tagRomanceA Very Good Date

A Very Good Date


As the large house came into view, Keith couldn't help but to feel slightly ashamed for his somewhat non-wealthy, yet steady life. He parked in the long drive way, getting out of his car slowly, and starting to walk towards the door.

His cloths were slightly dressy, though more casual. His shirt was a nice dark blue, almost velvety cloth that hung from his body loosely, and the collar tucked neatly back, buttoned up and completely smooth. His blond long hair going back to the bottom of his neck was a little wet and was slicked back almost to the point of looking like a slime ball from one of those many TV shows.

His black kakis stretched down to his ankles where his black shoes blended into the dark concrete. His skin was a little tan from the times that he would go out and exercises and sometimes fights the sandbags that he liked to keep and release his anger out on, and due to this delightful training, he was also a little muscular, and thanks to that he would always smell masculine. He never wore cologne and instead allowed his nature smell to please the people he was around.

He held a small bouquet one his right hand that had a nice watch, the bouquet full of violets and roses. He stepped up to the large wooden door, knocking softly as he stood there waiting for the woman that he had been partnered up with, to answer.

His eyes at this point a very dark blue, the light of the large house reflecting off of them as the door slowly opened to allow the woman to appear in front of this tall man of 6' 2'' man.

Keith was in awe as he watched the goddess like figure appear from behind the door. Her long dark hair went all the way past her ass, her skin a very pale color, looking just like the moonlight did that was around them, her height, even though much shorter then his own, at 5' 2, was so pleasurable with her figure.

She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen at a dark green color, which appeared a vibrant emerald in the skant light, and her body was covered with a purple dress that's straps ran around her shoulders connecting just above her breast where it showed a small amount of cleavage. The soft looking material went around her petite form running down her very small stomach past her waist and thighs, stopping just above her knees. Her hands were clasped on a small purse that was in front of her as she looked shyly up at him smiling a small, but beautiful, smile.

She slowly walked towards the stiff man, judging their height, she didn't care. As she smiled, seeing the flowers, she moved back inside and put down her purse.

"Come in please... We should get those flowers some water," She said with a very soft and amazingly sexy voice. Keith blinked and nodded slightly as he slowly walked into the large house following her, as she walked through the long hallways very slowly almost wanting to be close to him.

"Y... You have a very, very, nice house Miss Kat," He said shyly at first, then with emphasis on the second very, trying to break his shyness so he could speak more clearly to her. She couldn't help but to giggle slightly as she watched him walking behind her with the roses, "Thank you Mr. Keith, its nice to know we are using first names." He blinks and laughs softly rubbing the back of his head with his left hand, accidentally spreading his hair all over the place instead of the neat little pull back it had been in. He sighs as he looks up, a piece of his hair running down his face and in front of his eye which he tried to move away, only to be stopped by Kat's hand. He looked down the hand towards her face which let out a soft smile.

"I think it makes you look better, you have really nice hair." He blinks and laughs softly as he nods and slowly moves his hand away from his face, she not letting his go until he stopped moving it.

"I think that is suppose to be the guys compliment." She blinked and laughed softly.

He sighs softly as she places the flowers that he had bought for her in the antique looking vase that she had retrieved. He smiled slightly as she smelled the violets then the roses turning around with a small smile on her face.

"They smell great... Thank you very much." He smiles slightly and nods rubbing the back of his head, his hair a complete mess now.

"You're welcome. You look very... beautiful, tonight, by the way." He says resisting to say what he really thinks. She smiles and nods slightly as she walks towards him and takes his hand gently walking towards the front door again.

"Let's go now... There's a lot we can do and I don't want to miss out on any of it." He smiles slightly seeing that she had become much more open with her feelings now so he decided he could trust that she wouldn't see him as that large of a pervert.

"Most of what we could do, we shouldn't do until another date." She stops and turns around looking at him for a few seconds watching his eyes as they looked back into hers, his eyes full of worry that he might have said something that would offend her. He was surprised to see that she had started giggling then going into a laughter that would ring in his ears all night. He tilted his head watching as she tried to stop laughing to talk.

