tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Thank You from Jessica Simpson

A Thank You from Jessica Simpson


As a free lance writer, I pick up jobs wherever I can, and one of the things I most like to do is write for television shows. The money is good, and it tends to be fun, and there are some great side benefits sometimes. A few days ago, in collaboration with my sometimes writing partner, Duane, I worked on a variety show. I like working with Duane. As an African American man in his early forties, he often sees things from a different angle than I do, and I like having him join me in some of those side benefits. .

The featured guest that evening was Jessica Simpson, and we wrote a comedy segment starring her. It was too long to be called a skit, and too short to be called a play, and it featured the curvaceous blonde singer as a private investigator named Sexy Jimpson. Her first name was short for Sexica. As you could probably infer from the name of her character and Jessica's status as a world-class hotty, she used her sex appeal to bring the comically inept villain to justice. However, she also used her intelligence; we chose not to portray her as a dumb blonde.

After the very successful rehearsal, everybody connected with the show, including Duane and me, went out for a snack in a dining room that had been set aside for us in our hotel. Most of the people there, including the two of us, were staying in that hotel, and they were so glad for our custom, they made special accommodations for us. As "civilians", comparatively speaking, he and I were seated somewhat apart from the others, until Jessica joined us. We were seated in adjacent chairs at a long table, and she squeezed another chair in between us, even though there were vacant seats on either side. We didn't object. What straight guy in his right mind would complain about being close to a gorgeous woman like Jessica Simpson?

"I really appreciate the part you guys wrote for me," she started by saying.

"No problem," Duane answered. "It was fun writing it, and we got paid pretty well."

"Even so, I want to show you my appreciation. I was so afraid when I agreed to the gig that I would have a part as a dumb, sexy blonde, and I get so tired of that.

"Have you looked in a mirror lately?" I asked her. "I don't see how we could help writing a part for you as a sexy blonde."

She giggled at that. "Oh, blonde and sexy are fine. I just get tired or being typecast as dumb. And, like I said, I want to show you how I appreciate it."

"Okay," Duane answered. We're really glad you appreciate it. It isn't often a big star like you tells us something like that, and we're happy to hear it."

"No, no. You don't understand. I don't just want to TELL you I appreciate it. I want to SHOW you."

I have been accused of being not very swift, but even I knew what she meant when Jessica rested her hand on my thigh and started moving it in the direction of my crotch. In a few seconds, she had unzipped my fly, and the questing hand was inside my pants and seeking the opening of my boxer shorts. From the look on Duane's face, I assumed her other hand was doing the same for him.

"I mean, I have a suite in this hotel, and I would love for both of you to go there with me, and we can talk about whatever comes up." By then, her soft fingers had found my cock and wrapped themselves around it. Her hand was definitely making it become eligible to be a subject of that conversation.

Duane answered for both of us. "I think George and I would love that. Isn't that right, George?" All I could do was nod my head, but I did it so emphatically there could have been no doubt of my concurrence.

"Good, but first I better go tell my manager I'm leaving. He'll have a hissy fit if I don't." Jessica grinned, first at Duane and then at me, before going over to talk to a greasy looking man in a suit.

When she returned, we were standing up, but both of us were having some trouble doing that. Arm in arm, with her between us, we headed for the express elevator that went only to the floors where the VIP suites were. Duane and I, peons, relatively speaking, were sharing a room with two single beds, but we knew Jessica would have accommodations that would be much more comfortable.

We were right. She opened the door with her key card and closed it behind us, also latching the security lock. We were in a small sitting room, but Jessica had no interest in sitting. She led us into the bedroom, with its king size canopy bed, stopped and turned around. She spread her arms and Duane, who is younger and quicker and more athletic than I am, got there first.

His arms went around Jessica; his mouth attached itself to hers, and his hands went to her voluptuous ass. I'm not a voyeur, but I watched, because I wanted a turn with those lips too, and the wait was not a long one. She turned her face to me and, when we started kissing, her tongue quickly made the acquaintance of mine. One of Duane's hands remained on her ass, while the other one deftly unbuckled the beaded belt that went around the waistline of her designer jeans.

