tagGroup SexA Very Decent Proposal

A Very Decent Proposal


The suggestion had taken him aback, as it had certainly not been what he'd expected the "favor" Jack to ask. He thought perhaps it might have been a case of moving a piece of furniture, or watching the cats for a day or two while Jack and his new wife went away. But no, the suggestion had left him a bit wide-eyed as he contemplated it.

"You want me to what?" Drew asked.

"Carrie and I were talking, and we both thought it would be great if you helped me have sex with her," Jack repeated across the front seat of the truck.

"Wow," Drew said, and turned his attention back to the highway ahead of them. "I mean, she's hot and all, but..."

"But what?" Jack pressed.

"I don't know," Drew answered. "Just seems kinda, weird, you know?"

"Well, yeah, I admit it's not something you ask your friend every day, but how about it?" Jack asked. Drew shrugged.

"I did always want to try that stuff," he admitted. "I've really only done the one-on-one thing."

"Before I'd met Carrie, that's all I'd done too," Jack added. "Of course, it's not like I'm some kind of porn star now, but we've certainly played around a bit."

"Really? Like what?" Drew was curious.

"Well, we've been with a few couples where Carrie's played with the other chick," Jack answered. "And a few times we've swapped partners."

"Sweet," Drew said. "Sounds like fun!"

"Then you're in?" Jack asked. Drew thought a moment, and gave a nod.

"Yeah, why not?"

"Great! She'll be happy to hear that," Jack added, dialing his phone.

The night they'd gotten together later in the week had left each of the three of them anxious and ready, though all three were decidedly a bit nervous.

But that had given way to something very natural, very comfortable with one kiss, as Jack leaned in and began to kiss his wife, Drew sat and watched for a moment, feeling the stirring down below as the pair began to let their tongues play around each other's lips before the kiss trailed off.

When they moved back in for the second kiss, Jack reached up to slide his hand along Carrie's chest, and Drew leaned forward.

Hesitantly at first, he reached out and his hand slid up Carrie's side, until he could move the hand around to the front where he felt Carrie's right breast. It was soft, and it sent a tingle clear through him as the excitement of what was unfolding gathered in his mind.

Jack watched Drew give the breast a squeeze, and he smiled at Carrie, who smiled right back. Her hand traveled down to Drew's, and she clutched the hand as it continued to play around her tits. Drew had moved over to lay a line of kisses down the side of her neck.

She let her head lazily droop to the side as the kisses continued along her neck, and Jack's hands traveled down to her thighs, and began to stroke those while Drew leaned up to nibble on Carrie's ear, and bring his other hand up to stroke the other of Carrie's ample- yet not large- breasts.

She had a killer body, proportioned so nicely that Drew would have been lying to say he had not noticed it the first time Jack had introduced them.

Her ass was perfect, round and tight, with a nice pair of legs headed down from it. Her tits, as he had noted, were not particularly large, but were nicely shaped and felt great in his palms as he gave them another squeeze while Jack had run his right hand against Carrie's pussy through her jeans.

"Maybe we should get... uh... a little more comfy," Carrie said softly as the guys pulled back from her just a bit.

As they backed off, Carrie reached up to peel off the long sleeve t-shirt she had been wearing, and tossed the red shirt away to reveal a black bra underneath it. Drew was fixed on her as she reached back to undo the bra, while Jack was already beginning to peel off his own clothes.

At long last, Drew was pleased when the bra came away to reveal her tits, with erect nipples from all the attention and excitement. He then started to rid himself of his own clothing.

Within seconds, they had shed their clothing and were seated on the couch where the action had begun, all of them now totally naked. Drew and Jack were surprised at how comfy it had been, getting naked for a sexual encounter with another man in the room.

Perhaps it was the sight of Carrie's ass as she had turned to sit on the couch that had helped keep anyone from feeling uncomfortable.

Carrie reached out with each hand, grasping each guy by the cock to begin stroking. Drew's was larger than Jack's but that didn't really matter to her. The excitement of the situation was bubbling in her head as she heard each guy gasp and moan at the feel of her hand on their rod.

She was stroking slowly and deliberately as Drew was leaning in to lick her nipples, and Jack was back to kissing her left ear.

Jack then reached down to begin rubbing Carrie's shaved, bald pussy. He was not surprised to find it already wet as his fingers slid between her folds, going back and forth in rhythm with her stroking of his cock. Drew had been moving back and forth, from one breast to the other to lick her pert nipples, sometimes gently using his teeth. Carrie let out a moan, and then smiled, with a slight giggle.

"You guys stand up," she said.

Both men did as commanded, standing beside one another as Carrie moved to the center of the couch and took in the sigh of both hard cocks, throbbing directly in front of her. She smiled as she looked at the pair of them, then reached out with her hands to stroke each rod again as she scooted forward to the front edge of the couch.

Leaning forward, she ran her lips and tongue down one side of Drew's cock, then moved back up and slid down the other side. He moaned, and she came back up to then open her mouth, letting his cock fill her. Her hands, meanwhile, were caressing Jack's balls as he looked down to watch his wife sucking Drew's cock.

Her head worked forward and back, forward and back in a nice, slow rhythm as Drew closed his eyes and smiled, almost unable to believe this was happening! He reached down to stroke her hair as she worked his dick in and out of her mouth, all the while using her hands to pleasure her husband's rod.

Just a moment later, she switched, and Jack was only too glad to feel the hot mouth surround his member.

Drew reached down to give a squeeze to each of Carrie's breasts before just leaning back to feel the hands on his cock and balls as she sucked her husband right next to him. She switched back and forth a few more times before Jack went to his knees in front of her while she continued to blow Drew.

