tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Trip on the Underground

A Trip on the Underground


It was a beautiful summer morning in London and as Jonathan left his apartment he anticipated an exciting day ahead of him. He was heading for the local underground station and it was rush hour, for most travelers this time of day was a nightmare but for Jonathan it offered new opportunities and excitement.

To a passerby he looked to be an ordinary jogger out for his morning's exercise, but what was different was his attire. He wore very skimpy shorts which barely covered anything and a running vest which didn't quite reach his waist. The shorts were tiny and made of very thin almost see through nylon but what was unusual about them was the fact that they were held together by Velcro strips in the waist band and the crotch, a simple tug and the shorts would disintegrate as would his running vest which was held together in the same manner. Today was the first time he had worn these clothes on the underground, in the past he had just worn ordinary small shorts which allowed him to become aroused in the crowd as bodies rubbed against him, but today he was going to take it a step further, a lot further.

As he jogged slowly to the underground station he was aware that his penis was about to flop out of the left leg of his shorts at any moment, there was also a risk that the Velcro tabs may give way too so he jogged very slowly and very delicately, it was too early to lose his clothing.

He was heading for the Circle Line; his local station was Baker Street which meant that he could take full advantage of the rush hour period without having to change trains. He had a season ticket so he could avoid the queues at the ticket office and after passing through the barriers he slipped his ticket into his right trainer, there was no other place, other than between his buttocks, he'd even left his apartment keys behind today, which on reflection he thought could prove to be foolish as he would have to rely upon a neighbour to let him in.

On the platform he looked around, it was still early so he could position himself just where he needed to be. He looked to see where most of the women were waiting and mingled into the crowd just as the train arrived at the platform. As the doors opened he moved in with the rest of the crowd, making sure that he stayed close to the entrance area and avoided moving down the carriage, which was fairly full but not yet to the point where bodies were packed tightly against each other. He picked his place and reached up to hold the grab rail above him with both hands, as he did so he was aware of his shorts riding up and his penis had flopped out completely exposed. No-one noticed, most of the other passengers had their backs to him and were facing the doors so for now he was safe.

A few minutes later the train stopped at the next station, the platform was crowded and as the doors opened there was a surge of bodies into the carriage and people were pushed up against him from all sides. As he was holding the rail above with both hands it was now impossible for him to make any attempts to rearrange his penis, he was now at the mercy of the crowd.

As the train rattled through the tunnels of the underground the packed bodies began to rub against him, his penis began to get aroused and soon he was fully erect. As his exposed penis rubbed against unsuspecting bodies his excitement became greater, but he could feel something else happening, his shorts were being stretched by all the movement and he could feel the waist band suddenly go slack, one of the Velcro tabs had released. He couldn't move his arms to try and refasten the tab and as the crowd around him swayed he felt the other Velcro tab separate, it was only the pressure of bodies against him now that stopped his shorts from falling away completely.

The train entered the next station and as the doors opened he felt the pressure of bodies release a little as people departed. As people left the carriage he felt his shorts slip away, he was now naked from the waist down, luckily the carriage was sufficiently crowded so no-one had yet noticed his nakedness. What Jonathan hadn't realised was his shorts had actually left the carriage with the melee of departing people. His penis was fully erect now and even though he was in a predicament the exhilaration of being naked in the crowd aroused him even further. He could feel bodies rubbing against his bare buttocks and his penis and there was nothing he could do about it. He was standing face to face with a woman who was pushed hard up against him; his penis must have been rubbing against her thigh he thought. Behind him he could feel someone pushing up against his buttocks, through the cloth he could feel a firm and quite erect penis.

As he got pushed around by the movement of bodies he felt something else give way, the Velcro tabs on his running vest had separated and he could feel the vest sliding down his body. The woman facing him was now staring as she noticed his vest slipping away, then he felt a hand tug on his vest and it was gone. The woman was laughing into his face, he was naked and she knew it. He felt a hand brush past his erect penis and the woman winked at him, the hand brushed against his penis again but this time it rested on the shaft before gripping him firmly. The woman looked him straight in the eyes.

"Nice cock" she whispered.

Jonathan couldn't reply he was in a state of excitement induced shock.

Behind him he could feel movement and as he felt another hand moving against his buttocks he realised what was happening, the person behind was undoing his trousers. The woman in front of him was still smiling and he could feel her stroking his penis, she pulled back his foreskin and tickled the tip with a sharp finger nail, he almost cum in her hand.

"Did you like that" she whispered.

Jonathan just nodded, behind him he could feel a penis pushing between his clenched buttocks.

Jonathan hadn't previously noticed but the woman who was holding his penis appeared to be with friends, 3 other women, she turned to one of them and whispered something, the woman looked straight at Jonathan and laughed loudly.

"Really" she said.

Soon all of her 3 friends knew about Jonathan's predicament and they had managed to group together around him. Meanwhile the penis pushing between his buttocks was still there.

The train had stopped at 3 stations since Jonathan had lost his clothes but luckily due to the crowded carriage and the amiable woman his predicament was not really noticed. However as the train pulled into the next station he could see the platform was empty and many people seemed to be preparing to get off. He was right, as the train pulled up at the platform the doors opened and the carriage almost emptied, even the penis between his buttocks got off, dirty old bugger thought Jonathan as he watched a bowler hatted city gent walk down the platform with a grin on his face.

He was now left with the 4 women who had grouped around him, each taking turns at keeping his penis hard. They were all in their 30's he guessed and quite attractive too, in fact quite a sexy bunch if their fondling and groping was to go by. They weren't exactly dressed for a day at the office, there again neither was he, in fact they were all dressed up for a sexy night out judging by the short skirts and revealing blouses.

The carriage was almost empty and the other remaining passengers didn't seem to take any notice of the man surrounded by 4 women. One of the women had moved behind him now and was caressing his buttocks.

"Nice bum" she said out loud to her friends who all winked in unison at Jonathan.

The woman who was currently holding and stroking his penis looked at him quizzically.

"Why are you naked?" she asked.

Jonathan blushed; he didn't quite know how to answer without seeming like a pervert.

"It's a fantasy of mine to be stranded naked in a group of people" he said rather lamely.

"Well you've certainly done that" she said and they all burst out laughing.

He could feel the woman behind him rustling about with something when suddenly 2 of them grabbed his arms and snapped two pairs of pink fluffy handcuffs on to his wrists and the other ends on to the hand rail above him. This caused much hilarity amongst the women and attracted looks from the other passengers who now for the first time could see that he was naked.

The 4 women stood back and admired their handy work, but Jonathan's penis was softening now and in full view of the other passengers the woman who had the handcuffs knelt in front of him and proceeded to take him in her mouth. She was very skilled and in only a matter of seconds Jonathan was blowing his load into her mouth whilst her friends caressed his buttocks and cupped his balls, as she pulled away from him she smiled and thick cum dribbled down her chin.

The train was pulling into the next station now and much to Jonathan's horror the platform was crowded.

The women smiled and turned to him.

"This is our stop" one of them said.

"It's been nice meeting you, keep the cuffs they're a present" and as the doors opened the 4 of them disappeared into the crowd.

Jonathan looked on in horror as the mass of passengers pushed towards him, but no-one seemed to notice the naked man handcuffed to the hand rail with semen dripping from his penis.

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