tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 04

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 04


As the afternoon wore on, the all night drive down seemed to be catching up with everyone. Beth suggested they just throw on some clothes and go to the hotel restaurant for a quick, easy dinner. Pam had managed to put on a good front around Amy and Ron, but over dinner, as she had her second margarita, visions of Amy wrapping her lips around Ron's cock began to invade her mind.

Ron hadn't been around either Pam or Beth much since they got to the island, and he was glad. Even though no one had really even gotten cleaned up before dinner, they both looked sexy as always. The only problem was that Ron felt like Beth could read his mind whenever he looked at her or Pam, ever since he managed to totally embarrass himself with her playing Hang Man.

Beth was wearing a short blue jean skirt, and a steel blue halter type blouse that hugged her impressive, and obviously braless, tits. Pam was acting a little funny, and Ron was afraid she was mad at him because of what happened on the plane. As they sat at the table, Pam crossed her legs, and began to bounce her foot and calf up and down, in the absent minded way so many women seem to do. Her white sandals dangled from her tanned foot, threatening to fall off with each smooth movement of her leg. The shorts Pam had worn allowed her entire leg to be exposed to Ron, as it just screamed out for him to gaze at the tanned, toned, shapely skin, and as he did, his cock once again began to swell.

Mercifully, dinner came to an end. Ron wondered how he would ever survive the remaining week when he had gotten to the point where he couldn't even sit through an innocent dinner without getting a hard-on for his girlfriend's mother. He had to get control of his thoughts, or he would surely do something to really embarrass himself.

Everyone was tired, but not entirely ready to end their first day on the island. As they passed the hotel casino, Pam suggested they stop in for a few hands of blackjack. Beth and Pam entered, much to the delight of the doorman, but he stopped Amy and Ron, asking for some age verification.

"Sorry kids, but you have to be 21 to enter." He explained.

"You two go ahead and have fun, Ron and I will go for a walk." Amy told her mom.

Pam didn't want to leave them alone so soon after the events from the afternoon, but she couldn't come up with a plausible reason to follow after them, so she and Beth entered the casino.


"Let's go back to the room, Ron, I need to take a shower, and I was hoping you would help me wash my back?" Amy said to Ron, grasping his forearm in her hands and rubbing her boobs blatantly against him.

"But, what about Beth and your mom?" Ron asked.

"They will be in the casino at least 45 minutes, and that's plenty of time for you to wash my back." She said, this time allowing her hand to trace down across Ron's stomach and feel his swelling prick.

As soon as they entered the hotel room, Amy and Ron began stripping off her clothes, ultimately discarding them on the bathroom floor. Amy gave Ron a passionate kiss, her tongue tenderly exploring his mouth, stepped into the shower, then handed him the liquid soap, and turned her back to him. "Wash me, please." She purred in her sexiest voice.


Pam couldn't concentrate on the table, her mind continually reverting back to the image of Amy sucking on Ron's massive cock. As she finished her third drink of the evening, she said to Beth, "I have to go to the room, I know I shouldn't, but I am afraid of what those two are doing."

"I figured as much, I didn't expect you to last this long," Beth replied, "Let me cash these chips, and we can leave."

"You don't have to leave on my account, stay a while if you want to." Pam said.

"And miss a chance to see the teen wonder cock, are you kidding?" Beth's said, trying to loosen Pam up.

Beth's attempt at humor was lost on Pam, as she responded, "Don't even say that in jest, the whole reason we are going back is so that Amy won't be seeing Ron's, er, Ron naked tonight."


Amy leaned forward from the waist, causing her ass to jut outward and grasp Ron's hard cock between her round, yet firm cheeks. The sight of his shaft lodged up the crack of Amy's ass, the head pointing upward to her back, made Ron want to grasp Amy by the hips and slide his cock down and into her tight cunt. He knew, however, that at least for now, having intercourse was not an option, so he began to rub his slippery hands over her neck and shoulders, then down the small of her back to her luscious ass. His hips were gyrating in unison with Amy's body, and his cock was sliding delightfully up and down the length of her ass cleavage. "Your body is unbelievable, so sexy, and firm, and curvy, I am so lucky." Ron said.

"It's all in the genes, you should see my mom naked, her body is amazing for her age, actually, it is amazing for any age." Amy couldn't resist tormenting Ron a little.

