tagLoving WivesA Twist Of Fate

A Twist Of Fate


"C'mere my sexy, young, hot, nymph. You have exactly 3 minutes to wrap your perfect little mouth around this big, hard, piece of meat I have ready for you."

Todd emphasized each word as he said it. It had been a tough day and he was going to use his slut to erase all traces.

Todd was sitting on the sofa with his oversized penis in his hand. It was standing at full attention.

Down the hall Chelsea was adjusting her black glitter covered corset while looking in the mirror. She applied a splash of glitter perfume to the centre of her ample cleavage. As much as she hated having been a mail order bride, her lust for submissive sex was real.

Her eyes were big and wide set. Bright blue and full of life. Chelsea's blond hair was long, wavy, thick and majestic. It offset her small frame giving her a wild minx appeal. She playfully stroked the softness of her bare pussy and smiled at her image in the mirror. Chelsea was shy and didn't say much, but she loved sex.

Chelsea toyed with the idea of whether to arrive in time or to stimulate her sure to be punishment. Her husband's tone sounded aggressive, so she decided to immediately take care of his needs, rather than to taunt his mood and possibly escalate the pain. Chelsea knew either way she would be punished and it thrilled her.

Strutting down the hallway in tall black heels and a bare pussy she kneeled in front of her man and took his big cock deep down her throat. Todd held the back of her head and pushed her forward enjoying the feel of her velvety mouth. He knew she could put out even more. His wife knew how to please. Chelsea felt her gag reflux attempt to kick in. With mind over matter she opened her throat and took Todd's big cock in really fucking deep.

Todd moaned his approval and started ramming Chelsea's mouth pulling her head forward each time he thrust between her pretty, red, lips.

"You're such a perfect little slut; I could just fuck you and your mouth all day long!"

Chelsea nodded her submission as streams of wet, hot, jizz coated the back of her throat and slid all the way down.

As drops of her master's cum seeped out of her mouth she looked up at him for approval. Todd seemed to start to relax a bit and pulled her up to him putting his arm around her on the sofa. Chelsea nestled into Todd's strong arm, as he absentmindedly caressed her exposed round cheeks. Todd liked his bride to have her panties off for easy access when he wanted her. He stroked her pussy and kissed her full, wide, lips as he unloaded his day.

Chelsea listened attentively to Todd as he discussed the trials and tribulations of his hard day. As he relived his experiences and vented his frustrations she saw the relaxation of the blow job dissipate and his aggressive need for her return.

"You're going to look super hot for this Christmas party tonight, aren't you sweetheart? I want every single man in the office to crave you and envy me."

His hand slid between her crack as he said that. Todd's index finger reached for her clit. Chelsea immediately got into position. He liked her sitting on her spread knees showing off her sexy ass so he could finger her until she called out her orgasmic release.

Chelsea looked amazing from Todd's stand point. Her sexy body rocked back and forth on two fingers showing off her sexy ass cheeks. The sight made Todd even hotter. He liked the way she took care of herself. Chelsea rocked Todd's finger assertively and moaned as waves of pleasure overtook her.

"C'mere you."

Todd kissed Chelsea passionately and ran his fingers up and down her gorgeous curves.

"You know what I'd like to do to that bitch boss of mine?" he asked as his face clouded over.

"I'd like to fuck her ass and make her feel me really fucking deep."

Chelsea turned and spread her ass cheeks for her man. She knew his aggressive need meant she wouldn't get lube. She braced herself for his big cock. Being that she was only 5'1 and he was 6'6 meant her small little opening had a lot of hard cock to take in.

He pushed in slowly and steadily, feeding off of her moans and cries.

Todd grabbed Chelsea's hair and slapped her ass hard while fucking her.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Fuck my ass hard my King, don't stop," Chelsea urged.

"You fucking bitch, you fucking slut, take my cock, take every, single, inch."

With those words Todd thrust wildly into Chelsea's round alabaster cheeks. He slapped her harder and harder before remembering to let up. Todd remembered his sensual wife would have to be able to sit down at the party. He looked down at his cock that was impossibly deep in his slut wife's ass. Throughout it all his frustration with his boss kept returning to his mind.

