tagNonHumanA Sun Elf's Rendevous

A Sun Elf's Rendevous


The Sun Elf Amra Calaugren stopped before stepping out of the woods. The sunlight streaming through the trees north of the city of Silverymoon shone off of her waist length black hair as her gold eyes scanned the small hidden clearing that had been chosen for her days rendezvous. Her bronze skin rippled with the movement of lean muscles under it as she looked out of the woods into the sunlight. The light breeze caused her hair to blow slightly as well as the gossamer thin garment she wore. The dark green fabric wrapped around her back, covering her breasts and clasped behind her neck with a silver clasp. A delicate golden belt held the dress like cloth that was slit up to her hips on both thighs like a long loincloth.

Seeing no one around, she stepped cautiously into the clearing and finished looking around. She walked towards the arrangement of stones set up like a table or an altar to an elvish deity. She walked over to the stones and sat down beside them, glancing up at the sun to see the time. Seeing that she had some time left to wait, she closed her eyes and began to meditate, waiting on the arrival of the one she was expecting.

A rustle of wings alerted her to the arrival of the person she was expecting. She opened her eyes and looked up as a hand was rested lightly on her shoulder. She smiled as she saw the delicate but strong emerald skinned hand on her shoulder, reaching up to place her smaller hand atop it. "Hello, my dearest Steraoth, I was beginning to think you weren't going to make it today." She stood up and turned to face her guest, a tall, massively muscular individual with a hairless head and smooth emerald skin.

Steraoth smiled and despite the emerald skin could almost pass for a tall human were it not for the long, white feathered wings sprouting from his shoulder blades. "Of course I would make it if at all possible Amra. And my battles with the fiendish legions are well in hand." The tall planetar laughed and lightly caressed her cheek with his sword calloused hand. She turned her face into his touch and stood up, slipping her arms around his waist in a tight hug, careful to avoid the greatsword hanging in its scabbard at his side. "I don't have long, my love. I am expecting word of a new battle any time." His arms came down around her slim waist, pulling her soft but firm curves tight against his chest.

Amra flashed her alluring smile up at him. "Do you want to wait? I'll understand if you do." She started to step back but Steraoth's strong arms went around her, pulling her back flush against him. Her laughter was musical as she lightly slapped his chest lightly with one delicate hand. "Well if you insist, my love." She tilted her head up to kiss him as he leaned down, her lips pressing lightly against his, then tighter as passion began to flow through them both.

As if by silent assent, he reached for the clasp behind her neck as she reached for the thick, wide belt at his waist. He undid the clasp behind her neck and let the thin fabric fall to the ground with one quick motion of his hands as she struggled to release the buckle to his belt. With a smile he whispered, "allow me", and reached down and unbuckled his belt, wrapping it around his magic greatsword and leaning the weapon against the altar-like arrangement of stones. She smiled her thanks up at him and quickly unhooked the fastener to the leather and cloth battle kilt around his waist. He caught the garment and tossed it aside, not noticing as it snagged on the hilt of his sword as he looked into her golden eyes with his own radiant blue ones.

He leaned down to kiss her lips as his hands slid up her trim waist to cup her full but firm breasts. Her eyes grew a deeper shade of gold as his fingers teased the soft skin, her dark nipples growing harder under his caresses. She slid one small hand down and wrapped her fingers around his thick cock, stroking it softly as it hardened under her touch. Steraoth leaned down, nibbling around her dark buds lightly, his fingers and tongue alternating teasing the sensitive peaks, his lips moving back and forth from one to the other. As his lips moved across the smooth mounds of her breasts, his hands slid down the flat plane of her belly to unclasp the delicate gold buckle of her belt, letting it and the dress it was holding up fall to the grass of the clearing.

Steraoth easily scooped Amra's slender frame up in his massive arms and, their lips moving together with a passion, carried her over a short distance away. Reaching a thick pile of soft grass he laid her down gently. He paused between her slightly spread thighs until he heard her quiet urgings and warnings about not much time. Once he heard that, he moved between her legs and leaned forward. She reached one hand down, wrapping it around his hard shaft, stroking it with the tips of her soft fingers before guiding it to the moist opening of her sex, guiding the engorged head into her despite the appearance that it was too large to fit.

