tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 07

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 07


Beth strolled toward the pool bar, every step causing her toned thighs to stimulate her already steamy pussy. She ordered a Bloody Mary, anxious to try and calm her nerves and perhaps subdue the sexual energy still consuming her body after her latest encounter with Ron and Amy.

As she downed nearly half of her drink in two needy gulps, Beth reflected on her predicament. She had never been in such a perplexing situation before. This vacation was turning into an ideal opportunity for her to tease an attractive and evidently well-hung teenage boy, something she enjoyed tremendously, and had become quite good at over the years. And as a bonus, his girlfriend was obviously more than willing to tease him as well, not only with her own tight, sexy body, but by finding ways to offer both Beth and her own mother as an alluring, yet forbidden stimulant to him. The result was that while Pam was trying to avoid such encounters, and had no idea her own daughter was up to such deviant behavior, Beth was fully aware of Amy's actions and more than willing to play along. The irony was that while Pam seemed to stay in a state of perpetual guilt for having watched Amy give Ron a blowjob and then commenting to Beth on the size of Ron's cock, Beth had been trying unsuccessfully to steal a glimpse of it ever since. Beth figured Pam was probably just as horny as she was, but given their differing motivations, it hardly seemed fair that Beth was the one who hadn't had a good look at the young cock causing all this turmoil.

Beth had just finished off her first drink when she noticed Amy making her way toward where she sat at the bar. Beth, along with most every male sitting around the pool, noticed the way Amy's multi-colored bikini clung to her incredibly fit teenage body. By the time Amy joined her, Beth had two Bloody Marys lined up on the bar.

"That for me?" Amy asked hopefully.

"Sure, I haven't seen your mom around yet, and we will just tell her yours is a Virgin Mary if she shows up and says anything about it."

As they spoke, two college age guys turned their poolside chairs around to get a better vantage point of Amy and Beth. Beth noticed them right away and decided to make it worth their while. As soon as the bartender stepped away to serve someone by the pool, Beth stood and leaned over the bar, causing her to stand on tip-toes as she reached for the pepper shaker. Much of her ass escaped from the bright green bikini bottoms and she could feel the thin material pull tight across the puffy and sensitive lips of her pussy. After several seconds she sat back on the bar stool and began to shake pepper into her drink, seemingly completely unaware of the display she had just provided.

Amy took in the entire scenario, saying to Beth in a low voice, "Those guys over there were really checking you out."

Beth's eyes never left the celery stalk she was swishing around in her drink as she responded, "Oh, I know, men, and in this case boys, are so eager to steal what they think is an unintended flash of feminine skin. It's my motivation to keep getting to the gym on days I would rather not."

Amy sat silently for a moment, thinking about what Beth had just said, before she asked, "So......You did that on purpose, so they would look at you?"

Beth decided to be honest with Amy, curious as to where it may lead. "Yeah, I guess I did. Every since I was about your age I have found that I get a real thrill by making a guy do a double take in my direction. I hope you don't think badly of me." Beth tried to sound sincere as she made the last remark, but with her knowledge of the antics Amy had been up to, it was hard to keep a straight face.

"No, I don't think badly, as a matter of fact, .....well....you have to promise not to tell my mom, ....but I find myself, now how did you put it, 'getting a thrill' from doing it too. Mom doesn't know it, and neither does Ron, but I hemmed my cheerleader skirt about an inch shorter than the other girls. It is almost funny to hear the guys jockeying for position behind me walking up the stairs at school." Amy continued.

Beth was not used to drinking so early in the morning and was starting to feel the vodka. "I bet with a body like yours, you must tease those young high school boys to death."

"Yeah, I guess I do. I come across like miss goody-two-shoes at school, and I act really put out whenever a boy says something crude or forward, but inside I am loving it. Do you know what I mean?" Amy asked, genuinely interested to discuss her emerging exhibitionist tendencies.

"Oh honey, you have gotten right to it. I think the best part about being a tease is never letting the guy know for sure if you are teasing on purpose or not. " Beth said.

