tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Trip to the Cabin

A Trip to the Cabin


A few weeks ago T came home from work and mentioned that one of the people where she works had posted a cabin for rent notice and would I be interested in getting away for a weekend sometime? We checked into it and found the price reasonable and the drive not too far so we booked it for a weekend.

The owners had told us that it was quite remote, and there was only one neighbor who was an old man that lived by himself. They also told us that he was somewhat of a busy body who kept coming around and telling them what to do and how to fix things in their cabin. We all thought he must just be lonely and needed someone to talk to but that he was harmless in every other way.

We managed to sneak out of work a couple of hours early and beat the rush hour traffic out of town so when we arrived at the cabin it was still mid afternoon. The day was still quite pleasant so we quickly changed clothes and went down to splash around in the lake a bit.

While we were in the lake we noticed the neighbor was watching us and what we were doing. When I went up to the cabin to grab a couple more bottles of beer I waved at him and he just turned and went inside his place. I brought the beer back to T and while we sat on the dock I teased her and as usual started to pull on her swimsuit ties and soon the halter top of her suit was hanging around her neck, but untied at her back.

We finished our beer and splashed some more in the water as I kept pulling her top aside and showing off her tits. She finally said "what if the old guy sees me?" to which I replied "maybe I want him to see!" She finally said if that was what I wanted she'd need more alcohol so I made another trip to the cabin for beer.

We spent the next hour or so sitting on the dock and splashing in the water while I kept exposing and pulling at her tits. Finally I just pulled her top over her head and tossed it on the dock. T made no effort to cover up and we spent the next half hour or so with her breasts completely bared.

Even though I couldn't see him I was certain that the old man next door was spying on us and he would have had plenty of opportunity to look at T sitting on the dock with her tits in full view as she faced towards his cabin.

About that time it was starting to cloud up and cool off a bit so we grabbed our stuff and headed back to the cabin. I dared T to walk back topless and she tossed her top at me and took off at a jog back to the cabin door. I was hoping that the neighbor would get a good long look at her tits bouncing while she jogged back to the door.

Soon it started to rain so we got a fire going in the fireplace, made some dinner with a couple glasses of wine and after a shower moved into the bedroom. The bedroom was on the side of the cabin facing the neighbor, so our window was only about 50 feet away from his cabin. I had the lights on and the curtain open as T came into the bedroom after her shower. I was hoping that the old man would be able to look across and get some kind of a show.

T asked me for a back rub and after I had oiled her up and rubbed most of the kinks out of her back and shoulders I reached over and grabbed her vibrator. We call in "The Torpedo" since it's waterproof and we often use it in the hot tub. It's about 9 inches and bright pink with multiple settings so it's easy to find a setting to fit whatever she's wanting.

T was still on her stomach and was squirming a bit as the vibrator did it's job in arousing her while I worked out the last knot in her shoulders. I was just about finished when I happened to catch a glimpse of movement outside our window.

By now it was dark and the rain had mostly stopped so it was difficult to see outside but I could just see the light reflecting off the old neighbors glasses as he stood about 15 feet away from the window. Of course he had no trouble seeing in as we had the lights on and the curtains open.

I asked T to roll over and as I oiled her tits and her shaved pussy I told her that we had company. She stopped for a moment and then I explained that he was outside, just barely visible, and that I was hoping that we could put on a show for him. I could see her thinking it over and finally she said that as long as he doesn't come inside it would be fun.

I spent the next 10-15 minutes rubbing the oil on her tits, stomach and pussy with one hand as I worked the vibrator with the other. I think that was about all she could handle as she gave me that little push that means get down there and lick me to an orgasm. As I slid down her body I quickly looked out the window and could see that our neighbor was still watching.

T loves it when I lick her pussy and clit while at the same time I keep working the vibrator in and out of her pussy. I clicked the button to turn it up on high and started to pound the Torpedo in and out of her pussy while I licked her clit and pulled her tits with my other hand. This never takes long and in less than a minute she grabbed my head and held it tight as she had a orgasm that was the longest and hardest that she has had in many months.

When she was finished and the vibrator was shut off and removed she just laid on the bed for a few more minutes. She was of course naked and with her legs spread open, and her pussy spread from the large vibrator I'm sure the neighbor was getting the best look at her naked body that anyone could have who wasn't in the room with us. I rolled her on her side facing the window for a couple more minutes as I snuggled up to her ass and played with her tits.

She asked what would I like and I couldn't decide between letting the old man watch her give me a blow job or would it be better for her to get on top and ride me so that she would still be totally exposed to his view.

I gave her the option and I was somewhat surprised that she chose to get on top and straddle me. I slide up in bed a bit and as I moved I once again caught the light shining off his glasses, he was still outside watching us. T got on top and kneeled over me and with one quick move sat down on my cock completely.

I adjusted our positions a bit so that she was about a three quarter view to the window. I didn't want to make it too obvious, but I wanted to make certain that he would get the best view of T's nude body possible.

I love to pull on T's tits while she's on top and as usual I grab her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and as she moves up and down I pull them side to side, up and down and straight out. I had pinched and pulled them every way that I could and finally I couldn't hold out any longer.

I pulled her down onto my cock by pulling down hard on her nipples as I shot my load into her shaved pussy. After a few moments I let go of her tits and she smiled and asked if I had enjoyed that. The obvious answer was yes, and I asked her if she liked being watched and she said as long as I enjoyed it that was the most important. As she was getting ready to get off me I teased her and asked her to look out the window and wave at the old man.

I was a bit surprised when she fully turned to the window and waved and then as she slide off of me and stood by the bed she was still facing the window and said "there he goes" as she could see him turn around and leave.

We hopped into the shower together and as we washed each other I asked her if she was ready for more fun tomorrow and asked if would she like to tease the old man some more. Her reply was that she'll be ready for whatever I wanted as long as I didn't expect her to fuck or suck the guy.

We'll have to see how the rest of the weekend goes. Maybe we'll need to come back and rent the cabin again this summer.

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