tagNovels and NovellasA Tale of Two Families Ch. 01

A Tale of Two Families Ch. 01

byLauries Husband©

"I must say, darling, Little Thomas isn't giving it up the way he used to." And although there was a smile on her lips when she spoke, the sparkle in her sky blue eyes that had accompanied true mirth for the last twenty years was absent. He sighed a little and shrugged his shoulders as he tried to seem as concerned about the situation as she was.

She held his mostly flaccid penis tightly in her fingers as she stroked it back and forth, willing it to stiffen in her grip. It wasn't happening. It could have been if she would have been willing to listen to him earlier. Much earlier.

What he wanted to tell her was not anything she wanted to hear. She had made that plain enough soon after bringing Tommy, their son Thomas Larkin III, home from the hospital three months after their first anniversary.

Before that she'd listened. In fact, from the night they'd first met she had hung on his every word. Everything he'd said to her seemed reasonable and somehow, strangely attractive and attainable and it was a wonder to her, never having been in that position with anyone like him before.

Linda Preijac had grown up in the Midwest, in a suburb outside Chicago that her parents couldn't really afford. The first generation eastern-European immigrants worked long hard hours for every dollar that they earned, but the small town was safe and secure and the schools were the finest in the area. Linda proved to be as athletic as she was bright and took advantage of the community activities and teams and the coaches the wealthy suburb provided. And if her parents couldn't be there to watch her games or go to her meets because they were working extra shifts to afford it all, well it wasn't the worst thing in the world.

What they missed was the maturation of their daughter from a dirty-blond, scrawny tom-boy to an athletically graceful and bright young woman with top-shelf aspirations. And enough talent in gymnastics to be offered more than one scholarship.

High school graduation coincided with her eighteenth birthday. When she had told her parents that she would be attending the University's summer session to start gymnastics practice early, they cheerfully packed her things into the family car, drove her to the campus and helped her move into her dorm room. Even though they were exhausted from the long day, her father insisted on saving the cost of a motel room by driving back home that night. They never arrived. A truck driver coming up the opposite side of the highway suffered a stroke and lost control of his rig. He crossed the median and plowed directly into Linda's parents.

The neighbor that the police contacted was a lawyer who had been friendly with Linda's father. He contacted Linda and made arrangements for her return. Several weeks later, after the funeral and meetings with the insurance company and the transport company that the driver had worked for, Linda returned to school. She owned her home free and clear and had a substantial trust fund set up in her name and administered by her neighbor. Still grieving and still in shock, she moved back into the dorm amidst all the rumors and stories about her making their way through the dorms and across the campus and started her collegiate indoctrination.

Being the cute new gymnast brought Linda a little notoriety, especially as there were fewer students around in the summer. She found that she enjoyed it – it was so much better than continuing to grieve for a family that was never that close to begin with. That she looked like the sexy Girl Next Door didn't do anything to harm her chances in any way to get what she thought she wanted out of life. Several weeks after she'd returned to the campus, her cute looks and her sad, strange story got her into the warm, cozy fraternity house suite shared by the two best-looking men she'd ever met in her short eighteen year history. As a long, hot afternoon fraternity open house had turned into a sultry evening, she let the two charming sophomores lead her up to their room and listened to them as they told her of their past, their childhood and the closeness of their families.

The shorter one, Marshall, was so smooth and self-effacing as he told her about his family's properties and estates and of their vacations together around the world as they grew up. Thomas, the taller and perhaps slightly more handsome of the two, kept her wine glass filled and his eyes all over her as his best friend spoke. Every time her eyes caught his, she found herself trembling just a little as she realized that he hadn't turned away from her or broken the look they shared – not once.

"So anyway, that's why we're here together, sexy girl." Marshall was smiling at the young blonde, not aware that she'd missed most of what he'd said as she lost herself in Thomas' eyes. "Three more years to become 'gentlemen' and then we're off to play." He paused, expecting something from her. "Linda?"

