tagBDSMA Twin Summer Paradise Ch. 01

A Twin Summer Paradise Ch. 01


This was supposed to be an entry for the Summer Loving Contest 2013 but every time I wrote something, my imagination would kick off and my hands would get busy somewhere else! Ha! Writing a longer story is a lot of work. No problem though, I just wanted to get this story out and I hope you like it as much as I had fun writing it.

Congratulations to all the authors who submitted their stories. You guys rock! This is my attempt at a script driven story rather than a fantasy but I assure you there is a lot of sex in this which is how I like them. I have also tried to infuse some humor into the story. Humor is something I don't often see outside of the Humor section on Literotica which can change definitely in my opinion. I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy the sex.

I would like to give a huge shout-out to the sweet Angel of temptation. You are awesome and I owe a lot to you. You matter! *Draws heart shaped squiggles and doodles*. Next is for my "proof-reader" Amber who also doubles up as a motivator, a friend, fantasy sharer and my first 'fan' more or less. Thank you! You are awesome! So without further ado, start reading this story and have a beautiful day or afternoon or night reading and playing with yourself or your partner. Thanks!


Welcome to Summerville! It's a small town with a population of exactly three thousand and fifty nine. If you find the population to be more, then they are guests visiting someone in this town. If you find the count to be less, then some of the Summerville folk have gone out of town. But, I assure you, I know the population is very accurate for an imaginary town.

It's a town where life is peaceful and simple; a place where everybody knows each other. Everybody also knows Aaron Reed, the most famous man in Summerville.

Why is he famous? Rocket scientist, inventor, war veteran? No, the answer is milkshakes! Aaron Reed is a milkshake prodigy. His milkshake bar 'Aaron's Milky-shakes' brings people from neighboring towns, near and afar to have a "milkilicious" time and shake it up.

Our chief interest though, in this story isn't the forty-something Aaron. Under the tutelage of Aaron, is our protagonist. Meet Maxmillan or Max. He is a twenty one year old guy with dark black hair, alluring brown eyes and a radiant smile. A simple and decent guy with a cute face and a nice body, he works under Aaron who is also his Uncle.

Max helps Aaron in inventing interesting flavors and doubles up as a delivery boy for anyone who wishes to enjoy these milkshakes at the leisure of their own home.

Due to his close affinity to milkshakes everyday, he always has a milkshake like aroma around him. That's why everyone likes him in Summerville.

In the middle of a beautiful summer afternoon, Max is out on another delivery run. Little does he know that he is about to meet someone who will change his life, for better or for worse! Oh, the suspense.

Walking nimbly with a carton of milkshake cups, he rounds the corner of First Street and in his hurry, he fails to see the person walking across him and Bang! Bump! Thud!

"Fuck! Watch where you are going man! I almost dropped my delivery ba..." Stopping in mid-sentence, he saw that it was a girl and she was down with grocery items strewn about. Immediately going down on his knees, he started gathering them up to help her.

He saw a ripe, red tomato rolling among the clutter and his hands darted forward to grab it. Her hands made a dash for the same tomato and they connected. The magical power of touch had made both of them look at each other and their eyes met. Max felt like he was gazing into a medley of the universe's wonders when he looked into her hazel eyes.

He, uhh uhh, "Uhh... wow... I..I'm sorry! That was..Uh..My..bad..My fault, I mean." It helped for our 'Wordsworth' Max that she was staring right back at his eyes in a cliché among cliché moments seemingly just as lost as he was. "It's okay..I..Uhh..I should have been..Uh..Careful. Thank you for helping. I'm Emma!"

And then Emma flashed a smile that could break a million hearts and Max was left speechless. Despite his verbal skills going defunct, his brain was for all intents and purposes screaming at him to notice her and say something smart. He managed to utter "Max" before blushing like the tomato that they were still holding onto. Actually, the poor tomato was getting squished to a pulp, but they neither noticed nor care.

The world seemed to be moving at a slow pace to both of them. But in reality, the world around them was running as usual, and they were just caught up in the magic of a summer afternoon and each other. But, everything sappy has to come to an end and so it did when someone behind Emma shouted, "Nice ass!"

Emma, who was dressed in a beautiful white sundress with black polka-dots, was on all fours with her ass prominently popping backwards and "old Earl" was snickering as he looked at the both of them. Finally coming to her senses, Emma blushed and got up on her feet quickly while Max gave the geezer an icy stare and collected the rest of Emma's stuff and gave it back to her.