He pounded steadily into his beautiful wife's hot sexy ass with a steady, unrelenting rhythm. Wetness filled her as he continued pumping his need. Then an aftershock shook him, sending more jizz between his wife's cheeks. Looking at how incredibly sexy his wife was, made Todd hard again. He kept fucking her and fucking her. Hard, deep and wild. Venting! Pounding! Releasing!

Ten minutes later Todd let every ounce of pent up frustration seep between Chelsea's cheeks into her sexy, tight, ass as he released his second load into his gorgeous wife.

"I love you Chelsea," he said sincerely.

"I love you too, Todd," Chelsea replied with a beautiful smile.

Her needs were simple and he provided for her. Life was good.

During the next hour the couple got ready in their separate bathrooms in their penthouse New York apartment. They had an entire floor with a magnificent, panoramic, view. He liked fucking her against the window. Every so often a lucky bystander got a tasty eyeful of her gorgeous big tits bouncing against the glass. They had fucked in every room in the apartment. He was insatiable.

The party was in full swing when they arrived. Todd looked around at his coworkers and observed their various states of inebriation. Many of his fellow executives already had their buzz on. He recognized three of the directors that had already fucked his slut wife, Chelsea. He appreciated the way she wanted to advance his career.

He knew he owned her. That she was his faithful wench. Todd nodded to them as they arrived. Chelsea instantly drew attention wearing a cream chiffon dress and matching heels that accented her mane of hair along with every luscious curve. All eyes were on her.

It seemed like the conversations around her were stilted, sometime awkward and other times inappropriate. As the night wore on and alcohol took its effect, loud and raunchy talk would replace those shy conversations.

Erin, Todd's bitch boss, made her entrance. She was a hard ass and tough as nails. You could see it in her demeanor. She donned short dark hair and an athletic build in well fitted conservative clothing.

Erin made a speech about x-mas and its implications for her charity. Next in a jovial manner she asked the crowd who would like to volunteer to be Santa. She was obviously proud and needed a moment of recognition for supplying the gifts that would be passed out. It was actually her assistant that did all the work, but Erin liked to take credit where it wasn't due.

"Sure, Erin, I'll do it, and my wife will be my elf," Todd offered dangerously.

Little did he know that offer would lead his wife to a jail cell in the local jail.

Chelsea looked at her husband. His need for erotic thrills was escalating.

"Everything you need to set up is in the far room. Just signal us when you are ready," Erin said.

She was smiling and happy that her employee had decided to finally cooperate for a change. Chelsea turned a bright crimson. She knew he would want to take her there.

Upon first view of the room, Todd was impressed with the throne like chair. Chelsea started to arrange the wrapped presents around the podium when Todd sat on the throne and pulled her onto his lap pushing his leg into her pussy while pressing down on her shoulder. She started to rock; moaning softly.

Chelsea silently lifted her dress, slid over her panties, and rubbed her pussy back and forth on Todd's leg and knee while he guided her with a push and pull of her long blond mane. The x-mas music blared in the background. Her orgasm was swift and more intense than ever, likely because the possibility of getting caught was a constant threat.

"I'm very happy I found you my gorgeous slut wife. At first I didn't believe you were for real. Finding a woman who likes to be totally submissive and will fuck other men for me, has advanced me far in my career sugar, and turned me on beyond belief. You're so gorgeous; I can't help but fuck you, right fucking now."

"Please do handsome," was Chelsea's eager reply.

Todd repositioned himself, unzipped, and dipped his sleek, hard, wand deep into her wet crevice moaning as he released inside of her.

A head popped around the corner.

"It smells like sex in this room, you two. You should be careful Todd. You look ravishing as usual Chelsea. It's nice to see you," Harv said admiringly.

He was one of the members of the board of directors that had given Todd his esteemed and well paying position.

Harv made his way over to Chelsea running his hands down her sheer dress and capturing her nipples between his finger tips. He squeezed hard watching her wince.

Todd cleared his throat getting turned on at the image. Later he would get a play by play from Chelsea but for now he knew it was best to excuse himself, which is exactly what he did.

Harv pinned Chelsea against the wall, lifted her leg, unzipped and entered her.

"You like to get fucked don't you, you hot little slut," Harv said pounding his cock into Chelsea's soaking wet pussy.