"Oh gosh," she turned a deep rose color realizing she'd missed what he'd said, "I'm so sorry. I was just… you know…lost for a second. What did you say, Marshall?" She turned her head away from Thomas very reluctantly.

The flush of her embarrassment and the swelling of her nipples against the soft grey athletic department tee-shirt she wore seemed to bind the three of them in their knowledge and acceptance of her arousal. When she looked at Marshall, his eyes were shifting between her chest and her face, never apologizing in any way for his interest. When she looked back at Thomas, he was looking as well. Only she noticed Thomas also shifting his gaze to his friend…watching Marshall enjoying the hot little coed made him smile and his eyes get bright.

As for herself, Linda had never been in a situation even close to this. Little things that Marshall had said began to run through her mind and she was confused but at the same time more turned on than she could ever remember.

Marshall caught her eyes again and smiled gently at the young freshman sitting before him. Though only a sophomore himself (as was Thomas) he was mature beyond his years. "No problem, sexy, I can see that you are a little pre-occupied." His hand reached out and his fingers gently stroked her cheek. "He is a handsome devil, isn't he?" They both looked at Thomas and then laughed as their eyes met again. "What I was saying was that Thomas' father is a lawyer with only one client – my dad. When 'Handsome' over here," he swept his hand towards his friend, "graduates from Law School, he'll go to work for his father and I'll be working for mine." He smiled at the girl as he appreciated her physical attributes more and more. He took her hands in his and looked deeply into her eyes and Marshall saw the sparkle in her eyes even before Thomas did. "So do you think you'd be interested in that kind of a life, Linda? Full of excesses and all kinds of liberating pleasure?"

"When you say it like that, Marshall, who wouldn't?" Linda's mouth turned up at the corners and she couldn't stop her little giggle. She wasn't sure if it was from trying to understand 'liberating pleasure' of just from too much wine. As soon as she'd smiled, they both heard Thomas' moan and she felt her little pussy start to moisten and tingle. Marshall noticed her nipples getting harder immediately.

"No, really, I'm not joking. Look," he said, "we've spent hours together tonight and you haven't run off screaming. In fact, although I find you totally adorable myself, I think you have your eye on my best friend and future millionaire lawyer." She gasped. "Turn around, sexy, and you'll see that he's as attracted as you are."

She did. He was. At least the bulge in his jeans seemed to give that impression. She looked into Thomas' eyes and saw instant adoration. The limber and lithe blond gymnast, her vixen face as cute as her body was hard and tight, was everything he'd ever dreamed about. It was obvious – he wanted her now and forever. They all saw it.

The tall young man, athletically trim and graceful was, the more she thought about it, the best looking man she'd every personally met. He was extremely nice as well, and along with the bulge she'd noticed a few moments earlier, he was, she'd thought, pretty much the whole package.

"So, our sexy little gymnast," they heard the 'our' and Linda heard Thomas groan as her tiny pink pussy started to moisten in anticipation, "if you just say you'll marry him now, we can all save the ti…"

Marshall stopped speaking as Linda dropped to her knees in front of Thomas. She looked up at the shocked young man, knowing with full certainty that this was not a planned event, and put her hand on his thigh. She stopped momentarily and giggled almost silently as she realized that she still had to check one more thing for herself. Slowly and resolutely, simply amazed and more than a little shocked at her own boldness, the little blond coed slid her hand higher on his thigh. Three sets of eyes saw her fingers inch higher and the bulge in his jeans grow a little larger until she held him against her hand through the material. She gave him a tender squeeze and smiled again when he moaned his appreciation.

The smile dropped from her face for just a moment. "Really, what you said," she turned and faced Marshall, "about your fathers and business and everything…true? No bullshit?" He nodded. She turned back to Thomas. "Have you guys ever done or said anything like this before? With any other little coed cuties?"

He shook his head, still appearing in shock. "No…never."

She put her hand over his hard organ. She was a small girl and she was glad that it wasn't overly large. "And you want this, Thomas? Really? You don't even know me."

