tagLoving WivesA Trick, A Treat

A Trick, A Treat


My pen name should be a tip-off, but the things that happen in my stories aren't exactly the most likely results of any circumstance. This is an entry in the '09 Lit Halloween Contest.


Jamie picked up her bag from the motionless carousel, thinking that the silence of the terminal was a perfect fit for Halloween, and her mood. She slipped a hand behind her curtain of reddish-brown hair to massage her sore neck for a moment, and then turned away from the carousel.

Even the other passengers on her red-eye flight had already left, thanks to a stop in the bathroom before picking up her luggage. With nobody around to see her, she adjusted the right cup of her bra, which was digging into her side, and gave her large breasts a little shake, making her feel comfortable again.

The clicks of her heels echoed as she walked, lost in thought. With the meeting out of the way, she'd finally had time to think about the argument that had preceded the last-minute business trip. She didn't know whether to feel angry, hurt, or guilty about the whole thing.

It was the first time that either she or Jeremy had missed the big Halloween bash since they'd moved in together. It had become such a tradition that friends from across the country flew in every year to attend, and they'd even announced their wedding at the party five years ago.

Then this year, her CEO had specially requested that she handle salvaging an account on the brink of disaster, two days before the party. Jeremy had looked absolutely stunned when she told him about it — and that she was going, despite having scheduled the entire week off, as she did every year.

He tried to act like he understood, but he didn't. He was stiff and quiet for the rest of the night, and didn't even hint at sex, though they always had a wild night before she had to leave for a few days. His send-off as she left for the airport was brief, awkward, and a far cry from how he usually tried to kiss her and touch her at every available opportunity before a business trip. Saving it up for when she was gone, was how he described it.

He'd only called her once during the trip, and always had an excuse for why he couldn't talk long when she called him. She shook her head to ward off a little flash of anger at one of the pictures that a friend had sent her from the party last night. Jeremy had obviously enjoyed the party, and appeared to be quite engaged in chatting with another of her friends dressed as a Playboy bunny in the picture.

The blast of cold autumn air that hit her when the terminal doors opened helped cool her irritation, and gave her a single train of thought to occupy her mind — get to the car and out of the cold as quickly as possible.

Jamie let out a sigh of frustration when she saw the out-of-order sign on the quick-pay station in the parking garage. The only consolation was that the airport was virtually abandoned, and she wouldn't have to wait in line to pay at the gate as she exited.

The warmth of the elevator was a welcome reprieve as it carried her up to the floor where she'd parked her car. Unfortunately, it made the chill that hit her when the doors opened seem all the worse. Her car was also parked a good distance away, but at least provided a visible goal, and a familiar sight of home.

Not in the mood to bother with the trunk, she simply tossed her bag in the back seat. After clicking on her seatbelt, she put the key in the ignition.


She tried again, with the same result, let her forehead drop to rest on the steering wheel, and groaned, "No."

A third futile attempt convinced her that it was no use. Jamie pulled out her cell from her purse and dialed the house. She sighed in frustration, because she had planned on working out the disagreement over the trip with her husband as soon as she returned home. Now, her first words with him would be over the phone.

After four rings, the answering machine picked up. She waited for her to tell herself to leave a message, and then after the beep said, "Jeremy. Pick up." She paused, and then said, "Hello? Jeremy, pick up. The car won't start."

She waited a few more seconds, and then growled as she clicked the end button on her phone. His cell went straight to voice mail when she called it a minute later. She left a message, and then tried the house again, with the same results.

"Damn it. Where the hell are you?" Jamie said in exasperation as she tossed her phone in the opposite seat. Despite knowing next to nothing about her car, she popped the hood and opened the door to go look anyway.

Naturally, she didn't see anything wrong. Now what am I supposed to do?

The sound of the elevator doors opening in the stillness of the garage startled her, and made her suddenly very conscious of her situation. She was alone, in the dimly lit garage, in the wee hours of the morning, with a car that wouldn't start.

