tagGroup SexA Trip to Singapore Ch. 05

A Trip to Singapore Ch. 05


We talked nearly every day for the next week. We didn't see each other until Saturday, and since I had to work Sunday again, I thought that was it for the weekend. When I got back to the hotel on Monday however, she was waiting in my room, sporting the negligee -- with the quarter cup bra which so proudly supported and displayed her breasts (and which she knew I really liked), but it didn't last long. A quick romp in the hay, and she had to leave.

Once again we talked all week, but the project was finishing up; our long hours had made up for the delays and we were only slightly behind. By Saturday evening we all were ready for a day off. Bridgette met me in the lobby, and tried to talk me into going directly to dinner. It was still really early, so I talked her into at least allowing me to wash up and change clothes. We did just that and went to dinner; returning and soon we were in the shower, doing our pre-sex shave routine. I shaved her first, followed by a tongue lashing that left her quivering, then she shaved my cock and balls, getting me totally erect and playing with me with her tongue. Taking just the head in her mouth and licking, I could tell she was in a real teasing mode. Finally she had me get down off the counter, and taking my cock in hand started pulling me toward the bedroom.

We stepped into the room, and suddenly I became aware of another raven haired Asian beauty lying on the bed looking at me. She was on her back, propped up on pillows, dressed in a silky, satiny, shorty nightie. A see through top that barely covered her breasts and a "string" bikini bottom that was nothing except strings that accenting her naked vulva left little to the imagination. She was completely shaved, except for a small landing strip. I stopped, my cock already hard, suddenly growing even harder. "This", Bridgette said, "Is my friend Nan." I looked at Nan, and back at Bridgette. She giggled, pleased with herself about the surprise, "I told her about how you surprised me with Peter and she said she'd help me surprise you too. I hope you don't mind."

Mind? Holy cow, how could I mind? Two dark haired angels, that proceeded to fulfill my dying wishes? I'm sure they were angels, as I must have died and gone to heaven. Bridgette continued to pull me by my cock to the bed where she sat down and sucked my cock head into her mouth. Nan rolled over and crawled over next to us, lying face down propped up on her elbows next to Bridge. Once she was in position, Bridgette pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved slightly aside, holding it for Nan who leaned forward and began to suckle my dick. Licking the head and shaft, sucking me into her warm wet mouth, twirling her tongue around the sensitive spot, there was no doubt that Nan was an expert and experienced cocksucker.

I reached down to touch Nan, but without forcing her to stop her sucking all I could do was stroke the hair on the back of her head or her shoulders. Bridgette was still sitting on the edge of the bed, watching Nan, and when I dropped my hand between her legs I found her pussy oozing moisture. I ran a finger between her slit, sliding across her clit which elicited a guttural moan of pleasure, then continued lower to her love canal. When my fingertip began to penetrate, she spread her legs even wider and I slipped my entire finger into her. I finger fucked her first with one finger, her eyes closing as she concentrated on my pleasuring her. When I slipped a second one in at the same time, she moaned again. I pulled my fingers out to run one across her clit again, but she reached down with one hand and pushed and held my hand where I could put my fingers back inside her, and with the other began to rub her own clit. Her eyes opened again, staring at Nan bobbing on my cock. I'd realized her pussy was sloppy wet but until then when she began climaxing didn't realize just how far along she was. Her hand gripped mine, bidding me to stop stimulating her. I did, and when I looked into her face, she looked back into my eyes with a lusty grin. Pulling my hand from between her legs, she rolled onto her back and pushed herself forward so her head was hanging over the side of the bed. Nan moved slightly to one side and Bridgette grabbed my ass and pulled me toward her slightly as she began to tongue and suck my balls.

Nan had moved her arm slightly, I was able to slip my hand down the neck of her shorty and find her firm breast and nipple. With my other hand to Bridgette's softer, fuller breasts, I tweaked her nipple at the same time.

Lying on her stomach Nan appeared more endowed than she really was, but her nipples were magnificent nubbins of sensuality. Rock hard to my touch, she moaned with my cock in her mouth when I tweaked them. Nan was one of those women that look much younger than they are. If I didn't know better she could have easily passed for 18. She had a hard body from top to bottom, without a pound of fat. Her breasts were firm, her ass delectable, her legs supple and later I found how she had fantastic muscle control. She had a very pretty face and longer hair than Bridge, which she would drag back and forth over my body in a sensuous caress.

I new I wouldn't last long, but when I said I wasn't going to last much longer Nan suddenly concentrated on sucking rather than pleasuring, obviously trying to suck the cum right out of my dick. Moments later I began spurting down her throat, my legs buckling. I would have collapsed if I hadn't been straddling Bridge's head. Nan took me almost entirely in her mouth, a bit of my load dripping down her chin. She took a finger, wiped her chin and then sucked the finger, looking up at me with a devilish smile. "Bridge has been telling me all about you. I see she hasn't been exaggerating."

