tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail

Summer's Blackmail


Todd Spillers was surfing through the internet as most high school seniors will do when he came upon Wives Who Need Sex. Having just celebrated his 19th birthday, he was taking his new laptop computer out for a spin. His parents had moved a lot during his early years due to his father's military service so when they arrived in Atlanta, they had held him back in the eighth grade so that he could catch up to the high academic requirements of the new school district and to have the added benefit of being one year older than his competition. In addition to the age differential, Todd's physical stature led to him being the starting left tackle on Smith High School's championship football team.

So, while all of his other friends had received cars, Todd's parents had only promised him a car only if he was successful in receiving a football scholarship. As Todd went through the customary age checks and was able to access the site, he started surfing the site and found a section that guided him to women in his area. He scanned the profiles of women who had pictures of themselves in various stages of dress and clicked on a couple to get a feel for what the women were seeking. He continued down the list until he noticed an ad that said, "English teacher seeking her muse". When Todd clicked on the profile name, no picture came up. He could tell from the profile that there were "private" pictures, but he could not gain access. So, Todd wrote a quick note to the teacher and said that he was a very good candidate for the position of muse because I know what you want as well as what you need. Todd signed his message, Master T. He logged off of his computer so that he could finish his homework, study for his test and hit the sack.

Summer Wayne was surfing the internet on a boring Thursday evening. Her high school sweetheart and husband of 20 years was out of the country on business, her twin sons were experiencing their first semester of college at the state university and her best friend, Lisa, was out having dinner with her husband. Summer has been an English teacher at Smith High School for the past 10 years. She had come to teaching late because she and her husband James had wanted to start a family right away. Summer and James had settled into the good lifestyle of an upper middle class family, nice home, two nice cars, beautiful children and a romantic love life. From time to time, Summer wondered if she missed out on the experimentation of youth, but she always had to remind herself that she was a lucky woman to have the life that she had.

Summer was about to log off of the computer when she got a notification that she had an email at her "secret" site. She was nervous and thought about waiting until the next day to open the mail, but she thought what the heck. The email was short but intriguing. The responder was a little too young for her, but she felt flattered that someone that young would find her profile interesting enough to write to her. She wrote back to Master T saying, "Thank you for writing to me. I liked your profile very much. I was just wondering why you would find an older woman like me of any interest. But, just in case you do find me interesting, I have attached a picture for you". Summer signed her response as teach101.

The picture was one that James had made her take getting out of the car one evening. He loved for Summer to show off her sexy legs as well as her panties and this particular shot was from their weekend getaway into the city. She had hid her face because she had to be oh so careful given her job and the impact pictures shared over the internet could have on it. Immediately after hitting send, she felt a slight queasiness in her stomach. She had never ever sent a picture out over the internet, but told herself that her features were protected by the smudging of her face. With that, Summer headed off to take a hot tub bath.

Todd could not go to sleep. It was the combination of the test for which he had studied and the surfing he had done on the Wives Who Need Sex site. So, he decided to take one more look at the site. When he logged on, he was surprised to find a response from teach101. He clicked on the mail icon and there it was, a short note and a very sexy picture of a woman exiting the passenger side of the car. The legs were very long, tanned and led up to the bright yellow panties that could be seen through the lens of the camera. Wow, Todd thought, an exhibitionist. He studied the picture a little longer and guessed the woman's age to be late 30's or early 40's. Todd hit reply and wrote simply, "Dear teach101, I found your short note and very nice picture to be quite interesting. I would like to know a little more about you, before I continue to correspond with you so that I can determine if you are right for me. Please forward another picture to me that gives me a better view of what I believe is a very sexy body", signed Master T.

Summer had slowly relaxed in the tub with her bath bubbles and had gone back in her memory to the weekend in the city with James that the picture had brought back into her consciousness. She remembered the look on the doorman's face as he saw her getting out of the car and how she turned red from the embarrassment. But, a bet is a bet and she knew that the weekend with James would be fun and entertaining. The bet had been innocent enough because after all she had a full house, had most of the chips and felt pretty confident because James' cards had been so bad the whole game. When he went all in, Summer knew that she more than covered his bet and because they were playing table stakes knew she was going to beat James and he was going to finally lose to her in poker.

James had said; let's make this a little more interesting. Summer told him that she could not see how it could be more interesting, he was out of chips and had nothing else to bet. James proposed that he meet Summer's all in cover by offering to agree to the weekend at his mother-in-law's house if he lost, but if he won, she would agree to a weekend in the city where she would wear whatever James wanted her to and to do anything he asked of her. Summer quickly made the call because she knew then James was bluffing because he did not get along with her mother at all. Summer turned over her three queens with tens. She got a sick feeling when she looked into James' eyes and she was shocked to see four Kings lying on the table before her. To say she was stunned would have been an understatement. That is what led to the first of many pictures on that weekend as well as lots of flashing, secret touching and ultimately leading to Summer experiencing her first threesome.