Smiling sheepishly, he apologized again as she smiled coyly and turned to leave. Looking across her shoulders, she chirped at Max, "We have a pool party at our place in two days. You should come and we can have some fun!" Max gladly accepted the invitation. "Where do you live, Emma?" To which he got her reply, "We are new in town! Everyone knows." That was true. Everyone in Summerville knew where the new residents lived like it was the hottest gossip they ever heard.

Max watched as she blushed while rushing past Earl and disappeared around the corner.

Max approached Earl. "So, how was it old man?" Earl snickered again while replying,"Sonny, God himself came down and painted those fine cheeks!" Max chuckled as he cursed his own luck at not having seen Emma's butt sashaying in the air while she was on all fours. "Hey, watch it, you perv! That could be my future wife and only I can see them fine cheeks."

Old Earl guffawed hearing Max finally find the words to speak out. "Sure sonny. Have wet dreams about that after you delivered those milkshakes. Ha ha ha!" Max realized his folly. "Oh, shit! I am late! Gotta run, Earl!" Grabbing the carton, he made a run and set off.

Thankfully for him, Aaron's milkshakes did not offer a "30 minutes or free" policy which saved him from being screwed.


Two days later, Max woke up from his bed, excited about the pool party but even more excited about seeing Emma again. Luckily, it was his day off from work and so, he did not have to worry about upsetting schedules. It was a sunny day, the perfect weather to chill at a pool party. Donning a gray T-shirt over his half naked body, he looked for his favorite pair of Swim shorts. He felt pretty good about how he looked and so got out of his house grabbing a towel and flip flops.

On the way, he pondered if he should bring beer since she hadn't told him if it was a BYOB pool party or not. So, deciding to play safe, he popped up at his uncle's shop and packed some milkshakes for Emma.

When he arrived at the new folk's residence, he was surprised to see that he was the only person alive in the near vicinity. Wondering if he was way too early, he decided to look about and headed for the pool. He was lost in his thoughts thinking if Emma would remember him. He was afraid that she might not as she must be used to having boys around her cause she was so fucking cute!

In the distance, he could see the back of a girl as she was walking towards the pool too. She was wearing a red bikini with her golden blonde hair in a neat ponytail and a sunglass above her head. Smiling, Max muttered to himself, "Emma."

Max was walking faster now as she settled in a chaise near the pool. She looked smoking hot! The bikini was soooo tiny and they covered the bare essentials over her tits and Max was half drooling as he walked up to her.

"Hi!" He said as he got close. She looked up from her sunglasses and didn't look like she recognized Max (maybe because he was half drooling?). "Yes? How can I help you?" Hearing that, Max was half dejected that Emma did not remember him. Still, not letting that affect him too much, he smiled and replied, "I'm here for the pool party. You invited me, remember?"

She eyed him up properly before answering, "The pool party is tomorrow actually." Max was trying to recall if he made a mistake on the dates. But Emma had said two days when they bumped into each other. Sighing, he said, "Okay. Well, guess I will come tomorrow then. But, I brought some milkshakes since I didn't know about the beer arrangements. You can have these."

"Ooh, I love milkshakes! You don't have to leave just like that. You can stay a while if you like." Then turning over on the chaise, she fished out a bottle of sunscreen lotion and looked back at Max with a smile. "Wanna help me with some lotion over my back?"

Max was left speechless for two reasons. The first was the smile that he got from Emma. It reminded of their first meeting. It wasn't the same smile. This was naughtier. The second reason was her cute ass. Old Earl was so right about her ass and he resisted the urge to shout Nice ass" at her like Earl.

She was noticing Max's reaction from across her shoulder. Smiling knowingly, she popped her ass upwards slowly and then settled back down with the practiced grace of a tease, and she saw Max's eyes fixated on her sexy, little ass. He was pretty cute the way his eyes followed her ass. Giggling, she asked him, "Won't you help me rub some lotion on my back?"

Max was broken out of his reverie on hearing her giggling and with the excitement of a mad scientist about to make a crazy invention, he grabbed the bottle of lotion and squirted it over his palms and rubbed them together.

The pervert in him craved to grab her ass and never let go but the gentleman in him had to ask, "Where should I start?" Smiling naughtily, she replied, "Start from my cute, little toes, please? I like feeling that white cream on every inch of my body." Max gulped as he imagined a different type of white cream on Emma's delectable body.

