A Tempting Vacation Ch. 10


Pam responded as Sue had hoped, saying, "Oh no, Amy, you should go with Sue and your dad. I don't even have a suit with me." The last thing Pam wanted to do was spend the day with Dave, but felt the need to beg off gracefully.

Amy wasn't going to give up so easily, and once again turned to her father, "Gosh dad, nobody wants to be the meanie and take the other's spot. You have to decide. Please tell mom you want her to come along, please. She can wear one of my bikinis." Amy cooed, cutting her eyes ever so briefly to Sue, as if to make clear to her who was in control.

"Well," Dave stalled, obviously uncomfortable with the situation. "I don't know, what do you think Sue?" He was looking for an easy way out, but Sue didn't oblige.

"It's up to you honey, if you'd rather take Pam along, that's fine, just say the word." Sue said in a tone that hinted it would be anything but fine.

Dave glanced at Amy, her hopeful eyes confirming her wishes, and then to Pam, looking for her to bail him out. Pam suddenly liked the predicament Dave found himself in, and inexplicably decided it'd be worth taking Sue's spot on the excursion, if for no other reason than the turmoil it would cause him.

"Whatever you say, Dave." Was her only response to his pleading stare.

Finally, saying no to his daughter just too much to bear, he turned back to Sue, "Ah, hon, you know, we will have the rest of the cruise for you and Amy to spend some time together." As Dave spoke, the icy stare from Sue intensified. "I know, maybe you and Beth could go shopping." He was grasping now, looking for something to appease her.

Sue glanced at Amy, the teenager's brief but victorious smirk not going unnoticed. "Sure. We can go shopping. That okay with you Beth?" Sue continued to speak to Dave without awaiting Beth's response. "but I don't have any money." She finished, her cold eyes locked onto Dave even as he fumbled for his wallet.

As Dave fished out a few hundred dollar bills to offer to his very pissed off girlfriend, Sue simply grabbed the wallet and pulled out his Gold American Express. "This should do just fine, thanks honey. Come on you two!" Sue snapped at Beth and Ron.

As Sue turned to head toward the gangplank, the others agreed to meet back for an early supper, before the ship would depart. As Dave led Amy and her mother toward the helicopter, Beth grabbed Ron by the arm and said, "Come on son, looks like we have some shopping to do."


The threesome walked along in silence, toward the various shops located nearby the harbor. Finally, as they neared the first store, Sue spoke up, "Look, I apologize for the way I acted back there. I shouldn't be rude to you two, it's mostly Dave I have an issue with right now." Sue couldn't quite give Amy a free pass, even to her friends.

"Not a problem, that was a pretty awkward situation all the way around." Beth conceded.

"The one good thing about it," Sue continued, "is we have Dave's credit card, and we are going to burn it up! What to you want today?"

Beth had taken notice of Ron's stolen peeks at Sue. Who would blame him? Her face was incredibly striking, and she appeared to have a body to match, hidden beneath her flowing sundress. Never passing up a good teasing opportunity, Beth suggested they step into the interesting looking boutique, Fun In The Sun, coming up on their right, and perhaps shop for some new fun island and swim wear.

Sue readily agreed, saying, "Yeah, this looks like as good a place as any to spend Dave's money."

They split up inside the small boutique. It seemed most departed cruisers had made their way to the beach, or perhaps the straw market closer to town, and this coupled with the relative early morning hour meant there were few shoppers in the entire strip of shops, and none in this particular store. The tall and slender Bahamian girl working behind the counter greeted them briefly as they entered, then returned to her paperwork. It didn't take long for Beth to find the men's swim suits, and announce to Ron, as well as Sue, that he needed to replace the trunks he had ripped earlier on the beach.

Ron looked to Sue to see if she reacted to Beth's inside joke, and has been the case all along, she paid no attention to him at all as she continued to pick through a rack of bikinis.

"Here, how about these?" Beth said, holding up a couple of pair of trunks.