She was wearing a T-Shirt, and my hands quickly went under the hemline, and raised it above her breasts. The clasp on her bra was a simple one, and I unfastened it, pulled it off, and dropped the bra on the floor, letting her luscious breasts spill free. I have seen many pictures of Jessica, and I had seen her cavorting seductively on the sound stage two hours ago, and I knew she has gorgeous breasts. However, to truly appreciate them, you have to see them bare, and hold them in your hands, as I was doing them. Believe me, I very thoroughly appreciated everything about them, from their vibrancy as I cupped them in my hands to the large, pink nipples.

By that time, Duane had opened her belt and her pants, and his other hand was inside her panties, playing with Jessica's lovely ass. She giggled at our eagerness. "I guess I picked the right way to thank you guys," she said, and raised her arms so I could pull the T-Shirt off and toss it in the direction of her bra. "But why are we standing here in the middle of the floor when the bed is so close?"

She was right, so we stumbled over to the bed. Duane had his other hand down the front of Jessica's panties, and I was fondling her succulent breasts, and it made the walking difficult, but we made it, and sat there in a row on the edge of the bed. She looked at me, smiling lasciviously, and turned to look at Duane.

"Aren't you guys hot, with all those dumb old clothes on?" she asked.

We weren't, but we did feel overdressed, especially since Jessica was so delightfully bare above the waist, and her jeans were obviously about to be removed. Hurriedly, we peeled off our clothing. Duane was wearing slip-on sneakers, and a pullover shirt, while I had to untie and unbutton, so he was naked a few seconds before I was. He started pulling down Jessica's tight jeans, and got them around her ass, when I took the pants leg opposite him and pulled it down. She scuffed out of her ballerina slippers, and Duane and I each pulled one leg of her pants down and all the way off. Jessica was wearing only panties, and I noticed they matched the bra that was lying in the middle of the floor.

She stood up, stuck her fingers in the elastic waistband and, with one quick motion pulled them down around her hips and ass. When Jessica let go, they slid down her legs, and she kicked them away in the general direction of her other clothing. All three of us were equally naked, but her truly lovely body made her seem to be more naked than we were. As beautiful as her breasts are, her curvaceous ass was just as much a treat to my eyes and, I assumed to Duane's, who was gazing at her as intently as I was. Although she enjoyed our admiring looks, she wanted more action, so she sat on the bed and slid toward the middle. Seconds later, we were all lying there together, with the gorgeous blonde star in the middle.

Duane and I each took the luscious breast nearest to us and started licking the nipple. He knows I have been in situations like this more often than he has, so he tends to follow my lead. Jessica's breasts and nipples are so big and ripe that when I licked them, it was sometimes with broad strokes of my tongue, and sometimes short dabs with just the tip. She, apparently, liked both ways, as well as what Duane was doing, because she was soon purring in pleasure, while her body squirmed on the bed. I glanced over and saw that he was curling his tongue around her nipple, and caressing her that way, so I tried it too. It was just as much fun as any other technique. Jessica has such delightful breasts, especially her sensitive nipples, that anything either Duane or I did to them with our tongues was fun for her and for us.

Sucking on them would also be fun, and I drew the luscious globe on my side into my mouth, and started doing that. My lips formed a seal on the supple flesh, and my tongue caressed her hard nipple and her areola while her breast was in my mouth. Duane did the same, taking its lovely twin into his mouth, and I knew he was sucking and licking the same way as I was. We continued to pleasure Jessica's gorgeous breasts and ourselves, and the movements of her body under us became more sensuous, thrusting the luscious globes up into our mouths, wanting to have as much fun as possible from what we were doing.

We all wanted to have a lot of fun, and the way I would have the most soon became obvious. From the feel of Jessica's rigid nipple against my tongue, I knew she was highly aroused, and even more definite evidence of that happy condition was pleasing my nostrils. I could smell the delightful aroma of fresh pussy juice and, when I looked down her body, I saw the lips of her pussy were shiny and wet. As wonderful as her breasts and nipples were, I knew a place that would be even more delightful, so I kissed and licked my way down her belly until I reached her mons.