With a low moan, Steraoth rocked his body forward, sliding his long thick shaft into her waiting tunnel. Her moan matched his as she arched up to take as much of him into her as possible, feeling his thickness filling her wet tightness completely. Immediately he drew back and thrust back into her gripping tightness, his head dipping down to nibble slowly around one hard nipple before sucking the stiff flesh into his mouth as his throbbing shaft continued to slide in and out of her. Within moments of his forceful entry, her nails dug into his back and her cries of pleasure could not be stilled. He pulled his lips from her nipple and slowed his thrusts into her as her slight form trembled and convulsed in the grip of her ecstasy. "By the gods," she whispered breathlessly. "I don't ever think I will get used to that." She leaned up and kissed his lips hungrily, her fingers sliding over the marks in his green skin where her nails had scored him.

The planetar smiled at her and his deep voice brought a shiver to her spine. "Good because I never get tired of watching." Then he began to rock slowly back and forth, his thick shaft sliding in and out of her once more as their bodies moved in concert. His long thick shaft pushed into her tight wet pussy, each motion in and out drawing a moan of pleasure from her. She wrapped herself around him tightly, not wanting to be separated from him by any greater distance than was necessary as he thrust his thickness into her in long slow thrusts, his hard cock pulling almost out of her before sliding fully back into her. Her legs wrapped around his, one of her arms went around his lower back and the other went behind his neck as he leaned down to thrust into her again and again, moaning his pleasure softly to her as her inner walls gripped him ever tighter with each sliding thrust.

Their bodies moving faster and faster together, Amra quickly begins to moan her pleasure again, her tight inner walls clenching even tighter around the invading shaft of Steraoth's. The increased tightening of her hot pussy caused Steraoth to thrust faster into her. Finally she collapsed back on the grass, gasping and crying out in pleasure as his back arched and he thrust deep into her tight depths, his thick shaft pulsing against the confining tightness as his own release came fresh on the heels of hers.

She opened her eyes and looked up at her lover as she felt an out of place tension in his body. She began to speak as, seemingly from out of nowhere, a whip wrapped around Steraoth's torso, pinning his massive arms and feathered wings tight to him. She screamed as he was jerked away from her into the air and tried to rise, crawling on her hands and knees when suddenly a wall of flame burst into being around her. She looked up in time to see Steraoth pulled tight against a massive balor's chest, arms still confined by the whip.

The balor, a massive twelve foot tall creature with dark red skin and huge clawed hands and huge wings held Steraoth tight against his chest and burst into flames. Steraoth screamed in pain and Amra screamed in fear, unable to escape the encircling wall of flames. The balor wrapped His arms around Steraoth and squeezed, the planetar struggling and crying out against the powerful fiend. With a great squeeze of its massive arms a loud crackling and popping was heard and the balor incapacitated Steraoth shattering the fragile bones of his wings and the emerald skinned warriors spine.

The balor pulled Steraoth close and its deep voice rumbled with obvious pleasure, "No more will the mighty Steraoth trouble my armies. Know this planetar, you will die now and I, Ornian, claim your Elf bitch." Ornian released Steraoth from his grip and the limp planetar began to fall towards the ground, only to be pulled up short by the whip still wrapped around his arms and useless wings. Ornian's mouth turned up in a feral grin as he summoned his vorpal greatsword into his free hand, the blade appearing as a long intense jet of flame. "Now you die planetar." He gave a hard yank on the whip and brought Steraoth back towards him, swinging the greatsword in a swift right to left arc. The sword and Steraoth's neck met somewhere in the middle and the hairless emerald head flew from his shoulders to land within the encircling wall of flames.

Amra screamed a denial and ran over to the bodiless head crying as Ornian discarded the rest of Steraoth outside of the wall. He coiled his whip and landed within the blazing wall of violet flames. Amra rocked back and forth caressing Steraoth's brow as she murmured prayers to Shevarash, the elvish demi-god of vengeance and loss. She seemed unaware of Ornian's presence with her until he reached down and grabbed her hair in one huge hand. She screamed in pain and squirmed trying to break his hold, her hands dropping Steraoth's as she was lifted from the ground, her small hands trying to wrap around his thick wrist to lessen the pressure in her long black hair.

