tagBDSMA Thorough Exam

A Thorough Exam


She sat nervously in the vacant waiting room, her hands crossed at the wrists and resting gently upon her thighs. Seated next to her, he silently thumbed through a magazine. The door opened and out stepped a tall, dark haired man wearing a crisp, white lab coat. He had the most piercing blue eyes she'd ever seen. She nervously wondered why a nurse wasn't at the door. The man in the white coat quietly called her name. Her Master placed the magazine in the empty chair beside him and turned to look at her. She swallowed hard as her emerald eyes flashed a silent plea to her Master.

"You will go now, pet, and you will follow his instructions." He sternly dictated, and then he kissed her forehead.

"Yes, Sir," she timidly whispered. She stood up. Her legs felt unsteady and wobbly as she began to walk toward the blue eyed Doctor.

"We'll be out shortly," The Doctor casually replied to the Master.

"Enjoy the girl." The Master retorted. There was almost a hit of amusement in his tone.

She shuddered softly as she cast her eyes toward the floor and followed the Doctor down a long, pale blue corridor. Empty examination rooms lined the deserted hallway.

She wanted to turn around and run. Nervous and scared she had no idea what to expect. The Doctor stopped at a doorway and motioned for her to enter. She followed his command and was surprised to find herself; not in an examination room, but an office. He asked her to please take a seat, then rounded a huge mahogany desk and sat down across from her.

"Please don't be nervous," He began. "I've been doing this special type of work for my Dominant friends for years. First of all, I am a *real* Doctor. I arrange private examinations for a small group of Dominant friends. They make appointments for their girls, just as your Master did. I provide complete and comprehensive evaluations for the Dominants, to ensure their "very important treasures" are healthy and everything is in fine working order."

He smiled reassuringly as he spoke; yet it did little to alleviate her anxiety.

"I'm going to ask you some routine health questions, then we will step into an examination room and get you all checked out. Your Master has requested that you have a *thorough examination* and I will do my best to make it as unpleasant as I possibly can for you, my dear."

She softly nodded as she tried to swallow, but her throat was parched and dry. Her growing anxiety began sprouting roots of full-blown fear. He asked her a litany of medical questions, to which she responded. All too soon, for her, the information was recorded and finished. The Doctor stood and walked toward her. He extended his hand and helped her from the chair. He did his best to put her at ease with small talk as she followed him back down the long corridor, but her gnawing fears coursed wickedly in her belly.

She was ushered into a small examination room that held a long, paper covered, padded table with fiendish looking silver stirrups, protruding from its base. Also in the room were a small stool with rolling casters, a tall goose-necked light, a small stationary chair, a silver stainless steel sink and a wall lined with cabinets beneath a gray laminated counter top.

"Please remove your clothing." He instructed, as he shut the door behind him.

She looked up at him quizzically, wondering if he was going to remain in the room while she stripped her clothes off. A broad smile spread across his mouth. He stepped toward her and gently placed his palms upon her shoulders.

"Dear girl, I've seen many women naked, you're not my first." He softly chuckled.

"Yes, Sir," she replied as she felt her cheeks burn from her embarrassment.

Her fingers trembled as she slowly unbuttoned her dress. She was never allowed to wear undergarments, and knew once the dress was undone; she would be standing naked before the Doctor. Sure he'd seen millions of naked women before, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she was there for more than just a routine examination. The dress slithered off her shoulders and pooled in a silent, billowing heap at her feet. She knelt down and picked up her dress. As she stood back up, she tried to cover her naked body with the fabric. The Doctor smiled,plucked the dress from her fingers and hung it from a hook on the back of the door.

"Please take a seat." He instructed looking at the examination table.

The white paper crinkled and rustled as she eased her bare butt onto the padded table. The Doctor smiled softly to her as he stepped toward her and placed his large, warm hands upon her breasts. He gently began to palpate each breast checking for lumps, working his strong fingers closer and closer to her cranberry colored nipples.

She looked down and watched her silver, nipple rings bounce gently up and down as his fingers pushed deep into her supple flesh. When his fingers reached her nipples he placed the erect tip of each one between his thumb and forefinger and began to softly rub upon the crimson buds.