She was completely clean-shaven, and I licked all the way to the down-slope of her mount of Venus, stopping with my nose just inches from the source of the delightful aroma that had lured my tongue down her body. Although I could have eaten her pussy from a 69 position, I preferred to approach her from the other direction. I got off the bed, picked up a pillow, and quickly got back on, to walk on my knees until I was between Jessica's succulent, white legs.

My intentions were obvious, and she had spread them when she saw me approaching. Although blonde and sexy, she is not a dumb blonde; Jessica realized the purpose of the pillow also, and raised her ass off the bed so I could slip it under her. This put her pussy at the perfect height for eating. With the pillow in place, I leaned forward, and she raised her beautiful legs and draped them over my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, and prepared to relish, in every way, the pussy of one of the sexiest women I had ever met.

I gazed, enraptured, by its beauty. The pink and ivory skin of her outer lips was smooth and inviting, and the slit between them had been pushed open by the inner lips as they blossomed through. They were dark pink, and engorged with her lust, and where they met to form her clit hood, I could see the precious morsel they protected already peeking through. The lips of her pussy were already shiny-wet and, when I gently spread them I looked into the beautiful pink hole that was the source of the moisture.

A cloud of concentrated fragrance arose from that lovely place to please my nose and, when I tasted some of the moisture that had collected on Jessica's legs and crotch, it was delicious. Although her pussy is beautiful to look at, and produces nectar that is a delight to smell and to taste, the best thing about it was the way it pleasured my sense of touch. The skin of her crotch and the insides of her thighs where I licked the juices from was soft and smooth but, when my tongue began caressing the first of her outer lips, it was even better. The smooth ivory skin was like a satin pillow, except for being warm and vibrant. Her pussy squirmed under me and, by the time my tongue had licked everything up to her mons again, her loud purring was delighting my sense of hearing.

When I reached that point, I raised my head to see how Duane was doing. He was doing quite well; Jessica had started to do things to him that were very similar to what I was doing to her. I didn't watch very long, but I saw her tongue as it slowly stroked his crotch, from his ass to his scrotum, and started up the underside of his balls. He told me later how great it was, the way she held his balls, one at a time, between her lips, and gently stroked them with her tongue. It was an erotic sight, especially seeing his hard, black cock bouncing against Jessica's damask cheek as she moved around; however, looking at it couldn't compare to eating her delectable pussy.

After feasting on all the juices that had been produced by her pussy, I started licking her other outer lip. I treated this one the same way, taking my time and reveling in how this one felt against my tongue and, by the time I reached her mons again, her mouth was showing Duane an even better time. She was lightly holding his balls, while licking his cock, as a girl might lick a long, thick chocolate lollipop. He was very cooperative, moving his body around to let her tongue reach every part of his hard shaft. I was very happy that everybody was having so much fun, and I returned my mouth to Jessica's pussy to give both of us even more.

It was obvious that Jessica was enjoying what we were doing. Her sounds of pleasure were muffled by the big cock that was keeping her lips and tongue busy, but her pussy was fucking strongly against my face, and the rest of her body was writhing on the bed. The latest gush of nectar she had produced was just as delicious as the earlier ones and, after devouring it, I started probing my tongue against the edges the lovely place that had produced it. Tiny drops of even fresher juices spattered onto my tongue, and I relished their taste too. In no hurry, and thoroughly enjoying what I was doing, my tongue worked its way up the sides of the wet, pink hole, probing into it and exploring under Jessica's inner pussy lips. By the time I reached the top edge, her thighs had turned outward, presenting her pussy to me even better. It was time for her to cum; she and I both knew it, and she was begging me to suck her clit.

Before doing, I sneaked another look at what she and Duane were doing. Just then, she was not licking his cock, although it was obvious that she enjoyed the way he was rubbing it against her face. Instead, Jessica was concentrating on what my mouth was doing for her pussy, and begging me to suck her clit because she wanted so very much to cum, and cum hard and long.