Jamie breathed a sigh of relief when a man in a pilot's uniform stepped off the elevator. Her cheeks warmed when she couldn't help but notice that he filled out his uniform very well. She'd always been attracted to a man in uniform, especially pilots. He smoothed back his blonde hair, put on his cap, and then seemed to notice her. As he walked closer, the muted light of the garage finally let her see him clearly. Jamie's heart pounded in her chest, and she had to consciously let out the breath she was holding.

"Looks like you're having some car trouble. Need some help?" He asked when he was a few feet away.

"Yes," Jamie answered, finally letting her eyes drift away from his broad chest and chiseled features. "It won't start, and my husband isn't answering the phone."

"Sounds like hubby is due for a good dressing-down, then. Want me to take a look?"

"Please," she answered, and then stepped to the side of the car, giving him room to pass by her to the front of the car.

"Let's see if we can get you up and running," he said as he walked by, his eyes locking with hers.

Jamie had to fight down a shudder brought on by his smile, and the look in his eyes. It only lasted for a fraction of a second, and her eyes darted of their own volition to his tight, sexy butt as he continued past her. It looked incredible in the pressed uniform pants, and she had a hard time tearing her eyes away.

"Would you mind trying to turn her over?"

"Sure," Jamie replied and turned around. Once safely in the seat and hidden behind the hood, she finally allowed herself to shiver and let out an almost inaudible moan. She could still hear him saying up and running and turn her over, the words taking on distinctly different — very naughty — meanings in her head.

She turned the key, with the same results as her previous attempts.

"Okay, let off of it so I can poke around in her a bit."

Oh my god, Jamie thought, her mind turning the statement into something dirty again. He draped his uniform jacket over the raised hood of the car, and she knew that she had to have a look. She climbed back out of the car and made a show of watching what he was doing, but her eyes drifted to him far more often.

His muscles bulged against his shirt, rippling as he tinkered around under the hood. She just couldn't help herself. He looked so virile tackling the manly task, and her nipples stiffened in response to the sight of him.

"Ah, think this might just be it," he said, though she missed whatever he did because she was staring at him. He straightened and said, "Give it another go."

Jamie leaned into the car and turned the ignition. The car fired up as if she'd never had any problem with it at all. When she stood back up, she saw him admiring her ass, and making very little attempt to hide it. She knew that there was no way that he could have missed the widening of her eyes when he adjusted his trousers, drawing her attention to the bulge there.

"Come here a minute. Let me show you something."

In light of what she'd just watched him do, those words quite nearly made her gasp. She walked around to the front of the car before she even realized she was moving.

He pointed at the battery and said, "Hubby needs another dressing down for not taking a peek under your hood more often. You've got a lot of corrosion, and it doesn't take very long to fix that."

"Seems like my husband is going to be in a lot of trouble when I get home," she remarked.

"Seems like he deserves it."

"Thank you." Jamie paused and said, "So what's your name?"

"Lance," he replied with a wolfish grin. "What's yours?"

"Kitty," she lied, saying the first thing that popped into her head.

He grabbed his jacket, closed the hood, and turned back to her. "Kitty. I like that."

Jamie did gasp this time, the lust in his eyes completely undisguised. She took a step backward, only to bump into unyielding concrete. She'd inadvertently backed directly into a corner between a pylon and the wall.

"A beautiful name for a beautiful woman." He closed the distance between them in a single step.

"I'm married," she said, her voice soft and breathless.

"I know," he replied as he raised his left arm and put it on the wall next to her, creating yet another barrier and moving even closer to her.

Jamie tried to put as much indignation in her voice as she could when she said, "Are you trying to seduce me?"

"I don't think I have to try, do I? Your nipples are hard. I can see them. Is your kitty wet, Kitty?"

"How dare..." she responded, her voice quavering. She never had the opportunity to finish.

His right hand shot behind her head with lightning speed, twining into hair, and pulling her to his lips. She tried to resist at the last second, but she was no match for his strength.

His lips pressed against hers — hard and insistent. The hand that had once helped to bar her escape found her breast and squeezed. He's going to take me — right here, she thought with alarm.

The thought had barely formed before another, almost as frightening occurred to her.

Oh god, I want it!

As soon as her lips softened unbidden with that realization, he growled into the kiss and slid his hand down to her ass. He pulled her against him, his hard cock pressing into her body.