"Your Elf gods cannot save you now, my little prize." Ornian said with a rumbling laugh as he looked her lithe form over. "I see now why the planetar was so distracted that he didn't notice me coming." He raised her up higher to where her waist was at face height and slowly stuck his tongue out and lowered her down, licking up from below her navel to between her firm smooth breasts. She shuddered with revulsion and he laughed again. "I will enjoy you well before I turn you over to my master, Daxrontak for him to decide what to do with you." He laughed again as he slapped her ass hard, his massive hand covering her smooth bottom completely with the stinging slap.

Ornian threw Amra to the ground hard, laughing at her sobbing cries with his hands on his hips, his head thrown back in laughter. He heard another scream and looked over at her, seeing her grabbed between two incubi, mere feet from Steraoth's greatsword. She was struggling to get loose but each of the demons had an arm gripped under his and the other hand twisted in her long black hair. The two incubi looked identical and Ornian knew that they had chosen the identity of twin brothers as a result of their shared parentage. Both demons, in their human form, which they were wearing now, appeared to be tall and muscular, but not overly so, with clean shaven faces, shoulder length black hair so dark it shimmered blue, and brightly sparkling blue eyes.

The one holding her left arm nodded a bow and spoke, "Lord Ornian, we saw that this elf woman was about to grab the weapon."

The one holding her right arm finished without raising his head, "And we thought that we would stop her and aid you in your fun my Lord."

They straightened up, dragging Amra upright with them as Ornian crossed his arms across his massive chest. "Very good, Rlab, Balr." He nodded to the one on Amra's left and right in turn as he spoke their name. He grabbed his whip from his side and sent it cracking out towards Steraoth's sword, bringing it to him with a deft jerk of his arm and catching it in his other hand. "Come, Rlab and Balr, let us go somewhere where I know we shall not be disturbed as we enjoy the pleasures of this sun elf bitch."

"We are not going to just have her right here, Lord Ornian?" Balr asked.

"No," Ornian said. "Whether she has a good reason to be here or not, she will eventually be missed and I do not want to be here when she is. So we will take her to a place that is more private to partake of her charms." Ornian looked at the greatsword that was to become the prize of his collection of looted weapons taken from fallen foes and smiled. "Just follow me, my servants." He closed his eyes and teleported to a cave deep in the Dragonsword Mountains in Mulhorand. The entrance to the cave had been closed in by an earthquake during a fight with adventurers' decades ago and he kept it as a place to plot, as well as his entrance to Toril. Quickly he used one of his magical powers and checked to ensure that the glyphs and wards surrounding the cave were still in place, protecting it from any outside detection.

He sent out the call to his incubi minions and with a single 'pop', of their combined teleport spell, they arrived. Amra was still stretched between them but she was no longer struggling. She was fighting the disorientation of the teleportation spell and could not even speak as Ornian said, "Take her to the rack and stretch her out spread-eagled." He disappeared immediately with the planetar's sword, leaving the two incubi with his battle-captive.

Rlab and Balr dragged Amra over to the rack that appeared in the corner of the room and stretched her out between the manacles, securing her wrists and ankles tightly in them and finally securing her head into the device to keep her looking straight ahead. Balr leaned in and dragged one sharp fang along her soft breast and over her hard nipple, not hard enough to break the skin but still enough to have a red line appear in her bronze skin. "Soon, sun elf, you will enjoy pleasure rarely granted to a mortal. Few enjoy even one incubus at a time, but from what my Lord has said, you will enjoy my brother and me both tonight. Oh the pleasure you are in for. I just hope you are strong enough to withstand them." He laughed and moved away from the bound elf maid, her golden eyes flaring with anger.

"I will never succumb to your 'pleasures' demon-spawn. Shevarash will protect me and give me the strength to withstand your unholy magic." Amra snarled at Balr, spitting at him as best she could in her immobilized state. Balr and Rlab both laughed at her words uproariously until Ornian returned. He looked from the two laughing demons to the well trussed captive.