Compared to Todd she could hardly feel him. She put on a smile and took his cock; letting him fuck her to completion.

Meanwhile in the other room three best friends sat together and surveyed the room.

"Hey, Silvie where did your husband go?" Joyce asked her friend.

"I thought I saw him slip into the back room where Santa is setting up. What is taking them so long anyways? It's not like they have to wrap the presents or anything," Angie said shaking her head.

A couple of weeks ago her own husband had worked late at the office. The next day when she was washing his laundry a distinct perfume smell attracted her attention. It had remained a mystery until tonight. Tonight, was when she discovered that Chelsea was wearing that exact, same perfume.

"That's funny; my husband has been spending more and more time with that couple lately. I wonder what the attraction is?" Joyce remarked baffled.

"I'll go check it out," Angie said.

She didn't have to go in to the room to see. She was just at the right angle to witness Harv fucking Chelsea when Todd intercepted her and distracted her towards the other direction. Angie looked at Todd closely and instantly knew he was in on it. These would not be good findings to divulge to her best friends.

Angie pulled Silvie and Joyce aside and broke the news to them. All three girls were drop dead gorgeous and had married older men because they were rich and could provide for them. None of them were happy. They had been under the illusion that wealth guaranteed happiness, but they were sadly wrong. The men hardly gave their trophy wives the time of day, or adequate sex. It was always about them and their needs. The girls often got together and discussed their shared frustrations.

Silvie was surprised but not sad to hear the news. She realized that she wanted more out of life and this might be her ticket out.

"What should we do with this precious piece of information girls?" Angie asked her besties.

They discussed their options in between dances. None of them let on as they politely held their demeanor and considered their many options.

"Chelsea honey, you must come over and have coffee with us tomorrow," Joyce said to Chelsea on the way out.

By the next day they had a plan.

Chelsea chose something simple yet elegant for coffee with the girls. This was the first time she had been invited and she was excited about the prospect of making friends. "What do you think they want with me," she asked Todd.

"Oh, they just want to get to know you doll," is how the conversation went.

Once seated at the table the three women confronted Chelsea in a sane and businesslike manner. What they wanted from her, she could provide for them. Chelsea who was use to being submissive, agreed to go along with the plan to prevent her husband from being fired which the women told her would definitely happen.

The first time was the most difficult. Being submissive was one thing, but luring men in a deceptive way was way out of her area of comfort. Attracting strange men in the bar and coaxing them back to her room was the easy part. They gladly followed, astounded at their prowess in procuring such a beautiful woman.

The first conversation became the template to lure future men to their submissive stance.

"I'd like to be on top Roger," Chelsea said.

"Good baby, that way I can see your gorgeous tits bounce while I fuck you."

Chelsea pulled out the dark blind fold and wrist and leg binds she had bought the day before as instructed by the three wives of the men she had fucked.

"Hey wait a minute. I don't want to be tied up," said Roger.

"But baby it's what I like. It's what makes me crazy wild. But okay then, I'll just find someone who likes to be tied up."

Chelsea went to lift her petite frame and freshly waxed pussy from the man below her.

"Hey wait up; maybe we can do it for just a little while. You'll be gentle with me won't you beautiful?"

"Sure darling, I'll take good care of you."

With those words Chelsea got off the bed and opened and closed the door to the bathroom.

"Chelsea honey, what's going on, what are you doing?" Roger said.

Suddenly, he felt the bed shift and felt his cock surrounded by pussy.

"Oh, that feels good baby. You're so wet. You got some lube right?"

A wild orgasmic rhythm was the response to his question. Roger was surprised that his dream girl felt slightly heavier and her pussy was tighter than he thought, but he didn't mind. His cock was getting exactly what it needed. They fucked wordlessly; orgasming together. The door opened and closed. Chelsea was standing beside him when the blindfold and cuffs came off.

"Why did the hotel room door open Chelsea?" he asked. "Oh, I just put some perfume on in the bathroom".

It would become her typical reply.

They kissed and he was off. The ladies had demanded privacy when they fucked their boy toy. The one thing Chelsea definitely knew how to do was be submissive.

Two nights later at a different hotel, the same scenario unveiled itself. This time the man noticed the tickle of public hair on his cock, as he entered and exited the warm wetness that soon saturated his cock.