Jamie's resistance melted away in the fire of his passion. She ground her hips against him, seeking relief from the aching need between her legs. She resisted when he pushed away, but gasped in a mixture of surprise and anticipation when he jerked her blouse free of her skirt.

The cloth slid up, bunching above her breasts. He needed only one hand to pop the clasp of her bra, allowing him to push it out of the way as well. In less than a second, he freed her breasts and engulfed her right nipple in his mouth.

Jamie whimpered from behind tightly pinched lips, the only way she could contain the sound, as he sucked her nipple hard. He released it with a pop, and let his tongue swirl over its twin before drawing it between his lips as well.

One of her hands rested on the back of his head. The other pressed her skirt and damp panties into her needy pussy. He sucked her nipples harder than anyone had ever hinted at, taking the entire areola into his lips. Every suck, every caress, every flick of his tongue sent electric pulses shooting down her body into her sex. She heard the sound of a belt dangling free, and then a zipper.

His ardent assault on her breasts never waned as her hand left her sex to slide between his boxers and his skin. An oh of excitement escaped her as her fingers wrapped around him. He was rock hard, and felt so good filling her hand. She released his cock only long enough to pull his boxers down, giving her unfettered access to the throbbing organ.

He growled around her nipple as she stroked his big cock. She was amazed and a little frightened by how much her arousal was ruling her. Her pinched lips contained a squeal when one of his hands lifted her skirt and pressed her panties into her pussy.

"You want it, don't you?" he asked her, and then swirled his tongue over a turgid nipple.

"Yes," she answered, the end of the word jumping an octave when his finger wormed beneath the leg of her panties.

His finger slipped into the hot, wet parting of her nether lips. "Tell me what you want."

"Please fuck me. I need your cock deep inside me," Jamie replied in a heated rush.

A gasp escaped her as his fingers slipped out of her panties. He sucked her juices from the digits with a moan, and then grabbed her right arm to pull her toward the car.

"Oh god," Jamie murmured as he whipped in behind her, pushing on her back to instruct her to bend over the hood of the car. As soon as her hands touched the still-chilly metal surface, he flipped her skirt up and jerked her panties down to her knees. She panted as the cool air kissed her hot pussy.

"Oh yeah," he groaned as he squeezed her firm, rounded ass. He then traced a finger down the cleft of her cheeks, brushing the puckered iris of her ass, and pushed two fingers inside her again. "I knew that kitty was wet, Kitty."

"Please. Please fuck me, Lance," she begged, keeping her voice quiet, mindful of the echoes in the nearly tomb-silent garage.

He let out a growling little chuckle, and then the swollen tip of his cock pressed against her folds. Jamie could barely keep her lips from parting and fully releasing the squeal of bliss that surged up as his big cock pushed inside her.

"Yeah, that pussy is nice and tight, Kitty." One of his hands snaked beneath her blouse to squeeze her left breast, while the other curled around her thigh, allowing him to reach her clit.

Jamie's nostrils flared as she breathed hard, her eyes wide with surprise. He wasn't wasting any time. His cock pounded home inside her — hard and fast — stretching her and reaching so deep.

The sound of his belt buckle jingling combined with the slaps of two bodies colliding to echo back from the concrete walls. His fingers between her legs stroked the shaft of her clit, making the swollen bud slip against its protective hood and his thrusting cock.

Barely controlled whimpers mingled with Jamie's rapid breaths. She'd never been taken so forcefully — so suddenly — and her body was reacting with intense, wonderful shock. One of her hands slipped on the car hood, her pleasure-fogged brain unable to react quickly enough to prevent it. He didn't miss a beat, and hit her even deeper with the next thrust.

Grunts of exertion sounded from behind her as he fucked her pussy so well. She could feel her juices dripping onto her thighs, and her muffled sounds of pleasure grew louder by the second. When he pinched her nipple and slammed his cock into her especially hard, she couldn't hold back.

"Oh yes!" she cried out, still subdued, but filling the garage with echoes of her ecstasy, nevertheless.

