A Tempting Vacation Ch. 04


While Amy stepped from the bathroom to speak with her mother, Ron looked around the tiny closet. It was used to house the hot water heater and a sweeper and ironing board, leaving him barely enough room to shift his body ever so slightly without making any noise. Ron also noticed a hole, about two feet by two feet, that had been cut in the wall of the closet, evidently providing access to replace some pipe leading to the shower. Looking more closely, he could see a sliver of light shining into the closet from the shower stall, streaming through the small crack in the wall around the pipe leading to the shower head. He could see the entire shower stall through the small crack, and his dick began to swell in anticipation of seeing Pam's nude, wet body in only a few seconds.

Ron was interrupted from his voyeuristic plotting by the sound of Amy and Pam entering the bathroom. Amy stood there, still wrapped in her towel, combing her hair, "Do you mind if I stay in here and dry my hair while you shower?" she asked her mom.

Pam was undoing the buttons on her sleeveless blue blouse as she agreed it would be fine for Amy to remain in the room. She slid the shirt off her shoulders and to the ground, giving Ron a clear view of her sexy, toned back, and the same lacy yellow bra she and Beth had wrestled for earlier in the day. By the time Pam was sliding her tight shorts down, over her hips, Ron's dick was once again rock hard. He noticed Amy kept peeking at his hiding place in the mirror, the slightest smile passing over her lips as Pam wiggled her ass in an effort to assist the shorts down her legs. The matching yellow panties had ridden up between Pam's cheeks, presenting an incredibly sexy sight to young Ron.

"Here, let me help you with that mom." Amy said as her mom reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

"Thanks honey," Pam responded, as Amy casually positioned her so she was facing the closet door. Neither Pam nor Amy could see Ron's face as he peered intently from his hiding place, but Amy was able to give him a wink as she looked over her mother's shoulder. Amy undid the bra and pushed the straps off her mother's shoulders. It dropped to the floor and Pam's exquisite breasts were bared to Ron, standing unbeknownst to Pam, only two feet away.

Ron silently draped his soaked shorts and shirt over the sweeper handle, and returned his now unoccupied hands to her erect cock. There was not even an ounce of will power available in his body to attempt to restrain him from what he was about to do. Knowing his girlfriend was basically putting her own mother on display for him had him so excited, his body was literally beginning to quiver. His legs were shaky and his teeth were even threatening to chatter. He tried to gain some self-control as he began to stroke his prick, staring at Pam and Amy through the closet door.

Pam's boobs were firm and full, and her nipples were pointing slightly upward, making him want to fling open the door and suck them into his mouth. She moved back to stand next to Amy, now allowing Ron to see the reflection of her face and breasts in the mirror while she bent at the waist to slide her lacy yellow panties down. Ron had to quit jacking off several times, afraid of sending his sperm flying between the cracks in the door.

As Pam's ass cam into view, the door opened and Beth stuck her head in, "Can I join you two, I come bearing gifts." She said, holding out three wine coolers.

Amy said, "Sure, if my mom says it is ok?" her statement turning into a question and her face pleading with her mom for the cooler.

Pam stood there nude before her daughter and friend, totally at ease displaying her body before them. "Why not, given the conversation we just had, I think you deserve a drink." She took her cooler and stepped into the shower.

"It wasn't that bad mom, but thanks for the cooler anyway." Amy said to her mom as the water began to splash into the tub.

Beth was dying to know how their talk went, but didn't feel it was the time to pry. She would get Pam alone later for all the details. She was too busy thinking on her feet, she had hoped to be able to come in and have the bathroom, and Ron's peeping eyes, all to herself. Now she would have to find some other way to torment him. She figured he was already sporting a woody from Pam's naked body anyway.

"You are already getting some pronounced tan lines there Amy," Beth said, "You want me to let you in on my vacation secret?"

Amy agreed, and Beth pulled her small travel bag from beneath the sink. "I always use just enough tanning cream every night to blend in any tan lines. That way I can wear any suit I want every day and it still looks good. You want to try it?"

"Yeah, but I don't want to have any orange streaks in the morning." Amy replied.

"Don't worry, I know what I am doing, just drop your towel and I will put it on, if you want." Beth said, imagining how poor Ron would react to her rubbing the cream on Amy.

Ron had turned his attention to Pam as Beth and Amy began to talk about tanning. By turning and leaning his head only slightly, he was able to peer through the tiny crack near the shower head. Pam was innocently running her soapy hands over her neck and boobs. She was holding one heavy breast up as her other hand ran beneath the lovely globe of flesh. Ron was content to watch her all night, or so he thought. But as he heard Beth tell Amy to drop her towel so she could rub her down with some type of lotion, he deftly returned his head back to the louvered door.

"Is the suit you wore today your smallest one?" Beth asked Amy.

"Not quite, it is just that I didn't want to drive Ron completely crazy on the first day." Amy said, glancing to the closet as Beth circled her, examining her nude body.