She was already in a state of arousal about as high as my mouth could get her anyhow, so I drew her engorged clit into my mouth and started sucking on it. While my lips formed a seal, my tongue caressed the sides and top of the luscious morsel. Jessica's movements quickly grew even more erratic; she thrashed on the bed, while her head tossed back and forth on her pillow. Duane and I have seen this reaction before, but we never grow tired of it, especially with a woman as gorgeous and sexy as Jessica Simpson.

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!" she cried joyfully. Her legs squeezed my temples, and her hands went to the back of my head to press my face tightly against her pussy.

Jessica's legs swung wildly back and forth, while her ass bounced up and down off the bed, jamming my face even more tightly into her pussy. "Suck my clit! Suck my clit!" she implored me, which was something I was extremely glad to keep doing, for hours at a time, if necessary.

Her legs and her hands kept my head a very happy and willing prisoner, and I clung tightly to her thighs. My mouth stayed securely clamped around her precious clit, and my tongue caressed the swollen sides and top. For several minutes her gyrations continued, until her whole body spasmed, followed by total relaxation, as she seemed to melt into the bed. Jessica's hands released their grip, and her legs also relaxed, but remained draped over my shoulders. I was quite sure she would want to fuck, so I left the juices inside her pussy to perform their natural role of lubricant. However, I licked every drop of the fresh nectar off her legs, belly and the outside of her pussy, before backing out from under her legs and letting them plop onto the bed.

When I looked again, Jessica was lying on her back, totally relaxed, with her eyes closed and a big smile on her face. Duane was smiling too, and he had his cock lying across her lips. As I watched, her tongue snaked out and started licking as much of the girth, and as far as she could reach in both directions. My cock is just of average size, but his is at least half again as long as mine, and thick in proportion. I didn't know for sure what Jessica would want to do next, but I went and got condoms out of my pocket, and handed the king-size one to Duane. Whether we put them on or not would be up to Jessica.

She was still smiling, partly about the big cock her tongue was caressing and partly from the orgasm she had just enjoyed. Gently, she took Duane's cock from her lips, kissed it and licked the dark, velvety head.

"That was great, George. I really loved the way you ate my pussy. And, I've got ideas where I want this big, black dude." She kissed Duane's cock and licked the head again.

Jessica continued: "I know I invited you guys up here to thank you, but do you mind if I do it the way I want to?" Both Duane and I nodded our heads in happy consent. We were both pretty sure that whatever Jessica had in mind to do would be fun for all of us. We became even more sure when she described what she wanted.

"What I want to be is this: I want to be a big slab of white meat. And I want to be in a sandwich, with a nice piece of dark bread on the bottom and a slice of white bread on the top." When she referred to "dark bread" she smiled at Duane and kissed his cock again.

"Well, that sounds great, Jessica," Duane replied. "When you're ready, I'll lie down where you are."

"I'm always ready to be a sandwich." She was still slightly unsteady, but Jessica got to her knees, letting Duane replace her, lying on his back with his head on her pillow and his cock pointing straight up. I handed him the condom.

"Let me do that," she said, taking it from him. "Mmmm, king-sized! That sounds good."

Jessica straddled Duane's knees and removed the condom from its plastic pack. Leaning forward, she licked his cock all over the shaft and paid special attention to the head. She paused to remark how much she liked the velvety texture of his cock head, comparing it to black velvet, and the way the skin was stretched so tightly around his shaft. Besides being fun, licking him served a practical purpose, because it was easier to roll his condom in place. Not being hung as well as him, I had to take care of myself. With Duane's cock ready, Jessica glanced at me, saw my condom was in place and told me about the bottle of Aqualube in the bathroom vanity cabinet.

When I returned with the lubricant and a damp towel, Jessica was crouching above my partner. She was holding her pussy open and he was holding his cock upright, giving her a target to aim at. I was ready to give her a hand and help her mount Duane, but she was lithe and athletic, and it wasn't necessary. She slowly lowered her body until the tip of his cock was just in contact with her dripping pussy. I had left juices inside her to provide lubrication, but it wouldn't have been necessary. In anticipation of the double fucking she was going to get, Jessica had produced plenty of fresh juices, so much so that they were actually running down her legs or dripping from her pussy onto the head of Duane's cock and running down the sides.

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