Enraptured with the friction of his cock stroking her and filling her so full, she yelped from the pressure swelling behind her mound. The orgasmic energy building inside her grew hot — urgent. Despite the cool autumn air, a bead of sweat trickled down her forehead from her hairline. He was taking her hard enough to make her knees bump against the car with every stroke.

"Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me." The words burst from her, all semblance of control beyond her now.

His hand pulled from inside her blouse and clamped over her mouth so quickly that she froze in panic for a moment. His thick cock and expert fingers on her clit almost immediately drew her back into the rapture of an impending climax. With his hand mostly silencing her, she felt safe to voice every ounce of the pleasure he was giving her. Her breaths blasted out from beneath his hand as she whimpered, squealed, and screamed.

"Do it. Come for me," he demanded, his fingers between her legs slipping directly over her bud.

A long, pained squeal filled her throat, actually finding limited freedom around his hand. She teetered on the edge of ultimate pleasure, stiff and trembling, and then sucked his palm against her lips when she tried to gasp.

The bubble within her burst, and she came.

Her scream warbled in her throat as a pressure wave spread from her throbbing clit and tightly clenched canal. It crashed into her extremities, causing both her fingers and toes to curl. Her eyes snapped shut and she continued to scream, as fast as she could draw enough air into her lungs to do so.

Jamie saw spots dancing before her closed eyes as the shockwave of ecstasy converged on her pussy again. She just kept coming, spurred on by his relentless assault, and she wavered, consciousness threatening to slip away from her.

"Yeah, squeeze that pussy. Come for me," he growled, his voice growing tight. "I got some cream for your little kitty."

"Mmm hmm!" she responded in a high-pitched moan, and then cried out again as yet another spike of beautiful agony consumed her.

His grunts and growls grew louder, yet obviously emerging from a closed mouth. His cock slammed into her depths, accompanied by an inarticulate, vibrato cry as he pumped her pussy full of cum.

Jamie swore that she could feel it spurting against her cervix, and could certainly feel his cock pulsing in her tightly clenched canal. His hand slipped from her mouth to fall at his side. He trembled and twitched, still coming as his hips haltingly rocked, stroking his cock inside her.

"Oh. Oh yes," Jamie whimpered as he let out a final groan. She felt him sink on wobbly knees, and let out a disappointed sounding, "No," when he pulled his cock free of her and slapped a hand on the hood of the car.

His cream dribbled from her, his head resting on her bent back. She could feel the drops landing on the cloth of her panties, stretched tight between her knees. She reached back and pressed a hand against her mound, delighting in the knowledge of his hot cum pooled inside her.

Then, the sound of an engine startled her.

"Someone's coming," she blurted out in a panic as she stood up straight, causing him to stumble until his butt slammed hard into the car. Even as she jerked up her cum-spattered panties, he pulled up his pants and stutter-stepped around the front of the car.

Jamie hurried around the still-open car door, jumped in the seat, and slammed the door. She was still trying to stuff her breasts back in her bra without lifting her blouse when he opened the door on his side and tumbled into the opposite seat. He'd barely closed his door when headlights appeared at the top of the ramp.

The airport security SUV crept through the garage, slowing even more when it reached Jamie's car. She held her breath, not daring to look into the rearview mirror, and fighting down the shivers of climax still tingling in her pussy.

Finally, they both breathed a sigh of relief when the vehicle continued on up to the next floor of the garage. They looked at each other and laughed.

"Oh my god, that was hot," Jamie said, once her laughter died down.

Her husband pulled off the blonde wig he was wearing and shook out his dark locks. "Hell yeah. Fuck, I didn't think I was ever going to stop coming."

She leaned across the center console, beckoning him to her. Their lips met in a soft, but passionate kiss. He pulled back after a few seconds and said, "We should probably get out of here. I took a cab."

Jamie nodded, and then lifted her blouse to finish fixing her bra. He zipped up his pants, shuddering when the pressure on his half-hard cock was a little too much to take.

As she backed the car out of the parking space, her husband said, "I'm sorry about the way I was acting before you left. I know that your career is important to you, and I really do understand. I'm not mad. I really missed you at the party, though."

She laid a hand on his and glanced over to smile. "It's okay. I missed being there, too."

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