He nodded again and spoke like he was almost in a trance. "I know I want you, Linda, now and forever. I know I will love you more and more every day as we come to know each other. And if you find that you can't or don't love me and you want to walk away…I will understand. But yes," he pulled her up to her feet and still towered over her, "I want this more than I can say, Linda. Marry me…please say you will." Thomas dropped down to his knees, facing the beautiful young girl who had absolutely captivated him. "Or at least think about it while we spend every minute we can together." Thomas lowered his head as he tilted Linda's face up to his. He pressed his lips against hers and in an instant they both seemed to know how right it felt. His tongue gently licked across her full lower lip and she opened herself to him. Their tongues met in swirling passion and his arms moved around her, drawing her closer as their first kiss continued.

She had never realized what a kiss could really be until that sultry summer evening. She found it to be an almost fail-safe method of emotional communication. As Thomas explored her mouth with his tongue, Linda lost herself in the feelings he shared and her own strange circumstances. Slowly bringing herself back to semi-rational thought, she found her small, lithe body fit perfectly into the larger torso in front of her. She felt sheltered and protected and safe for the first time since she'd lost her family. Very reluctantly she pulled back from his kiss without leaving the comfort of his arms.

"Before I answer," the words came haltingly, her mouth suddenly dry, "I need to know something. Marshall, a minute ago you said 'our sexy girl.'" Linda felt small drops of her girl-juice wetting her little white cotton bikini panties. "What exactly does that mean? What is the real story with you two?"

Marshall smiled with warm eyes and a calm demeanor. "We're closer than brothers, darling girl. I told you that before. We have shared everything all our lives. But really, I think you want to hear what Thomas has to say, don't you? He is the one that loves you and wants to marry you." He gave her the sexiest smile she'd ever seen. "I only want to love you."

Linda leaned backwards and pulled Marshall's face to hers and kissed him hard and deep until she ran out of breath. "I think I might want to love you, too," she whispered softly in his ear. She blushed a deep pink before turning back into Thomas' arms. "Tell me, Thomas…tell me everything you want me to hear."

He picked her up easily, almost cradling the adorable young blonde in his long, strong arms and carried her across the room. He settled back against the thickly padded arm of an old leather couch and held her back against his chest, her firm, tight behind resting on his lap and her legs between his. Marshall grabbed their glasses and followed with more wine. After refilling all three glasses, he sat down across from them in a matching chair. Thomas leaned forward to pick up his glass and then settled back at more of an angle, his back resting between the arm and the back cushion of the couch. Linda's legs were pointed directly at Marshall and the only way to hold them comfortably was to put her feet up on the coffee table. She knew…they all knew she was being manipulated into this position. With her feet up on the table, Marshall would have a direct view right between her legs and up into the small gray athletic shorts that barely covered her.

Linda let the waves of anticipation and pleasure wash through her, her sky blue eyes picking up a fiery glare as she slowly and deliberately moved into position. The glare in her eye caught Marshall first as he shifted his gaze between her white cotton-covered pussy and her lust-driven face. She felt empowered as the wet circle in the crotch of her panties grew under Marshall's penetrating stare. The heat that was building deep in her core was thrilling the inexperienced eighteen year-old. She was fairly sure she knew where the whole experience was leading and she felt strangely calm and accepting of what might happen. For a girl who spent all of her time in high school studying or practicing her sports, who never had a boyfriend or even a steady date, she somehow understood that by accepting, she would be getting a package deal that somehow would include both of these captivating young men. And that realization set her off even more! She turned her face back and the glare in her eyes was mirrored in her future husband's.

"This is what you want, Thomas?" Her voice had a deep, throaty timbre that made both boys shiver. "You want to expose me to your friend…as you try to convince me to marry you – marry a man I just met only hours ago?" He groaned deep in his throat and their lips fused together once more.

