tagToys & MasturbationA Teddy Bare Massage

A Teddy Bare Massage


I was sitting at home relaxing one evening, playing on the computer, when I opened a seldom used instant messaging program on a whim. One of the names on my buddy list stood out, both on the screen and in my memory. A very talented masseuse whom I visited several times a few years back. I am somewhat of a "hobbyist", enjoying a soothing, sensual massage every now and then.

Kathy was a sweet gentle spirit of a lady, in her early thirties (to my mid 50's). A pleasing Big Beautiful Woman. She has a massage studio set up in her home in the big city 30 miles west of my home, the same city as the home office of the company I work for. I lost contact with her when I was transferred to a branch office 100 miles north.

I always enjoyed time spent with Kathy. She was an excellent practitioner and a free spirit at the same time. Every time I visited her I left with a smile on my face, free from aches and pains and totally relaxed after a quick sponge bath or shower to clean the mess that always seemed to spill over my abdomen and chest towards the end of the massage.

I was reminiscing that evening about the good times we had had, when (boing) she messaged me. "Hi Stranger, where you been? I've missed you!" I explained my transfer and the difficulty I had getting down to that area, but she continued to push me in a friendly way to come see her. The more we chatted, the more excited I got about getting back to town to see her. Then it dawned on me! I had to go to the home office for a meeting the following Thursday, mid morning. Hmmmm, I wonder if I could work something out. After chatting back and forth a while she agreed to see me early in the morning on the way in to town. I teased her about getting there early to catch her before she dressed, but she replied she would certainly be dressed, at least long enough to answer the door, OH la la, I could hardly wait.

Thursday morning I was up early. I took a hot shower, shaved, and paid special attention to be clean and appealing. I even sent a soapy finger up high to make sure I was clean inside and out just in case she was in the mood for a prostate massage.

Bright and early I knocked on her door. Kathy answered with the bright smile I remembered and ushered me in with a big bear hug in the living room. Yep, she was the Big Beautiful Woman I remembered and she still looked gorgeous. Kathy twirled once for me to show the outfit she was wearing. She wore a cropped sports top, through which I could see the big sports bra trying to contain her 48 F bountiful boobies. Her nipples were tenting out the front prominently. Below she was wearing cotton sport shorts thru which I could see a maroon bikini panty.

She grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to the massage studio. As we entered she hugged me again and squealed how glad she was to see me. I laid the appropriate fee and a tip on the table by the door as we walked in.

Kathy started putting sheets on the table as I undressed and watched her. When she had the bottom sheet down and fitted to the table she picked up the top sheet and looked at me with a question on her face. As I made a fake pout, she grinned and tossed the top sheet back on the dresser.

As I lay face down on the table, my head turned towards her, Kathy slipped off her top and hung it on the lamp by the door. Her sports bra soon followed. I smiled at her and licked my lips as I lay down, careful to adjust my cock down between my legs along my left thigh .No way did I want something growing trapped between my belly and the table.

With smooth oldies playing on the stereo, Kathy began to work my shoulders and neck with warm oil. Slowly, methodically she rubbed out the knots as she stood at the head of the table. Through the opening of the head cradle I could clearly see her maroon panties capturing the camel toe beneath her shorts. As Kathy slid her hands slowly down my spine and across my ass, her nipples raked across my shoulders. She squeezed my butt cheeks as her nipples slid down the oily slope of my back. I could not help but moan and slide my legs further apart.

Kathy chuckled as my hands slid up the side of her thighs to graze her bouncy ass. She slapped my ass playfully and moved away from the table for more oil. I lay motionless on the table, face down as she prepared her oils. When Kathy returned to the head of the table I saw that oil was not all she prepared! As she began to massage my arms and the sides of my back slowly, I observed that her white shorts were gone. All she was left wearing was her maroon bikini panties. The crotch of the panty was molded so closely to her lips; it was plain to see that she had shaved since I last saw her. About that time another groan escaped my lips as she spread her breasts across my back again slowly kneading the cheeks of my ass, separating them and pushing them together as she massaged vigorously.

