tagRomanceA Teachers Story Ch. 03

A Teachers Story Ch. 03



In early May, Grant High School held what was considered the second biggest social event of the year, The School Dance. Only the Senior Prom was a bigger event.

All of the faculty would be in attendance. Spouses, significant others, girlfriends and boyfriends would be there. I went alone.

Jen sat at he VIP table. Peter Brant and his wife had come to the dance and were seated at Jen's table, as were Jen's secretary Marie and her husband Tony. . I was relegated to one of the lower teacher's tables; the ones who did not have spouses or dates.

My Water Rats had a table and were dressed to the nines. The four girls were in gowns of various tasteful colors and the guys were in tuxedos. Jamal and Tyler's tuxes were powder blue, Mitchell and Roberto's were red, Charles' was green and Maurice was in tails. They were a sight. They were MY Water Rats.

The evening was noisy. The music was loud and fast. The dancing was nothing I was interested in.

Some of the teachers were talking about Jen. One teacher, Morton Dilk, a Social Studies teacher was really ragging on Jen. He was arguing that Jen was a lesbian, because she never dates or never brings anyone to any event. In fact, she probably won't even dance with anyone tonight.

I pointed out that I didn't date anyone here, I never brought anyone to these things and I haven't danced...does that make me a lesbian? Everyone laughed. Needless to say Dilk was not happy with me.

Then Dilk played his trump card he told us that he had asked Dr. North out and she turned him down.

I responded, that only meant that Dr. North had good taste; again laughter. Then one of the young female teachers piped up, "Hey, Fitzy, why don't you ask North to dance, who could refuse you?"

Dilk picked up on that and really started to get on me. I tried to beg off saying I could never dance like those kids.

Dilk was going for the kill; he was going to make me pay, "I'll get them to play a waltz."

I laughed to myself, what did I have to loose?

I smiled at Dilk and said, "Let's see what I can do."

As I got up and walked toward the VIP table, the DJ announced at Mr. Dilk's request in honor of the principal, Dr. North, the next tune would be a waltz. All of the students moaned. Jen looked a bit confused.

I walked up to the table and asked Jen to dance. She laughed and said, "I don't see why not."

Peter Brant looked at me with a smile on his face and he shook his head. Marie gave me a withering look.

We walked to the dance floor and when we got there the DJ started the music. I took her hand in mine and place my other hand on her waist. Jen had her hand on my shoulder. We were a respectful distance apart.

We started to move with the music, in tune with the one, two, three of the waltz. At first we moved slowly and tentatively. Then as we once again became accustomed to the music and to each other we moved with more confidence. It only took a few moments before we were moving in unison, anticipating, knowing the others movements. Moving as one; completely coordinated, in sync with each other.

As we whirled around the dance floor, we no longer heard the music. We danced to the rhythm of our beating hearts: thump, thump, thump - the one, two, three of the waltz.

I no longer saw anything other than this beautiful woman in my arms. Her head was turned to the side and her eyes were closed. I pulled her slightly closer. I could feel her warmth, her excitement, all of the passion and love she had for me and me alone.

The music of our love played on and we danced. We danced the dance of our love, the dance of our devotion, the dance of our total commitment to each other. We danced on, stepping, turning, whirling, totally oblivious to anything outside this cocoon of love that we had created. I saw nothing, heard nothing, needed nothing other than this goddess in my arms.

On and on we went, as if dancing on clouds. Joined together, wrapped in the music of our love. We were moving in complete synchronization; the perfect union of music and movement that was choreographed by two people so completely in love that nothing else mattered.

We were no longer dancing but loving; holding on to each other never wanting to let go. Loving and dancing for eternity; forever embracing; melding our bodies and souls into a perfect union; becoming one, inseparable, silently making promises of eternity.

All too soon, the music ended and we stopped dancing and as we came out of our revere and realized that we were the only ones on the dance floor. It seemed that shortly after we started to dance, everyone else stepped to the side and allowed us to have the floor all to ourselves.

They all started to clap and cheer. Recovering quickly, I made a very extravagant bow and Jen curtsied. I made a show of holding her hand as I escorted her back to her table.