"You know what seems kind of weird to me though? Since we got to the island especially, I am taking delight in teasing Ron. Even though, well......I am sure mom told you all about her catching us in the bathroom .....even though Ron and I do more than tease." Amy said. She hadn't really planned on having this discussion with Beth, but it was all seeming to flow so easily.

"It's really not weird at all. I used to do the same thing to my ex-husband, especially on a vacation where there were lots of other women running around half naked. I finally figured out that I did it for the power." Beth said, "My mindset was that I didn't even care if he was being teased by the other women around, cause I was going to tease him in ways they couldn't. I also didn't care if he lusted after them, because I was the one who was in control, deciding when and where he would get relief."

Amy sat there staring at Beth, amazed at hearing her explain the exact thoughts and feelings she had been struggling to come to grips with herself. Hearing Beth say it only helped to crystallize the elusive, yet persistent urges that had been motivating her to push forward with her teasing and exhibitionism.

"What kind of stuff did you do to your ex?" Amy asked.

"Oh, you know, mostly just showing more skin than usual, or maybe rubbing sunscreen on his stomach and thighs while some sexy girls would be prancing around on the beach in front of us." Beth let her mind drift back to the days before her marriage began to crumble. "There was this one time though, God you have to swear you won't tell your mom I told you about this, but Frank and I had gone to this nude beach. We had never been to one before, and he was acting a little embarrassed about getting an erection in public. I talked him into letting me bury him in the sand, and then........." Beth went on with her story to Amy, providing as many juicy details as possible.

Amy listened intently to Beth recall how she had tormented her husband all those years ago. Amy's pussy grew damp as she imagined how Ron might respond to being in a similar situation.

"What's wrong?" Beth asked, noticing Amy's thoughtful gaze.

"Oh.....nothings wrong.......it's that you just made me see .....," Amy paused to choose her words carefully, "well, the reason I feel a certain way sometimes. I have been feeling, well,.....a little perverted, for some stuff I have done lately, but you make it seem more normal, I guess." Amy continued to surprise herself at her admissions to her mom's friend. Given that Amy hardly ever drank, she was certain the Bloody Mary was causing her to say more than she should, especially since she already had a nice buzz going after only one drink.

Beth ordered their next round of drinks, then said, "Well.....I don't know if you should base your sense of normalcy on anything I say," causing them both to laugh. "But, I think I can remember back to my teenage days pretty well, so if you want to talk about anything at all, I will try to help....and I can keep a secret from your mom if I need to."

"Thanks, so can I ask you a question?" Amy asked.

Beth nodded her consent while sipping from her drink, and Amy continued, "Do you dress certain ways, you know, kinda unconcerned as to who looks, or do you try to do stuff on purpose to drive some man nuts?"

"I guess I do some of both. It is just that men are so easy. All you have to do is bend or stretch a certain way, and you can get their attention for hours." Beth confessed. "The best is when they try not to get caught looking. I guess that is why I get a kick out of the younger guys, like the ones that come to the gym your mom and I belong to. They can be so obvious while trying to be coy. Plus many of them are so naïve, they think they are stealing a peek without me knowing."

Amy was hanging on Beth's every word, thrilled to be gaining some insight into her own sexuality. "How did you first know you liked being such a tease?"

"Probably like you." Beth explained, her pussy, having never completely recovered from her doughnut encounter with Ron, began to heat up even more as she recounted her memories to Amy. "I had the best body in my class, and every guy at school would practically break his neck when I walked down the hall in a tight sweater and jeans. And then when I would go to my friends' houses, and I would catch their dads trying to look down my blouse or up my skirt, it made me feel so sexy and even powerful to know a grown man would lust for me like that."

"That's where it started for me, but then I had a roommate in college that was just as devious, or maybe more so than me." Beth continued, fondly recalling her younger days. "Mandy and I used to do things that would absolutely drive guys crazy....God that was fun."

Amy was completely enthralled by Beth's story. She glanced down to Beth's bikini, taking note of how hard her nipples had become as she spoke. Amy's mind flashed briefly back to the blowjob she had given Ron in the bathroom last night, knowing Beth was watching while she inhaled Beth's scent from her white cotton panties. "Go on, what kind of things did you two do?"

