A Swallow's Bite Act 03


"Only if you take it in all the way," Viktor rasps.

"All the way is the only way I like it."

As if his cock was a flute-glass filled with fine wine, Tomiko opens her mouth. Her pink tongue-tip makes a brushing contact with his cock-head. He stiffens as her tongue's slight roughness brings on an almost forbidden feeling. She licks his full length, and then covers his tip with her glossy lips. Little sucking kisses make Viktor lurch and groan.

While they're absorbed, Dominika's quick eyes swipe a fast scan about the room. Her eye-line zeros in on Tomiko's revolver. It's on a table -- just five feet away from her hand. How careless of her.

"Don't even think it Patroph," Viktor barks.

"I wasn't," she says, mentally rejecting the revolver as an escape tool. "I know I've lost, but do you mind if I watch?"

"You like to watch, don't you?" Viktor mumbles over Tomiko's slurps and suckles.

"We all have our perversions, don't we Viktor?"

Inching downward, Tomiko gobbles in more. Viktor's eyes close tight. He tries to move back, but she's holding him tight between her tongue and upper mouth refusing to let him go. He grunts. Dominika stares wishing it were she. One hard bite would make the rat-fucker yelp like a wounded pig.

Viktor's naked knee draws over Tomiko's left breast, then her right. His hands tug at her gleaming locks of wet black hair. Tomiko's sucking him hard, taking in inch by throbbing inch, moving his cock-head toward the back of her throat. Her cheeks collapse as she applies pulling power, hungry power, searching for the climactic spurt of sperm. Viktor throws his head back, panting, moaning with the deepest of pleasure-looks.

Tomiko slides Viktor's cock from her throat. "Your cock feels so good," she whispers. She lifts both breasts and thumbs their aroused nipples. "Do you like my breasts?"

Dominika puts her hand to her mouth to cover her laugh. What breasts? The girl needs a boob-job bad.

"Look at my nipples Viktor. They get so hard when a thick cock goes down my throat."

"Do you spit or swallow?" Viktor mumbles as he nibbles on her bare shoulder.

Tomiko licks her lips. "I swirl it around in my mouth first, then I drink it all down. I just love the taste of cum. I get such a wild feeling when it goes into my tummy."

"And you Patroph?"

"You figure it out Viktor," she says dryly.

"Oh, the sarcasm," Tomiko says lowering her hands from her breasts. Viktor's gaze rivets to her naked pussy-slit. Squeezing her breasts with her upper arms, she wiggles a finger inside herself and spreads her hole. "Look at me Viktor," she groans. "Look at my pussy. Imagine how wonderful and warm it will feel when it hugs your cock. I love to swallow too. But it sends me to the moon when a guy fills my pussy with his cum." Closing her eyes, she ventures further, using a fingernail to stroke her clit while whimpering softly as her arousal intensifies.

Dominika slides off the tiled edge and sits on the underwater step. She stares down at the water gently lapping at the corduroy lumped between her legs. A second diversionary tactic flowers. Success rating? Marginal.

"You'd best come over here," Viktor gasps nearly breathless.

"Can the rat-fucker read my mind?" Dominika mutters silently. Pushing off the stair, she sloshes over to them. Viktor lifts his mouth from Tomiko's nipple.

"I like you Patroph. So stay close so I can watch you. I wouldn't want you to be tempted to try anything we'll BOTH regret."

Tomiko slides her arms around his waist. "Fuck me, Viktor," she coos, placing little peck-like kisses across his chest. "Take me in my pussy or my ass. I ache for your thick cock. C'mon baby. Quit screwing around and let's start screwing."

Viktor instantly becomes like a maniac. He grabs Tomiko's head. His lips claim her willing mouth. Tomiko swirls her tongue around his, as she crushes her aroused breasts to his chest.