Ron, was staring at Sue as he felt the familiar beginnings of an erection. Anxious not to pitch a tent in his baggy shorts, he grabbed the hangers from Beth, paying no attention to what she was presenting him, mumbled his agreement, and took them to find the dressing room. In the back of the shop, he saw a doorway, partially covered by a curtain. He stepped inside the changing area, not much larger than a closet. He slipped the Bermudas down, his previously tormented cock still mostly in a flaccid state, largely due to the completely unsexy tension of their previous encounter. Redirecting his thought to Sue, and Beth for that matter, was threatening to change things in a hurry.

Ron grabbed the first pair of trunks, and he immediately realized what Beth was up to. These were not the typical shorts worn by so many young guys. These were made from a lycra cotton blend. He was certain they would be absolutely obscene on him, especially if he started to get a hard on. Ron realized he might be learning to like exhibiting himself, as he actually thought briefly about trying them on. But he knew Beth would want to buy them for him to wear at the beach, and remembering how self-conscious he had become standing in front of those two girls at the pool, with a half hard dick in his normal trunks, he couldn't imagine walking around in these.

As he started to reach back down for his shorts, a hand reached beneath the curtain and grabbed them. "I'll hang these out here so they don't get wrinkled." Beth said very matter-of-factly.

"Beth," Ron whispered, "Give me those, I can't wear these, they'll be obscene."

"Oh Ron, don't be so melodramatic. They sell these suits to men all the time, so I hardly doubt they will get you arrested or anything, now try them on and let me have a look."

Realizing the futility of arguing with her, Ron decided to slip them on. After all, it wasn't like she hadn't seen him in the nude. God, she had even had his dick in her mouth, although, the way she kept chastising him in front of Pam the night before, you'd have never known. His dick began to thicken as he recalled the encounters with Beth, even as he pulled the tight trunks up and over his cum engorged balls and lengthening dick. It was at that moment that Ron seemingly stumbled on the idea that if Beth was going to toy with him by literally fucking him one day and then proclaiming complete restraint and innocence the next, he would try to turn the game on her.

Toward that goal, he positioned and repositioned his cock in the suit, trying to maximize the way his thick shaft and mushroomed head were highlighted by the trunks, secretly wanting Beth to yearn for him again the way she had on the beach. In his lust filled adolescent mind, he envisioned Beth, and maybe even Pam, being so turned on by him "accidentally" or "unknowingly" displaying his cock, that they would break down and seduce him, with little doubt as to their true desires and intentions. If he could get them to do that, then not only would he get to fuck the women of his dreams and fantasies, but they would have no way to claim he made any inappropriate advances toward them, other than perhaps that he was once again "showing" his package, but then again, if Beth bought him the clothes that showed him off, how could he be to blame. His innocent strategy continued to bounce around in his head as he once again pressed his swelling prick from one side of his trunks to the other, striving for the sexiest display he could present to Beth.


As Ron was getting dressed, Beth quietly moved over to where Sue was collecting as assortment of bikinis for herself. "Sue, I have a favor to ask." Beth said in a hushed tone. "Ron is in the dressing room over there, but he gets embarrassed for his old mom to critique him in his swimming trunks, plus he thinks I just say nice things to boost his confidence. He's at that awkward stage where he just seems to be self-conscious about his looks. I convinced him to try on a suit like he saw some other guys in yesterday, but I think he feels kind of reluctant to wear something that doesn't hang down past his knees, you know? I think it'd be good for him to break out and try something different, but you know teenage boys and how goofy they can be about, well about most things." Beth chuckled, glad to see Sue grinning in agreement. "Would you mind going over and telling him what you think? Maybe take the opportunity to give him a little compliment or something."

"Sure, it's the least I can do for being so rude earlier."

"Thanks, I'll keep over here out of the way. Maybe you can act like you were just waiting for the changing room so he doesn't think I put you up to it." Beth said as she stepped further away from the dressing room.

Sue agreed and moved over near the closed curtain. Ron seemed like a polite enough kid, and she was feeling more and more embarrassed by her behavior on the boat. Maybe stroking the kid's ego some would make him and his mom happy, with the added benefit of helping her to stop feeling like such a bitch.

