tagInterracial LoveA Trip to Singapore Ch. 01

A Trip to Singapore Ch. 01


Do you believe in fate? That some things are just meant to be? For the most part I don't, I believe that "luck" is the product of opportunity and planning; lucky people seem to have made the right moves beforehand that leave them in a position to achieve what they want. But, every once in a while something happens that leaves you wondering.

I guess there are always those things that if you could you would do over again. Things that you've done that if you just didn't have to face your family, co-workers, or society wouldn't be that bothersome. It is what others tell us we should think or do that is the basis of all "morality". How many women have fantasized about turning a trick, getting paid for sex? How many women have fantasized about being raped, forced to have sex? Being a stripper? Doing there father in law, or brother in law? How many men have dreamed of being a porn star, or at least having a threesome? And of course, we, at least most of us, never do. Driven by society and the need to conform, driven by morality.

But – if the time were right – we know we just might do those things.

Bridgette and I shared these things, these ultimate fantasies, and everything else over the years. We also shared our favorite positions, what we liked to have done to us or to do to our partner. By the time we finally met, some years later – she'd been my fantasy lover, and my cyber lover, for quite some time. Sometimes our cyber sessions seemed to overcome time and distance, other times they were just sex. We agreed it would be fun to actually meet, but our meeting came about totally unexpectedly.

My work over the last 10 years has taken me all over the United States and to every continent except Antarctica, but primarily to the US. About 6 years ago I changed how I do business, and now haven't been out of the States since 2001. I've about had my fill of long distance travel and pretty much I've turned it all down, at least until a surprise phone call earlier this year. A company I haven't worked for in several years called me, wanted to know if I could help out for a month or so. I was about to turn them down outright, when they happened to mention Singapore. Suddenly I stopped, listened, and before long, I found myself agreeing to go to Singapore.

I e-mailed Bridgette, and told her I was thinking of having an affair with someone I'd only ever met on the internet, and what did she think about it? She responded that she didn't think it was a good idea, that after all this person really was a stranger and there was no guarantee that she was anything she claimed to be. She gave me all the reasons why I shouldn't meet this woman. And then she added, there was no way "she" would ever do it unless it was someone like me that she was pretty sure after all this time that I was who I said I was.

I sent her back an e-mail that said "So you'll meet me?"

In her return mail she admitted that she hadn't put two and two together at all. She'd thought I'd been talking about someone here, and wanted to know if I was serious. I told her I was, that I was going to be coming to Singapore for work, and that I'd have weekends and some evenings and possibly some more time to meet her. I said "Don't be mislead – if we meet, if we like each other, know in advance I intend to be your lover. I'm not going to spend days wooing you, we both know we're attracted to each other. If you want to be seduced, just say yes. If not, just say no – and I'll take you to dinner and meet you once then say goodbye." Her next e-mail was a three letter response.

Suddenly this internet lover had the probability of become a real lover. Never in my life had I set out to seduce someone that I already knew was willing and wanting. Never had I set out to make love to someone that had already spilled their most intimate desires. I already knew some of what turned her on, some of what she fantasized about, so now I had to figure how to make our mutual fantasies come true. I began online shopping, searching for lingerie and toys and clothes and trinkets. Every sex website was open game, and gradually I began to accumulate "presents" to take with me.

I arrived on late Wednesday night in Singapore. Of course I was out of kilter with the local time, didn't sleep well at all, and by the time Thursday evening rolled around I was ready to go to bed. I called Bridgette for the first time before I did, and she gave me instructions on how to get to her the following evening. I would meet her after work, so we met downtown.

I wasn't sure I'd know her or not, but was pretty sure I knew her immediately when I saw her, recognizing her from her picture. She was facing the other way, I saw her as I was walking toward her and evaluated as I approached. Taller than most women in Singapore, she easily could pass for a model. Long, lithe, legs that ended in a gorgeous butt; as she turned I could see it was her entire body that was gorgeous. I hadn't known exactly what to expect – was she what she said she was? I'm sure she had the same thoughts about me. She was looking around, checking out anyone that might be me, and finally as I approached our eyes met. I kissed her hand, then pulled her to me in a hug, then released her holding her hands. Her voice - so different than my mind had imagined - but yet a perfect match to an enjoyable body. I sensed her nervousness, but the longer we were together the more at ease she became. Talking with Bridgette was like talking to an old friend. After nearly two years of "talking", we already knew each other although we'd never heard each others voice. We talked through before dinner drinks, through dinner and sat and talked for maybe an hour afterward. When I suggested that we go to my hotel, she blushed but readily agreed.