"Ehh... Ha, yeah... I guess so huh... Hmm, you never know... Most don't wait until their second dates." She had said it with a little enthusiasm in her voice to almost tease him, which it did quite a good job at.

"Re... really?" He asked stupidly looking at her as she laughed softly and walked up to him placing a hand on his chest.

"Mm... Maybe, lets see how you do out in public first... then I might find out if I have to train you." He blinks as she teases him further watching as she gets a smile on her face again bringing up that very cute and innocent act. She smiles as she brings her hand back to herself and walks to the door opening it turning around to look at him.

"Mm... The least you could do is walk me out to your car." She says, with a small laugh, making him blush and nod as he walks over to her and takes her hand helping her down her steps and towards his car. He smiles walking over to her side and opening the door slowly, allowing her to get into the car, placing her feet in, he closed the door slowly, allowing her to get all of her dress into the car.

He walked around to his side and started the car after getting in and drove from her driveway watching as he drove.

"Do you have any preferences in mind for tonight M' Lady?" She giggled softly before shaking her head spreading her gentle and soft, as he felt against his arm, black hair across the car.

"No, I only wish to be with my knight as the night progresses." He smiles and nods slightly.

"That is good, because if you had then I would not know what to do with our reservations at Goesteni's French restaurant." Her eyes go a bit wide then she smiles a wide and very bright, yet beautiful, smile.

"Oh god... I know about that place... I heard that its beautiful!" He blinks and laughs softly before nodding a bit.

"It is... and I got reservations just for us." She smiles and looks out the front window jumping up and down in her seat slightly like an excited little girl which made him laugh as he turned a pretty sharp corner while she was in the middle of one of her hops making her be pushed into his side, the seatbelt snapping her back against him, her head on his shoulder and unable to move thanks to the seatbelt being stuck somehow.

"Ahh... Oh uh he... um, this... is kind of... distracting..," He said the last part as a slight question as he looked over to her seeing her snuggle slightly into him.

"I don't know... I kind of like it, your warm... and its cold outside," She said with a small smile closing her eyes. He blinks and laughs softly before nodding slightly.

"Alright then... I mean... we are going on a date after all, it's not like we are not suppose to be close together." She smiles and nods slightly closing her eyes snuggling almost directly next to him, enjoying the heat and the rhythmatic beating of his heart from this close. He smiled as they continue driving, not even noticing that she had fallen asleep leaning against him, it was so peaceful. The ride lasted only ten minutes longer before they came up to a large restaurant.

The front of it was brightly lit up, the name of the restaurant in big bold letters with lights all around it, the front of it actually being made of glass, the lines that made the squares were lined with green and white lights making them stand out yet it was kind of strange looking it wasn't that bad. He smiled slightly as he turned slightly blinking as he turned she fell onto his lap making him blush deeply.

"Ah... um uh Kat... Kat, sweetie its time to get up." He said placing his hand on her back, gently shaking her body, rubbing his thumb though her irresistible hair. She opened her eyes slowly until they were half opened and blinked being faced with his crotch almost right in her face as she quickly backed away, not giving him enough time to take his hand away pulling him with her only to have their faces less them a few centimeters apart. "Eheh... Good... Night?" She asked curiously looking at his face then following his arm to look behind her seeing it on the small of her back as she giggled.

"That's suppose to wait until the second date I thought." He blinks and blushes slightly pulling his hand away scratching his cheek.

"Um... heh, we're here..." He gets out of the car, slowly going around to her side and opening the door, allowing her to step out of the car delicately, standing and moving, allowing him to close it again before stepping next to him as they walk, their hands clasping each other as they walked. She laid her head leaned against his shoulder gently as he slowly moved his arm around her body, placing his hand on the other side of her waist, pulling her against him gently allowing them to walk down the little path to the restaurant.