She waited outside the store's only dressing room for only a few minutes, still clutching several sinfully expensive bikinis. It seemed the size of the bikini and the price on the label were somehow inversely related. Sue's efforts not to feel like a bitch to Beth and her son did not include letting Dave off without proper punishment. Knowing that while he was snorkeling with his ex, she had been sunning in a tiny bikini more daring that he would have approved of, and one that cost almost $300 at that, would certainly be a nice retort to his earlier miscue. Seeing the American Express bill next month would mean that these sexy suits would be the gift that kept on giving. Sue smiled to herself imagining Dave's panic as she would tell him about the many men that had come on to her in her super sexy and expensive bikini.

Suddenly, the dressing room curtain pulled back, jarring Sue from her vengeful day dream. "Oh, sorry, I thought Bet....er, I mean my mom was still out here." Ron stammered, relieved he remembered to refer to Beth as 'mom', and even more relieved he was holding his wadded up tee shirt at waist level, concealing the glove-like fit of his trunks.

"She went back to the racks. I just need to try on a couple of suits." Sue said, briefly shaking the hangers of barely-there fabric in front of Ron. "You find something you like?" She continued, momentarily directing her eyes to Ron's partially covered swim suit.

"Ah, yeah.....I mean...no....um, I doubt it." Ron was taken by Sue's extraordinary beauty and her seemingly unintended sexiness. He could only imagine her in one of the string bikinis she held, and as his cock swelled even thicker in the tight confines of his suit, he stepped aside so she could enter the changing room. His plan to parade his clearly outlined cock before Beth was one thing, but to do so in front of this near stranger, having no idea how she might react, was another thing altogether, no matter how sexy and attractive she was.

To his surprise, she didn't move past, instead saying, "Oh come on Ron, I want to spend a lot of Dave's money, and you have to help me. Now what could be wrong with a new suit that someone else is buying for you? Hold your hands up and give me a turn and let me see how it looks." Sue twirled her finger in the air as if directing Ron to model for her. She pressed on, trying her best to do as Beth had asked, "That looks like one of the hottest new suits. I've seen several Spanish guys on the ship wearing something similar." She continued to lay it on pretty thick.

"Umm, I don't know, it's just not what I am used to, and I feel kind of funny about it."

Sue had indeed seen several men on the cruise wearing the skin tight suits, and most seemed oblivious to the fact the suits showed their little twigs and berries. She assumed Ron was embarrassed about the size of his own 'twig', but decided that if he was already lacking self confidence, like Beth said, she would do her best to boost him up some. She was certainly used to viewing the male genitalia, and should have no problem putting forth a believable lie to help the kid out.

"Okay, I understand, but believe me, you are going to look great in them. Most every guy on the boat that was in these European trunks was fighting the women off with a stick." Sue smile sweetly, trying to mask her lie in some mild humor. "Now just give me a quick spin and let's see how they look."

Ron knew she was exaggerating, but appreciated her friendliness. He also appreciated how utterly hot she looked, and his cock continued to slowly swell and lengthen. Still not hard, but certainly thickening by the second, he decided that if he waited any longer, and she saw him, the erection might be truly offensive to her. So, he decided to give her a quick pirouette.

"Okay, one quick spin, but I really don't think I can wear this to the beach."

"Well, just let me be the judge of that." Sue replied, still planning on ignoring the fact that the trunks would likely be the classic grape smugglers.

Ron began to turn, slowly lifting his arms, and therefore the shirt hiding his cock and balls so thinly veiled behind the tight stretchy material. As he continued to turn, his back to Sue, he glanced down, confirming the obscene bulge. At last he returned to his original position, only now still holding the shirt away from his crotch.

Sue's eyes took in Ron's back, legs and even his ass as he turned. There really was something to these suits, she thought to herself. Ron, to be so much younger than her, really did seem to have a nicely developing body. He still had the rather coltish lanky build, but the muscles were definitely filling in quite nicely. She quickly decided her compliments would not be that difficult to come by.

As he turned back to face her, Sue made sure her eyes were locked onto Ron's. She didn't want to make him uncomfortable. But almost at once, even in her peripheral vision, the straining material of the swimming trunks caught her attention. Unable to divert her eyes, Sue allowed her gaze to quickly fall down to Ron's crotch. Not only was the bulge in the material immense, but his balls, cock and even the cock head were clearly delineated against he thin, baby blue material. Pressed over and across part of his left thigh must have been 6 or 7 inches of meaty cock.