She massaged slowly back up my spine and along the sides of my back, As she stepped around to my right side her oily hands kneaded firmly down my right arm. She lifted my hand to the side and caressed my fingers individually. As Kathy massaged firmly back up my fingers and across my palm, she gently rolled my wrist around, massaging slowly as she spread my fingers across her breast. With her nipple caught between my fingers, she vigorously massaged my forearm causing my hand to shake and her enormous breast to wiggle provocatively. Kathy and I both moaned softly as her nipple got harder still. She kissed the tips of my fingers and laid my arm back down at my side.

Kathy's hands never left my body as she slowly trailed her fingers down my right side. Walking down to the foot of the table, she lifted my right foot and carefully massaged each toe, the ball of my foot and heel. Applying more oil to her fingers, she slowly massaged up the calf, covering the back and both sides of my leg with her two hands. As her hands travelled up my thigh I spread my legs wider. She firmly massaged to the juncture of my thigh and ass. I moaned softly when the backs of her oily fingers slid along my now hardening cock as she massaged my thigh. I could feel her grin at me when she quickly massaged back down to my ankle.

My left leg then received the same treatment slowly and sensuously from toes to ass. When Kathy finished with my left leg, she trailed a hand up the outside of each leg at the same time rubbing warm oil into both legs. Her hands travelled all the way up to my waist this time. As she stretched from the foot of the table to reach my waist each of her breasts snuggled into the pits of my knees. Her hands wiggled across my ass as her hard nipples tickled the back of my knees. I am not sure if it was Kathy or me groaning now. Perhaps it was both of us.

She slowly stood back up, her hands sliding down my ass, her thumbs separating, my cheeks as they slid on the oil down my crack, across my balls and slowly down the length of my cock, then along the inside of my thighs all the way to my ankles. She repeated this course several more times. Up the outside of my legs across my ass and down the center, along my balls and cock and then down the inside of my legs.

Kathy walked around to my left side, sliding her hand softly up the inside of my left thigh. Her well oiled index finger lightly slid across the corona of my cock as she bent down next to my head. Her right tit slid up the back of my arm as she nibbled the lobe of my ear and said "Ready to turn over?"

I rolled away from her, over on my back. Kathy's hands never left my body, sliding softly across my ass cheek and thigh as I turned. Her hand flattened against my belly and slid slowly across my pubes just above my saluting cock. She smiled as she carefully poured a line of oil up the center of my body, from just above my cock to between my nipples. As she began massaging the oil into my chest sensuously Kathy lifted her left leg and placed her knee on the table by my neck.

I rolled my head to the side, gazing up along the warm thigh that now grazed my cheek. In the dim light coming from the hallway my eyes widened as I focused on her maroon panty. It had slid down her hips so that the damp crotch was hanging about an inch below her slick, smooth, puffy nether lips. As Kathy continued to lean across my chest rubbing warm oil up and down my ribs I slowly ran the back of my fingers along the inside of her thigh. She leaned forward, her hands sliding down the outside of my hips.

As Kathy's hands slid down my thighs her engorged nipple slid across the crown of my hard on and her knee slid further up towards the head of the table, causing my fingertips to slip down the outside lip of her wet pussy. She rolled her breast slowly around the head of my cock. I rubbed her pussy lip between my thumb and forefinger slowly. Her fingers slid under my balls, circling my cock from below. With a firm grip at the base of my cock she rolled it slowly up and down the valley between her tits, batting my cock around with her pendulous mountains of love.

I pulled my hand back from her oven and licked my thumb slowly. "Mmmmm you taste wonderful" I moaned. When I licked my lips and winked at her Kathy asked me if I really wanted a taste. I grinned from ear to ear as she chuckled and said; "OK let's trade places."