It had happened in a sports bar next door to the hotel while the NFL playoffs were on. James had made Summer dress very sexy, almost slutty. James made her put on her red shelf bra which did not cover her nipples, the matching red string thong, black back seamed thigh hi hose, white button sweater, short black skirt and 4 inch fuck me now black pumps. Summer was to go in and find a seat at the bar and order a drink. She was required to make sure that her skirt was hiked up so that anyone paying attention could see the tops of her hose. Just as her drink order came, her phone buzzed as she had received a text message. It was from James telling her how sexy she looked and how proud he was of her. Summer smiled to herself and took a couple of gulps of her gin and tonic as she was nervous and because she had never sat at a bar by herself in her life.

Summer was startled by movement behind her and she noticed that two men had sat down on the adjacent bar stools. As she was facing the bar, they had a pretty good view of her legs and she could feel their eyes looking at them. Nervously, she crossed her legs and tugged at the hem of her skirt, cursing James under her breath as there was no way to fully cover the tops of her hose while sitting. Summer jumped when she felt a soft touch to her arm as it was the closest man asking her for a napkin. As she reached up to the bar to grab one, her ass lifted off of the stool, which made her skirt ride up a little higher. The man thanked her and introduced himself as Bill and his friend Mike.

About that time, Summer's phone buzzed again. It was another message from James. She ignored it for the moment as she was lost in her thoughts trying to not be too self conscious about the skirt, the hose and the men next to her. Her phone buzzed again and Bill said that someone was really trying to reach her. Summer picked up the phone and read the message:

Summer, you are not allowed to pull the hem of your skirt down. For this transgression, you are now required to turn towards the two men and you are to uncross your legs giving them a good view of your panties.

She knew that she had to meet this demand because she had promised and she did not want the weekend to start off badly. So, she slowly turned towards Bill and said that it was just a girlfriend telling me that she could not meet me today. As she said this to Bill, she uncrossed her legs as she had been instructed. She leaned over to Bill and asked him where he and Mike were from and what they were doing in the city. Bill said that they were there for the game on Sunday as our local team was his favorite team. Summer saw him look down at her legs and when she did not cross them, he smiled at her and asked if he could buy her a drink. When the drink arrived, Bill handed it to Summer and excused himself to go to the bathroom. As he left, Mike struck up a conversation across Bill's bar stool. As James had not allowed her to re-cross her legs, Mike was afforded a direct view up her sexy legs straight to her panty covered pussy.

As Bill rounded the corner heading for the bathroom, he ran into James. They exchanged handshakes and James asked him what he thought of Summer. Bill was very excited to meet her and that all of their email traffic could not have accurately described how sexy and lovely she was. James told Bill that he should continue and begin pushing her even more sexually. James handed Bill a velvet bag and a note. James told Bill to slip them into Summer's pocketbook without her noticing.

As Bill retuned to the bar, he saw that Summer and Mike were in a deep conversation. He was able to come up behind them and was successful in putting the bag & note into Summer's pocket book. He returned to his seat and as he sat down, he placed his left hand on Summer's crossed leg. He knew that Summer had broken one of James' rules, but for the moment he let it go. Just then Summer's phone buzzed again. It was another message from James telling her to go into the bathroom, open her purse and read the attached note. Summer excused herself to go to the bathroom, but as she got down from her bar stool, she could not help but to give both Bill and Mike a direct view of her red thong panty.

James' note told Summer to take the egg out of the velvet bag and to insert it into what he was sure was a very wet pussy. As Summer slid her red thong down her legs, she noticed a slight wet spot in the thin material that been between her legs. The wetness she found in her panties was matched by the juices she found on the lips of her pussy. As Summer began to insert the black egg into her pussy, she noticed how easily it slid in and how full it made her feel. James' note also told her that he was now in the bar, but that she could not see him, but he could see her. He said that he was not pleased that she had crossed her legs and that he would deal with that discipline issue in a short while. James's note also instructed Summer to unbutton all of the sweater's buttons except for the two buttons right at her breasts. In this way, anyone looking will have a direct view of your cleavage, and if you see someone looking, you are to bend forward giving them an easier view.

Summer returned to the bar stool only to find that Bill and Mike had put her stool between them. As she sat down, she remembered James' instructions and made sure that the hem of her skirt was at the top of her hose. About that time, the egg in her pussy erupted in vibrations causing Summer to groan as if she were in some sort of pain. Bill immediately knew what had happened, but acted like he was concerned that she had hurt herself in some manner. He placed his right hand on her thigh and lightly squeezed as he asked if something was wrong. Summer felt his touch and also felt the vibration of the egg slow to a more manageable sensation. As Bill's hand moved up her leg, he touched the creamy skin of her upper thigh above the tops of her hose. As he did this, Summer put her hand on top of Bill's hand to push it away from her thigh and immediately she felt the eruption of the egg in her pussy. She knew that James could see her and that he was not pleased she had tried to push Bill's hand away.

