tagLoving WivesA Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 02

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 02


End of Chapter 1

My arms were getting tired holding my hands high above my head. As they started to lower, he placed his big hand fully over my mound. One finger slid smoothly down my vaginal slit and pressed against my clit. I jumped and started to back away. He told me to stand still. Backing away, he took more pictures showing all of my body. "Now the key shot," he said, "drop your panties."

My bra was falling off my arms, so I removed it and placed it on my dress. Perhaps I was simply delaying the inevitable. I placed my thumbs in the band of my panties and slowly slid them over my hips and down my thighs. All the time, he was taking more pictures. As I stepped out of my panties, he flashed a picture that I knew was fully showing my pussy. He laughed as I realized what he had seen. I was ashamed to admit that my labia lips were glistening with moisture. Here he was fully dressed and I was becoming sexually aroused.

I thought that he was about to take me. However, he stepped back with a huge grin and told me he was pleased to see that I was going to be a "good slut" for his use. Even with my desire becoming evident, he told me that he was going to use me when he wanted me, not when I wanted him. He said, "Get dressed and go home to your husband. Let him fuck you. Tomorrow is Saturday and I will be coming to your house at 8 PM. I want you in some sexy lingerie and I want your husband there to greet me. If he is good and if you look sexy enough, we might let him watch us have some ferocious sex. Have some good bourbon for us to share." Mr. Richards turned and walked away, leaving me standing naked and horny in the basement. He called back to me; lock the basement when you leave. Then he was gone.

Chapter 2

It was nearly 7 PM before I drove into my drive way. I had turned off my cell phone and wandered around town and down by the lake, just thinking about what had happed this afternoon. What would I tell my husband John? Would he go along with the agreement I had made with Mr. Richards? What would he say when I told him about the pictures that were taken of me. Of course I had to tell him everything.

Entering my house my husband met me in the hall and was uncertain what to say. He was obviously very upset and he said he was sorry that he had placed us in this position. I told him it was not his fault his school had closed and he lost his job. He had been trying for nearly two years to find another teaching position, without any luck. Unfortunately, the bills had piled up and my salary was not sufficient to cover everything, despite our cutting back on all unnecessary expenses.

Mr. Richards offer for a raise for me and a part time job for John would allow us to meet our expenses. It was a way out. It was the only way out we could find. We sat down in the kitchen and discussed everything while pouring ourselves several tall, strong drinks. I finally got enough courage to tell John that Mr. Richards was coming to our house tomorrow evening. We both knew this would be a test for us to see if we would agree to his offer for our jobs and for me to become his sex toy. A lot depended upon how Mr. Richards and John reacted to each other.

I don't think either of us slept that night. I don't know what John was thinking. My mind was going over what had happened at the school basement and what instructions he had given me for Saturday night. He wanted me in "some sexy lingerie" and he wanted to meet John. I had to plan the day and make certain everything was ready for our visitor.

It was almost nine and John was still asleep when I got out of bed. I searched my drawers and could not find any really sexy lingerie. I would have to make a run to the local Mall. One store would have what I required. John got up and said he was going to go for a run. I knew he would be gone at least two hours, enough time for me to put fresh sheets on the bed and to clean up the kitchen and living room. I was finishing as John returned. I told him I had to go to the market and left for the mall.

It was the third store I searched, Nordstrom's, which had the perfect things for me to wear for Mr. Richards. It was an open Mesh Chemise with matching G-string and a mesh shelf bra. The bra was unlike anything I have ever worn. It had satin piping, bows and rosette accents. Being a "shelf bra" it pushed up my breasts but fully exposed my nipples and the top half of my tits. I knew I needed special shoes and found some nearly nude, wrap up black patent leather stilettos that had a matching leather cuff above my ankle, accented with a shiny silver buckle. It was obvious I had to include some hose and a garter belt. I found some black, light fishnet mesh hose and a very small, sheer lace garter belt. To complete the appearance I found a full length Kimono robe that was very sheer. I tried each item on and they were all a perfect fit. I purchased them and rushed out to the car and back home.

John and I spoke only briefly over a take-out dinner he brought home. I told him I must put on a special outfit for Mr. Richards and asked what he was going to wear? He said he didn't "give a shit" and walked off into the bedroom.

At 7:30 I told John that I had to get dressed and went into my dressing room with my new items. I had asked him to get the door and to welcome our guest for the evening. He reluctantly agreed after his third Jack Daniels on the rocks. I was worried how this evening would turn out.

I was finished getting dressed and was almost finished with my hair and makeup when I heard the door bell. Although I heard them talking, I couldn't understand what they were saying. I rushed and within ten minutes I went into the living room. The talking stopped as both men stared at me in my new, erotic lingerie. The silence was overpowering as no one spoke or greeted me. They were stunned.

As I walked carefully in my stilettos on the thick carpet, their eyes followed, examining every part of me. I broke the ice and asked if they had a chance to meet each other. Both were holding a tall glass of bourbon as Mr. Richards had requested; this time with no ice. As I waited for my husband to comment, John said they had discussed the situation and had reached an agreement. He added, "Dressed like you are, I guess you have already agreed."