Starting from the left foot, he stood over the edge of the chaise and started covering her feet with a coating of the sunscreen lotion. Lifting her left foot, he gingerly pressed his fingers into her toes and massaged it while moving his palm across the sole of her foot and her ankle.

Grabbing her other foot, he balanced his left knee on the edge of the chaise and started applying the lotion on the cute little toes. Working his way up slowly, he was alternately applying lotion and then massaging her legs up to the back of her thighs.

She was enjoying all the attention Max was giving to her legs and feeling his hands squeeze into the soft flesh of her thighs was making her hot. Sighing contentedly, she loved the way his fingers tickled her as he poured lotion over her thighs and rubbed up and down softly. Sensing that he was slowing down now, she looked over her shoulders and saw that Max was having a hard time rubbing the lotion as he was still standing on the edge of the chaise.

She giggled at him being so chaste about this and told him to just climb on top of her legs so it would be easier for him to put the lotion on her. Max thanked her as his knees were starting to hurt and he sat on the back of her legs, making sure not to apply any pressure to hurt her pretty legs and then he stared.

Her round ass was just in front of him and his cock was very, very hard already from massaging her leg. The mere thought of his hands pressing into her soft, round, perfect ass was making his hands quiver. His mouth was starting to dry up with his jaws half open. Finally, he closed his mouth and swallowed down all the saliva, as he didn't want to drool all over her like a puppy.

Nervously, he asked, "Should I continue?" Emma smiled naughtily to herself as she offered Max her ass by propping herself up a bit and moaned, "Yes, please!" Max didn't realize that he was being toyed and he was going crazy at the way her ass was being offered to him.

But, being the gentleman that he was, he had to keep his 'hard' thoughts in check. It didn't help matters one bit for him that he could see most of her ass cheeks with Emma wearing a teensy thong. He raised the bottle of lotion over her left ass cheek and squeezed the bottle to let the lotion ooze out and fall on the surface of her cheek.

As the tiny droplets fell on her round ass cheek, she was squealing happily, enjoying the sensations of the cool lotion on her soft ass cheek. Pressing her face into the chaise, she moaned, "Oooh, on the other side too, please." Max complied and repeated the same over on the right cheek. She looked tantalizing and he briefly wondered inside his head, what her reaction would be if it was his white cum on her ass cheeks.

Working his hands over her ass, he spread the lotion all over her soft ass. Gently, but firmly

Max was massaging her ass with his able hands and both of them were enjoying it to say the least. Max was completely hard now. His hands were encircling her juicy, little ass as his cock was trying to spring out from the confines of his swimming shorts.

Max couldn't help digging his fingers in and squeezing Emma's sweet ass. It was perfect and begged to be squeezed again and again. And then again!

Squirting some more lotion in his hands, he rubbed both palms firmly against each other. Grabbing both of the ass cheeks with his fingers, he enjoyed their warmth as it spread from her cheeks to his palms. Pressing his thumbs on both cheeks, he dragged them upwards with his fingers, the lotion's moisture helping to slide up easily.

Emma was moaning in appreciation at Max's every touch and he was inching closer and closer, moving up from her thighs to just below her ass. Max's cock was begging for release while Emma's pussy was aching and wet. Every time he cupped her ass, he could sense tiny goose-pimples on her skin along with a low moan from her sweet lips. The sexual tension between them was at its peak as his fingers curiously slid under the thin string over her crack and rubbed up and down.

Emma was growing wetter by the second. So, when she felt Max's fingers sliding under the string of her thong, she gasped loudly. Presenting her ass further upwards, she felt his cock in his swimming shorts brushing against her ass and ground against it. Max was now rubbing both his thumbs on opposite sides of her tiny, pink asshole. Sliding her fingers down, she pushed her fingers inside the front of her thongs and rubbed her aching pussy.

Looking back at Max naughtily, she moaned, "Mmmm, please push a thumb inside!" Max smiled as he lifted his thumb and sucked it quickly to make it slick. Pulling the thong string to the other side with his left hand, he rubbed on the tiny, little asshole with his right thumb before pushing in slowly.

Emma bucked happily as she felt the welcome intrusion of his thumb and cooed as she started pushing her own fingers inside her wet, juicy pussy. She was completely drenched and enjoying having both of her tiny fuck holes being filled with fingers. She liked feeling Max's erection from his swimming shorts as he pressed it firmly over her ass cheek.