"It wasn't really what we did, but how we did it. We discovered over time that the two of us working together could move a situation along that allowed us to tease and flash while appearing completely unaware and innocent in our actions." Beth said.

"So it is easier to tease as a team, is that what you mean?" Amy asked.

"Definitely," Beth responded quickly, glad Amy had taken the bait. "I mean, I could do certain things that could be interpreted by my audience as blatant teasing, but if another woman is with me, talking and acting normal, it will appear less like I am knowingly putting on a show."

Amy was trying to decide if Beth was hinting to the unplanned tag-team tease they had subjected Ron to earlier that morning. Neither of them had acknowledged they knew the other was there, but Amy was certain Beth had been blatantly teasing Ron, and looking back on it, she now suspected Beth had known she was under the sheets the entire time.

At that moment, Amy looked up and saw Ron coming around the pool. Her second Bloody Mary was almost gone and she could certainly feel the effect of the alcohol as she blurted out, "Here comes Ron, maybe I will take him up the beach and find a good place to bury him."

She and Beth both laughed, even as Beth's eyes moved behind her dark shades to lock onto Ron's crotch. Her frustrating luck continued, as his baggy trunks were so loose at to conceal any indication of the large cock she was growing more and more determined to see.

Before Ron got close enough to hear, Amy said to Beth, "We're heading up the beach aways, come by in an hour or so if you want to see how my sand project is coming along." Amy could feel her face blush, for she was certain, given their earlier conversation, Beth knew she was inviting her to come and help her cocktease Ron.


Ron had been initially nervous to find Amy and Beth talking at the bar. He was so confused by the way they had both behaved earlier that morning, he had no idea what to expect, especially from Amy. Given the way she had been deliberately placing him in tempting or risky predicaments, Ron wasn't too concerned about her getting mad at him. Even the fact that he had failed to tell her about the cabana boy/hang-man incident from the plane would pale in comparison to the stuff she had been doing to him over the last 24 hours.

Luckily, Beth seemed perfectly normal before Amy quickly grabbed Ron by the arm, swung back by the room to grab their beach gear, and led him toward the sand.


They had been walking in silence for quite some time, Amy thinking of Beth's erotic tale of how she had buried her husband in the sand. She was dreaming up her own devious variations to Beth's story when Ron dropped the beach bag, claiming he was too hot to walk any further.

Amy glanced around, quickly deciding this spot was as good as any. It was not isolated by any means, but there were fewer people around them here than closer to their hotel.

"You've been kind of quiet this morning, you're not mad cause I crawled under the sheets and gave you a good morning BJ are you?" Amy asked as her brain worked to come up with a way to get Ron to let her bury him in the sand. "At least you got to, you know, get off. I have been all hot and bothered ever since."

"No babe, I'm not mad, it's just that, well, ....it was real hard to maintain with Beth prancing all around while you were doing that to me. But it was amazing for sure. Why don't we head for the surf and I can 'let my fingers do the walking' to help you out." Ron said as he leaned close and traced his fingertips up and down Amy's hips and lower back.

"I actually have something else in mind. Help me dig out a hole over here." Amy directed Ron to a spot a little further up from the water.


Thirty minutes later, sweat dripping from the tip of her nose, Amy carefully packed the last of the sand down firmly on her boyfriend. She had taken care to make sure the hole was dug so that Ron's arms and legs would be deep enough to be firmly trapped beneath the damp sand. His crotch, however, was hardly buried at all. Ron had been so intent on his digging, he hadn't noticed the way Amy kept discreetly filling sand back into the middle of the hole, causing the desired effect of keeping Ron's hips elevated in relation to his legs and chest.

"OK, can you move?" Amy asked.

Ron had anticipated breaking free easily, but as he put more and more effort into raising his arms and legs, he quickly realized how he had underestimated the weight of the damp sand. "No, I can't move an inch. Go ahead and let me up now, okay?"

"No way, not after all that hard work. Now is the time to have some fun." Amy said as she began to spread out their beach blanket across Ron's body. The edge of the oversized and worn white blanket came right up beneath his chin. Next she dumped out the contents of her beach bag and grabbed a beach towel before turning her attention back to Ron.

As she began to position their belongings around the blanket, Ron said, "What's going on, what are you doing anyway?"