"Come on now, what fun is it to bring your boyfriend on vacation if you are not going to torment him some." Beth said, knowing full well that Amy was purposely allowing her to torment him even as they spoke. "You should hear some of the things I used to do to Frank when we would vacation."

"Beth!" Pam exclaimed from the shower, "Do not tell my daughter any of those stories."

"All right," Beth said to Pam, then leaned closer to Amy, saying, "I'll tell you another time."

Amy agreed, even as she realized her nipples were responding to Beth's touch on her shoulders, as she rubbed the brown lotion where her bikini straps had been.

Ron's head was on a swivel, turning first to spy on Pam, then back to watch Beth rubbing her hands over Amy's shoulders and back. Pam was now shampooing her hair, her arms raised upward, causing her boobs to lift up slightly, making them even more sexy and desirable, if that were possible, to Ron. He had stopped stroking his throbbing cock, now fearing he might cum without even touching himself.

"Turn around a little." Beth instructed Amy.

Amy turned back to face the mirror. She was imagining the pure frustration Ron would be experiencing from watching Beth's hands on her. She had to admit, she was feeling something herself, as she kept thinking about her explicit daydream Beth had starred in on the plan. Her thoughts were diverted by Beth's open case on the counter before her. As Beth knelt to apply the lotion to her hips, Amy noticed something interesting poking from beneath a cotton nightie. She reached inside and lifted out a dildo. "Oh my god Beth, you've got a...I mean I found this, ah, you know, THIS in your suitcase."

Amy had wheeled around to face Beth, who was still kneeling just outside the closet door. Beth's eyes briefly focused on Amy's exposed pussy. She noticed immediately the dampness evident on her puffy outer lips before turning her eyes up to meet Amy's. "Oh, that, I almost forgot about that, I never take it out of my travel bag. I keep one in my nightstand too, so I don't have to move it back and forth." Beth said matter-of-factly. She had genuinely forgotten about it, but was glad Amy had discovered it.

At that moment, the shower water shut off, and Ron looked back through the crack, observing Pam gently rubbing a towel over her back and ass. There was not an ounce of flab on her perfect butt. Each cheek moved every so slightly from the pressure of her hands as they pressed the towel back and forth. She bent to dry her lower legs, and Ron got a brief glimpse of her pussy, peeking from beneath the most incredibly ass he had ever seen.

Amy was running her hands over the dildo, exploring it from base to tip. Beth stood and said, "Pretty impressive, huh?"

"Um, yeah, I guess, I mean, how big is it anyway?" Amy asked as she mentally compared the plastic cock to Ron's.

"It is 7 1/2 inches long." Beth was studying Amy closely for some indication of how this toy compared to Ron's wonder cock. She almost giggled out loud, even thinking of the term 'wonder cock', but managed to keep a straight face.

Pushing harder for some feedback, Beth said, "Don't you think that is pretty big?"

Before Amy could answer, Pam pulled back the curtain and said, "Beth! What are you doing? And you Amy, put that thing down and go get dressed, right now."

"Sorry mom, I was just...." Amy tried to explain, but was cut off by her mother.

"Don't talk, just leave..Now." Pam said, more pissed at Beth than her daughter. She stepped from the shower, wrapping her towel around her as she did so.

"Sorry," Beth said, as much to Amy as Pam, as Amy dropped the dildo on the counter and left the bathroom, "It was just in my bag, honest, and she found it. After that I just couldn't help trying to get her to compare it to our young friend." Beth then picked the dildo back up and held it up for Pam's inspection. "So, was he this big?" Beth asked, her curiosity urging her to press for some feedback from Pam.

Ron's cock was now jerking and bobbing in front of his body. Listening to Beth and Pam speculate on his cock size had him close to cumming, even though he was no longer touching himself.

"I told you I am not getting into this topic anymore, it is not proper." Pam said in her best indignant tone.

"Oh, alright, I was just a little curious after the way you reacted this afternoon, acting like you had seen the second coming of John Holmes or something." Beth said, mostly for Ron's ears.

Ron was glad to hear Pam had evidently made a big deal from seeing him nude, but he had no idea who John Holmes was.

Beth began to unzip her skirt, saying, "I am going to change for bed, then I'll be out on the patio enjoying a drink with Amy when you are through in here."

From his hiding place, Ron was staring intently at Beth as she slid the skirt down over her hips, exposing her naked ass.

"Don't you ever wear underwear?" Pam asked as Beth pulled her halter top up over her head, revealing her braless tits.

"Not on vacation, I don't even pack any. It is the one influence of Frank I still enjoy. It was a game we played, once I stepped foot on the islands, I went commando until we got home. I still like the feeling of being so daring, and no one even knows." Beth said, then with a slightly devious smile, continued, "at least most of the time no one knows."

"You are unbelievable sometimes," Pam responded to Beth's admission. "I told Amy we would be on our best behavior around Ron, she said the poor guy is rather susceptible to all the feminine skin he is being exposed to, so just make sure you don't show him more feminine skin than he should be seeing, he may have a stroke or go into convulsions or something." Pam laughed, and Beth joined in.