They both reached the doors and he opened one of them and let go of her slowly, allowing her to step in first and then him behind, a soft yet powerful heat hitting them and making them both get a little drowsy but none the less heighten what mood had been between them. A short looking man walked up to him, black hair slicked back, his cloths neat and tidy, looking like a perfect waiter.

"Oui, bonjour, je me nomme François et je serai votre serveur, veuillez me suivre s'il-vous-plaît." He walked off leaving the two of them a little stunned on what to do, they both looked at each other then off towards the man who had stopped and was waiting for them.

"Hmm... I think he wants us to follow him..." She nods slightly and they both walk towards the man again, who was waving them forward before continuing down a long hallway. The walls were what looked to be made of complete oak, the lights were dim and left a very romantic setting as there were roses and violets, and many different types of flowers all over the place. They arrived at table next to one of the walls made of glass, the outside being the other side of the restaurant which was a large ocean, the water rippling up onto the shore with the moonlight washing over it.

The moon shone in through the window and brought its own natural light down onto the little table they were sitting at, which had no lights and the whole room was actually very dimly lit by the moonlight. He smiled slightly as he looked at her face, her head turning to watch the wave's splash upon the sand outside the window.

"It's beautiful, Keith." He nods softly and picks up the menu. Looking at it, he blinks a few times, confused.

"Uh heh... maybe I should have studied my French a bit better..." She blinks and takes the menu from him and starts to laugh and giggle at the same time looking down the menu which was completely in French only knowing the Escargo, which kind of scared her. The waiter once again came up to them with a pad in one hand and a pen in the other looking down at them,

"Etes-vous prêts à commander? Que désirez-vous?" They both blink and look at each other, sighing softly before looking at the menu again and looking at each other.

"Um.. I will have the Crevettes.." She blinks and shrugs slightly, "I will have the same thing."

The waiter who had been scribbling on his notepad nodded and walked away leaving them to talk amongst themselves. She smiled at him, looking around, before back into his eyes which had yet to leave her own features, which seemed to have been heightened by this the beautiful atmosphere.

"Um... Do I have something on my face," She asked curiously before he blinked and shook his head.

"No.. I am sorry.. I just wondering how in the entire universe.. I could have been matched with such a beautiful woman.." He says smiling gently towards her, seeing her blush and brush back one side of her hair behind her ear.

"Th.. Thank you.. Please don't make me blush anymore though.. You have already flattered me enough," She says smiling shyly at him. He smiles at her and takes the two menus putting them off to the side.

"There is no reason to flatter you, all I have done is tell you the truth." She blushes even more before shaking her head and then scooting in a little more on the seat that she is in to lean against the glass watching the water before gently patting the area besides her.

"Wh.. why don't you sit over here.. I am sure that it is more comfortable to talk to someone that is only a few inches away then a few feet.." He smiles slightly and nods slowly, standing up, then blinking as he saw her get up.

"I... prefer the outside." He blinks again before nodding, and sits down, pressing him against the glass as she gets in next to him and leans her head against his shoulder, once again closing her eyes.

"You're not going to fall asleep again are you?" She laughs softly and shakes her head gently against his arm.

"HmMm, I just like you.. You're really warm.." He smiles slightly and nods as he runs an arm around her body, gently pulling her to him.

"This better?" She nods, seeming to go into a hypnotic state, smiling as she stayed there, leaning against this man that brought her comfort so easily. They both sat there in silence, a very comfortable silence, as he closed his own eyes, smiling as the waiter came back and looked at the two, with the plates in his hands. Moving them down in front of them, they both opened their eyes slowly, as he clapped his hands in front of them gently.

"Réveillez vous maintenant, vos crevettes sont prêtes." He blinks and they both rub their eyes, looking up at the man who smiles slightly at them, then walks away, leaving them to look at the plates in front of them, the word having been shrimp; which was now steaming in front of them. Kat smiled and took a fork moving from his grasp for just a second to taste it. She nodded.