Her breath began to quicken as she felt the slow throbbing pool of desire begin to spread in her belly. His piercing blue eyes locked onto hers and a deviant smile spread upon his lips. He hoarsely moaned out a compliment of how nice her nipples felt.

She could feel the warm juices from her pussy begin to ooze from her slit and coat her swollen, outer lips. She desperately tried to ebb the sexual desire growing inside her.

"I will need to see how well they respond to stimulation, girl." He announced, as he leaned over and placed his mouth upon her left nipple.

He began to suck upon her tit, bathing her areola with his warm, soft tongue. She felt her pussy contract firmly as he sucked harder and deeper upon her breast. His tongue danced and flicked upon her nipple, gently tugging upon her ring, as a soft mewl escaped her throat.

He raised his eyes and looked up at her as his mouth continued to assault her breast. She immediately realized, when she saw a spark of merriment dance upon his eyes, that he'd heard the soft whimper from her throat. Her faced blazed in embarrassment as she closed her eyes and tried to focus her mind on anything, other than, how his expert tongue was breeding a torrid pool of sexual delight within her. He released his mouth from her breast and she looked down at her bright red, elongated nipple glistening with his saliva.

"Simply amazing!" He exclaimed. "You've got extremely long, sexy nipples when they're stimulated." He said in a praising tone, and then he bent down and administered the same sensual pleasures to her right breast.

She didn't know what to say or what she was supposed to be feeling. A twinge of guilt washed over her for being so aroused by the doctors ministrations, but she couldn't curb the involuntary reactions he evoked from within her.

The throb of her clit drummed in time with her aching nipples, while her juices continued to spill from her slit. She nervously wondered if she were leaving a slippery puddle upon the white paper.

The jerk of her nipple ring between his teeth made her cry out in a mixture of surprise and pleasurable pain. She looked down and watched as his pearly white teeth sank ferociously down upon her nipple. Her back arched as her shoulder rolled backward, lifting her breasts toward him in offering, as a deep guttural moan escaped her throat.

He released her right breast and stood back up. He gently trailed his fingers through her hair as a lusty, hungry smile spread across his lips.

"I need you to come with me to another room for a few minutes. There's a part of the examination that can't be done here."

He once again, extended his hand and helped her down from the table. His eyes fell to the glistening wet spot upon the white paper, where she had been sitting, and he smiled again. She looked over her shoulder and spied the remnant evidence she'd prayed wasn't there. Her stomach rolled in alarm as she lowered her head in shame.

"Aww, pet. Don't be embarrassed. It's perfectly natural for your body to respond to such stimulation. The nipples contain very sensitive nerve endings that act as a precursor to induce other parts of the body to respond in, well... most delicious ways." He explained, as he smeared his index finger through the glistening trail she'd left upon the paper, and sucked her nectar from his finger.

"Oh my God," she softly whispered, as she watched him.

He chuckled softly and wrapped his hand around her elbow ushering her from the small examination room. When he stepped out into the hallway, she hesitated and timidly looked to the left, then to the right feeling self-conscious in her naked state. He assured her that they were very much alone and that her Master was the only other person in the office. She relaxed a bit and stepped out into the corridor with the Doctor.

They walked two doors down and he led her into another examination room, of sorts. There was an examination table just like the one she had been sitting upon in the other room, but there was also a small sink and toilet in the room. She looked over to her right and spied a tall pole with a bag and long rubber tubing attached. Her eyes flew open wide as she spun on her heel, facing the Doctor. Fear and humiliation coursed through her veins.

"Yes dear, you will submit to this. Remember, I told you I was instructed to give you a thorough examination, and you were instructed to follow my direction, were you not?" He sternly stated to her.

"Well, yes, I know I am... but... I never dreamed you meant something like this." She said waving her hand toward the enema bag, her words bathed in trepidation and humiliation. "Oh God," she softly whimpered.

"Bend over and relax sweet girl." He chuckled as he began running water in the sink.