Beth had been standing there naked the entire time Pam spoke. Amazingly, her thoughts and Ron's were quite similar. Each realizing Beth was at that instant showing him more skin than he should be seeing, and each enjoying it very much.

Ron was still taking in Beth's tempting form when she slipped her night gown over her head and let it fall down to conceal her assets. She wanted to continue to pose for her unsuspecting audience, and she especially wanted to open the closet door and see what must surely be a very hard dick by now. Beth, however, forced herself to go and join Amy, leaving an unaware Pam as the focus of Ron's attention.

Once Beth had left the room, Pam looked at herself in the mirror, leaning forward to examine the slight lines that were beginning to spread from around her blue eyes.

As she leaned against the counter top, Ron was able to see a small portion of each cheek peek from beneath Pam's towel. In the mirror her ample boobs presented several inches of sexy cleavage before vanishing beneath the towel as well.

Pam's gaze kept dropping down the Beth's small overnight case on the counter, and the pink dildo laying across the clothes and toiletries inside. She looked back to the mirror, trying to force herself to keep from thinking about the dildo, and ultimately, Ron. She began to comb out her wet hair, but after several minutes, she gave in to her temptation, and picked up the fake cock.

Ron absentmindedly gripped his cock and watched as Pam seemed transfixed by the dildo. Staring at it for a few seconds, as if in a trance. She then began to trace her hands over its length, very deliberately. He wanted to cum desperately, but forced his hand from his cock, afraid he could not remain quiet through what would surely be an intense orgasm.

Pam held the cock in her hands, trying to mentally compare the item in her hands to the way Ron's dick had appeared in Amy's delicate hands earlier that day. She could feel her pussy growing wet, and before she was even aware of her actions, she reached over and quietly locked the bathroom door.

Pam wrapped her hands around the shaft of the dildo, in the same manner Amy had gripped Ron in this same room. An inch or so of the pink 'flesh' jutted from her hands. She felt certain the large dildo in her hands was smaller than Ron, how much was hard to tell, but it was smaller, she was positive. She then drew her hands to her face, until the head of the cock touched her lips. She opened her mouth, trying to remember the degree to which her daughter had stretched her own lips to accommodate her boyfriend.

Ron couldn't believe what he was watching. Pam was wrapping her lips, very deliberately, around the fake dick. It was almost as if she was simply seeing if she could fit it in her mouth or something.

She pulled it from her lips, and pulled her towel free form her body to wipe away her saliva. Pam placed the sex toy on the counter and looked back at the mirror, admiring her body, just as her unknown audience was doing from the closet. No wonder Ron had gotten hard around her before, even she had to admit her body was good, very good. The hours in the gym showed, and she felt proud. She ran her hands down over her breast, down her flat stomach, and over her hips. Pam allowed her fingers to trace through her fine pubic hair, and then to the wetness of her swollen labia. She knew she was aroused from the last days events, but Pam surprised even herself by not only the degree of moisture between her legs, but by the intense heat being generated from her neglected pussy.

She looked back at the dildo, and picked it back up. She checked again to make sure the door was locked, then began to trace the dildo down her stomach, toward her needy pussy. She leaned forward at the waist, causing her ass to pooch outward toward Ron. She directed the hard plastic cock to her yearning pussy. She guided it up between her flexed legs, and began to push the head in, ever so slightly, allowing her to adjust to the nearly forgotten, yet wonderful feeling of being entered by a cock, even if it was a fake one. Just when she was ready to push the head all the way in, there was a knocking on the door, and Amy's voice saying, "Mom, hurry up, I need to go again."

The guilt of being interrupted from pleasuring herself by her daughter caused Pam to pull the dildo away from her hungry pussy. "Okay, just a sec." Pam responded, quickly rubbing her juices from the toy, she grabbed a knee length, baby blue, cotton night gown from her bag and pulled it on, over her naked body.

She opened the door, leaving the room for Amy to come in. "Beth has another drink for you on the patio, mom."

Ron could see Amy lean back out the open bathroom door, confirming her mom had indeed gone outside. She opened the closet door, and saw Ron there, his tortured cock swollen a purplish red color, throbbing uncontrollably. "Ron, did you get that way from looking at my mommy?" she asked in her best little girl voice.

Ron smiled at her, glad he was not in trouble, "You should be ashamed, you practically paraded her around for me to see. And that thing with Beth and the lotion, how was I supposed to withstand that?"

"I don't know, I guess we will just have to work on your stamina this week, at least until I have to go and meet my dad, then you will just have to save it all up for when I get back." Amy smiled, pleased with herself for the way she had excited Ron, she then grasped his fat dick and led him from the closet. "I would love to help you out hon, but we can't afford to get caught again so soon. I am going to go out back and tell them you just came in the front door, and are taking a shower. Love ya." She said, then left him standing there, he steel hard prick wavering in front of him.

More to come...

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