I turned toward Kevin Richards and asked if he approved. He leaned back on the sofa next to John, took a sip of the bourbon and said, "Good enough to eat." He told me to come over to him so he could see me closer. "John, I want you to get up and move across the room and sit in the Lazy Boy chair. Do not speak unless I ask you a direct question. Mainly, DO NOT get out of that chair." John got up and did as he was told. His head was turned toward me and his eyes were filled with tears.

Kevin complimented me on my choice of what to wear. He examined each item and said he especially liked my choice of shoes, hose and garter belt. Reaching for my front tie, he opened my robe and pulled it off my shoulders. Dropping it on the floor, he pulled me closer yet and grasped my nipples. He hurt me as he pinched, making them erect. "We have to do something about that G-string," he said. He grabbed it and ripped it off in one pull.

Holding my left nipple in his left hand, he placed his right hand over my mound. Kevin looked me in the eyes and said, "I want this pussy shaved smooth the next time I see you. Understand, bitch?" Stroking my slit, he immediately felt the wetness that had already began running down my inner thighs. As his fingers began to enter me, I looked back at my husband. He was on the edge of his seat like a ghost watching carefully as his wife was being finger fucked.

Mr. Richards asked me, "Do you recognize my control and dominance over you? Do you understand I am now your Master and sole authority?" I dropped my head and said, "Yes," and added, "Sir."

He turned to John and said, "I don't have a lot of time this evening, so I think I will fuck your wife now. Do you have any problems with that?" John said, "No."

Kevin got up and told me to take him to the bedroom. I led the way and he followed closely behind with his hand on my right hip. John remained in his chair.

As we entered the bedroom I started to remove my clothing, but Kevin stopped me. He said he liked the way I was dressed and told me to lay down on my stomach and hold the pillow under my face with both hands. I felt him grasp my ankles and spread my legs apart. They were straight and widely spread. My face was as immersed into my pillow as firmly as were my tits in the mattress.

Kevin wasted no time as he had already removed all of his clothing. He crawled onto my back and I felt his hard cock slide between my sodden cheeks. His heavy weight pushed me deeper into the mattress and kept me from moving. I was afraid he was aiming for the wrong entrance.

Lifting my ass, I wiggled my hips and with my right hand tried to guide his huge cock into my vagina. He pushed forward and began to stretch my vaginal lips. Fortunately, I was as wet and open as I have ever been. Kevin was gentle and slowly entered my moist hole.

Oh god, he was stretching me open. It hurt so much as he continued to enter me. I was squeezing the pillow tightly with both hands, stretching both arms above my head. My legs were spread by his large body and wide hips. As I was about to scream, I felt his balls slap against my ass. He was now fully in me. He lay still for a moment then slowly began to stroke and fuck me.

Kevin took my hands and had me reach out to the top corners of the bed. He told me to hold on to the edge of the mattress and not let go. He was now centered over my body with his huge cock stroking faster and faster into my cunt. He balls were slapping against my ass and shaking my clit with every stroke.

He reached under me and tightly squeezed both of my breasts. This was not a loving caress; he was grabbing me and pulling my body back to him as he plunged as deeply as he could into me. The mixture of pain and pleasure was blending and I now understood what is meant by being in "Sub Space."

His humping into me, my legs spread wide, my tits being pulled all combined into a feeling of actually being his sex toy. It was then I felt a sensation building in my gut. It kept spreading out and quickly exploded into a full body orgasm that must have lasted two minutes. It was by far the best feeling I have ever experienced.

The combination of my tightening cunt, my soaking wet lips and me tightening my ass with his every stroke was driving Kevin to the edge. I could feel him become even more rigid and then he moaned and pressed firmly against my ass, holding still. I could feel the hot fluids shoot deep into me. A moment later he shot another blast which more than filled my pussy, he was still holding himself perfectly still, against my ass.

It was during the second orgasm that I also had another orgasm myself. It was not as powerful as the first, but being held so firmly and feeling his sperm warming my uterus, it was a glowing, wonderful feeling that put me back into sub-space. A cry of pleasure and tremors covered my entire body.

Kevin lay still on my back for several minutes. I was still holding onto the mattress edge and trying to breathe with all of his weight on me. As his cock decreased in size, he rolled off to his right side. Oh...I could breathe again. He got up and went into our bathroom to clean up.

Within a few minutes he came out and said, "The bathroom is yours. Next time expect to be bound in some way and I will fuck you several times, so you will not forget that experience. I might even let your husband watch. Would you like that?" Before I could answer or reply, Kevin turned and walked away.

He walked out the front door and as he passed John I heard him say, "Pam is a great piece of ass. I left her full of cum. Hope she is on the pill."

Upcoming in Chapter 3, Pam and John will go to Kevins house and discover there is much more to being a Dom and sub than simply fucking Pam.

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