This close, the demand for escape versus the swirling fog of held-back desire suddenly becomes a whirlwind of unruly lust. Dominika works a hand between Tomiko's legs then in between their undulating bellies. Finding his erection, she teases the head with her fingertips then bends it down so his shaft nestles between Tomiko's legs. Breaking their embrace, Tomiko playfully shoves Viktor into the bubbling foam.

Together, they splash around, both girls toying with him like two kittens playing with yarn. Dominika lies on her back, raises her boot and pushes Viktor's cock from side to side with the toe, then presses it to his belly with the sole.

Viktor points at Tomiko. "Get your ass over here."

Tomiko giggles as she turns and splashes over to the edge. She hoists herself out of the Jacuzzi. Her sleek naked figure resembles a polished stone gleaming in the soft light. One by one, she eases off her boots and drops each into the bubbling water.

"I said get over here," Viktor snarls.

"No lover," Tomiko says swiping her tongue over her lips. "If you want to fuck my ass, get yours over here."

Too aroused to argue, Viktor splashes over to the edge of the Jacuzzi. Unfolding her legs, Tomiko spreads them wide and plants her calves on his shoulders. Her thighs squeeze at his neck. "You've lusted after my pussy since Afghanistan," she purrs, voice taunting and challenging. "It's your night bad boy. You're the racy Russian. So go for it. Eat me out. I dare you."

Without hesitation or question, Viktor leans forward, shoves his nose between Tomiko's legs and starts to lick.

Tomiko's body jolts as if she's been shocked. "Yes, oh yesssss," Tomiko moans slowly swaying her head. "Stick it in me. Tongue me, Viktor. Oh-oh-oh, lick my clit, babe." A tremor shoots through her body, a quiver he couldn't possibly have missed. "Yesss. That's it. Ohhhh --."

Dominika grazes her breasts across his back. He arches at the feel of her pebble-hard nipples. Even with water washing around her crotch, Dominika's clit is out and rigid. The tip chafes at the tight corduroy, the feeling driving her mad with desire. Reaching around his hips, she locates his cock-shaft and strokes it gently, listening to Tomiko's long breathy moans as Viktor's tongue enters and withdraws, in ravenous slurps and gulps. He partakes fully of Tomiko's taste, working his way up and down her red-flushed pussy-mound. His tongue flicks her quivering clit, now fully extended like a tiny cock. He tries to lift his head away.

Tomiko tightens her thighs around his neck. "Okay babe, I've tasted you and you've tasted me. Now use that beautiful thing of yours." She lays back on the decking and spreads her legs wide. "Come to me babe," she urges. "I'm empty and ache to be filled."

"You'll find me hot as a fire's flame," Viktor says as he sloshes out.

"Woooo-who, I like the way you talk. C'mon baby. Stick it in. Ram and slam me."

Viktor straddles Tomiko's thighs. His hands attack her curves and valleys with frenzied furor. Bending at the waist, he shoves his nose into Tomiko's beckoning breasts. Burning nipples are tinged red with unspent passion. His right cheek grazes her left breast. His mouth grabs on to her nipple. Tomiko groans as his cheeks cave in. Taking him by the ears, she directs Viktor's nibbling mouth to suck on one nipple then other.

Dominika's submerged breasts swell against her sweater, literally crying out in envy.

Viktor lifts his lips from Tomiko's thrusting chest. "Patroph, get your butt over here."

In two splashing kicks, Dominika is floating near the Jacuzzi's edge. "Yes Viktor?" she says say looking up at them submissively.

"Touch yourself," he commands in a panting whisper.

Underwater, she unbuckles her belt and wiggles the tight corduroy over her hips. She rises to a floating position. As Tomiko licks his chest, Viktor watches. Dominika's right forefinger travels down her neck. Reaching her left breast, her fingertips pause on the nipple-mound protruding though her sweater.

"Put your fingers in yourself," he orders. "Don't look at me like that, Patroph. I know you do it. I've seen you."

