tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Very Different Halloween Party

A Very Different Halloween Party


My wife and I decided to host a costumed Halloween Party last year. We had been to many different ones and they were always very fun. All the couples that we socialize with are about our age, early 30's, semi professional, and ones who can let go with the help of lots of alcohol.

I was surprised when my wife, Lori, told me that her costume was going to be Madonna. This goes against her usual bumblebee or other basic (unsexy) costume. Last year we were shocked as one of our friends, Tina, had a very suggestive outfit. She won the attention of all of the men and some of the women. Tina wore a brief and sheer Belly Dancing costume. Now, a guy would describe it as "good size tits" that were begging to be set free. The women all said that she was drunk and an exhibitionist.

Thru the course of the year we had talked about Tina's' outfit off and on, but it was just the usual banter. Me thinking it was cool, and Lori saying that she didn't think that she could ever do that! I never would imagine that my wife would soon be the center of attention.

I had to leave right at the start of the party on some unexpected business. I missed the "unveiling" of Madonna. I was gone for about an hour and a half. I entered our house thru the garage to see Lori mixing drinks behind the bar. She looked appropriately slutty with a white shirt unbuttoned to the navel, black lacy bra, and a tight fitting mini skirt. Her hair was ratted and teased to new heights. Her make up was loud and excessive. Quite frankly she looked hot. Very hot!

I got a peck on the cheek and a direct look at her chest. I could easily see her nipples. So could all my buddies hanging out on the other side of the bar. "So how do I look?" She asked.

I was dumbfounded. Unable to reach a quick answer, I simply said, " Wow."

She handed me a strong drink and told me to get my costume on while she finished making drinks. I was about half way into my "Rambo" gear when she opened the door and came into our bedroom. She really looked excited. "Can you see much, I mean, am I showing too much, I mean, do my nipples show?" She rapidly asked.

"Well," I lied, "No, not really." I didn't want her to cover up. I was enjoying the show. "Because we will dim the lights later, I mean, when that happens, you'll not be showing hardly anything." She looked disappointed.

"The men are enjoying my bra." She exclaimed. "And Sally called me a slut. What do you think about me showing my black bra off?" She smiled

I grabbed her hand and put it on my growing cock. She looked at me then said, "Ohhhh! "Me too, I like it. Well, no, let me shock you by saying, I love the attention. I never thought that I would like such a response, but I tell you, Tony, I get a kick out of men talking to my chest, struggling to see more. I never thought that men would want to see my little boobies. But, I won't do it anymore if it makes you mad."

I took a deep breath, "No, not mad at all. As a matter of fact, I like it too. Feel free to have a good time, but keep in mind that I'll be wildly fucking you tonight."

"You know what it does to me when you talk dirty." She sighed.

"Oh yes," I continued, "I'll be fucking you long and hard."

"Stop or we'll miss the party." She undid the last of the buttons on her shirt and pulled it apart a little bit more. "Dare me?"

"Shit yes, go for it, and by the way," I admitted, "I can see lots of your tits, and your nipples too." I waited for her to see what that did for her, hoping that it didn't make her nervous.

"Cool" was all she said.

I finally joined the party. I was drinking faster and more than usual. I noticed that all the women seemed to take Tina's lead and were dressed sexier this year. One was a French Maid; there were toga women, hookers and some "naughty school girl" outfits.

I kept an eye on Lori, and enjoyed the way that men were looking at her. I also was entranced by the way she was eating up the attention. The lights were dimmed and people started dancing. Lori was taken up with the Madonna in her and started dancing more suggestively, first by grabbing her crotch, then running her hands up her body and cupping her breasts. I not sure how it happened, but soon the people made a circle around her and started whistling. This turned up the sexual tension in the air. She cupped and grabbed more, then pulled Tina into the circle and made her exit.

She grabbed me and pulled me into the bathroom. "God, I wanted to strip, could you imagine that! Me! I was ready to show everyone my tits"!

I didn't know what to say. I just gave her a big hug. She was wild in my arms. I put my hands on her back, felt her bra strap and gave it a flick. It separated to the sides. She pulled her arms out, removed the bra, and started buttoning up her shirt. But stopped after only two buttons from the bottom.