The balor walked over to her, lowering almost double to look her in the eyes. "I am going to enjoy this, Sun Elf. It was one of your kind who killed my mate two and a half centuries ago, probably someone you know. That doesn't matter though. You are in my power now as my mate was in that wizard's power. And I am going to see you suffer every bit as much as Deilnge did before the sun elf wizard killed her." He rose up, giving her a massive backhand slap as he turned away from her, her head unable to even recoil from the impact because of the job the incubi did tying her up. He went over and sat on a mound of marble shaped with magic into a throne with clawed feet and 'hands' resting on the arms of the chair and great wings spreading from the back of whoever sat in the throne. He gestured to Rlab and Balr with a dismissive wave of one hand. "You may enjoy the elf bitch now. Just remember to leave some for me." He sat back in his throne to watch the two demons enjoy taking their pleasure from the beautiful captive.

As Rlab and Balr walked back over to the rack, it turned suddenly so that Amra's face was looking straight at Ornian, who was lowering his hand from turning the heavy rack with a telekinetic spell. Without a word Balr walked up in front of Amra as his brother walked around behind her. Balr leaned down and dragged his tongue along the mark his fang had left in her smooth skin, from her nipple up along the warm curve of her full breast, drawing a shudder from the bound Amra. He smiled as he slid his hand up along her belly, fingers sliding lightly up to trace the curve of her other breast. "So very nice. We will enjoy this won't we brother?"

Rlab merely mumbled an affirmative as he moved Amra's hair aside and began to kiss his way down her spine, moving slowly, his lips just brushing her skin as he slowly slid his way down between her shoulder blades, his hands moving to grip her hips. As his brother teased her breasts he moved his tongue and lips along the warm skin of her back, sliding downward steadily, his lips sliding gently over her skin as his hands moved to grip the full swells of her ass. He gently began to squeeze and massage the firm warm skin as his brother continued to tease her breasts.

Balr looked at Amra as he leaned back down, kissing her hard nipple, smiling as her body began to give in to the pleasures' of the incubi whether she wanted it to or not. He flicked his tongue around her nipple, around and around before dragging it across the tip. His thumb and forefinger tweaked her other passion darkened nipple, pulling not too gently, drawing a gasp of almost pain from her as his other hand slid down to her forcibly spread thighs. He pulled his lips from her nipple long enough to whisper, "Do you see? One of us you might have been able to resist, but no one can resist the call of pleasure that two incubi send forth. Despite your protests to the contrary, Lady Amra, your body is telling my brother and I exactly what you want." He leaned up and kissed his way to her neck, his fingers continuing to caress her wet pussy as he reached her ear. "You want pleasure. Your mind and body are practically screaming for it, begging for it. And my brother and I are going to make sure that you have pleasure on top of pleasure on top of pleasure."

As Amra began to deny Balr's words, he moved his lips from the side of her head to her lips, pressing against her tightly, his hips to hers, his lips moving against hers. She struggled for a moment, then felt the rush of pleasure flowing through her and could only moan in delight as she felt Rlab's lips reach her lower back, his teeth beginning to move teasingly down over the smooth firm flesh of her ass. She pulled against the manacles binding her, not to escape, but to wrap her arms around Balr to keep the delicious kiss going. She moaned again into Balr's kiss as Rlab squeezed one of the half moons in each hand, parting them as his tongue flitted up and down the soft valley between them.

"Already got her, brother?" Rlab called before continuing to move his tongue over her warm ass. "That did not take long at all. Weak minded elf." He released her ass with one hand and turned it, suddenly spearing two thick fingers into her wet tight pussy, drawing a hungry moan from her as his fingers immediately began to plunge in and out of her.

Balr moved his fingers back and forth on her clit as his brother's fingers slid in and out of her pussy. He broke the kiss so that her moans could be clearly heard by their balor Lord. As soon as he broke the kiss, she slumped in the chains, the draining power of his kiss finally affecting her but not silencing the moans of her rising pleasure. "Rlab, do your thing brother. She will not resist us further." Balr laughed as he kissed his way back to her full breasts, his tongue again tracing the line his fang had made to mar her perfect skin.

Rlab kept his fingers moving in and out of her wet pussy for a few seconds longer before parting the soft flesh of her ass with one hand to expose the dark rose of her anus. He brought his fingers out of her pussy, drenched in her hot juices and smeared them around the tight opening, pressing his middle finger tight against and barely in it to spread a taste of her within her hot asshole. She didn't protest in the least, only moaned and moved her hips slightly against his touch. He grinned and once again dipped his fingers into her drenched pussy before again spreading her juices around and against her hot asshole.

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