Archived on tape for a circle jerk-off? Dominika mumbles to herself. Even washed by cool water, she knows that the slightest touch to her clit-shaft will send her tumbling over the cliff. Escape, I must escape, she chides herself as her fingers separate her tender flesh. Touching brings on an instant and quite pleasurable turbulence, but no orgasm.

"Do it more, Patroph. Do it deeper."

"Yes Viktor," she moans.

"Are your fingers where my cock has been?"

"Yes Viktor."

"Are you rubbing yourself?"

"Yes Viktor," she gasps, fighting off the gushing, nearly overwhelming urge.

"You like doing it to yourself, don't you?"


Although absorbed in her own naked lust, Dominika is vaguely aware of Viktor's growling voice and the soft sound of limbs moving on the cement. Her pre-orgasmic gauze thins, revealing Tomiko. She's on her knees, hips high, mumbling for him to take her in her ass and to hurry-hurry. Dominika's vision snaps sharp. Viktor kneels behind Tomiko. His cock is in his hand. He runs the head up and down her creamy center slit.

"Quit teasing, sugar," Tomiko mumbles between panting breaths. "Get it in my ass hot-man. Make me cum before I die of frustration."

"Wait," Dominika whispers. Tugging the cords up over her hips, she splashes out. "I want to be part of this."

"No," Viktor snaps. "You just get to watch." He pushes Dominika away and returns his attention to Tomiko's up thrust bottom. "Get ready, you sex-starved Yakuza cunt. I'm gonna ram this cock up your ass and fuck the shit out of you."

"Ohhh, I can hardly wait," Tomiko purrs softly, tugging her ass-cheeks open.

"You must use a condom and anal cream," Dominika says.

"No," Tomiko gasps. "I want to take it bare."

With his fingers gripping his cock, he presses the head against her sphincter, pushing against the tightly closed aperture. "Open up damn you," he growls.

Tomiko grunts, trying desperately to force her aperture to open, while Gypsy Danger's words "Fair warning bitch, I never lose" echo in her ears.

Viktor groans. He pushes. His cock bends. Her hole refuses to yield.

"Waaaait," Tomiko moans. "Give me a second." She revolves her lower body in a circular motion, breathing deeply, letting out a series of short gasping sounds. Her hands spread her ass-cheeks wider. "Okay, try it now."

Snorting, Viktor makes a second courageous attempt. Even holding himself taunt with his hand, Tomiko's entry still refuses to budge.

"No Viktor," Dominika says. "She's just too damn tight. Now if you would have picked me . . ."

"I can have your ass anytime," Viktor growls. "C'mon on you twat. Is this the best your Jap rump can do? Who taught you how to ass-fuck? Khrushchev? Or was it Mickey Mouse?"

Viktor's large hands grip her butt-cheeks spreading her even wider. Again, her sphincter refuses entry. He swats her left butt-cheek. "Open up Jap or the only thing you'll be fucking is Siberian oil workers."

"Don't hurt me -- don't hurt me," Tomiko yowls like a wounded puppy.

Dominika's boots squish as she steps closer to them. "Wait Viktor, let me try something." Reaching under her cords, she dampens her palm with pussy juices. She circles her hand around the tip of Viktor's erection mixing her lubricant with his milky pre-sex sperm. She slides her hand up and down, coating his blue-veined cock with the slippery mixture. Lowering to her knees, she cups Tomiko's breast and rubs her palm over its throbbing nipple. "Easy now, Tomiko," she whispers, her tone almost loving. "I've butt-fucked before and the trick is to stay relaxed. Take deep breaths and think of how nice it felt when my tongue was there. Once his cock penetrates, any pain will explode in bolts of magnificent pleasure, I promise."

"Ummm," she purrs. She takes three deep breaths. "Okay, I'm ready."

"Okay Viktor. Go slow and easy. Tomiko? While he enters I'll lick your nipples, okay?"

Tomiko nods. Dominika licks. Tomiko's jaw tightens. Every inch of her nakedness trembles as air rushes in and out of her lungs. Viktor pushes, hard.