"Its really delicious..." He smiles slightly and nods as he sits up, and instead of removing his arm to use it, he ate with his other hand, smiling as he watched her. The room was so dimly lit, but she was still so beautiful in the moonlight. He turned his attention to his food, smiling once again after she had finished, him not much longer after. They both sat back and smiled at each other, as they turned their heads to look at each other, each of them full of shrimp and both of them very drowsy from the food and heat. He slowly lowered his head gently moving her body with his left arm to face his in a small fashion, and gently he let their lips meet. Her heart was pounding fast and hard as they kissed, their eyes closed, in this romantic festival of sweet nights. He let his other arm go around her, gently pulling her just a bit closer as he place his hands; one on her the small of her back and one just behind her neck, between her shoulder blades. Their lips pressed gently together as her arms went around him, gently running her hands slowly up and down his back before, once again, being interrupted by their waiter.

"Pas d'embrassage, allez dehors pour faire ça," He said in an almost demanding tone, both of them looking at each other and smiling but blushing slightly, detaching themselves from one another and slowly getting up out of the seat, and paying the man what the bill, that he had been holding, said. They both smiled at each other taking the others hands and walking out the front door together, once again towards his car. They both walked up to it and he opened her door for her once again, closing it behind her, and then going to his side of the car and getting in, starting it up, and he looking at her.

"Would you like to go back home now.. The night is still young," He asked as he looked over at her, smiling. She smiled back at him leaning her head against his shoulder again, not even caring now about the seatbelt.

"Mmm... I don't care. I guess we could go for a walk." He smiled at her, and laughed gently, nodding.

"Alright, we will be going to my house. Its really close to a beautiful park." He feels her nod slightly against his arm before he starts to drive off towards his home, the ride once again being a peaceful and comforting silence before they arrived back at his home. His home was much smaller then her own, being a story high. From the outside appearances, it looked as though it were an average house for a normal person, nothing like her house. He got out and then went around to her side, helping her out and taking her hand gently, walking to the front of his driveway, and then walking across the street with her and down the sidewalk for a bit, having her leaning against him the entire time. He smiled as they reached the park and started walking down the path, his arm going around her waist gently, planting itself on the side of her hip as they walked.

"This has been one of the best days of my life..." She said gently and almost lazily. Causing him to smile slightly, glancing down to see her eyes almost closed and then looking ahead again.

"I am glad that I could allow you to enjoy the day." She smiles again and nods slightly, enjoying the relaxing and warm breeze that blew though the air towards them as they walked. He looked down at her again, with a small smile, before he shook his head slightly, looking forward again.

"So.. I would think of this as our third date. The first being our enjoyable drive, the second being the restaurant, and this enjoyable walk being the third." She giggled gently.

"Oh.. So that is why you kissed me in the restaurant, is it?" He laughed gently and shrugged softly.

"I did it because it seemed like we both felt we were ready for it." She smiles and nods slight.

"Yes well, that got me ready for a bit more then just another kiss." She said once again teasing him. He blinked and sighed softly.

"You should be careful with your words, or I may just act upon them." She laughs gently and smiles.

"Well, you let me lean against you on the first date, on the second you kissed me, so its just original that on the third you would have more fun hmm?" He looked over his shoulder at her and shook his head.

"You know that you are asking for it right?" She smiled and nodded slightly.

"Asking for it, but not getting it. Oh, what a bother this world has become." She said dramatically. He blinked and laughed slightly, trying to hide the erection that he had grown just thinking about being able to have sex with her. Not much he could say; this woman was like a goddess.

They walked around the park for almost an hour, making gentle jokes about life or things that they would do to each other, which even to against his mightiest efforts, would always get him just a bit more horny. They walked with her in front of him and his arms around her body, clasped together in front of her stomach, with her body leaning against his, and him supporting most of her weight as they walked, enjoying the beautiful night, the weather just warm enough so you couldn't feel a chill. He hadn't even noticed what time it was when they had started walking back towards his house, still in that same form.

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