What do you say to someone that you've never met and has just given you a fantastic blow job?

"Oh My God" is all I said, and moved to one side to collapse on the bed.

Right from the beginning, Nan was in charge. Without even thinking about it, Bridge and I were the followers in our lovemaking. She knew what she wanted, and went and got it. Her bubbly personality came out in everything she did; we were eager and willing participants. I was ready for a short rest, but Nan wasn't. Bridgette rolled over and slid up beside me but Nan leaned in and began kissing my neck and shoulder, working down to where she began sucking my nipple, her hand playing with my still not totally soft dick. I groaned, despite my sexual exhaustion her tongue and hands felt good and although I didn't immediately start getting hard again, I didn't get any softer either. Bridgette moved in from the other side and began to suck my other nipple.

Nan positioned herself so I could reach her then began roaming with her hands and mouth. From my cock to chest to mouth, and then on to Bridge. When she sucked Bridge's nipple, Bridgette at first looked uncomfortable but when I sucked her other nipple she gasped and moaned, her hands behind both of our heads holding them to her breasts.

I'd soon grown hard again, and Nan wasted no time in getting me on my back and climbing on. At first I wondered whether it was that she'd never had kids or that she was just naturally tighter than Bridgette, then as she moved on my cock I felt the pressure ebb and flow as she milked my cock with her pussy. She had Bridgette move up and sit on my mouth. Facing my head, with my eyes open I could see Nan's hands fondling Bridgette's boobs at the same time she was milking me with her pussy.

Nan was good. She controlled me as if she had a keyboard on my body. She'd work my cock, bringing me and herself to the edge of cumming, and stop her motions, leaving me on the brink and reach down and rub or tweak her clit and have an orgasm. She'd then go concentrate more on Bridgette, rubbing her ass or tits or moving her around and either get her off or help me get her off then she'd be back working my cock again. She climbed off me and had Bridgette climb on, and then while Bridgette was working me reverse cowgirl, Nan went down on her, her mouth and tongue helping bring me to orgasm as Bridgette also climaxed again.

The three of us fucked until I just couldn't do it again, then Nan convinced Bridgette to 69 with her. Bridgette said she'd never been with a woman before, and Nan told her she'd be a natural. Apparently she was; I knew they both came again. Eventually we settled down and I fell asleep with Nan cuddled on one side, Bridgette on the other.

These two angels had proceeded to fuck and suck me until I couldn't get it up anymore. Every masturbatory fantasy I'd ever dreamt of they did. Bridgette sat on my cock while Nan sat on my tongue. Nan sat on my cock while Bridgette sat on my tongue. Nan went down on Bridgette, Bridgette went down on Nan, and they both went down on each other together. Bridgette and I sucked on her nipples, Nan and I sucked on Bridgette's. They both took turns licking and sucking my cock, I came and came again, until I could come no more. With my cock hard and numb, I fucked them both to orgasm after orgasm, and when I couldn't do it anymore, they did each other.

Sunday we were all exhausted. It didn't keep us from enjoying each others bodies more, but we were all, especially me, just flat worn out. We played all day, although not as intensely or as non-stop as the night before, and parted company that evening. Nan and Bridgette left together as once again the weekend came to an end. I went to bed even though it was still early, and was sound asleep when the phone rang. It was Bridgette. I asked her what was wrong, and she said nothing - she just wanted to thank me for everything we'd done. She told me that she wanted to come back and spend the night, but that she had her family to take care of and couldn't, and hoped she didn't mind but Nan was going to come back and spend the night with me - if I didn't mind. We were still talking when there was a knock on the door. Answering the door naked, I checked first and saw Nan outside and let her in. I went back to the phone, and Bridgette just said "I've got to go, you two have fun."

We did.

Altogether I was in Singapore for almost 8 weeks. Although it was intended as an affair -- no strings attached, no commitments, just pure mutually enjoyable sex, at least for me it turned into something more. I had to go back, my life and my job were elsewhere, and Bridgette's life and family were there. Although the time we had was fun and memorable, we both new it was coming to an end. And it did, much too soon.

My flight out was Wednesday, Bridgette made arrangements even though it was a weekday, and we spent one last night together. I packed her into a taxi while I took another to the airport.

I've spent hours thinking about our good times, it's hard to believe she's further than a taxi ride away. Every time I "shave", I think of Bridgette. Every time I get on the computer, I look for her e-mails. I don't know if I'll ever see her again, although last week when I was talking to Peter he suggested that he and Annika would love to have Bridgette and I come and visit them in Sweden. I wonder if she could get away to meet me in Sweden?

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