"Oh-jeezzzzz," Tomiko whimpers through deep guttural gasps. Dominika squeezes Tomiko's breast and furiously licks its nipple. Viktor pushes. Against her tongue, Dominika feels Tomiko's nipple go stone hard. She adjusts herself to see Tomiko's aperture and Viktor's probing cock-tip. Her sphincter contracts then loosens, accepting just a bit.

"Oh-geez-oh-yes-oh-yes," Tomiko groans.

"Now Tomiko, now pull on him," Dominika says between furious breast licks. "Tighten your bowel muscles then exhale to relax them."

With a deep roaring gasp, her hole embraces half of his cock-head. Tomiko's face tightens like piano wire. "God-jeezzzes-god. It hurts -- it hurts. Stop Viktor. Please-oh-please stop?"

"When hell freezes over," Viktor snarls forcing another half-inch into her.

"Owwwww," Tomiko whimpers. She jerks forward. He pops out.

"You're all mouth, Jap."

"I'm so sorry, but it hurts too much."

Viktor swats her butt-cheek with an open hand sending the sound bouncing off the walls.

"Oooooh, owwww, that fuckin' hurt. You hit me you Bolshevik bastard. Why did you hit me?"

"Because you wag your cock-teasing ass around and can't perform. You've annoyed me since I first met you in Afghanistan."

"Goddamn, oh-jeeze," Tomiko moans. "Do it regular pleeeesse. Cum in my pussy?"

"You disappoint me Jap. Patroph has a perfect ass. She'd take it, never whine and thank me for the opportunity."

Dominika smiles at Tomiko's dismal failure. If this were Bl'adovat', the instructors would make her parade around naked for a week with bright red butt-plug shoved up her asshole.

"Please Viktor," Tomiko begs. "Move it down. Yes, that's it baby. Do me doggie-style. Open my hot pussy."

"Like this?"

"Oh, yeah babe. That's my special spot. That feels goooood. Oh please, please split me up my seam."

He rolls his thighs around, cock head teasing at her beckoning pussy lips. She gasps as her crimson folds squirt a flood of juices. Viktor leans back with his eyes closed.

"Yessssss, oh yes-yes-yes-yes," she cries, not loud, but in breathy musical whimpers. "Now push it in deeeeeep. Ahhhhhhh oh yes, oh god yesssss. Now find my back wall." Her whimpers change to deep delighted breaths as Dominika thumbs her nipple and watches her dripping pussy swallow Viktor's cock -- inch by throbbing inch.

Held in Dominika's hand, it's wonderfully erotic to feel Tomiko's breast harden as lust climbs toward her boiling point.


Another deadly mechanism is set near a huge red regulator panel. One of the men turns a rotary switch from SAFETY ON to REMOTE. Echoing footsteps leave the mechanism alone in the darkness. There is no "tick-tick-tick" sound.


"Good, oh-yes," Tomiko purrs, "ummm-now baby, fuck me - stroke me - fill me, fill me, fill me. Make me cum. Oh god I want to cum."

Dominika slides back into the warm Jacuzzi boots first. Standing belt deep, she fingers her waist chain as she watches Tomiko's pussy guzzle Viktor's thrusting cock. Although fantasized, she can almost feel Tomiko's pleasure in her pounding clit. At minimum, demotion to bystander at this perverted sex-romp presents opportunities for escape. She must find out where they've planted the Cobra Fangs and warn the Americans. Swallow's sense says they'll be most vulnerable to intelligence extraction in the post-sex environment. Besides, Tomiko's pleasure-groans are awakening deep feelings. Dominika's clit is no longer just at attention. Each pulse against the waterlogged cords is agony. Both breasts ache, their nipples now more erect than ever. Watching Tomiko on her hands and knees, ass up, her small glistening breasts swaying gently as Viktor's thrusts rock her to-and-fro is hypnotic. Suddenly, participation isn't a prerogative. It's a bodily demand. Water cascades from Dominika's legs as she climbs the stairs. She yanks off her boots and launches them into orbit. Her turtleneck and sopping cords follow. Naked except for the waist chain, she swings her legs over Tomiko's back. Facing Viktor, she positions her chest near his hungry, panting mouth. Viktor opens his eyes. Their gazes' lock-on like twin tractor-beams.