It wasn't just a strip and fuck, I already knew she was somewhat shy around a new guy, so I made sure to take the time to let her relax. She said that she felt dirty and was still in her work clothes and really wanted to clean up. I told her the suite had a large Jacuzzi tub and I'd start her a bath. After I got the bath full, complete with bubbles, I left her for a few minutes. I heard her get undressed and climb into the bath. I took my own clothes off; when I was naked, I knocked on the bathroom door to announce myself, and walked in.

Bridgette was in the bath, hidden from view by the bubbles. I was naked – no doubt about it – here I was in all my glory. Although I wasn't hard, I wasn't flaccid either. Her eyes looked at me, my cock, my face with a touch of surprise. I sensed her shyness, and then the sure boldness of "I'm about to have an affair."

"I thought maybe you'd like someone to wash your back." I didn't expect a response, just climbed in by her feet. She pulled her knees up, her feet between my legs as I slid down with my legs to the outside of the tub. I pulled one foot up into my lap and began to massage her foot. I wasn't pulling her foot to my cock, but as I massaged her foot it would occasionally touch me, and each time it did I was harder than before. I switched feet and as I pulled her second foot to me, she let her first one slide down across my cock, her toes tracing around its form.

We talked while we were in the bath, flirting where none was needed, but I was in no hurry. When I was done with her feet, I had her turn around and sit with her back to me. I took a wash cloth and washed her back and shoulders, arms and reaching around washed her chest, feeling her breasts for the first time, even before I'd ever seen them naked. Firm B cup breasts belied the fact of two kids. I let the cloth go in the water, and now holding her to me began to kiss her neck. My hands roamed over her breasts and belly, her nipples hardening to my touch; her backside resting against my cock. I moved my hands and arms from over her shoulders to under her arms, letting my hands work south until I found her pubic hair and finally her clit. Her moan when I touched her was all it took to let me know she was enjoying this, and all too soon her legs clenched together and she grabbed my hand, shuddering in orgasm.

I let her come down from her high, cuddling her from behind, my still hard cock resting against her backside. When we were ready to get out I had her stand on the bathmat and dried her body from head to toe, pausing to kiss her nipples for the first time as I worked her body dry. Dropping the towel, I swept her off her feet, her arm went around my neck and I carried her in my arms to the bedroom. Laying her on the bed I covered her body from head to foot with kisses. Her belly button, her nipples, her knees and toes, I kissed and sucked her body from top to bottom. I kissed her nose, eyes chin and cheeks. I smelled her hair, then moved to her breasts, kissing the sides and top and bottom of her luscious globes until I reached the brown little nubs at the middle, pausing longer this time on her nipples, feeling them grow in hardness to my tongue. By the time my tongue reached her nether regions she was writhing in arousal again. When my tongue finally found her nectar, it was only moments before she came a second time. I allowed my tongue to rest on her clit, feeling it throb with orgasm. As the throbbing subsided, I withdrew my tongue and crawled up beside her, putting my arms around her and holding her close. She sighed and snuggled in, eventually, despite my cock being rock hard, we both fell asleep.

I awoke, knowing not how long it had been. It wasn't the lights that were still on that had awoken me, but Bridgette's mouth that was now returning to me the ecstasy that I'd provided her earlier. I'd withered in our sleep, but her obviously skilled mouth returned my cock to its previous splendor. Once she had me hard again, her mouth traversed my body, from cock to belly button to nipples, working her way to my mouth, her body gradually climbing on top of mine. We were soon coupled in our first fuck, her long brown hair tickling my face as her hard little nipples tickled the palms of my hands. Slowly at first, her methodical rising and lowering of her pussy on my cock brought me closer and closer to my first orgasm. When my cock finally spewed its contents into her womb, she didn't stop her motions but intensified them, continuing her work for another minute or two, her breathing getting more ragged and less controlled until finally she gasped and quivered, and collapsed against my chest. Slowly her pelvis rose and fell, milking my cock of its last hardness and pleasure, until she totally relaxed against my supine body beneath her. This time when we fell asleep, it was morning before the wake up call awoke us. I had to work, even though it was Saturday, but we did it again before I left.

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