Bill leaned in to whisper into Summer's ear telling her that she had very sexy legs, beautiful eyes and beautiful breasts. She had forgotten to lean forward so she felt the egg jump into a new and higher gear. The vibrations were bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, but there was no way she was going to cum right there at the bar, or so she thought. Bill moved his hand backup Summer's leg and she casually leaned forward causing her sweater to gape open giving Bill a direct view of her breasts as well as of her now erect nipples. At that same time, she felt Mike's hands rubbing up her back and down to her ass. She did not move as she was fearful of just how powerful the egg was, but she noticed the vibration subsiding back to a more manageable purr.

As Mike was running his hand under her sweater, she felt Bill's hand slowly going over the top of her hose right to her panties. Mike's hand slid down the back of her skirt and was playing with the string of her thong when her phone buzzed again. It was a text message again from James telling her to excuse herself and meet him at the bathrooms. It took several moments for Summer to get Bill and Mike's hands disengaged from her body, but she was only able to do this by agreeing to kiss both of them. The kisses were quite long, deep tongued with the hands of the other man on her all the while. When Summer was finally able to break free, she almost ran to meet James at the doors to the bathrooms. She was so flustered and turned on that she was concerned about losing control.

James asked Summer if she was ready to go back to the hotel. She said "YES"! James said that she had to go back out to the bar and tell Bill and Mike that we were leaving, but that they should come up to our room for a night cap. Summer was stunned and said to James, "How could ask me to do that?" James said, "You made the bet and lost. I am not asking you to do it, but am telling you to do it"! Something inside Summer at that point made her say "yes sir" to James. She headed back to the bar and whispered to Bill and Mike what James had demanded. They could not pay their bill fast enough. On the way up the elevator, Summer could not distinguish which hand belonged to which man. She had a finger in her pussy, a finger in her ass and a finger on her clit. By the time they reached the 24th floor, Summer was a total wreck, skirt around her waist, sweater completely open and lipstick smeared around her mouth. She knew that the evening would be one to remember!

As she thought about that weekend while in the tub, her right hand slowly made its way below the water line, past her mound of pubic hair, found her erect clit and she shivered as her finger found its target. With her left hand, Summer spread her pussy lips which granted better access to her slit. While the finger of her right hand started a rhythmic stimulation of her clit, Summer pressed her now drawn knees against the sides of the tub. Summer moved her left hand up to her breasts and started to squeeze her very hard and erect nipples. She concentrated on her right nipple as it was the more sensitive of her two very erect nipples. She felt her orgasm building. her right hand began to furiously rub her clit and as she reached that peak, she gave the nipple a hard twist and her body exploded in orgasm.

Summer lay in the bath water until it began to chill. Rising from the water she observed herself in the mirror; saw the bubbles from the bath beads still resting on her pubic hair. She began to dry herself and when she patted the bubbles from her mound, she quivered remembering the orgasm that she had just experienced. Summer put on her white silk robe, wrapped her wet hair in a towel, completed removing her make-up and headed for the bedroom when she noticed a blinking light on the screen. She clicked on the icon and an email from her secret site appeared before her.

How dare he say he would determine if I was right for him? Just who does he think he is she wondered. Maybe it was the orgasm or the glass of wine she had had, but Summer wrote back to him:

Master T, I will determine who is best for me and I do not appreciate being written to in the manner that you have. Further, I do not think that we are a match because of your attitude towards me. But, just so you will know what you will be missing, let me tell you about myself. I am a 40 year old woman, 5'8" tall, brunette hair, hazel eyes and a 38-25-36 body. And just so you know what you will be missing, I have attached an even better picture of me so that you can stroke your miserably small cock thinking about an opportunity lost. Summer signed her response, teach101 you lost it muse.

Summer then went into James's secret folder that contained all the pictures from that weekend. She had discovered the folder one day when James had left it open by accident. She selected the picture taken from the side with a reflection from the full length mirror in the hotel bedroom. As she double clicked on the picture to attach it, she sneezed and without knowing it, she had instead attached a picture of her sitting on the bathroom counter. She hit reply on the message and logged off of the computer.

Todd was surprised at the mail notification because he thought it was too late for anyone, especially a mother, to be up playing on a sex site. He clicked on the mail icon and was stunned to find the picture as it had been sent by Ms. Wayne, his English teacher, the same teacher who was making his life difficult and forcing him to stay after school to do extra work in order for him to stay eligible to play on the football team. The picture was of her on a bath room counter, legs spread, pussy lips exposed and she was stuffing her hairy pussy with what looked like a 10 inch black dildo. The expression on her face was one of total bliss as she looked directly into the camera lens. And the nasty toned note, what a bitch.

Todd stopped for a moment to think about his options. He could just pass it off and maybe mention it to Ms. Wayne one day after work. But then he had another thought, why shouldn't I take advantage of the situation. I can get a better grade, stop staying after school and teach this bitch some manners. So, Todd downloaded the picture to his computer, copied it to his cell phone and printed two copies. Teach, tomorrow you are mine he said to himself as he got back into bed. He held the picture with one had as he feverishly pumped his raging hard on until he exploded all over his chest. He wiped his cum from his chest, turned off the light and went to bed with an evil grin.

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The parents had him repeat grade 8 because of the school districts high academic standards and for the added benefit of him being one year older than everyone else in the competition....wtf....that hasmore...

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