"You couldn't do it, could you Patroph?"

She shakes her head, cups her breasts and offers them to him. "Please? Suck on my breasts? Give me some pleasure."

His head leans toward a nipple. Wildly trembling lips grab on. She throws her head back in utter bliss as the whole breast tingles with instant rolls of pleasure. His pelvis thrusts forward. With a slurping noise, his cock slides into Tomiko as deep as it will go. He draws back. Dominika watches his cock-shaft slowly emerge. It glistens with Tomiko's oozing juices. She shudders as he plunges in again. Tomiko's damp hair whips against Dominika's bare back. Eyes closed, all three are cognizant of little but the wild plumes of the building bombshell. Like a swinging pendulum, they rock back and forth. Viktor's cock slides in and out while Dominika's extended clit skims the ripples of Tomiko's undulating backbone. Soft cries and gasps explode from Tomiko's lips. Viktor's hand claws at Dominika's waist chain. She feels the hard metal links squeeze between her butt-cheeks. Viktor tugs back and forth on the chain. Metal probes deeper into her crevasse and chafes across her pussy lips. Amidst a multitude of sucking sounds, Viktor groans. Dominika's right nipple flames from his bite. Her clit tightens to the point of pain as Viktor pulls. Chain links assault her clit, dragging, thumping across the sensitive nub. Waves of swamping gratification instantly follow, blitzing anything else, mental or physical.

Aaaaagh -- aaaargh," Tomiko groans breathlessly, as skin slaps against skin.

Between her legs, Dominika feels Tomiko's backbone quake. She jerks. Her pelvis bucks nearly sending Dominika tumbling. Freezing mid-arc, Tomiko gulps down a scream. Races of gooseflesh ripple across her buttocks. Viktor groans deeply. Pulling her nipple from Viktor's lips, Dominika worms herself to-and-fro, grazing both breasts across Viktor's nose. Shoving forward, she buries his face in her quivering softness. His lips grab a nipple then spit it out. Viktor's body wrenches tight. He trembles. His cock pumps Tomiko faster and faster. He freezes -- groans -- his muscles snap rigid like ropes suddenly pulled.

"Uuuu-hhh, mm-ffh, mmffh," Viktor growls deep in his throat.

"Ahhh - ahhhh, ummmm, yes, yes yes, now!" Tomiko shrieks.

Between her thighs Dominika feels orgasm after orgasm after volcanic orgasm erupt in Tomiko's writhing, trembling torso.

Repeated grunts and nipple bites mirror each deep stroke as Viktor rewards Tomiko's thirst for sex, injecting her with shooting pulses of sperm.

Dominika wiggles her finger around the chain then pulls it back and forth across her clit as she stares at Viktor. His eyes are half closed. His face shows that he's completely absorbed in the warmth and turmoil exploding inside him -- rather than the pleasure he's bringing to Tomiko's wildly shuddering womb.

Direct contact from a finger-stroke brings a slightly painful lurch between Dominika's legs. Toenails scrape against the deck tile as her finger and the chain extract a mild inner explosion. Then the whole world seems to split in one shattering stab of light after another. Somewhere in a blaze of orgasmic quivers, she sees Dmitry. He's holding her in a tender, loving embrace, covering her face with soft kisses. The vision and pleasure explode in a free-fall tangle of swirling stars, tortured voices and horrific screams as rebels in Chechnya brutally murder her mother and younger sister, and then Dmitry's wax-white face laying dead on the floor of that Moscow ballroom. Between her legs, sex-pleasure is like a squirming worm, overshadowed, then squished by the relentless call to arms for Mother Russia.

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