She covered her face in her hands as she bent over the table. This was the most humiliating experience she could imagine. She had no choice but to do as she was told and swallow her pride. She listened to the Doctor behind her moving and preparing the enema bag. When the water was turned off she clenched her ass cheeks together, in one last desperate attempt, to keep her tiny puckered opening from being invaded. She wanted to cry in humiliation but only squeezed her eyes shut as she concentrated on keeping her ass cheeks tightly clenched.

Without realizing it, he had moved to the other side of the examination table. He roughly seized both of her wrists, pulling them from beneath her face, and in the blink of an eye, he'd slapped a pair of silver handcuffs over her wrists, securing her to the table. She looked up at the Doctor as panic washed over her.

"We need to determine just how long you can hold the contents of the bag," he stated in a matter-of-fact tone. "You just relax and let me know when you need me to release the cuffs, okay?"

She didn't answer him, she only whimpered a pathetic whine and nodded her head yes, while keeping her ass cheeks tightly clenched together.

He placed his warm hands upon her supple cheeks and began to slowly and gently massage the orbs. He leaned over her back and whispered into her ear as his hands kneaded the creamy flesh of her ass, harder.

"You've got an incredible ass. I bet it's wonderful to flog and fuck." He growled as he slapped his hand upon her right butt cheek, hard.

"Oh God," she lamented, as she relaxed her clenching orbs.

She shivered softly as she felt his tongue slide from the small of her back to the nape above the crack of her ass. Her clit throbbed as she felt her juices spill softly over the pink folds of her sex and ooze gently down upon the tops of her thighs.

"This might be a little cold. I need to properly lube your anus. I wouldn't want to damage any of that tender, delicate tissue inserting this long, hard nozzle." He forewarned, as he smeared a large glob of cold lube upon her tiny, puckered opening. He applied more and pressed with his fingertip, opening and stretching the little hole, as he generously plunged the lube deep inside her ass.

"Oh how I would love to fuck your sweet ass, little one," he groaned and then drove his finger deep inside her asshole, her sensitive ring stretching wider as his knuckle bore through her opening.

She couldn't even speak; she was wrestling with her emotions of humiliation coupled with pure unadulterated lust. Without realizing it, she had begun to rock her hips softly back and forth, lost in the splendor while his finger fucked her tightest hole.

"I bet money you'd love it too sweet girl." He chuckled as he removed his finger and slid the cold nozzle deep inside her rectum.

Before she could even cry out, she felt the warm water filling her bowels. She felt her belly begin to swell as the liquid gushed quickly into her. She squeezed her sphincter tightly around the plastic intruder. The full feeling quickly turned to a burning sensation as she clenched her teeth together, trying to accommodate the overwhelming contents he was emptying into her.

"Please? Please?" she begged.

"Please what girl?" He asked, a hint of jeering in his tone as he slipped his finger gently over her clit, teasing her lewdly.

"Please release me, Sir?" she begged softly, worried she would cum and disgrace herself totally in front of him.

"You can't hold anymore girl?" He bantered, pinching her clit between his finger and thumb.

"No! Oh God please! I would die if I lost control of this, Sir." She implored.

"Very well girl." He sighed, and removed the nozzle.

He stepped around the table. She concentrated on keeping her tiny opening contracted while trying to ignore the cramps that were wracking her bowels. He removed the cuffs and helped her stand to an upright position then he motioned for her to sit upon the toilet directly behind her.

"Aren't you going to leave me alone to do this?" She asked, praying she wouldn't have to defecate in front of him.

"No girl, I'm staying." He announced with an evil glint in his eyes.

"Oh Jesus," she cried out in total humiliation.

Another cramp seized her colon, causing her to double over holding her bloated stomach with both hands and shuffle backward toward the toilet. She lowered her head, feeling debased and humiliated as she eased her bottom upon the toilet. Tears began to stream down her face as the sounds of her evacuation filled the room. She sobbed softly knowing the most private of all act was being observed by a stranger and there was nothing she could do about it.

He softly placed his fingers under her chin and raised her head. He looked into her eyes and softly brushed her tears away.

"You please your Master by your actions sweet girl. You have no reason to feel anything but precious, safe and loved in his trust. He instructed you to obey my directions and I know he will be extremely proud of your devotion to him... through me." He handed her a large handful of toilet paper. She cleaned herself and nodded softly to him.

