tagLoving WivesA Taste of His Own Medicine

A Taste of His Own Medicine


My boyfriend Tom has a bit of a cuckold fetish. At first, he started getting turned on when I would talk about my sexual experiences with past lovers. Then he began to encourage me to make up stories about sexual encounters with other guys as part of our foreplay. But it was all just talk, until last weekend.

Tom plays guitar in a rock band. The band's "chick singer" Jennifer threw a birthday party at her East Village apartment. There were lots of interesting, quirky people at the party, and Jon and I spent the first couple of hours chatting with other couples, downing a few glasses of wine to help the conversation along.

At one point, I got up and went into Jennifer's bedroom where the coats were lying to get a tube of lipstick from my pocket. While fishing through the pile of coats, I noticed a light coming from a slightly open door off the bedroom. Looking closer, I realized it was a bathroom, and that there was a guy in there who seemed to be jerking off!

Quietly taking a few steps closer, I saw it was Charlie, Jennifer's ex-boyfriend. Tom had mentioned to me once that Jennifer was always bragging about how big Charlie's penis was, and now I couldn't restrain my curiosity. I could see Charlie in the mirror, stroking away at his enormous cock! I stood there hypnotized by the sight, getting turned on by it, when I looked up and met Charlie's gaze in the mirror! "Hey, Marisa, why don't you come in and take a closer look?" he grinned.

Without stopping to think about it, I stepped into the bathroom and quickly closed the door behind me. Charlie stroked his dick a few more times as I sat down on the toilet seat, then he dropped his hand and just stood there, letting his cock bob in front of my face. It was huge; the head was swollen and crimson, engorged with blood, and the veiny shaft looked almost as thick as my forearm! I couldn't resist. Leaning forward, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the head of his cock into my mouth, feeling its heat and the softness of the skin. I kissed and licked his cockhead as I started stroking the shaft with one hand and fondling his heavy balls with my other hand. I could only get about half his length down my throat, but I built up a good back-and-forth motion, spreading my saliva along his rigid shaft with my hand to lubricate it. I could hear Charlie starting to breathe hard, and at the same time I realized my cunt juices were flowing, making a wet spot on the toilet seat.

Just as it seemed that Charlie might come in my mouth, he pulled out, stood me up, spun me around and bent me over the sink. He lifted up my skirt to reveal my soft, round butt, and pulled the thong strap out of my ass crack and off to one side. Rubbing a handful of spit on his cock, he pressed it up against my pussy hole and slowly started to push it into me. The feeling of his massive member forcing apart the walls of my cunt was almost too much for me; I let out a groan. I was literally seeing stars. I tried to relax as Charlie gradually penetrated me, inch by inch, and then started pumping in and out at a nice easy pace. Before long he was ramming it in right up to the hilt!

I was rubbing my clit like crazy as the sensation of being filled by his cock sent intense waves of pleasure coursing through my body. In the back of my mind, I remembered Tom out at the party and felt a little guilty, but then I thought he might actually enjoy me telling him about this later, and my thoughts went back to that massive cock plunging in and out of my pussy. "Oh, yeah, fuck me!" I said, watching Charlie pound me in the mirror over the sink.

Charlie began thrusting faster and harder, and as I began to feel an orgasm coming over me I started pushing back against each stroke of his ramrod. That sent Charlie over the edge. "I'm coming!" he gasped, and I felt his cock spasming inside me, shooting his load. I climaxed like never before, shuddering and whimpering, trying not to cry out too loud. I felt my cunt contracting over and over on his thick cock. As the last of our spasms faded, Charlie withdrew and fell back weakly against the bathroom wall. I turned around and saw thick white cum still oozing from the tip of his prick. I licked it off and took his cockhead back into my mouth, squeezing out every last drop of semen. Then I leaned back against the sink, catching my breath.

Looking in the mirror, I fixed my hair a little, and readjusted my thong and skirt. With a little smile at Charlie, I slipped out of the bathroom, leaving him to recover. As I walked back to the party on wobbly legs, I could feel cum starting to drip down the inside of my thigh. I found Tom sitting on a couch and sat down next to him. When he turned to look at me, I kissed him forcefully, half hoping he would taste Charlie's cum in my mouth. "Let's go home" I said urgently into his ear. "What's the matter, is something wrong?" he asked. "I need you to fuck me!" I whispered. We left the party without saying any goodbyes.

As soon as we got in the door, we stripped off our clothes as fast as we could. I pushed Tom back on the bed and began sucking his already hard cock, but then quickly I moved up and straddled his face, telling him to eat me. He began licking my clit like he always does, but I said, "No, I want you to eat out my cunt!" After all the times he's come in my mouth and on my face, I wanted him to get a little taste of his own medicine (well, not really his own!). I'm not sure if Tom fully realized what was going on, but I think he must've noticed the semeny cream oozing from my slit into his mouth. If he did notice, he didn't say a word about it. We had wild sex for about an hour, and then both fell deeply asleep.

Maybe in a month or so I'll tell Tom the story of what happened that night, although I'm not sure if I'll tell him that it actually happened, or maybe just let him think it's another story I made up for his benefit. For now, it's my own dirty little secret!

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