tagLoving WivesA Tale of Immorality Ch. 05

A Tale of Immorality Ch. 05


Chapter Five: A Touch Of Excess

Your patience must be tried to the limit by now.

The whore's still here and she's smiling. It seems she got away with it once more. God must be sleeping. (With his own wife, we may hope).

I am Anne. I fuck men other than my husband. Women too, at times. I should be punished for that. I shall. Don't worry.

You see, the real fun of sleeping around is in the excitement. All cheaters can tell you. At first it is the thrill of the forbidden. That wears off, it's only human. So we start skirting danger. We get bolder with every new affair.

We just have to.

Plus, I am a sensual woman. I collect treats for my senses. They are like spices. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Hot peppers too, of course.

I am a hunter/gatherer. I take my spices home for my husband and me. He doesn't know where I pick them. He doesn't even know that I pick them. But he enjoys.

I won't lie to you.

I don't do it for him. I do it mainly for myself. Once in a while I have to indulge. It is like the need to plunge into a shimmering pool on a scourging day. Like the soothing balm on a parched skin. A cooled can against a sweaty brow.

You get it, I'm sure.

It is my escape from yawning boredom. It saves my life. And George's, my husband's, for that matter. So in the end, I guess I do it for him, too. In a way.

But yes, it can't last. I push myself closer to disaster with every step. The lusting for the thrill will be my undoing. Our undoing.

But not yet!


Lou is the CEO of a huge company. Among others it owns this very old factory where they bake famous china services. Plates and cups and everything. They're not Wedgwood, but close. Their headquarters are in my city.

Lou is feared by his people and his competitors alike.

He is also one of the wealthiest men in our state. He is tall, about forty, strong and handsome. And he is as blind as a bat.

As you must know by now, I am the PR and marketing officer of a mid-sized but very profitable company that runs a chain of delicatessen and catering shops in two states. It took us a while, but since last year we've become by far the biggest in our part of the country.

Our reputation has grown accordingly.

Of course I am wiser than to claim credit for that reputation. You see, in PR and advertising there is an unwritten law: when a company is successful, it must be because of its quality, its service and, most of all, its superior management. When things go wrong, it must be us.

Ah, Anne. Don't get cynical. It ruins your soft, winning smile.

Anyway. My boss loves to know big bosses. So he claims to know Lou well. At the country club he talked Lou into considering a joint promotion with us. That wasn't a small accomplishment, considering that Lou had never consented to doing anything like that before. Let alone be enthusiastic about it.

We had a meeting.

Normally I'd be there alone or with an assistant. This time my boss wouldn't dream of passing up the opportunity. Of course he hadn't spent a second on getting to know relevant information. But it didn't keep him from talking most of the time.

It was rather embarrassing.

After a few minutes of silent suffering I got the strange and implausible impression that Lou was staring at me. He wore impenetrably dark glasses, but still it felt as if his eyes were fathoming me.

A bunch of frozen spiders ran up and down my spine.

When my boss fell silent (for the sole reason of having to take a breath), Lou said, "Anne. May I say Anne? I'm Lou. Do you think this project is a good thing?"

His voice seemed to crawl out of a deep cellar. I gathered my wits from where his sudden interruption had shattered them. I had to clear my throat.

"Um. Yes. Uh, Lou, I think there are many instances where our interests overlap."

I then gave him a few suggestions off the cuff on how we might plan a successful joint promotion.

He smiled weakly and rose.

"Yes," he said. "Please work on those ideas, Anne. Let's meet in a week. Would that be sufficient time?"

I nodded. Then hurried to say yes.

He again smiled. He walked unerringly to the door. There he turned. "No need for you to waste more of your precious time on this, Alex. I gather Anne and I will be able to create something, uh…beautiful."

He smiled once more. Alex didn't. He is my boss, but I guess you got that.

I don't know why I blushed.


The next days and nights were hell.

I recruited my entire staff to help me come up with ideas and to visualize them. I am not a fanatic. Surely, you know me by now as someone able to see the relativity of things. Well, this time, forget it.

I spent the entire week in a daze. I drove myself and my poor colleagues like a sergeant major. We developed enough ideas to last three companies a decade to implement. By the time I was ready for the meeting, I was as nervous as a thoroughbred racehorse at the starting gate.

Then Lou's secretary phoned me.

She said the meeting wouldn't be at the office, but at Lou's villa. "Uhm," I said, "I presumed there would be more people attending. People who…well…"

There was another mild chuckle.

"Just go there, honey," she said. "You'll be fine, trust me. Lou's a vegetarian."


I knew the villa.

It was famous for its outrageous design. It was only five years old and built by one of those famous Spanish architects. It stood in the small park like a tall ship under full sail. Still, it was simple and tastefully done. And not as big as it appeared from the street.

The gate opened as I drove up. The pebblestones of the circular driveway crunched under my tires. Long, curving d

I was suitably intimidated.

When the door opened, there was no butler or maid. There was just Lou himself. He was clad all in black. It made his body look trim. His hair was pulled back severely. His eyes were hidden by dark glasses.

Lagerfeld, I thought.

He smiled. Then he extended his hand and used my name as he welcomed me. Couldn't I have been someone else? How did he know it was even me, given his lack of eyesight?

The house was lovely.

There was a huge hall with a very high sloping ceiling. A wide staircase swept to a mezzanine halfway up. Lou asked me to follow him. He preceded me without hesitation. He never touched a wall or a railing for orientation. Upstairs he asked me for my jacket. How could he know I even wore one?

Then he led me into a library. We sat down in leather chairs. He asked me to pour tea for us.

