A Tempting Vacation Ch. 05



Ron, having been teased and tempted without mercy for the last hour, could not withstand anymore. Watching Amy suck his cock, while obviously getting off on having Beth's panties pressed into her face, was more than he could take. He felt Amy's tongue pressing firmly into the underside of his cockhead, even as she continued to stroke him with her panty-free hand. His body began to buck, and his legs quivered as his first explosion of cum rocketed past Amy's lips and into her awaiting mouth.


The force of Ron's orgasm surprised Amy at first, but she was intent on swallowing more of his cum than ever before, if for no other reason than she did not want to remove Beth's panties from her face. The fragrance of her mother's friend's pussy invading her nostrils, while Beth, and two unknown girls were doing god knows what while watching her suck Ron's dick was just too much for Amy. She felt her pussy begin to spasm as she experience an orgasm while kneeling before her boyfriend, and her appreciative audience.


The fight with Fred had flustered Pam to the point she didn't even realize she had gone for her walk while still in her nightgown. Only after hearing the catcalls from a passing carload of college boys did she comprehend how she must appear. The thin cotton nightgown, while modestly cut, was still the only clothing she wore, and the cool ocean breeze was pressing it firmly against her, showing off every curve of her sculpted body. She turned to go put on some more appropriate clothing, even though she found herself getting a thrill from hearing the younger boys yell suggestive remarks at her.

The last thing Pam expected upon entering the room was to see her daughter giving Ron yet another blowjob so soon after the events from earlier in the evening. The bathroom door was opened only a fraction, but it was enough to watch Amy perform the most erotic blowjob Pam could ever imagine. She had initially wanted to announce her presence, as had been her desire earlier, but that feeling quickly vanished. She found it was becoming easier and easier to watch Amy suck Ron's cock. Pam watched from start to finish, finding it strangely erotic to see her daughter inhaling the aroma of her friend's panties. Pam's fingers worked over her cunt until she had cum twice, imagining how Amy must have felt to have something so large pulsing between her lips while basking in the scent of another woman.


Beth recovered from her voyeuristic orgasm and while appreciative of her two young friends help, declined their offer to accompany them to their room. She promised to hook up with them later on in the week, never wanting to rule out anything. Just as Courtney and Shannon rounded the corner to go toward their room, Pam stepped from the patio door. Beth was too conscious of her own appearance to notice Pam's flushed face and shortness of breath. They both quickly took up their positions in the lounge chairs, neither interested in pursuing what the other had most recently been doing.


Amy again joined the older women on the patio. She was particularly interested in Beth's demeanor, and was pleased to see her still appearing a little flustered. Amy was surprised to see her mom back so quickly from her walk, but relieved she did not question her as to her activities while she was away. After a few moments, all three women went back inside to get the beds ready for a well-deserved rest after a long day of travel and sexual torment.


Ron, his cock finally relieved from hours of deliciously frustrating temptations, slipped on his old gym shorts he had brought to sleep in. Amy's mom had told him he would have his own bedroom, so he wasn't really prepared with any appropriately modest sleep ware. The light grey shorts were fairly loose, but really old and worn. The resulting comfortable fit was good for sleeping, but terrible for hiding an erection. Luckily, thanks to Amy's recent efforts, he should be able to at least get from the bathroom to the bed without tenting out the front of his shorts.

Ron quietly stepped from the bathroom. Before him he saw Pam, her back to him, leaning over his roll-away-cot as she tucked the sheets beneath the mattress. Her nightgown was pulled up to just below her ass. Ron was certain that if she bent just a fraction more, her ass and pussy would be exposed to him. Across from Pam, Beth was stretching in a similar fashion as she smoothed out the sheets, only Ron was being given a clear shot down the neckline of her gown. Her beautiful breasts were both completely visible to his leering eyes.

Much to his amazement, Ron felt a stirring in his cock. He dropped his hand to press the swelling member over and down, trying to avoid an embarrassing display. As his hand repositioned his package, he looked beyond the sexy divorcees before him, and saw his teenage girlfriend, sitting on the bed, flashing him a knowing smile.

He smiled feebly back, wondering if this first day of their vacation would ever come to an end.

More to come.

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