A Twist Of Fate


Angie seemed to like to fuck aggressively.

Sometimes men commented on it. This was one of those times.

"Wow, ease up slut. I'm not your stud fuck toy, fuck me slow and deep."

Angie resisted the urge to reply to his brash comments and instead shoved a sock in Lance's mouth and continued to fuck him wildly. She went over to the bathroom and handed Chelsea her clothes.

"I'll finish up here doll," she whispered to Chelsea after turning up the music to cover the sounds of their conversation.

Lately Angie had been asking her to leave early. What Chelsea couldn't figure out is how the men untied themselves without seeing Angie, but she didn't ask questions.

When she pulled the sock out of his mouth, Lance screamed out, "You fucking bitch, you're going to pay for this humiliation, do you have any idea who I am?"

"I don't know and I don't give a fuck," was her reply.

Loud music drowned out his yells.

Angie decided in her rage that she would make him pay for being mean to her. Mr. Lance stud muffin hadn't even begun to understand the term humiliation. She rummaged through her purse and produced some lipstick and black liquid eye liner. She wrote, "Fuck me, I'm a slut" on his stomach. Angie then smeared red lipstick all over Lance's face and drew a red bull's-eye around his cock.

With a strange smile on her face Angie put the sock back in the Lance's mouth, turned off the music, calmly got dressed, eased her small frame through the window, and disappeared into the night.

Every rag magazine known to mankind would run the story and the photos the very next day. Angie had no idea about the importance of the man she had picked up in the hotel bar. If he hadn't have been a high ranking official in the government, then likely his picture wouldn't have appeared on the front page of the rag magazines, creating a big mess for Angie to deal with.

Lance's publicist/bodyguard decided to check in and radioed his boss. When there was repeatedly no response, his bodyguard forced his way into the room.

When the bodyguard entered the room Kevin knew it was time to leave. He quickly emerged from the vent, disappeared down the stairs unnoticed and melted into the crowd in the main foyer.

In the comfort and privacy of his own home Kevin got a chance to look at his prize photos. Man those two women were hot. He felt his cock stir again. It inspired him to formulate a plan that involved Angie. He would publish the photos of Chelsea and the official, then use the other ones of Angie to blackmail her into leaving the country with him. From what he could tell, she was a one hot fuck.

Kevin laid out the photos of Angie fucking the politician and masturbated all over them. He knew he could make more in his photo lab that evening. Thoughts of Angie being his ultimate sexual partner spurred him on. He wanted to fuck her in the ocean.

By the next morning Chelsea became a hunted woman. Lance was determined to make her pay for his public humiliation and the police were on their way to her house to pick her up for assault.

Angie tried not to worry and rationalized that she wouldn't get caught because the hotel cameras clearly had images of Chelsea coming and going from the room, but not her. The back alley and the fire escape were not under video surveillance.

On the day of the arrest Todd was shocked. How could his beautiful hot nymph be in trouble? How could she do such a thing? Todd knew in his heart that Chelsea was innocent. She took her role as a submissive too literally. It consumed her. She rarely did anything without instruction. That's when Todd came to the realization that it was impossible that Chelsea did what she was accused of.

When Kevin called Angie and told her that she would be very smart to meet with him that evening, Angie became concerned. He sounded confident and had told her to wear something sexy. Unsure of what he had to say Angie got dressed carefully. She flicked the night stand's secret switch revealing a tiny gun her husband had bought for emergencies. Depositing it in her sequenced purse she set out to meet Kevin.

While waiting in the hotel room for Angie Kevin decided to make a phone call.

"Hello," answered Todd.

"I have some important information that will help you and your wife," said Kevin

"Good, tell me what you have, and I'll pay you handsomely for your information," Todd replied earnestly.

"Meet me outside the Empress Hotel tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Wait for my cue. If I bang on the wall four times then come inside and I'll provide you your evidence. Don't come in early though, or the pictures will be lost forever. If I don't bang on the wall, then arrive three nights later at the same time and you'll get your photos."

Todd didn't understand the sequence of events but agreed to it. Anything to save his wife.

Kevin always liked to have a contingency plan.

If everything went according to plan, three nights from now him and Angie would be on an endless Caribbean holiday.

The knock on the door was gentle.

"What is it you want Kevin?" Angie asked when he opened the hotel room door to the luxurious room he was staying in.

"I have some pictures you might be interested in doll," was his reply.

He was wearing a robe that was in danger of slipping open.

Angie was wearing a sheer pink chiffon dress that gave her an innocent look.

When Angie saw the damaging photos, she grimaced.

"How, what, how did you get these!" she cried out in astonishment.

"It doesn't matter how sweetheart. What matters is you going down on me. Can you do that for me babe?"

"Please, please, please don't show anyone those photos," Angie pleaded.

He rubbed his cock through his pants and pointed to the floor.

Angie shrugged and slowly lowered herself to her knees. Soon she was giving him a robust and very energetic blow job. It had been so long he got lost in the sensations and didn't notice Angie reach into her purse and pull out a gun.

She aimed it at his balls and slowly raised herself to her feet.

"Now hand me the photos and all traces of it and I'll be on my way," she said without flinching.

It was then that Kevin took his fist and pounded on the wall exactly four times.

As she was about to leave Todd stormed through the door and pinned Angie against the wall. The gun dropped from her hand and onto the floor.

"Angie, what the fuck is going on here? Why do you have a gun aimed at Kevin's balls? Do you know this guy? Tell me what the fuck is going on?" he said angrily. He was aiming the gun at her chest.

Kevin revealed the photos that clearly incriminated Angie and would ultimately send her to jail for kidnapping and assault.

"Spill it bitch. What the fuck did you do?" Todd spat out.

Todd continued to threaten her until Angie confessed. She told Todd how the three women were blackmailing Chelsea and were having her set up men for them to fuck, so Todd could keep his job.

After the police took Angie away Todd robustly shook Kevin's hand.

"I owe you. If you hadn't uncovered the truth my Chelsea would either be in jail or still be a slave to those vicious women. I'll reward you handsomely. You saved my girl. Just tell me what you want."

The P.I. looked at one of the pictures he took of Chelsea entering the room.

"Hey is it true you have one of those slut wives?" asked Kevin

"It's possible," said Todd, "Why do you ask?"

Maybe we can work something out, said the P.I., feeling his cock grow in his pants. Some things were far more satisfying than money.

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