Sue's eyes feasted on the sight before her, but for only a few seconds, as Ron's embarrassment overtook him and he once again moved the tee shirt to hide his excitement.

Her vision interrupted, Sue attempted to compose herself, "Ah, well, I think those trunks look very nice on you." She said in as normal a voice as she could muster. "You should really get them." And with that, she scampered into the dressing room to try and conceal her own flustered reaction to such an unexpected sight.

Sue dropped the various bikinis on the small wooden chair, leaned against the full length mirror, and grinned slightly to herself while taking several deep breaths. God, did she really just see what she thought she did? She now realized Ron's reluctance to wear such a suit was not because he was too small, but rather just the opposite. God, he was as far away from small as he could get. Sue knew, given her job, seeing a penis outlined in a tight swim suit shouldn't be cause for such a reaction, but that was the really the crux of the matter, because she looked at penises daily, and she couldn't recall ever having seen anything as impressive as she had just glimpsed beneath those baby blue trunks.

As Sue began to try on her own suit, the lingering vision of Ron's impressive manhood was interrupted by Beth's voice, just outside the curtain. "Ron, there is another rack of men's suits in the back room, come on and see if you find something else you'd like."


As soon as Beth and Ron walked a few steps from the dressing room, Beth reached over and snatched Ron's shirt from his hands, still hiding the front of his suit, and tossed it back on a chair in the corner. She unintentionally allowed her gaze to lock onto the near pornographic sight of Ron's cock encased in the clingy trunks.

She forced herself to look away, and in as normal a delivery as possible, asked, "So Ron, did Sue like your trunks?"

Having noticed Beth's lingering stare, Ron decided to go back to his plan to be the willing exhibitionist, and see what might happen. "Uh, I think she did, at least she said so, but then again, she seemed a little flustered for some reason." He felt completely exposed standing there in the middle of the boutique, with nothing to conceal his bulging crotch. He turned to face Beth before continuing, "Maybe these are too tight, what do you think?"

Beth noticed Ron's new found confidence, or if not confidence, at least a willingness to play along with their evolving game of exhibitionism. She quickly realized that how she treated him was key to being able to manipulate both he and Pam over the next few days. Her fantasies of how things would play out seemed to be continually running through her brain, and she knew that if she could direct Ron to her satisfaction, these fantasies would turn into some truly sexy teasing and ultimately a chance to enjoy his cock once again.

With her ultimate goal in mind, Beth was committed to not providing Ron an overt response to his exhibitionism, at least not until the time was right.

"Well, maybe she just still pissed at Dave. I think these trunks look good, but let's find the sales girl and see if there are some others you'd like.

Before Ron could voice an objection to being presented to another complete stranger, Beth waved at the girl doing her paperwork, "Excuse me, miss? Could you help us over here for a second?"

The statuesque Bahamian girl slid down off the stool behind the cash register and moved gracefully over the rack of men's swim suits. "Yes m'am, and how may I help you this fine morning?"

Before answering her, Beth moved aside to reveal Ron, standing there in nothing but the light blue, skin hugging trunks. "It's these trunks, Ron likes these but thinks that maybe they are a little tight. We decided to defer to an expert such as yourself. What do you think?"

The sales girl, while obviously accustomed to seeing men in revealing swim wear, was still taken aback, if only for a second. She had been working in swim boutiques for almost 5 years, and this wasn't the first time someone came in and wanted to show off for her. Most times it was a husband or boyfriend, parading their woman around in next to nothing, and on occasion a man would go out of his way to try and expose himself to her, but it was rare that anyone was quite so blatant, or so endowed, as the young man standing before her now. Especially with the apparent assistance of such an attractive accomplice, one perhaps old enough to be his mother.

"Turn around so, I am sorry, what is your name dear?"

"My name is Leslie".

"Turn around so Leslie can properly assess the fit." Beth instructed Ron.

As Ron slowly turned, his heart seemingly pumping equal parts blood to both his blushing face and his still hardening cock, Leslie put on her best professional demeanor and said, "Well, if you are not used to such a cut, I can understand why you'd think they were too tight, but the real test is how much give the material provides as you move around. May I?" Leslie asked as she knelt down in front of Ron.

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