She had seen how he kept staring at her mother's legs during dinner. Instead of getting mad, or jealous, Amy found herself reacting as she had when she discovered Ron had been jacking off while peering out the bathroom window. She was getting a perverse thrill from Ron's obvious frustration arising from being around such sexy women as Beth and her mom.

"It's really not fair," she went on, "when your own mom has prettier boobs, and a better ass than you do." She wanted to turn and look over her shoulder to gauge Ron's reaction to her admission about her mom's nude body, but she didn't want it to appear she had any ulterior motives to her statement. Besides, the brief pause in his grinding hips, and the extra firm squeeze he gave her waist told Amy she had gotten his attention.

Ron was surprised by Amy's referral to her mother, and he was having the same difficulty interpreting her motive, if any, as he had experienced back in the Miami airport. He wasn't sure how to respond, but he knew he had to say something, "Oh, don't give me that, you have your mom beat all to pieces. You are gorgeous."

"Good answer there babe, but you can't tell me you haven't noticed how sexy mom's body is." Amy pushed a little further.

"Well, yeah, I mean, I haven't really paid much attention, but I, ah, I guess she looks pretty good for ..." Ron was cut off in mid sentence as Amy turned with a frightened expression, holding her finger up to her lips as a signal for Ron to be quiet.

Amy grabbed a towel and stepped quietly from the shower. Just as quickly, she returned, now holding Ron's clothes in her hands. "Mom and Beth just came in, so be...."

"Amy! Are you in there? I am coming in right now." Pam announced, prepared to interrupt her daughter having sex with Ron, yet wanting to at least give them time to disengage before she came in.

Amy pushed Ron against the wall at the end of the shower, motioned for him to be quiet, and hurriedly rubbed some shampoo into her hair before stepping, dripping wet from the shower just as her mother opened the door. Amy had left the shower curtain open half way, with Ron hidden just out of Pam's sight. Amy noticed Beth peering expectantly over her mother's shoulder before she turned to leave them alone.

"What's wrong mom, I was just starting to wash my hair when I heard you yell something, is everything ok?" Amy said, hoping her nervousness was not apparent to her mother.

"Ah, no, nothing is wrong, I..ah, I just ...um, wanted to talk to you. Where is Ron anyway?" Pam asked, relieved she did not catch them in a repeat of the afternoons' events.

"He went for a walk on the beach." Amy told the first lie she could think of, "Can I get back in and finish my hair now?" Amy continued, hoping her mom would take a hint and leave.

"Sure, it will be easier to talk to you through the shower curtain anyway." Pam said, deciding to take the plunge into a frank discussion of sex with her daughter, a conversation she had believed to be unnecessary until a few hours ago.

Amy stepped back into the shower, quickly pulling the frosted white curtain closed behind her. She almost giggled at the sight of Ron, pale as a ghost, holding his soaked clothes as the shower beat down over his body.

"So what's going on?" Amy asked.

"Well, this is kind of hard, but I have to confess something to you." Pam said, glad for the earlier margaritas that seemed to be giving her added courage. "This afternoon, I came inside, and, well, I'll just come out and say it, I saw you, in here, with Ron."

Amy was quickly turning the same shade of white as Ron, "Ah, ...I...., um....you saw....I mean, well....what did ....."

Pam cut her off, "Don't try to lie, I saw you and Ron together, there was no doubt what I saw, you were both right her on the toilet seat." Pam looked to the seat, imagining Amy's fingers grasping the shaft of Ron's cock. She felt the beginnings of a recently familiar stirring between her legs, but forced the image from her brain and refocused on the conversation with her daughter.

Amy had never had a sex talk with her mom, and she didn't know what to expect. She began to tearfully plead for forgiveness. "I am sorry mommy, I have never done anything like that before, but lately, I just get these feelings when I am with Ron, ....but never mind, you wouldn't understand."

Hearing her only child's plead for understanding, Pam began to soften, "Honey, of course I understand, just because I am your mother, doesn't mean I'm not a woman with feelings and urges, just like you. I remember what is was like to be a teenager, it is hard to say no all the time." Pam found her attitude changing as she recalled her teenage days. She was no longer intent on forbidding Amy from being with Ron, realizing how that ploy would have backfired on her as a teen, and would most surely not work on Amy, especially knowing the tool Ron was packing between his legs.