"I have a way for you to make us even for my work under the sheets this morning." As she spoke, Amy looked around to see if anyone was paying attention. Convinced her actions were unobserved, Amy sat down directly in front of Ron's face, spreading her legs out then draped the towel over her knees, and subsequently Ron's head. She reached beneath the towel and pulled her bikini bottoms over to expose her already wet pussy to Ron.

Amy could feel his breath on her hot, damp skin. She scooted forward until his nose and lips came into contact with her pussy. She had thought Ron would protest a little, at least at first, but he never said a word. His tongue began working its magic at once. She wanted to squeal, but instead just leaned forward slightly, improving the angle at which her trapped boyfriend could lap up her steamy cunt.

Amy looked around once again. She saw several college age girls coming up the beach. Amy put on her hat and picked up her book. She hoped she looked like someone content to do some reading while protecting her legs from the baking sun.

Ron wanted to be able to reach up and grab Amy's ass and bring her in closer to his face. He loved eating her pussy, although he couldn't really bury his mouth into her the way he wanted. His tongue, however, seemed to be making her quite happy as it flicked up and down over her engorged clitoris.

The excitement of having Ron lick over her pulsing lips and clit, right there on the beach, coupled with the fact that Amy had been in a constant state of arousal since sucking his dick earlier that morning had her ready to cum in only a few minutes. She scooted even closer to him, causing Ron's teeth to scrape across her protruding clit. That was all she needed. Amy grunted and moaned as quietly as she could while reaching beneath the towel and pressing Ron's face even more firmly into her crotch. Finally her orgasm began to subside and she fell back onto the beach blanket. Her legs stretched out past Ron's ears, and were covered by the towel, which still outlined Ron's head jutting up between her thighs.

As Amy lay there, breathing heavily and recovering from her orgasm, she thought she could detect the hardness of Ron's cock pressing up from the sand. She wiggled back and forth across his trapped erection, saying "My, my, I see I am not the only one that enjoyed that."

From beneath the towel came Ron's voice, "That was fun, no doubt, but now you need to go ahead and dig me up from here."

Amy gathered herself up and moved around on the blanket so that she was facing Ron, his head still covered by the towel so that only his face shown to her. "Oh no, I have only just begun to toy with you. You are my slave and I shall enjoy you some more while you are at my mercy." Amy said in a mock mistress accent.

Amy giggled as she removed the towel from Ron's head and replaced it with her upside-down beach bag. It was made of woven canvas strips. Draping the towel once again over the bag served to completely conceal Ron's presence underneath. Amy pulled the towel from the front of Ron's face. Even though Ron confirmed he could see clearly out through the woven material, Amy could not see his face hidden in the darkness of the scrunched up beach bag.

"Amy!" Ron said in a stern voice, "Let me out of here now."

"Now Ronnie babe, don't talk mean to me. You wouldn't want me to up and leave you here now would you." Amy threatened, although she and Ron both knew she would not abandon him. Even as she threatened to leave, Amy began to pull the beach blanket covering his crotch to the side. His swimming trunks were covered by only a thin layer of sand. She gently brushed the sand away, making sure to press Ron's erection back and forth with each stroke of her hand.

Ron could see through the openings in the bag to where Amy had pulled the blanket from his crotch and was now playing with his straining cock. "What are you doing?" he asked with genuine concern as to Amy's intentions.

"I am just getting you ready for some fun. Now where did I put those nail clippers?" Amy said as she began to rummage through the items she had dumped from the beach bag. Once she found the clippers, she stretched out on her stomach, propped herself up on her elbows and let both her hands drop down over Ron's straining bathing suit.

When she took the clippers and snipped the first hole in his trunks, near the base of his cock, Ron yelled, "Amy! What the hell? Are you crazy?" and instinctively tried to squirm away. He was unable to budge even an inch.

Amy responded, even as she continued to snip tiny openings in his trunks, working her way up his fat shaft, "Don't get so worked up now hon, I am not going to cut you, and I will get you some new trunks. But if you keep yelling and carrying on, someone is going to come over here, and that could be somewhat embarrassing for you, don't ya think?"

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