Emma removed her fingers from inside her sopping pink pussy and pushed it further down to grab Max's 'hardthrobber' within his shorts. Stroking it up and down as she looked hungrily at Max, "Ooh, I want this now!"

Max sometimes needed to be told twice but, now was not that time. Immediately removing his left hand from her ass, he was eagerly trying to yank his shorts down. Emma giggled at his enthusiasm and pushed up, trying to suck his thumb still wedged inside her ass, deeper.

Max felt his thumb being clutched on tightly by her tight, hot asshole. The way it locked around his thumb was unimaginable. Pushing his thumb in deeper as he removed his shorts, he told Emma, "Ahh, let me help you with that." Looking into her eyes, he pushed his thumb all the way inside her asshole.

Her eyes rolled back in pleasure as she felt the end of his thumb brush against her asshole. "Ohh! Fucking God! YES!!! Fuck me baby, please!" Propping her knees up on the chaise, with her head pinned down, she lifted slightly and spread her legs. Closing her eyes as she felt Max push the thumb in and out, she used her fingers to spread open her pussy lips before mewling again as Max slammed his thumb deep inside again.

With her quivering lips, she started begging him to give her his thick cock. Max removed his shorts and with his left hand stroking his cock, rubbed the spongy head of his dick over her wet pussy lips. Max fingered her ass harder than before which made Emma groan loudly. As she was groaning, Max rammed his thick cock inside her pussy which made her gasp with surprise and then she welcomed Max within her folds with a throaty scream!

"Aah! Oh, yes baaaby! Give me that... Ohhh... fucking cock! Fuck me harder!" Emma was slamming her pussy back hard for every thrust of Max's cock. Grabbing her hip with his left hand, Max drilled her tight pussy deep and then slid out halfway before drilling in again. The force of his thrusts was making both the chaise lounge and Emma shake forward.

Max loved looking at Emma's ass as he slammed his cock again and again in her wet, slick cunt. It was perfect! The way he felt her asshole clench as he thrust forward and saw the tiny ripples form from her ass muscles and carried forward was totally delectable. Pumping his cock inside her viciously, he told her with each word resounding with a harder thrust inside her pussy, "Oh..baby!..Your..pussy..is..sooo..fuucccking..tiiight!"

Emma kept taking the assault on her tight, little pussy happily. Grinding her pussy harder and harder as he kept thrusting against her, she kept taking Max's cock deeper with every thrust. Spreading her legs wider as Max settled between her legs, she started rubbing her clit furiously.

She loved every second of her pussy and her asshole get filled and stretched as she got fucked.

Using her fingers, she cupped Max's balls as he slid his cock in deep again. Max pulled out halfway before slamming in harder and again, Emma cupped his balls as it swung about. Max was groaning in pleasure as he felt her nails and fingertips brush against his shaved balls. It felt so good. Pulling out again, with Emma's hand on his balls, he started drilling his cock faster inside her juicy pussy.

Emma was close to an orgasm now. His cock was hitting all the right spots while his thumb inside her ass amplified that pleasure even higher. Cupping his balls one last time before returning her attention back to her tiny clit, she begged, "Ahhh... Come on baby! Mmm, Slam that fat cock all the way inside my tight pussy! Fill me with your cock!"

Max pushed his thumb again as deep as he could inside Emma's asshole. Pulling his cock out, till only his cock head remained inside her pussy, he slammed forward with a forceful thrust inside Emma. Emma knew what was about to happen but she wasn't prepared for the intensity of his thrust.

With her fingers rubbing her clit blurringly fast, she felt his thick, hard cock slide inside her so hard and deep. She felt the base of his cock slamming against her pussy lips as she felt completely stretched. She heard the loud slap her ass made when his hips slammed forward. His balls swung sharply and slapped on her clit and Emma lost every sense of the world as Max pounded her pussy in the same way over and over.

Emma bucked hard as her eyes glazed over and she was shaking with the intensity of being fucked so hard by Max. Her loud moans got caught in her throat as she kept trying to scream at Max to make her cum! With another deep thrust inside her pussy, Max pushed his thumb deep and was fucking her asshole fast. This pushed her over the edge and she was orgasming with a loud scream, "OHH GOD! I am Cummmmmmmiiinnnnnggggggg!!!! YEESSSSS!!!"

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