Getting back to her table she thanked me for a wonderful dance. I bowed and said, "The pleasure was all mine, Dr. North."

Peter Brant and his wife were laughing, she gave me a knowing smile and he winked. If looks could kill, Marie would have slain me on the spot.

I walked back to my table and upon arrival stated, "Well, I guess that Dr. North and I are no longer lesbians."

Dilk and the teacher, who had dared me to dance, were not happy. However, the rest of the teachers were ecstatic. Laughing and slapping me on the back. Everyone wanted to know where I learned to dance like that.

I told them that while I was working in France, my friend's family had adopted me and when Mama found that I couldn't dance took it upon herself to teach me. I learned the basics in their living room. At the first family event, Mama after dancing with Papa, pulled me up to the dance floor.

There I discovered that dancing the waltz on a dance floor, with all that room was so much easier. And not only did I like it but I became rather adept. By the end of the night I had probably danced with every one of Marcel's female relatives, and I had a great time.

So when Dilk said he would have a waltz played, what else could I do?

As I made my rounds of the tables, something all teachers were expected to do, I was greeted with laughter and cheers. Fitzy had danced with North.

Marissa didn't say anything when I got to the Water Rats table, but she was looking at me in a funny way. However, the rest of then didn't shut up, laughing at me and making fun.

The only drawback with the evening was that I couldn't get close to Jen again.

The dance ended about 10:30 pm. I drove alone to my apartment getting there at about 11:00 pm. Jen arrived shortly after.

When she came into my apartment, she ran to my arms and we kissed. She was laughing and hugging me saying that I was crazy to have danced with her like that. People were going to suspect and Peter was most certainly going to have to do something.

I made some drinks and we sat and talked. We had been putting this discussion off for some time.

The import business was taking on a life of its own, taking up more and more of my time. We were now at the point where we would have to choose, either teaching or the import business. Knowing full well that Peter would be transferring me in September, we decided that I would resign from teaching and go into the wine and food business full time.

Even though Jen agreed that it was best, she seemed to be really unhappy. When we made love it was with a quiet desperation, like something was going to change and the change would be for the worse.

As I loved her, I could feel the sadness in her, like she was loosing me. There even seemed to be sadness in our pleasure.

In our minds, we knew that we would have to be apart during the day. I would be transferred or I would be leaving Grant, but in our hearts even that separation brought sorrow.

As we lay on the bed next to each other, holding hands, Jen asked, "So, when can I expect to get your resignation letter?"

"When do you want it?"

"Never, but I guess the sooner the better; I will have to put in for a replacement." She answered.

I leaned over and took something off of the night table and said to her, "Well, now I won't be sleeping with my boss any more, will I?"

Jen turned her face to the wall and softly and slowly asked, "Who will you be sleeping with, Ron?"

I rolled onto my side facing her, reached over and took her chin in my hand. I turned her face toward me and looking into her eyes said, "My wife?"

Jen looked confused, she said, "Wife? Wi..."

"Jen...Marry me...be my wife. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, being with you, loving you, marry me?" I said as I slipped the diamond ring onto the forth finger of her left hand.

She looked at her hand, at the ring on her finger. "Marry you...be your wife...OH GOD, RON...Yes, I will marry you...YES...YESYESYESYES!" she screamed.

She grabbed me and crushed her lips into mine; she pushed me onto my back. Straddled my hips and aligning my newly erect dick, she plunged down, impaling herself on me.

She began to ride me hard, forcing herself down taking as much of my dick into her as possible. Then rising up until only the head was still in her; then once again plunging down.

I began to push up into her as she dropped. We loved, pushing and withdrawing, rising and dropping, over and over, forever and ever; loving with all of the desire, passion and lust that we had in us.

Finally, exploding into a wondrous, fantastic orgasm; I stiffened and forced my dick up into her body and began to erupt into her vagina, sending my semen deep into her womb.

Jen threw her head back and screamed as her orgasm took control of her entire being.

The rush of pleasure was unbelievable. Nothing on earth could compare.

Years...hours...moments later, Jen collapsed on top of me. We were both totally spent.

We fell asleep still joined.

I awoke just as the sun was coming up. I lay on my side for a while watching Jen sleep. God, she is beautiful, I thought.

