tagLoving WivesA Valentine's Day Never Forgotten

A Valentine's Day Never Forgotten


It was a year ago on Valentine's Day when you fulfilled one of my fantasies. I was at home in the bedroom that I had specially decorated for you. Red satin sheets, lit candles scattered amongst the room, the scent of your favorite perfume in the air, ice chilled wine sitting next to two crystal champagne glasses, and romantic music playing softly in the background. I had gotten up early that morning and went shopping finding the perfect outfit for you. A white crotchless teddy with little red hearts, fingerless gloves, and spiked high heels.

When you entered I was sprawled out on the bed, and I said hey I have been waiting for you. You came over to me and kissed my cheek stating that you had a surprise for me. You then pulled two sets of handcuffs out of your jacket pockets and told me to scoot up so that you could handcuff my hands and legs to the bed. You then proceeded to pull out a blindfold. I was wondering what you were up to but kind of liked this kinky side of you that I had never seen before. I could feel your hot breath on my neck as you tied the blindfold behind my head trying not to include any of my hair. When you were done, you kissed my neck oh god I love that. I instantly had that tingly sensation running up my spine. As you planted your moist lips upon mine, our tongues met exploring each other's mouths. You lifted you lips off mine, hearing your footsteps leave the bedroom. I yelled where are you going. I became scared wondering why you would just leave me handcuffed and blindfolded alone.

I must have been deep in thought, as I didn't hear you enter again. I felt your hands as you untied the ribbons on the front of my teddy revealing my breasts. My nipples hardened from the excitement of the unknown. Your tongue flicking a nipple causing my groin to warm with desire, and that is when I felt another set of lips kissing the inside of my thigh softly. A set of lips I didn't know. I started to ask you who that is; when you put a finger against my lips shhhh you told me. I obeyed settling back trying to enjoy this adventure. I could feel both my lovers undressing me, I was getting hornier by the moment and the session hadn't even begun yet. I was lying there nude, not even knowing if my lovers were clothed or not. That was until I felt your stiff cock pressing against my lips; I opened my mouth letting your thick shaft in. I teased you with my tongue I could hear familiar moans and knew that it was you.

I suddenly felt my new found lover with his face buried in my hairless snatch, licking and sucking on my swollen love button like a lollipop. The pleasure of sucking my mans hard dick and having another eat my pussy was almost too much for me to deal with. I couldn't contain the juices from flowing as my unknown lover lapped up every drop that he could. I felt you shoot your load down the back of my throat, I have always loved the taste of your cum but the pressure of this one was much stronger than normal. You took your cock out of my mouth and planted a kiss on my lips as I felt his stiff shaft enter inside me. I was sooooo wet from all the excitement and my love hole just wants to be fucked. But all I could do was lay there and take it.

I couldn't even touch his shoulders or run my fingers through his hair and that drove me wild. I could hear his breathing as he entered and exited me with long soft strokes I begged him to fuck me harder and faster. I told him that I wanted to cum all over his cock. Wanting to feel his cum hit the walls of my cunt. He fucked my so hard that I thought he was going to break my pelvic bone. I was screaming with pleasure trying to wiggle my hands out of the handcuffs so that I could dig his back with my nails.

You then started squeezing my tits - oh yesss baby that's it suck my tits, make me cum hard.... I arched my back as much as I could, I wanted to wrap my legs around his back not allowing him to move back too far but couldn't, I was helpless but enjoying every moment of it. I could feel the muscles tightening in his body and knew that he was going to shoot his load inside me. Moans bouncing off the walls; when I heard my lover say ohh ya, and felt his cock jerking around inside me. His rhythm slowed and I felt him pull out of me. I then felt my unknown lovers lips upon my mouth and I felt my wrists and ankles being released. But the blindfold remained. My lover spoke and told me to turn over onto all fours. I once again obeyed. Wondering what was going to happen next, and found myself getting excited from the thought alone as images ran through my mind. I then heard the bottle of champagne being pulled out of the bucket, and then felt the chilled wine over my back and trickling down between my ass cheeks with two tongues scurrying to lick it up. I felt kisses down my back ending up at my butt kissing each cheek. I felt a tongue taunt my asshole, and could feel my tired pussy coming alive with wetness.

My unknown lover lying in front of me teasing me with his prick rubbing the head along my lips as I opened my mouth he would pull it away wanting to hear me beg for it. I wanted to taste that sweet cum and I wanted to feel my lover's dick up my ass. I got what I wished for that hardening schlong entered my mouth, as I tasted our combined juices. I could feel the bulging veins with my lips as I moved up and down on it. I felt the head of my lover's penis entering my backdoor. I had never had anal sex before but then again I had never had two lovers at once. It hurt so badly and I wanted to tell him to stop but then the pain eased and turned to pleasure.

I found myself begging him to give me more of his dick. I sucked my unknown lover's cock like there was no tomorrow licking the shaft to the base and teasing the head with my tongue then I would engulf its entirety as he gasped with pleasure. His fingers found my clit as my lover rammed me from behind his hands on my hips enabling his thrusts to be harder. I couldn't wait to see what it felt like to have him cum in my ass. My pussy was dripping wet from the satisfaction these two men were giving to me. I was so wet and told my lover to slap my ass. Again, I would say my body bucking like a wild horse trying to throw you off. I was so close to nearing the desired conclusion my body trembling, my mouth working that cock eager for the taste of cum in my mouth. I meet each thrust, I told my lover's that I was going to cum but would wait so that we could do it in unison.

This time they were the ones obeying my rules. I tasted pre-cum and sucked extracting all the juice from my secret lover's wand, his fingers moved from my clit and inserted them just as I was cumming fucking my wet hole as my lover finished up in my ass holding my hips against him so that he could pump his cum in my ass without any spilling and that is when I had that earth-shaking orgasm and then another and another I just couldn't stop as my body shook making me weaker. I felt the fingers leave my pussy and then I heard my secret lover licking my juices off his fingers telling me how good I tasted. My lover's moved away from my body but not before they, each gave me a long passionate kiss. I heard my unknown lover getting dressed and he sat down beside me and whispered in my ear thank you for this wonderful experience that will never be forgotten. He left and my lover took the blindfold off asking if I enjoyed it. I wrapped my arms around him and thanked him for fulfilling my fantasy.

That was the best Valentine's Day ever. Even though I don't know whom the other, man was. But you can bet on your life that whenever I hear a man talk I listen very closely to see if it is him hoping that one day I will meet up with him again.

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