He moved her legs apart to find her wet pussy in between them, and leaned forward to begin flicking his tongue across her clit, and into the folds of her mound. She moaned as she continued to suck the cock, and the hum from her moan made Drew quiver.

Jack's face pressed in harder to Carrie's pussy as Drew had his fingers in Carrie's hair. Her sucking pace was faster, building with excitement as her husband devoured her pussy .

He worked a finger into the folds as she lifted her hips a bit higher, and Jack moved down to let his tongue begin to slither around Carrie's ass, which tightened in excitement at the feel of that. The puckered hole quivered as the tongue moved back and forth across it, and Carrie reached down to grasp her husband by the hair in ecstasy.

After a while of this, Jack moved up, while Drew moved Carried further back on the couch, and lowered himself to put the head of his cock at her pussy. Jack had moved up so that Carrie could begin to suck on his cock again.

The big, hard cock slid nice and slow into Carrie's hot folds, and she let out a slight squeal as she felt it sink in to the hilt, and Drew's body pressed against her. He drew back, and then moved forward again, feeling the tightness and wet hotness of the pussy.

As he began to thrust in and out of the pussy, Carrie was feverishly working her husband's cock in her mouth, and then slid back to lick the underside of his balls while he stroked his own rod.

He leaned forward to knead and palm her tits while she continued to lick his balls, getting the pounding from Drew as they remained on the couch.

Drew pulled out his cock, going down at once to begin lapping and nibbling at the now juicy pussy as Carrie reached down to grasp him by the hair in delight. Jack continued to guide his own cock in and out of her mouth as she moaned louder at the devouring of her mound.

But soon enough, Drew came up, grinning, and stood back away from the couch as Carrie removed the cock from her mouth to smile back.

"Are you quitting?" she asked slyly.

She slid forward off the couch on her hands and knees, and took Drew's rod back into her mouth, immediately working it with her hands as well.

Jack was quick, and only too happy, to position himself behind his wife, and slide his cocky into her from behind, which promptly caused her to gasp around the cock, and let out a bit of a moaning squeal. He then grasped her by the hips, and began to thrust hard from behind her as she vigorously sucked Drew's cock.

Reaching forward, Jack rubbed a finger around the pucker of Carrie's asshole, bringing the finger back up to slick it up with his spit before returning to the hole to work the finger's tip inside it.

Carrie, meanwhile, had relaxed her throat, and swallowed Drew's cock all the way down, then came back up as he shuddered. She did it again, and he reached down to stroke her hair. Jack, meanwhile, had worked the finger into his wife's ass, and started to slowly slide it in and out.

"Yes..." she purred. "Finger my ass..."

Still thrusting away, Jack continued to finger her ass while Drew enjoyed the sensation of her tongue flicking around the underside of his balls.

He began to stroke his own cock while she did this, also reaching back to tightly grip his ass cheeks. Jack had pulled his finger out, and slowed his strokes in Carrie's pussy. He leaned forward to her.

"You want to try that thing I showed you in those pictures?" he asked, low, as he nibbled her ear.

"I do," she whispered back at him. She then stood.

"Hey Drew," Jack said, getting to his feet as well. "Why don't you lay down on the floor there, in front of the couch?"

"What are we doing now?" Drew asked, still slowly stroking his cock.

"I'm going to have you in my pussy, while Jack fucks me in the ass," Carrie said, stroking Drew's chest and pausing to lightly pinch his nipples.

"Sounds good to me," Drew said with a grin, and was quick to lay on his back, looking up as Carrie licked her fingers, and reached down to draw them across her pussy.

She narrowed her eyes on him and bit her bottom lip as she started to lower herself toward him. He held up his cock, pointed straight up as she came further and further down, and finally, using one of her hands, helped guide the cock into her.

"Oh yeah," she shuddered, and began sliding up and down on the stiff rod.

Jack had gone to a drawer, and he took out a container of lube, which he opened and held over his cock. Some spilled out onto his manhood as he looked down in the dim lamplight to watch his beautiful wife bouncing up and down on his friend's cock. He stroked the lube around onto his cock, and then approached the fucking pair.

His fingers spread some of the lube around on Carrie's ass, while she and Drew had slowed their pace to allow for it.

Jack then positioned himself over her, and put the head of his cock to her asshole. She tensed, but he heard her giggle, and Drew leaned up to begin nibbling her nipples.

Slowly, the head of his cock worked into the tight hole, aided by the ample amount of lubrication. After the head was in, she pushed back on him slightly, taking in more and more of the cock.

Both Jack and drew felt the new sensation, a sort of full tightness that they could feel with both their dicks inside her. As soon as Carrie had pushed back to the point where Jack was all the way in, they all began moving.

It was just a bit hard at first to get the rhythm, and twice Jack's cock had come out of the hot, tight ass. But soon enough, they had managed to find a rhythmic pattern to each of their moves, and Carrie let forth a louder, pleasurable moan.

"You like that?" Jack asked. "You like the way that feels?"

"Oh... yes..." she uttered.

They continued to move, faster and faster with both of their cocks working in and out of the holes until all three of them were making louder noises, and the sex was building to a fever pitch. Carrie put a hand on either of them.

"Cum! Now!" she managed to gasp at them as Jack held her waist and Drew had her hips. She could feel them both swelling inside her, and a moment later, each of them had pulled out of her, with blasts of hot, white cum pulsing from them, and onto her.

As she felt the cum slithering its way around her and them, she glanced over her shoulder at her husband, whose eyes were closed and his head back as he stroked out the last of his cum.

"Hmmm.." she said, drawing his attention as Drew had continued to softly massage her tits. "Might have to make this a regular habit."

Jack smiled at her.

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