Amy was relieved by her mother's tone, yet it was obvious by Ron's rigid stance against the wall, he was still scared to death. Realizing the headway she had made with her honesty, Amy said, "Don't blame Ron, ok mommy? It is just as much me as him, it just seems like, you know, sometimes, we both get these feelings, and what starts off as a kiss just leads to, well, you know, other stuff."

"Like I said, I understand," Pam comforted her daughter, knowing Amy would never know just how much she could relate to being tempted by Ron. "I have to ask this question though, have you two gone all the way?"

Ron was still petrified of getting caught by Pam, naked with her daughter, but he was at least thankful the conversation was civil. His dick was now completely flaccid, even though he was naked and only 2 feet from Amy's nude, wet body. His confidence in Amy's ability to handle this situation abruptly faded as he listened to her respond to her mother's most recent question.

"No, we haven't, but I have found myself really curious about how it would feel to, you know, do it." Amy said, as she locked eyes with Ron. "It is just that, well, I don't see how women can fit something so big inside them. I am kind of scared that it will hurt, even though everything you read talks about how wonderful it is to make love."

"It can be, when the time is right," Pam said, beginning to relate to Amy more as a friend than a mother, "Let me ask you something, Ron is the only boy you have seen naked, is that right?"

"Yeah, geez mom, I am not a slut or something!" Amy replied.

"Ok, Ok, sorry, I didn't mean to imply...it's just that, well, like I said, I saw you and Ron earlier, and well, I couldn't help but notice that Ron is, um...God this is really hard to say, Ron is bigger than most men." Pam could feel her face flush, and she was again thankful for the shower curtain between her from Amy.

It was as if someone had injected a rod of steel into Ron's cock, as it sprang upright in response to Pam's statement. To hear her admit she had not only seen his dick, but to hear her say that is was larger than most really excited him.

Ron's reaction didn't go unobserved by Amy, and she gave him a slight grin as her hand reached out to caress his erection. "You mean his, ah, his penis is longer than average? Or thicker?" Amy asked bluntly, genuinely curious as to what was normal, and how Ron compared.

"Amy, I don't think we should talk about Ron like this, I just wanted you to know..., what I mean to say is, I want you to realize not all women feel scared or apprehensive by the size of their partner." Pam said, hoping to end this conversation.

"But mom, what is normal? I mean I need to know that if I marry Ron someday, will he be to big to, well, to big to make love to me?" Amy asked.

"All right, I think the official average size is about 6 inches long, maybe a little less. And I don't know the average thickness, and all I can tell you is based on my experience. But, this afternoon, when I saw your hands on Ron, he looked a lot thicker and longer than any man I have ever seen, either in person or in a Playgirl." Pam said.

As Pam spoke, Amy began to soap up Ron's hard cock, tenderly stroking and rubbing on it, as if admiring it from the perspective being provided by her mother. "So are you saying it is too big, that I will never be able to make love to Ron?"

"No honey, I am saying you are too young first of all, to make love to him. But when the time is right, I am sure you can do it. Beth told me she has been with a couple of well endowed men, and that once you kind of ease into it, it is amazing to be with a really big man." Pam finished, amazed by what she had allowed herself to say to her daughter.

"You told Beth about us?" Amy said accusingly, yet not really angry with Pam. She was now firmly tugging on Ron's cock, getting an intense thrill in knowing she was jacking him off only three feet away from her mom.

"I am sorry honey, it is just that I was in such shock after I went back outside, she could tell, and she just kind of drug it out of me. You know Beth, anything about sex and she just can't get enough. I think she didn't really believe me when I told her about, well...when I told her I was concerned Ron would hurt you if you went all the way before you were ready." Pam said, glad to try and work a little fear into the conversation.

Ron watched as Amy's slick hands worked the soapy froth up and down his cock. Just knowing Pam and Beth had discussed his dick size had him on the verge of cumming.

"Maybe we should have Ron show her how big he is and she could help us figure our how to do it," Amy said, instantly imagining Beth as she appeared in her fantasy from the plane. Amy watched as Ron's head jerked up from staring at her hands, his full attention diverted by her last statement.

Realizing better than Ron when her daughter was being facetious, Pam said, "Can't you just imagine poor, shy Ron, standing there naked while the three of us discussed his penis?"