I slowly and quietly got out of bed, not waking her. I washed up and went into the kitchen and made coffee.

A short time later I heard Jen go into the bathroom. I was sitting at the table when she walked up behind me and put her arms around me, nestling my head between her breasts.

She slowly let me go and sat in the chair next to me. I took her hands in mine and lightly kissed her.

She had tears in her eyes. In a soft voice she said, "I would have been in sooner but I was in bed looking at my beautiful ring...my beautiful engagement ring."

I smiled, "Yes, Uncle Herve does wonderful work, doesn't he?"

"Uncle Herve...but when..."

"That first full day in Amsterdam; when you went shopping with Mama and Catherine."

"Mama and Catherine knew?" she asked.

"Mama knew, but Catherine probably didn't know until Marcel told her that afternoon. Since they know how to keep a secret, I don't think anyone else knew...except Papa, of course."

I went on, "I picked up the package from Fed Ex on Thursday night. I was going nuts all day yesterday and last night. I just wanted to drop to my knees and ask you to marry me in front of the whole school"

Jen smiled and said, "Well, on Monday morning they will all know...Oh, God...can you imagine what it's going to be like when the word gets out."

"It should prove to be an interesting day," I muttered, thinking of the uproar that this would cause.

We went into the living room and sat on the couch, sipping our coffee in silence. Cuddled together, basking in the warmth of our love. We then started with the phone calls, first to my sister June and her husband Brian, Marcel and Catherine, Mama and Papa, and Lily and Clive.

Everyone laughed and teased, saying that it was about time. Even June commented that it was good that her brother finally came to his senses, before Jen found someone better. Every one was so excited for us.

Then we made a visit to Jen's brother, Ben, and his wife, Nelly; where we were congratulated and teased. Jens nephew and niece wanted to know if they had to wait until the wedding to call me Uncle Ron.

We left Ben and Nelly's in the evening and decided to have dinner at Gitano's. Gitano and Rosa were overjoyed about the engagement. Treating us like royalty, insisting that we have the reception at the restaurant. I couldn't argue with that.

We got to Jens apartment late that night...or rather early the next morning and went straight to bed.

As it was Sunday morning, we were off to Church. Lily and Clive met us and there were hugs and kisses all around. Clive wanted to set the date for the wedding right away. Of course, we would be married at his church. It seemed that he was more excited that we were, not really but he is very excitable and hyper.

Peter Brant and his wife were at the service. They came over and congratulated us. Peter laughed and said we were creating paper work for him. I would have to be transferred.

I said, "You won't have to do that, I am going to resign."

He gave a small smile, "I had a feeling that was going to happen. It's the business with Marcel, right? John said that you had discussed the business when you were in Paris last month and he felt that you wouldn't be with us too much longer. And we will have to find someone to take over your little group."

"Yea, I wanted to talk to you about that," I said. "I was wondering if it would be possible for me to continue to hold the tutoring classes in Grant, even if I'm not on the payroll?"

Peter looked at me and laughed, "They really got to you, didn't they?"

"Yea, they sure have," I said, "They are a tough group, but they are good kids. They have it hard and they have had so many people make promises to them and then break them, the kids don't trust anyone. I don't want to be one of those people."

"Well," Peter laughed, "I don't think that this will be a problem. Where else can I get a certified teacher who will take a bunch like the Water Rats and teach them for nothing?"

He turned to Jen and said, "Jen, just submit one of the miscellaneous action requests. Fax it to me and I will sign it and fax it right back to you."

I said, "Thanks, this really means a lot to me."

"I know it does and that's why I hate to lose you. But, I'm not losing you completely and who knows I may get more out of you, in time," Peter answered.

As he and his wife walked away, he turned and said, "Once again, Congratulations. And Jen, let me know how tomorrow goes...it should be interesting."

Jen smiled and said, "Will do."

We had lunch with Lily and Clive, setting a wedding date for mid August. We could have a couple of weeks for a honeymoon and get back in time for Jen to get ready for the school year.

We got back to my apartment around 2:30 pm. I didn't have anything to do as I had prepared my lessons during the week. Jen sat on the couch reading reports. I lay down on the couch and rested my head on her lap. It was so relaxing, just laying there feeling Jen's legs under my head, her stomach along side my face. I rubbed my cheek against her stomach.