"Anne," he said with his deep voice, "I'm confident you've come up with some amazing ideas for our promotion."

I started immediately with my presentation, but his hand rose. "First we have tea, darling." The endearment shocked me.

He sipped his tea. So did I.

"Maybe, Anne," he then went on, "maybe you should just leave your ideas behind. I am certain they are fantastic. Let's not spoil this lovely afternoon with business."

Here I was still at mach speed, adrenaline choking me, and he just said "don't bother"? I didn't know what to say. I didn't have to. He had already risen and stretched out a hand to me.

"Let me show you something," he said.

His hand felt warm and dry. He pulled me up from the chair. Then he took me to a tall door at the opposite end of the room.

Behind it was total blackness.


I don't know why I followed him inside. The darkness was so complete that I could almost touch it. I never heard the door behind me close.

"Welcome to my world, Anne." I could hardly breathe.

"I hope you forgive me for springing this on you," his voice went on. It sounded as dark as the room.

I felt fingers touch my arm. I jumped.

"Sorry, Ann. Please consider it an honor that I invited you into my inner sanctum. Not many women have been here. I seldom open myself up this quickly."

My heart calmed a bit.

The whole thing had freaked me out incredibly, but strangely enough his voice soothed me. Then there was more. An unexpected rush of pity injected me. I felt a new warmth for this man. He was so powerful. And yet so lonely.

I started reaching out in the dark. I felt utterly helpless.

"Helpless," he whispered. He read my mind. "As helpless as I am in your world. Please allow me a few minutes of superiority."

"What . . ." My voice wavered on a gush of pent-up breath. "What do you expect of me?"

The darkness produced a short chuckle. "Anne," he said. "I know that you are a beautiful woman. I want to see you."

"See?" I said. The word confused me.

"Yes," he said. "With my fingers."

I took in a sharp breath when his intentions became clear.

"Um . . ." I said. I seemed to say a lot of ums around this man.

His hands were on my shoulder and cheek. They didn't startle me anymore. There was a new feeling altogether. I didn't move a muscle.

"Let me undress you."

Oh God. His hands were swift, his fingers nimble. How could he know where all the buttons were, the hooks, the zippers? But he did. And I was naked in a minute.

His touch was all over me.

My virtual blindness added magic. And when soft open lips found a swollen nipple, I moaned. He touched and kissed me. He licked my shivering skin. His breath was on my throat. And on the insides of my thighs.

"Come, Anne," he said.

He took my hand and tugged. My bare feet carefully felt their way over the deep carpet. All my senses were wide open. Minus one.

"Lean back," he whispered next to my ear. "Trust me." Why should I? But I did. A smooth slope caught my decline.

It gave and I had the strange experience of molding it with my body. It felt as if I sank into warm, wet clay. A dizzying feeling of floating came over me

His tongue, hands and lips resumed their journey over my body. An irresistible force pushed me into a spread eagle stance.

My brain seemed to sink into the same shapeless substance. A quagmire, I thought. Did I care? Should I? Waves of ignited lust took away my body. And my pussy leaked.

He was good. Wow, he was incredible!

I tried to find him with my hands, but they were immobilized up and beside me. So were my feet, down below. A new angst attacked me. It stiffened my body.

He stopped at once.

"Are you all right, Anne?" There was real concern in his voice. It made me melt. The fear dissipated.

"I…I am fine…Lou," I said. It was the voice of a girl I hadn't met in ages. Li'l' Annie of twelve. Scared. But oh so curious.

His mouth was on my cunt. His tongue found my clit. I had never come this quickly before.

"Yes," he hissed while the lashes of climax hit me. "Darkness is a strong aphrodisiac, my sweet Anne."


The orgasm faded.

I hung in the blackest silence. No lips, no fingers.

Then a silver tingle of metal approached. The heightened awareness of my skin noted the closeness of his body. The tiniest touch of his breath.

Suddenly a stark white flash of pain tore the blackness to pieces. It ran like a stake into my left nipple.

I screamed. I have never screamed quite the same before. Or after. I ululated at the top of my lungs. And I felt urine squirt from my bladder.




A cruel set of metal teeth seemed to bite halfway through the tender flesh of my nipple. What was it? I didn't care.

"Get it offfff…"

I started to sob. I struggled inside my floating cage. I was in a complete panic. Then the pain disappeared. The hold on me too. I slid down to the floor. Blindly I ran for where I supposed the door was. I bumped into things. I hurt my shins, my shoulder.

Then dim lights came on. I grabbed the neat pile of my clothes and pulled at the door. It opened and I almost fell through it.

"I'm so sorry," a voice said behind me. It was only much later that I remembered having heard it.

It had sounded so forlorn.


I raced home in a daze.

I sat in a corner, hugging myself and sobbing until George came home. He rushed to me, his face a study of deep concern. He held me. He never asked what happened. He just hugged me and told me things were all right.

I didn't know what to tell him.

I was scared beyond reason. He took me in his arms and let me sink down in a soothing bath. Curiously (and luckily) there were no obvious marks on my smarting nipple.

After a long time, George asked me if I wanted to tell him. I shook my head no. The heat of the water had ironed out all the sharp folds and crinkles of my panic.

He dried me in a huge fluffy blanket. Then he took me to bed. He held my hand until I wasn't aware of it anymore.

I slept for ten hours.


"I guess I worked too hard."

"I think so, Anne."

"Maybe I should take a few weeks off."

"Great idea, honey. They still owe me a week. Let's go to soak up a bit of exotic sun."

"I love you, George."

"I know, Anne. But not as much as I love you."

I had no cause to argue that.

We kissed.

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