As I stood slowly Kathy pulled her knee back off of the table, dropped her panties and kicked them to the end of the table. My hard on rubbed her ass as she wiggled by to trade places with me. She lay face up on the table and handed me the warm massage oil. She put her heels at the end of the table and scooted way down to the foot, her knees bent high in the air. I grasped her knees gently and pried them slowly apart, gazing at the flower of her pussy as it spread open slowly Her lips were engorged and her hooded clit stood proudly in the air at the top.

Licking my lips, I danced my tongue from the inside of her knee down along her thigh. I licked slowly down to the edge of her pussy, then backed up slightly and blew softly across her clit. Kathy groaned and her thighs squeezed my head. I slowly sucked the hood of her clit into my mouth, rolling my tongue between her lips to tickle under her clit. All the while my hands were slowly rubbing her ass cheeks.

My fingers played up and down her lips slowly as I gently licked circles around her clit. After a few minutes she asked me to use more oil in a raspy voice. I grinned, knowing I was getting to her as I lubed up my fingers generously. I squirted a bit of oil at her clit that was now peaking out from under its hood. She moaned as the warm oil drizzled slowly down between her lips.

As I licked at the top of her clit, I placed the back of my thumb against the bottom of her pussy, slowly pulling it up the oily path between her lips. I rolled the tip of my thumb around her well lubed entrance, massaging slowly while my tongue began to circle her clit. Kathy moaned and spread her legs wider.

My thumb slid further up to circle under her clit, bringing two fingers behind it to gently rub the entrance of her pussy. She reached down, searching for my cock as I massaged two fingers slowly inside and rubbed lightly across the tip of her oily clit with my thumb. As Kathy's oily fingers circled my cock again I moved to my left, capturing her right nipple between my lips.

She grabbed me firmly and began to stroke as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. She moaned and bucked her hips up suddenly, sucking two of my fingers deep inside her. As those fingers slid in my thumb grazed across her clit, and my third finger was pushed down to graze across her arse hole.

The harder I sucked on her nipple, the higher Kathy bucked, fucking herself on my hand. I could feel the muscles of her pussy squeezing my fingers harder and harder, sucking them in and trying to push then out at the same time. Kathy soon flexed wildly against me, her gurl cum squirting out across my hand, as her pussy muscles squeezed the life out of my fingers.

When she finally relaxed against the table I released her nipple from my mouth. She sighed and spread her legs even further, My cum soaked hand squishing around her pussy. Three of my fingers now easily slipped in and out.

I slowly licked across her chest to Kathy's other nipple. My three fingers slipping further inside as once again the pad of my thumb circled lightly across her distended clit. As soon as I sucked her left nipple into my mouth she lurched again, sucking all three fingers deep inside. I sucked, tongued, and lightly nibbled her nipple as she bucked wildly on my right hand. When Kathy reached her peak the second time my thumb was massaging her clit, three fingers were sucked deep inside her pussy and she had sucked my pinky finger past the rim of her arse.

She finally relaxed against the table sighing contentedly. Kathy soon rolled towards me and squeezed my cock as she stroked. She got up holding me by the cock as she placed a towel on the giant wet spot on the table. She laid me down on my back and began stroking me in earnest.

When I began to tense in impending orgasm she leaned down to place her nipple once again in my mouth. Sucking on her teat, I flexed in orgasm, shooting an arc of cum across her back onto the floor above the head of the table. We both then sighed contentedly. With me on my back, Kathy laid her head on my chest and we rested a moment.

After a short rest Kathy stood and helped me up from the massage table. She grabbed my deflated cock and led me into the bathroom for a shower. A warm shower, a fresh fluffy towel, and a few more hugs completed our time together.

We returned to the room to dress. As Kathy bent in front of me to pick her maroon panty up off of the floor. I could not resist one more kiss of that succulent arse! She slapped me playfully and told me to behave. As she stood again with her panty in hand I grinned and grabbed it away from her.

My souvenir to remember you and make me want to cum back soon, I said. I tossed my jockeys back on the table and slid her moist panty up my legs. Mmmmm nice and comfy I grinned. I was soon dressed, another hug and out the door.

That morning I left for my meeting relaxed, de-stressed, and feeling wonderful with just one thought on my mind..........


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