her pussy with the free hand. The show was too exciting to miss.

"You've got some great tits there, Jill."

"All natural too, Nance."

"You're a lucky girl, you know that?" Nancy said, sipping her drink. "I can see your nephew's enjoying them too."

"Good because I'm enjoying him," Jill said rubbing her tits up and down his thick shaft.

Nancy put the glass down, leaned in and kissed her friend. The tongues cavorted against each other as Jill continued working her breasts around Donnie's cock.

Jill broke away from the kiss. "Fuck. Your cock feels good between my tits," she said to her nephew, giving his pole an extra squeeze. "If I had known you had this monster in your pants we would've had fun a lot sooner."

Donnie just grunted and pulled her face towards the head of his cock.

"Uh oh," said Nancy. "Looks like someone's ready for a fuck."

"Hell, yeah," said Donnie as his aunt wrapped her lips around his cock.

"After you ate my pussy like that, I think you deserve a release. Don't you Jill?" Nancy said to her friend.

Jill popped Donnie's cock out of her mouth. "I was kind of hoping he'd eat me too."

"No reason we can't do both at the same time," Donnie said. He leaned back, adjusting the lounger so he could lay flat. His long cock stood straight up in the air, waving with his movement.

He took his aunt's hand and guided her to his face. Getting the hint, Jill stepped over his head, placing a knee on each side and lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth.

Nancy, not to be left out, straddled the young man and quickly inserted his thick cock into her dripping pussy.

"Shit," she cried as it impaled her. "I missed this already." She began rocking back and forth on Donnie's monster.

"Oooooh," Jill cried, sitting on Donnie's face. He had started lapping with fervor. "Fuck, you're a good teacher Nance. He's a natural. Donnie. Eat my pussy!"

The two women rocked themselves back and forth on the teen. On cock and tongue, their passion grew. Each could feel electricity spreading throughout their bodies.

As Nancy watched the aunt getting orally pleased by her nephew, she felt a small seed of jealousy take hold. She wished that she could have the same relationship with her son. Feeling the seed take hold, Nancy's pleasure exploded. Even after just getting eaten out by the boy, she could feel a strong orgasm coming. "Oh, fuck," she cried, fucking his cock faster. "I'm going to cum. I'M GOING TO CUM!"

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