Later when questioned, Chelsea replied that she had a horse hair whip that she was maneuvering back and forth.

Dazed by awesome sex, the second man stumbled his way back to his hotel room for a long nap.

Silvie trimmed her pussy short.

They continued like this for weeks. Chelsea would get eligible handsome men for Silvie, Joyce and Angie to fuck. She would lure them into the room, set them up, then the jilted wives would get a turn with them afterwards disappearing back down the fire escape stairs to the back alley.

Todd noticed Chelsea spending a lot of time with her new found friends, but didn't comment on it because he was happy for her.

Angie liked it rough and she liked to push the limits. A couple of times she had left the men tied up after she was finished with them. An embarrassed maid would find them laying there nude and whimpering, begging the housekeeper not to tell anyone. The men vowed their revenge. Chelsea would pay for humiliating them like that.

Her husband's infidelity was a good angle for Angie. It didn't take her long to formulate a plan. She didn't tell the other wives.

One crisp, cool, morning Angie dressed discreetly and headed uptown to find herself a private investigator. What she found was Kevin. He was a part time P.I.. He didn't dress particularly well and no one would accuse him of being handsome, or a ladies man. Getting laid was his other full time job. He just never got many opportunities.

What Angie didn't know, was that he also a part time paparazzi, when the opportunity presented itself. And with Angie the opportunity presented itself. Her full mane of red hair intrigued him. Her fragrance stirred him. Kevin was very pleased that this doll walked into his office. He wanted to get close to her. He was polite, professional and returned her business like manner in kind, but really he wanted more. He wanted to fuck her.

Soon Kevin was hired and told that he would get a phone call telling him when and where he could go to take the revealing photos. Kevin thought it was odd that Angie would know "when and where" but he played along. That night Kevin masturbated to thoughts of Angie's perfect curves mounted on top of his big cock. By the next morning Kevin was determined to fuck her and started following her to see what she was all about. He knew at the very least he would get some interesting poses to masturbate to. It wasn't hard, nor did it take long for Angie to make arrangements for her husband to get fucked by the beautiful and very well endowed Chelsea.

When her husband got the call he eagerly agreed to meet Chelsea in the hotel lobby. Kevin did exactly as told and soon had incriminating photos that would guarantee Angie a nice profit from their impending divorce. Angie tucked the photos away in a special safety deposit box that she had opened just for this occasion.

The thrill of fucking helpless men was intoxicating though. So the women kept up their charade until one day when it all blew apart.

Todd noticed Chelsea spending a lot of time with her new found friends, but didn't comment on it because he was happy for her. Kevin could smell a story and continued to follow Angie, even though his assignment was over. She was a wild woman and was up to something. The way she knew in detail where and when her husband would be meeting his mistress, was uncanny. He just knew there was more to it.

Kevin spent a boring week watching Angie run errands. Her clothing wasn't provocative in the least and he thought maybe he should find another focus. Then one day his efforts came to life. She had parked the car down the street and was walking into a dark alley. Kevin was surprised when he saw Angie climb a fire escape at the back of a posh hotel.

"What the hell is she up to," Kevin questioned himself in a whisper.

When she disappeared into a room, he waited a period of time, climbed the fire escape, arranged the camera at the edge of the balcony and started snapping pictures. When he pulled the camera back down he was amazed at what he saw. There was definitely a story there. He adjusted his shaft. It was beginning to get hard and tight against his pants. Kevin decided to follow up one step further when he saw who she was fucking. This story would be a gold mine.

When Kevin emerged from the elevator he immediately acknowledged that a bodyguard was on watch outside the door of the room that Angie was in. Then he saw the grate covering the opening in the ventilation system. Very quietly and carefully he removed the steel grate and hoisted himself up into the opening. He crawled the length of the vessel until he was fortunate enough to be right over top of the bed that Angie was in. He was looking down through a steel grate into her room.

Kevin couldn't believe the opportunity he stumbled across. He focused the camera on the tied up government official, Lance Holt, and started taking pictures. A steel grate would be in the way, but the pictures behind it would be worth a fortune. He watched the scenario unfold below him as his high end camera clicked away.

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