Amy's eyes never left Ron, and she didn't break the look of pure lust as she continued to stroke him, even as she responded to her mother, "Yeah, I thought he was going to have a coronary in the airport when you two came out of the boutique in those sundresses., And having to hang out with all of us in our bikinis and stuff, it must be tough on him, but I am pretty certain he doesn't really mind."

Pam's thoughts flashed back to Ron's hard penis, jutting out of his shorts, only inches from her face, in the back seat of her car, and then to the way she had been forced to press against his swollen member on the plane. "Yeah, I guess any red-blooded teenage boy would be glad to trade places with Ron on this trip," Pam replied, feeling her pussy begin to heat up from her recollection of the encounters with Ron. She tried to force the feelings from her body, and continued on with Amy, genuinely vowing, "I'll give it my best attempt to keep his pulse rate down this week, but given the circumstances of the four of us sharing a room, plus being in our swim suits half the time, he may have to learn to endure some degree of temptation."

As Pam responded to her daughter, Amy was staring intently at Ron as he began to erupt, shooting stream after stream of cum against her stomach, a few shots even managed to land on her erect nipples. His body was writhing against the wet tile and he was forced to bite his lip to keep quiet. Amy continued to caress his deflating cock as she kept up the conversation with her Pam, "It's no problem mom, I think it is kind of fun, you know, seeing how he gets all tongue tied and nervous whenever you two are looking so sexy around him."

Ron was amazed at the path this entire conversation had taken, from being in deep trouble for having been caught having sex, to now having Amy and her mom discuss very rationally how he was being inadvertently, or in Amy's case, intentionally, teased by the three of them.

Pam knew Ron's reaction to her had been much more than muted nervousness, but she felt this conversation had drifted too far away from the original theme of the need for Amy and Ron to behave in a responsible manner, so she said, "All right, the bottom line is this. Exercise some self restraint, and remember, you are much too young to go all the way with Ron, or any boy for that matter, so just remember that whenever, well, whenever things get all hot and steamy between you two." Pam said, fairly pleased she could have such a frank talk with Amy. "Now, get out so I can take a shower, I feel really grimy."

Amy was still squeezing Ron's receding cock as she said, "Ok, but give me just a minute of privacy to use the bathroom, then it is all yours."


Beth had been disappointed not to see Ron scurrying naked from the bathroom, and had wandered outside to sit by the pool. After several minutes, she got up to head back inside to fix a drink. As she approached their patio, Beth noticed a stream of light shining from the bathroom window. The voyeur in her took over, and she quietly went to the window. It was apparent the blinds had been left slightly open from the earlier efforts by Ron and Amy to avoid detection while they had their afternoon fun in the bathroom. Beth could see Pam just as she turned to leave the room, and almost at once saw the shower curtain open about half way, allowing Amy to step from the tub. Beth took notice of Amy's impressive body, and as she turned her back to the window, she thought to herself that Amy was definitely taking after her mother in the ass department.

Beth was feeling a little naughty for the way she was spying on Pam's daughter, when she saw Amy pull the shower curtain back even further. Beth's shock to realize Ron had been in the shower with Amy the whole time quickly gave way to her curiosity and desire to see his cock. Pam's earlier description had left Beth skeptical, but interested. Ron's maturing upper body was visible over Amy's shoulder, but to her dismay, Amy shielded Beth from getting a clear view of his crotch, even as she hastily directed him into the small closet.


Once she shut the door, Amy whispered to him, "Can you see through these slits in the door?"

"Yeah, I can." Ron whispered back to her.

She finished wrapping a towel around her body, fastening it just above her breasts, swung the door open again, tossed his drenched clothes to him, and said, "Okay, I know you will enjoy seeing my mom get ready for the shower, but just don't enjoy it too much." Amy flashed Ron a knowing smile, and at the same time gave his semi-hard dick a gentle squeeze and shut him in the closet. "I'll come in and get you when it is safe to escape unnoticed."

Beth had noticed the closet while exploring their accommodations earlier in the day, and she now realized the louvered doors would allow Ron to view the entire bathroom from his hiding place. She surmised Amy was hiding him there until it was safe to sneak him out. Beth could not believe her luck as she headed inside, suddenly feeling the need to join the others in the bathroom.

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