I said, "Do you know what we did today, Jen? We set a date for our wedding. We are going to be husband and wife on August 11th."

"Husband and wife; Ron, I don't believe that this is happening. I had given up dreaming of a wedding day, years ago. Now in about three months I will be married, to the most wonderful man in the world."

"And I will be married to the most wonderful, beautiful woman in the world," I said as I lifted off of her lap and kissed her.

It started as a soft, tender kiss, but I was seized by a deep, irresistible desire for this woman in my arms. I wanted her. I wanted her, now. I had to have her, now.

I grabbed her and crushed my lips against hers. I held her with all of my might, pulling her body to mine. I forced my tongue into her mouth, with a violence I didn't understand.

At first, Jen was taken by surprise. But, it seemed that she was infected by my desire. She wrapped her arms around me and ground her lips into mine. She literally ripped my clothes off of me, as I tore hers off of her.

Shirt, blouse, skirt, pants, bra and panties, briefs and tee shirt flew across the living room.

We crushed our naked bodies together. She pulled me down on top of her, spreading her legs as wide as she could.

I rose up and moved between her legs and slammed my dick into her. No foreplay, no warning. She wrapped her legs around me with a violence that was crushing. I began to hammer my dick into her vagina as she slammed her hips up meeting my thrusts with an equal force.

This was fucking at its most basic, rutting like animals, fighting our way to that peak of sexual pleasure. For only that pleasure would satisfy, sate this overpowering desire.

This was not a quiet coupling. We groaned and grunted as we fucked, getting louder and louder as our passion built.

We knew only our desire, passion and lust. The pleasure was unbelievable. As we kept rutting, the pleasure built. More and more, higher and higher, it was as we were chasing an unobtainable goal. Running faster and faster, fucking with more and more fury, until we finally reached the pinnacle, the acme, the height of our fulfillment.

It was if our orgasms were detonated by an atomic bomb. We screamed out, the raucous sounds of our voices resonated through out the apartment.

Jen started to shake and tremble as she held me in the vise like grip of her legs. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back in ecstasy, as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body.

I was unable to do anything but be carried away by the unstoppable torrent of my pleasure. My dick jerked and spewed its potent fluids into her vagina. I came with a force that I never achieved before.

My semen seemed to fire from my dick and splash against the walls of her vagina into her womb. It felt like I was empting my soul, my existence into my beloved Jen. I filled her to overflowing and still I came. The dam had burst and the flood was unstoppable.

After what seemed like hours, my dick ceased firing. I stayed in her. I never wanted to part. But finally, I rolled off of her and lay next to her.

"Oh my god, Ron...oh my god," she panted.

We just lay there in each other's arms. Not saying anything more.

Eventually, we got up and I made a light dinner. We shared a bottle of wine and went to bed around 10:00 pm. We fell asleep in each other's arms.


We were up early, before the sun. We had a nice leisurely shower, this time making love slowly and gently.

I made breakfast and we left for the school in separate cars.

When I arrived at Grant, I immediately went to the cafeteria. I knew that my Water Rats would be there. As I approached, I spotted Marisa and I called to her.

I told her that I wanted all of the Water Rats in the classroom right away, because I had to discuss something with them. She started to complain and I said, "NOW, Marisa." She went to get the rest of them.

About ten minutes later all ten were in the classroom. They were grumbling that wasn't it enough that you harassed us in the afternoon, why do we have to put up with this in the morning?

I said, "Listen, I have a couple of things to tell you. It will be all over the school soon, but I wanted you to hear it from me. So if you have anything to say, you can say it to my face."

"This morning, I am handing my resignation to Dr. North. I will be here until June, but I will not be giving formal classes in September. I..."

Jamal screamed out, "MOTHERFUCKER, MOTHERFUCK YOU FITZY, fuck you, fuck you, you bastard. You're just like all the rest...you make all sorts of promises and then you fuck us. You ain't no different..."

Marisa, in a very calm voice said, "Be quiet, Jamal."

"FUCK YOU MARISA, I ain't gonna be quiet..."

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