"Lean over the table again little one," he instructed.

"Oh God, not again!" She lamented in a pitiful whine.

"No, girl," he chuckled. "I'm simply going to clean you properly," he smiled.

She leaned over the table again as he tenderly washed her ass cheeks with warm soapy water. He slid the rag between her cheeks and rubbed the soft cloth in small circles upon her tiny hole. He rinsed her with the same thoroughness and dried her with a fluffy cotton towel. She sighed softly, feeling pampered by his attentions and was grateful he didn't ease the cloth toward her clit, for fear she would orgasm on the spot.

He led her back to the original examination room and instructed her to lie down upon the table, announcing he would return in a moment. She obediently followed his orders. Worried, she wondered what else he had in store for her. Maybe that was all of it... maybe there wasn't anything further in store for her. Maybe humiliation was the test her Master wished to teach her. Or maybe it was a lesson of pride. If she'd refused to allow the Doctor to give her the enema, then her Master would know her own pride was the reason.

She tried to convince herself the worst was over, yet she couldn't stop shivering in anticipation. She tried to focus her thoughts on her Master waiting patiently, thumbing through magazines in the waiting room. Did he choose the type of humiliation she had endured? Or would he be shocked and appalled that the Doctor was taking such liberties with HIS property? Not knowing which the case may be, she decided she would just do as she was told and get this whole degrading ordeal over with. But what if there was something more, what if the enema was only the beginning for the test of her submission?

The door to the small room opened and the Doctor stepped through the. She looked up at him with fear filled eyes and watched him walk to the end of the padded table.

"Just relax and we'll be finished here shortly." He reassured, as he extended the end of the table and raised the fiendishly looking silver stirrups. "I need to you scoot down. Just raise your hips and place your bottom at the end of the table down here."

She did as he instructed keeping her thighs tightly closed. He placed his warm hands upon her ankles and eased each foot into the stirrups. She exhaled a deep breath as she nervously felt herself being splayed open before his eyes.

The Doctor busily opened drawers without saying another word. She saw two, long, supple strands of leather in his hand and a wave of panic washed over her. He simply smiled as he watched her reaction and began to wrap the supple leather over her ankles, securing each of her ankles into the stirrups. She remained silent as her body softly trembled. She watched his eyes. He seemed to be focused upon her pussy. He lightly traced his finger over her throbbing clit, which made her jump and cry out in surprise.

"You're so wet, girl. Why is your pussy saturated in such a thick coating? You act is if you want me to believe that you're scared not aroused, however, based on what I see from here, you're far more aroused than you are scared girl." He laughed softly as he massaged her clit and dipped his index finger into her slit, teasing her.

She moaned softly, not answering him and closed her eyes. She resigned herself to be at his mercy. For him to do with her as he pleased. To obey her Master's wishes and she began slowly sinking into her abasement of sub-space.

"You're so very wet, sweet slut. I don't think I'm going to need to use any lube upon your sweet dripping pussy as I stretch you open and work my fist deep inside your womb." He murmured as he drove two fingers deep inside her hot wet pussy.

"Oh my God!" She softy moaned, thrilled and scared at the thought of his entire fist fitting into her small, tight pussy.

His fingers plunging in and out of her slit felt so good to her. She could feel her slick muscles gripping tightly upon them, sucking hungrily.

"When was the last time you had an orgasm, girl?" He asked as he continued to finger fuck her.

"Ummm, I can't remember Sir." She softly moaned, not wanting to have to concentrate on anything other than the feeling of his fingers sliding in and out of her needy slit.

"Think Girl!" He demanded, as he removed his fingers and glared at her, a stern look replaced his normal compassionate demeanor. "You're pussy seems very hungry. I want an answer to my question, now!"

She shook her head softly as she tried to focus her mind upon remembering the last time her Master granted her permission to cum. It dawned on her that over the past two weeks her Master had teased her over and over again, taking her to the edge of orgasm only to deny her the pleasure of releasing.

"It's been over two weeks, Sir." She answered, praying that her answer would be sufficient enough for the Doctor to resume finger fucking her. Her hips rocked softly in a silent plea for more.

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