Pulling his mouth away from hers was one of the hardest things Thomas Larkin Jr. had ever made himself do. His large hands moved her face forward so she was looking at Marshall before they slid over the gray tee-shirt and down the sides of her trim, fit torso and found her strong, smooth thighs. Slowly, yet very deliberately, Thomas lifted them up and spread her legs further apart before setting them down so her feet could rest on the table. Linda gasped, her breathing ragged and shallow as she allowed herself to be placed into a most vulnerable and exposed position. She knew it was more than the late summer heat that sent drops of sweat running between her breasts and moisture to collect at the mouth of her tiny pink vagina. She felt the soft tee-shirt mold itself to her, exposing her swollen, excited nipples as the wetness from her virgin sex leaked into her panties.

Thomas started speaking as his hands kept moving over the silky smooth teenage flesh. "Linda, my love," he stopped momentarily as he felt her vibrating in his arms, "you are an only child, right? Not even any cousins around you as you've grown up." She murmured her agreement and he continued. "You hear all the time about siblings who only fight with each other – you almost never hear the other stories…where brothers and sisters grow up loving each other and treating each other as well as they can. Like you, both Marshall and I are only children. We both have a few cousins, but they're almost strangers. You heard before that we grew up virtually together all the time – closer in some ways than many real brothers."

Linda was trying to concentrate on what Thomas was saying, but his words were facing stiff competition from the tingling that his fingers were bringing her as he lightly moved them up and down her legs and then her arms. (She was already covered with goosebumps like a little girl!) At the same time, the glare in her eyes was mirrored in Marshall's as his gaze moved systematically between her engorged nipples pushing her shirt out, the ever-growing wet spot between her legs, and her own lust-filled face.

"From the beginning," he continued softly, "we shared everything we had. It never mattered if we were in my room or his, whatever we had – clothes, toys, books, music, whatever – we both shared everything completely. Knowing what the future would hold for us, if everything were to go as planned, our parents were completely supportive of the way we behaved and encouraged it at every opportunity. My God, Linda, if you could only know what that did to us…how developing and drawing on a second perspective could give us such an exponential increase in knowledge and understanding. And," his voice dropped into a deeper, sexy timbre, "as we got older we also gained an exponential increase in pleasure as a result of sharing."

Linda's flesh was on fire as Thomas soft voice penetrated her consciousness and his hands continued to create chaos with her perfect young body. She took a small sip of wine to wet her mouth enough to speak. "So, if I understand you…you not only want to expose me to your friend while you propose to me…" Linda shifted her bottom and re-settled in his lap. In the process, her grey shorts shifted and the thin crotch was pulled to the side. "…you intend to share me with him as well?" She could smell the scent of her arousal and wondered if they could, too. Her heart was beating so fast and so hard she thought the boys would hear it and the embarrassment was turning her bright red.

"Let me show you something, Linda-love," Thomas whispered softly into her ear. Unable to speak any more, the hot blonde gymnast nodded her approval. She gasped and her breath caught in her throat as she felt his fingers move to her sides and take hold of the hem of her tee-shirt. As he started to pull it slowly upwards, Linda heard a deep groan and it was then she realized it was coming from deep within herself. "We could be alone now, me sitting behind you like this…" It felt like a blanket of electricity covered her flesh – every nerve exploding as the bottom of her shirt rose higher. "Of course," he said, "I could feel the wonderful curves of your breasts as I lift your tee-shirt higher, and believe me," his voice dropped to an even lower timbre that resonated deep within the young girl, "there is pleasure beyond belief in just that." She felt one finger from each of his warm hands trace the delicate under-curve of both of her small, firm breasts and she thought she might climax from that alone.

His fingers brought her shirt even higher. She would swear that her rose-pink nipples had never been harder or longer as he came closer and closer to exposing them to his friend.

"But with Marshall here, sharing this with us, we can add his perspective to ours. Would you like to see how?" His deep, sexy voice poured the words softly into her ear and she could only moan, totally enthralled by the entire situation. "Raise your arms…slowly, baby… make him earn it…play with it." She felt the electrical storm again as he whispered hotly in her ear. "Keep your eyes on his…make him know you are looking directly at him. Turn his eyes into a mirror, baby…see what he sees."

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