Our moment was interrupted as we heard chants from the dance floor, " Take it off, take it off." We witnessed Tina as she lifted her shirt and as was showing her bra to everyone. Men and women were clapping, dancing, and chanting. Tina unhooked her front hook bra, gave a quick peek to everyone then pulled Suzi into the circle. The crowd gave her no time to warm up, the chant "Take it off take it off" grew. Poor quiet CPA Suzi, looked around, smiled and untied the toga. It fell to the ground showing that she wore only the sheet and panties. The crowd cheered and applauded her. She tried in vain to keep her hands in front of her boobs, but finally gave up and started dancing again. She pulled her husband in who quickly let his toga down to show his jockey shorts. When he was done he started yelling "Madonna, Madonna, we want Madonna!"

My wife lost no time at all jumping into the circle; she still had her black bra in her hands and started twirling it around her head. She needed no encouragement as she quickly shed her shirt and danced with only a mini skirt. I noticed that the women who had already danced and stripped to various levels also kept their clothes off as they went back to the circle. I pinched myself. I couldn't believe what was happening. In my wildest dreams I never could of imagined or fantasized about such things. All these people were soon in nothing but underwear and 5 or 6 of the women were topless. I never even danced, just quietly stripped to my underwear. I could see lots of touching and feeling of body parts. I saw Lori standing watching the dancers, with a pair of hands on her breasts from behind. I couldn't tell who it was, but I knew it wasn't me. Her eyes showed me that she was enjoying herself and I could see she having some side-to-side hip movement with the man behind her. I was about to move around so I could see who was the mystery man when Julie, a good friend of Lori's took my hand and led me around the corner into a closet. She whispered that her husband Frank was feeling up my wife, so she thought we should have some fun too. I agreed and immediately grabbed her and gave her a big kiss. She was one of the few who had all her clothes on. She grabbed my cock and massaged it while keeping my undies on. I lifted her shirt. She stopped me quickly, and said, "no," then she said, "Fuck it." The shirt and bra were off in a flash. She had wonderful perky round firm breasts. I was massaging them as she was massaging me. I couldn't take it anymore and said that I wanted to open the doors. A small crowd had gathered and gave a roar when we opened the door. Lori was in the front and gave me a" thumbs up" sign. I know she looked immediately to make sure I hadn't had sex with anyone. I did see however, that she had lost her mini-skirt was wearing only some pretty small black lace panties.

Tina now was wearing only thong panties. She took control and said. "OK, men on this side and girls on that side of the room. I'm turning off all the lights and you need to find your mate. Absolutely no talking, you can only check them out by kissing or touching! You can't sit down until you find your spouse." The lights were turned off. I couldn't believe that it was so pitch black. You really couldn't see more than a foot in front of yourself.

As I made my way through the crowd, I was amazed by all the groping going on. I did my best too. In all my years I never thought that I would be participating in such party. I would find a woman, grab her boobs and kiss her, they all would reach right in grab my cock, one, even went down and sucked it for a minute. I identified Tina, Suzi, Julie, Sami, and others. I was starting to worry about Lori. I could hear people making out as they obviously found their partners. The air was charged with sex. I finally stumbled into Lori. I ran my hands over her body. She had lost the panties during the black out. I was wild with thoughts as I could only imagine what she had been doing. As we were standing, I could still feel men's' hands touching her. She pulled me down and put my cock in her, "Fuck me fast" she whispered.

I was so charged, I plunged right in, she was plenty wet already. I wanted to drive her to a wild orgasm; however, I was so turned on by all that had happened, that I came like a teen boy on his first date.

"I better go find my husband," she whispered. I could see here smile.

"Ya," I answered, "I think it's time to fuck my wife."

The lights were very slowly turned back on. It was so apparent that many had "quickies." Some still lip locked. Others were on their hands and knees sifting thru the clothes on the floor, trying to get dressed.

They all seemed to have very sultry smiles. Everyone had new secrets. Some would be shared; some would never be talked about again. All I know is that for an hour or two, all boundaries were dropped, and we played like you can when there are no rules, and no consequences.

No one has planned a party this year. I think that ours can never be duplicated or improved. Our sex life has been fantastic. Lori has shared little bits of information about who touched her and how. I shared some of my stories. We usually do this while making love.

Whenever we get together with any of the people from the party, we all just smile and quietly remember.

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